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Complicated Findings

There she was, wandless and stuck to a chair by way of a rather powerful Sticking charm. Harry didn't know what to do, but she knew she had roughly five hours before the Polyjuice would wear off. Merlin, when was her life going to get uncomplicated?

The war was over four years prior, but Aurors were still on the watch for any and all questionable activity from any ex-Death Eater. Although, most of the truly bad ones had been killed or captured directly after the final battle. She'd entered the academy almost immediately afterward to...tie up loose ends, she supposed. Being an Auror was not what she wanted for her life. She'd had enough fighting for a lifetime.

"I know my rights," she said dismissively to the wizard attempting to begin interrogating her. They didn't know who she was, just that she was a witch caught in a rather questionable position with a rather questionable wizard in a rather questionable location under rather questionable circumstances. "I'd like to know what exactly you're thinking to charge him with and why exactly you are interrogating me."

"We received information that this wizard was seen attacking a young witch in the alleyway and now we find him in this predicament. Any other situation would have me concerned for your well-being, but finding that you are indeed under the effects of Polyjuice has you sitting where you are."

"I'll have you know that wizard is innocent of all of those charges. Both instances were with me and it was absolutely consensual." Harry was beyond irritated. She told him that was a bad idea in the was too risky...they could be seen. Apparently she was right.

"Which leads me to my questions to you. Who are you?" he asked, narrowing his eyes at her.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you,” she laughed.

"Need I resort to other methods? You will comply."

"I'll make this easy for you. You aren't going to get any answers out of me. There's only one person I will speak to about anything."

"We could just wait until your potion wears off."

"You could. Or you could make this easy on everyone and get the person of my choosing because you are just as aware that, if you do wait, I can sue for invasion of privacy. In fact, I'm half tempted to do so just for getting in the way of me and a good orgasm." She watched him mull over this information a moment.

"I'm not agreeing until I hear the person's name." The Auror crossed his arms, preparing to deny any compromise.

"Severus Snape. I'll submit to his questioning only and I will only submit to his Legilimency or his Veritaserum. No one else is allowed in the room, but the two of us. Those are my terms unless you plan to charge me with anything, then my request will be my lawyer, but I'd rather not pay his outrageous fees unless it is necessary."

He swept into the room over an hour later. Three and a half hours to go, she thought. He eyed her nearly nude form in the chair, a robe tied loosely around her waist, lacy bra peeking through. The body she wore was slim, curvy, and with a touch more of a tan than she ever had, plus the hair was a silky soft brown.

She didn't look him in the eye, but greeted him still. "Evening, Severus. Hope I didn't take you away from anything too important," she teased.

"Who are you?" he asked, eying her carefully. Harry smiled, still refusing to look him in the eye.

"I believe I requested that we be alone for this conversation." The Auror simply nodded before reluctantly leaving the room. He certainly didn't hide his distaste for the situation. Harry thanked whatever gods there were that it was nearly three in the morning. "Would you silence the room please? I don't want this getting out."

He raised his wand and cast it silently. She felt the magic surround them and she relaxed a bit. "Now, who are you and why am I here?"

"Because I don't trust anyone else...Professor," she said, her voice falling back to it's usual tone rather than the one she used to help hide the fact that she was anything but an attractive witch who dallied in questionable locations with questionable people. His eyebrow rose a good bit and she drifted her eyes up to his. He stilled.

"Miss Potter?" he whispered. She nodded once. "What were you thinking?!" he hissed through his teeth. "Do you not realize who you were with?"

"Of course I realize. I wanted it," she spat back, defensive.

He pinched the bridge of his nose, taking a steeling breath. "Dare I ask what, why, when, and how this came about? Considering the details I was given when they briefed me on the situation..."

"It's not what you think...or it might be. I'm not sure; I could never read you or what you grasp of a situation."

"He was seen attacking a witch."

"That was me, but I gave my consent." He gave her a disbelieving look. "It was roleplay for crying out loud. I told him it was a bad idea, but...well, good idea at the time."

"And does that mean what he was doing to you when the Aurors came in was consensual as well?"


"You stated that you would submit to Legilimency?"

"Yes, I did."

"I require proof of your consent to this."

"Fine, but we only have just under three and a half hours to get all this done so I can get out of here before they know." He nodded his understanding. "And...don't...judge me. I asked for you because I trust no one else and I guess I feel like if anyone can see inside my mind and halfway understand the why, it's you."

He pulled a chair closer and turned it to face her before sitting down. "Just relax. I'm not going to force into your mind like before. I want you to think about the first instance you...desired something like...this."

"That may be scattered because I think it goes back further than when I first realized it." He nodded. "And I'm sorry in advance...for anything you might see."

"I'm sure I've seen worse, Potter."

"I'm kind of hoping so, honestly..."

She felt his mind sweep into her own, flashes of images coming forward. She tried to focus on finding the memory from after the final battle, during those few months of solitude when she felt so restless, when the dreams began.

Grimmauld Place had been so dark and...hollow those few months after the Battle of Hogwarts. She wanted to be alone. The public glorified her and she hated it. She hated the spotlight. She only left directly to visit the hospital to make sure the injured were healing alright, including the man who was now ruffling around in her brain.

The thought brought forward the image of her visiting his room at St. Mungo's intensive care unit, leaving a copy of Potions Weekly on the side table for when he woke up, reaching for his hand only to pull back reluctantly before leaving.

"Focus," his voice came into her mind.

She quickly went back to the dreams she had started having, after a certain dark wizard was no longer effecting her sleeping world. She was slammed against a table, magic bracing her there. She couldn't move save for the slight tremble in her legs. It was then that she realized she was naked and breathing heavily.

