Sides of Pain @eveamlizya
Subduing a Brat

Pushing her into the room, he slammed the door shut, casting a cushioning charm so it wouldn't be loud. He began to walk towards her with purpose. Harry took steps backward at the same pace. She wasn't scared, but his dominant aura suddenly seemed to overwhelm her.

“Did you think I wouldn't notice...such an obvious display?” Harry's legs hit the edge of his bed and she tried to remain standing. Severus came directly in front of her, staring her down as he gripped her chin, keeping her from looking away. “I expect an answer when I ask you a question.”

“U-um,” she stuttered, clearing her throat, “I kind of hoped so.” Harry's breathing became shallow as he leaned into her further. Her eyes widened at the feeling that was coming over her. It was like she'd been dunked into ice water only to be tossed into a fire.

“Did you now...” he started. “If you were still my student, I'd order detention...scrubbing cauldrons by hand for a month.”

Harry braved a smirk. “Well, I'm not your student anymore, am I...”

He gripped her chin tighter, eliciting a gasp. “Such cheek...I ought to bend you over my knee.”

“Only if it ends even better than last time.”

Severus released her chin to grab a handful of hair at the back of her head. Harry let out a soft moan at the tug on her scalp. “You little brat...” He pulled her wand from the discrete pocket on her dress, causing her to look down. He tugged her hair again, tilting her head back further. “Eyes on me.” When Harry suddenly obeyed, his eyebrow shot up and a tiny smirk grew just at the corners of his mouth. “I think I know exactly how to punish you for your transgressions tonight, Miss Potter.”

She bit her lip, trying to gain control over the sudden pang in her core. Harry felt herself grow wet at his threats. “Punish away...Professor,” she said, taking a chance with the title.

He released her hair and backed away. His expression gave her no indication of his feelings. Severus turned and she suddenly felt disappointed. Had she gone too far? Had the use of 'professor' been a deal-breaker?

He spun on his heel, catching her unaware, wand in hand. Harry felt the bindings wrap around her wrists, pulling her back onto the bed. It reminded her of how the aurors had found her the night this all started. Her ankles were also bound. She felt a slip of silk slide over her eyes, tying itself behind her head, blinding her.

Suddenly, she was all too aware of her surroundings. His footsteps, fabric rustling...her breathing became heavier as she thought about what she'd gotten herself into. A quiet whimper escaped her.

“What did you think to gain from your teasing?” he asked. She heard something wooden and the creak of a hinge.

“I didn't really think, sir.”

“Mm...that much is obvious.” There were what sounded like glass vials clanging followed by stirs, uncorking, and grinding. “You'll learn you won't like what you get from me, Miss Potter.”

“Are you so sure about that, sir?”

“Silence,” he hissed. “You will only speak in answer to a question, do I make myself clear?”

“Y-yes, sir.”

“What possessed you to make a meal into your own personal pornography, Miss Potter?”

She laughed a little. “In my defense, it wasn't my idea. Ow!” she exclaimed, trying to rub away the sting in her foot. “Daddy told me to!” she pouted.

“And you do everything you're told?” he asked, his voice closer.

“That depends.”

With a flick of his wrist her dress and heels were gone, making her gasp at the chill of the air against her bare skin. Harry felt her nipples harden, which only spurred her arousal further. “What would it depend on?”

“What I get out of it.”

“How very Slytherin of you.” He lifted her head a little, putting a vial to her bottom lip. “Drink.” Severus didn't give her a choice, tipping its contents into her mouth. After she swallowed, he walked back across the room.

“What in Merlin's name was th-” she stopped, her senses suddenly heightened. The fabric beneath her felt all the more smooth and she wiggled against it, needing to feel more. Goosebumps errupted all over her form and she could just smell her own arousal in the air. Harry groaned, realizing what he'd done. “Ugh...fuck,” she whined. 'Pop.' She yelped at the abrupt pain and burn of something hitting her thigh.

“I'll not have you spouting profanities yet, Miss Potter,” he said, his voice low next to her ear causing her to bite her lip again. He pulled her lip from her mouth with his thumb. “Don't.” She moaned a little at the warmth of his fingers. “I will hear you.”

She heard something roll onto the nightstand and metal being moved around. Choking back a half-scream, she tried wriggling away from the sharp pricks being rolled down her arm. It left a stinging trail across her skin.

“Do you know what this is?” he asked, curious, as he ran it across her clavicle.

“Ah,” she cried out amidst her shallow breathing, “mm, it's a W-.” Harry squealed again as the pricking made its way to the skin on her breast. “A War-Wartenberg wheel.”

“Very good, Miss Potter.” He pulled it back just before it hit her nipple. As he replaced it with something else, she jerked, not expecting the soft tickle of a feather skimming across the sensitive bud. Severus watched her squirm under his ministrations. He reveled in the noises she made as he swapped between the two opposing tools.

He moved down her torso to her thighs, even ghosting across her panty-covered mound. When he run the wheel up her inner thigh, she arched her back off the bed, whining as she attempted to move her legs to get some friction.

