A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Muggshot's Big Bang

Chapter 7

Once we got the page and key from the area with the giant neon letters (and destroying one of the Gs with the wrecking ball... it was awesome!) Sly and I went over the three different page sections we got. Sly smirked at Thaddeus's pages and whipped up a disguise in five seconds flat. He looked like a dog now and it looked weird. I then did the same thing with me deciding to disguise myself as a poodle... or what I'd assume a poodle looked like if it were sentient. Sly smirked at my appearance and winked at me.

"Nice asthetic. You look like you'd give any dog a bone now," Sly said, me blushing at that and lightly slapping him with my hand.

"You cheeky little raccoon!" I smirked at him in embarrassment. He never said anything THIS risque in the games!

"Sorry, I couldn't resist. Besides, you make all the puns, what's stopping me from making a few?" Sly smirked, me giggling at that.

"You got me there," I smiled as I then unlocked the wall with the 7 keys and hit the switch, the ugly mug of Muggshot opening up to reveal the hidden elevator.

"Now to take out the beefed up bulldog. Be careful, guys," Meg said to me.

"Thanks, sis," I smiled at her as we went to the elevator and rode it up, me smirking at the elevator music. It was the music for Muggshot's fight, but it was in the tone of elevator music. We then emerged into the arena and saw Muggshot sitting at his chair.

"Whuh? My boys have been yappin' about some mysterious dudes runnin' around crackin' skulls and... and... and this is it? Yer the monkey wrenches in my operation? Some scrawny rats with sticks!... Eh... wait a second... I've seen those sticks before," Muggshot frowned.

"Maybe when you assaulted the Coopers and killed an innocent kid's parents right in front of him," I frowned as I pointed at Sly.

"Whoa... yer a Cooper?... I didn't even know that you were there... so... youse saw that?" Muggshot asked.

"Yes, I did. So would you like to hand over what you stole from me? Or do you want to learn your lesson the hard way?" Sly asked with seriousness.

"What, are ya kiddin'?! You break into my place, steal my stuff, trash the joint, AND you... whatever you are, keep on insultin' my boys with pennies instead of a real callin' card! I feel transgressed and violated! Let's rock!" Muggshot growled, me smirking at that last bit he said as he walked forward on his fists directly for us.

"So you know, I have a name. Ella. But you can call me... Ella... Unknown!" I exclaimed as I took a hat I got from one of the card throwing dogs and threw it directly at Muggshot's fists, it exploding on contact! And the aftermath? His fists looked quite burned and he gulped at how it hurt to move his hands. He couldn't even grab onto his guns because they hurt!

"Well, well, I guess those hulking biceps are just for show. Just one hat bomb and you're too in pain to do anything! Now," I smiled as I approached Muggshot and he whimpered, trying to back up on his tiny legs. "Ready for round two?" I smiled.

"N-No..." Muggshot gulped.

"Sly? Want to do a double knockout dive?" I smiled at Sly.

"With pleasure," Sly smirked. We then lined our bodies against Muggshot's face and hit him directly in the face with both of our canes, me then kicking him right in the gonads with my tennis shoe! Muggshot whimpered and fell to the ground after that.

"This is impossible... little pipsqueaks like you... beatin' a big strong bruiser like me?... It ain't right!" Muggshot growled as I got to his chair and found the pages for Tennessee Kid Cooper. "You want all of that stupid picture book? Yer gonna have to go down to Haiti and cross paths with Mz Ruby... and then believe you me, you don't wanna be you!" Muggshot frowned.

"Nice to know, big guy... oh, and the reason you lost? You neglected leg day. You gotta do leg day, bud," I smiled at him, Muggshot scoffing at that and spitting at me... and that made me angry. I slammed him one more time in the jawline just for good measure after that. "You deserved that, bastard," I huffed as Sly and I then proceeded out of the place. And we had to leave quickly, as Carmelita was right outside of the main complex. We decided to leave via using an alternate route from the Muggshot sign rooftops, us making it to the van in about 20 minutes afterwards.

"Okay, time for us to go! And I think that we should take a vacation in Hollywood. What do you guys say?" I smiled at the others.

"Oh yeah! That sounds like a blast!" Meg smirked widely.

"We'd better get all the souvenirs we can. We almost never visit the states after all," Bentley smiled.

"On the way, let's read over the different pages we received. I think that we should start out with the replica technique user, Sir Andrew Cooper. Starting year of thieving, 1728," I smiled at that. Such a random number, but fitting considering he was around in Britain during the era of the rich nobles and the poor farmers. "It says, 'I noticed a strange collection of soldiers under the British empire. They were heading to the nearby villas and taking people out of their homes. These poor chaps were roughened up just for not having a pence to spare. So, when the guards weren't noticing, I created my copy to distract them. And once distracted, I then swooped in and defeated the army scum, freeing their would-be prisoners and telling them of a place for all poor. My den of thieves, who stole from the greedy nobles to give to all who were poor. It was a unanimous decision. I had obtained 3 score and 5 persons for my clan'," I read the book aloud, Sly smirking at that.

"So basically, he was a Robin Hood kind of guy, right?" Meg smiled at that.

"Who's Robin Hood?" Murray asked, me frowning at that. Guess some things just wouldn't get translated to this world.

"Back in our world, Robin Hood was a fictional character that was talked of back in times similar to Sir Andrew. He stole from the rich kings and nobles and gave the money to the poor, all while winning the heart of the king's daughter and marrying her away from her father to live with the thieves... there was even an animated movie where they depicted all of them as, well, animals, and Robin Hood was a fox," I smiled.

"Really? So that's probably why you weren't surprised when you saw us, huh? Because you'd seen animals like us before?" Sly asked.

"Pretty much, yeah," I smiled at that.

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