A hand came to rest on her backside and she gasped at the contact. The hand pulled away, but came down quickly, stinging her skin. It didn't stop until her cheeks felt like Fiendfire and tears were streaming onto the tabletop. The burn seemed to flow to her core and she began to realize that the pain turned into pleasure, her cries turned into moans, and there was a new liquid fire that slicked the inside of her thighs. She'd woken up in a sweat, with an aching emptiness within her.

Her memories flashed back to school, Malfoy pushing her into a wall in fifth year, pressing against her back and leaning to hiss in her ear. "I'll speak about whomever I wish in any way I wish, Potter.'s not Granger who's the Gryffindor slut...maybe it's you." She struggled against his hold as her breathing became shallow. "Maybe you're secretly a filthy little cockslut..." the words shot straight to her core, but at that age she had no clue why it effected her in such a way.

Later in fifth year, inside the department of mysteries, she stood face to face with Lucius Malfoy. He stood so close she could feel his warm breath on her temple. "Poor girl, I can't imagine what it was like, growing up without your parental figure to treat you in the way you should be treated. If you give me the prophecy, I can speak with the Dark Lord, have him show mercy...I can show you." He took a finger and tilted her face up to meet his eyes. "I can show you what a good girl you can be..." Harry's legs trembled and her knees weakened, but the thought of falling to her knees before Malfoy startled her into action, pulling away to cast her spell.

Her mind returned to Grimmauld Place. Her fingers were busy beneath the covers but her mind wandered to a dream, a fantasy, about detention...with a dark and mysterious potions professor. Harry's mind instinctively tried to pull away, but Snape forced the memory to play. She was on her knees in the dungeons, but beneath her knees were a pile off peppercorns, digging into the skin. Her eyes watered.

"Please, Professor," she whispered.

"Please, what?" he lulled in response. He didn't glance up from the parchment strewn about his desk.

"Please, Sir. I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what exactly?"

"I'm sorry for not paying attention in class, for disregarding standard potions safety, and I'm sorry for talking back. Please, Sir, it hurts."

"It hurts... As it should, Miss Potter. No, you may not get up."

"Please, isn't there something I can do?"

He paused, thinking. "Yes, Miss Potter, I believe there is."

"I'll do it. I'll do anything."

"Anything. Miss Potter, you would do well to truly think before you speak." He moved to stand, rounding his desk to stand before her. "You'd do anything?"

"Yes, Sir." He unbuttoned his frock coat and tossed it onto his desk. Harry stared in disbelief. What was he doing? Surely he wasn't... his hands moved to his belt. Oh, gods... "Professor?" she asked nervously as he unbuttoned his pants and reached inside, pulling his half hardened cock from its restraints. Her eyes grew wide at the sight.

"Prove it, Miss Potter. Show me how sorry you are. If I am assured of your sincerity, you may go."

Snape pulled away from the fantasy and pushed her mind towards the evening's events. Selwyn had her in the alleyway, just talking, teasingly. "Come on, love. I know you'd love it."

"It's a bad idea, Marcus; you know that. If someone sees, they'll get the wrong idea and that won't look good for you."

"You know I don't beg, sweetheart, but I'll make it worth your wile if you're a good girl..." The comment made her groan in reply and she couldn't say no. Biting her lip, she nodded her consent.

Grabbing her arm, she gasped as he pushed her against the brick wall of the alley, twisting her arm behind her back. She softened her call out at the pain, trying not to be loud and attract any unwanted attention.

"Shhh, there's a good know you want this," he said as he pressed himself against her backside. She whimpered. "Yes, you know you do," he pulled his wand from his pocket and pointed it in her line of view.

"If you know what's good for you, you'll walk inside this nice establishment and get us a room." She could feel herself becoming wet at the thought as he released her and she began walking towards the back entrance. Once they were inside the room, he locked the door and silently called forth invisible ties that pulled her down onto the bed before vanishing the majority of her clothes.

Snape exited her mind before it went further. He could feel her acquiescence of the situation. "Is Selwyn the only one?" he asked, voice low. Harry was quiet for a moment, attempting to gauge his reaction.

"No." She wouldn't look at him anymore, the blush rising in her cheeks.

"Names, Miss Potter," he said in a commanding tone.

"All of them or just the ones you know?" she asked delicately. She saw his eyes slide shut and he took a calm breath.

Glancing at the clock, he saw that she had approximately forty minutes. He stood, pointing his wand at the chair, unbinding her so she could stand. She pulled the robe close around her. "You will go straight back to Grimmauld. I will take care of the Aurors before I meet you there." He took off his outer robe and handed it to her, leaving himself in just his usual frock coat. As she slid the robes onto her form, he gave her a reprimanding look. "Straight. Home."

"Yes, sir." She pulled herself upright as he moved to open the door, making sure to fix her stature and expression. Walking out, she stood right in front of the Auror and gave him a sly smile and a wink. "By the way, you might want to release Selwyn before I make my lawyer his lawyer." Glancing over her shoulder, she said one last farewell, "Goodbye, Severus. Let me know if you ever need anything." Harry walked down the hall and down the steps with a bit of a skip.

Once outside, she disapparated to Grimmauld Place. Harry figured that she had time to let the potion wear off and get a shower. She laid Snape's robes across the back of the sofa in the newly renovated sitting room. Taking the stairs two at a time, she rushed to her bedroom and into the shower where the hot water might calm her mind. She hated Legilimency and, oh, Gods, he'd seen that fantasy...what would he say? What did he think of her? He wanted names. Surely he wouldn't tell them.

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