“So needy,” he muttered. Using the tips of his fingers, he raked across her hip. Harry moaned, knowing he was touching her.

Before long, she was trembling beneath his attentions. “Sir,” she gasped, “please.”

“Please, what...Miss Potter?” he asked, his drawl significantly lower. She whined. “Use your words.”

“Touch me,” she said, forcing the breathy words through her throat.

“I am touching you, Miss Potter,” he said. “I'm afraid you'll need to be more specific.”

She growled at him. “With you hands! Please, Professor!”

“ haven't quite earned privileges, have you, Miss Potter?” he responded, running the wheel up her side, pulling more squeals and screams from her mouth.

“P-please, sir!”

“Please? You'll have to do better than that,” he spat teasingly.

“What do I have to do? Please, sir...”

“How badly do you want it, Miss Potter? Do you want respite? Or do you want release?” he asked, dropping his voice lower at the last word. “You've earned only punishment. You'll have to beg...for it.”

“Please...” Harry begged. “Sir, I'll-”

“You'll what? What will you do?”

“Anything,” she sobbed, feeling the wheel run across her breast again. Severus pulled the feather down her stomach, replacing it yet again with the wheel and slowing its pace the closer and closer he got to her likely sopping wet pussy.

“Anything?” He increased the pressure and she cried out at the pain. Severus removed both items from her skin before leaning down next to her ear, breathing hot. “Miss Potter, you'd truly do well to think before you speak.”

Harry's mouth fell open at the realization. Her fantasy... She whined, “Yes...please...sir, please.” Her bindings loosened, but she didn't move. She waited with bated breath for him to tell her what to do.

“Not such a brat now, are you?” He teased. “On the floor. On your knees.”

Still blindfolded, she raised up, swinging her legs to the side, delighting in the comforting softness of the bedding against her skin. She tucked her feet beneath her as she slid to the floor, her knees meeting the plush rug beneath her. Harry sucked in a breath when she felt the bindings around her wrists again, pulling them together behind her back.

She was forced to listen as buttons popped one by one, followed by the slow tease of a zipper. The lack of sight tortured Harry. She wanted to see him...badly. His fingers wrapped under her chin, tilting her face upwards.

“Prove how much you want it,” he said, breathing warms over her cheeks. “If I'm assured of your sincerity, I'll provide the release you require, Miss Potter...though, you might not fully enjoy the trip you'll take to get there.” Harry was confused by his words, but thought nothing more once he pulled away. “Open.” She opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out just across her bottom teeth. Smooth, heated flesh hit her tongue and it was like she'd been given a drug, moaning as it slid across the velvet of her tongue. “Now, suck.”

As Harry wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, she tasted cum already leaking from the tip. The flavor burst on her taste buds and she savored it, sucking him clean before pulling him into her mouth for more. Taking him in as far as she could without gagging, she hollowed her cheeks and began to pull back, hearing him hiss as she did. She did it again, swallowing him as much as she could. More and more, she was able to get her throat used to him. Harry wanted all of him.

She wished she had her hands free, too. She wanted to touch him, to have the heat of him in her grasp. Harry pushed herself forward until he hit the back of her throat and she pushed a little further and further still until she felt herself gag. She didn't pull away, but held herself there, the feeling of her throat contracting around him making her pussy clench. Harry was sure she was dripping by now.

Pulling back, she gasped for air before taking him in again...and again. It was thrice more until she finally had him in her throat, nose buried into hair, smelling his own unique musk, bergamot, and cinnamon whiskey. She moaned as she pulled away, quickly taking him in once more. Having worked herself up, Harry began bobbing her head, sucking him faster while randomly taking him deep until she gagged.

When she held him in her throat again, she felt the blindfold fall from her eyes. She was sure her cheeks were tear-streaked, but she didn't care. Quickly, she opened them, looking up a trail of dark hair to a slim, lightly muscular torso to an open mouth to black, lust-filled eyes. Severus moaned as her watery eyes met his. Harry held his gaze as she caught her breath and did it again, burying him inside her throat, gagging just for a moment before he gripped her hair.

Severus pulled her off his cock, making her stand. As she stood before him, hands still secured behind her, he gave in to the urge to kiss her. He leaned in, pressing his mouth against hers. Harry moaned open-mouthed against his lips and allowed him to suck on her bottom lip before slipping his tongue inside to meet her own.

Severus's hands ran the length of her neck and across her shoulders, continuing down her arms, as he kissed her. Harry hadn't imagined kissing her potions professor would be quite this erotic. He seemed to forcefully pull gasps and moans from her with his mouth. The thought of his mouth doing more made her legs weak.

Taking one arm in hand, he spun her towards the bed, pushing her down onto her stomach. His hand lingered on her back, pressing along the length of her spine. Harry pressed her face into the comforter, sputtering whines muffled against it.

'Smack.' Harry's head shot up at the feeling on her backside and she cried out. "What did I say about that? I will hear you, Miss Potter. You'll not quiet or hold back any sounds from me."

"Yes, sir," she said, turning her head to the side.

Severus brought his hand down to feel the fabric of her underwear just over her pussy. "Miss're positively soaked..." He said, pressing his hand against her. Harry gasped and moved to push back against him further, but he pulled away, bringing his hand down upon her backside again. 'Smack.' "Do not move unless I tell you to do so, understood?"

"Y-yes, sir," she whined. He pulled her panties just to her knees, smiling as they clung to her skin from the damp. Pushing a single finger through her slick, he swirled it around her clit. "Ah...hmm..." she breathed as she attempted to keep herself from grinding against his hand. He remained, rubbing, swirling, and sliding his finger around her clit until she grew tense. Pulling away, she sobbed, her eyes nearly tearing up at the loss.

He sucked her juices from his finger. "I warned you that you would not like what I gave, did I not?"

"Yes, sir..." Harry breathed harder.

"Is it too much for you? Perhaps...I should stop?"

"No!" She cried. "No, sir, please...I can take it...please...don't stop, please." She heard a quiet chuckle.

"We shall see..." Severus put his finger back on her clit, bringing her just to the edge before pulling away. Harry cried in frustration. "You are not to cum without my permission; is that clear?"

"Yes, sir..." She felt the warmth of him behind her again.

"Good girl," he said, sliding his cock inside her. Harry moaned at the sudden intrusion, her pussy clenching him tight. Severus gripped her hips while he pushed further until he was completely inside. He could feel her walls pulsing around him.

"Professor," she moaned, her voice quaking at the pleasure she felt. "Please, sir...," she breathed against the bed, "Please, please, please." She begged him to do something.

"Patience, Miss Potter," he said. His voice gave nothing away, but he was barely staving off his own need to cum. It'd be quick if he took her now the way that he wanted...they'd both be done and sated. No, he wanted to savor her, savor the feeling of being wrapped inside her, hot and wet and begging for more.

When he finally had control over himself again, he pulled out, feeling her muscles attempt to hold him in. As he began to set a pace, Harry slammed her eyes shut, focusing on not having an orgasm. One deep thrust hit her cervix. “Ah!”

“Eyes open,” he growled, leaning over her. “If I'd wanted them shut, I'd have left the blindfold on.”

Another thrust. “Ugh,” she moaned. Another. “Yes.” Another. “Fffuhh...yes.” Another “Professor.” Another. “Yes!” Another. “Oh, fuck!” Harry's voice got higher and louder until, suddenly, she was left empty. She whined at the desperation she felt.

“You don't mind very well, Miss Potter. What did I say about profanities?”

“I-I'm sorry, sir, but-”

“But, what?” He urged her to continue as he reached down between her legs.

“It feels so good, ahh!” She exclaimed as he began rubbing circles around her clit again. Harry felt her legs begin to shake, threatening to give way.

“What does?”


“Use your words, Miss Potter.” Severus felt her tense, trying to lean away from his hand a little. He stopped.

“Ugh! Your cock, sir! It feels so good!” she cried out loudly. “Please, Professor! I need to cum...please.”

“I'm not sure you've earned it,” he teased, using his fingers to gather some of her juices to suck into his mouth. “Quite selfish, really...only thinking about yourself. I can still walk out that door, Miss Potter.”

“No!” she cried, nearly sobbing at his threats. “Sir, please...”

“Convince me,” he said, grabbing her wrists, magically undoing the binding, before pulling her to her feet. Severus had to help her stand as her knees buckled. Turning her to face him, he kissed her again. Harry seemed to use the opportunity to wrap her arms around him, grasping a handful of his hair. She couldn't seem to get enough, tasting herself on his tongue.

Wrapping his hands around the backs of her thighs, he lifted her. She took the hint and wrapped them around his waist as he positioned them both onto the bed. Severus pressed some of his weight on her, hearing her moan into his mouth.

“You'll be a good girl from now on, won't you,” he said, hot breath in her ear.

“Yes,” she said after letting out a breathy moan at his voice. Harry raked her nails across his shoulders as she felt the muscles in his back. “Yes, sir.”

Pushing his cock back inside her, slow and deep, he decided it was time to let go. “Such a good girl...obedient...desperate for cock.”


“Beautiful...the way your mouth begs for me...” She whined as he spoke to into her ear. “You want to be utterly wrecked...exhausted and covered in cum. Next time I'll let you swallow me down that pretty throat.” Her eyes teared up as she tried desperately not to come. She was nearly sobbing. “Next time, I might invite Lucius...paint your delicious body in cum.”

“Oh, f-yes, please...don't stop...please don't stop...”

“Would you like that, Harry?”


Leaning up just a bit, he increased the pace. Her mouth opened silently as she looked down, seeing his cock slamming into her. “Look at me. I want to watch as you cum on my cock. Let me hear you, Harry. Cum for me.”

That single command pushed her off the edge, tumbling down a cliff. “Oh! Yes! Severus!! Fuuuck...yes!” As her pussy began contracting around him, he groaned, trying to stave it off as long as he could, but when she screamed his name, he let go. “Oh...Merlin...yes, Severus...” she moaned as she felt hot cum coating her insides. He continued to slowly thrust through their combined orgasm.

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