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Cocky Arabia

Before this chapter starts, I want to apologize for not updating it for a LONG time. But as I said in my revised Chapter 1, it was because of s82161.

What do I mean by this? I mean that his whole debacle with him constantly bugging me, lying to me, and cyberstalking me managed to make me not want to continue this fanfic. But I decided to knuckle down and do the rest of these chapters, mainly for the reason that this one is almost done and also because I want to be able to finish up at least ONE of my Sly Cooper fanfics that I've made. And I decided on this one, as the other two are... more along the lines of First Fanfic Syndrome. Where they had the worst ideas and the worst executions... not to mention the issue of me not knowing how to form lines of dialogue as I do now...

So I want to say that I WILL finish this one and I have my reasons as to why I neglected to finish it for nearly a year. Thanks for your patience, and be ready for quite the twists and turns in these final few chapters!

Chapter 63

"I have no idea what you are talking about, Ella Montgomery Farthington," Le Paradox said... and when he said that? It made me surprised, as well as some of the others in the hideout. Why? It wasn't Le Paradox's voice! It was a certain cock that was speaking!

"Wait... what the hell?" I asked before then looking into his eyes and seeing that his eye color was also different! "General Tsao?!" I asked.

"Peh, former general, no thanks to you," he said, that making everyone very confused. "On my back, there's a cloaking device that skunk planted on me. He promised me revenge for you disgracing my family legacy, but he instead made me take the fall back in Henriette's timeline!" he shouted, me then taking off the Hazmat suit and seeing that the source of the stink was actually coming from a stink grenade implanted on the very same cloaking device! I took it off and all of us were stunned at how Tsao then got his original appearance again, only he was in pirate attire.

"Where is that rotten skunk?! I need to make him pay for tricking us so easily!" Toothpick growled.

"He's in Ancient Arabia, during the year of 1201 AD. The time of Salim Al Kupar's elderly thieving years," Tsao said, us looking at each other and all of us agreeing just with some glances that we had been fooled hook, line, and stinker.

"You're coming with us as a prisoner, then. I feel you should get some much-deserved payback on Le Paradox," I smirked at him.

"With you? Like hell," he frowned at me.

"Language, mister, there are children here!" Brie frowned at him.

"Hmph," he frowned. He was still the same pompous punk as when we'd took him to jail all those years ago.

"It's either that, or we send you directly in front of Interpol to get arrested once again, especially since you were imprisoned for a life sentence. Wouldn't it be a shame if they found an escaped convict?" I frowned, him frowning at me.

"Your savagery knows no limit, Ella Farthington... fine. But we are not partners, nor are we friends. I just want to make that skunk pay for backstabbing me!" Tsao frowned angrily.

"He backstabs everyone. He's done it to El Jefe, Grizz, Penelope, and he even did it to me. And if not for Ella's interference, I'd be stuck in the 1800s and getting put in a chain gang on the railroads!" Toothpick frowned, me smirking at that.

"Now if we're done gasbagging, we should really get going. Bentley, Murray, time to warm up the van. As for you, Galleth?" Sly smiled, getting the attention of the ancient ancestor with the overenthusiasm. "You stay out of trouble," he smirked.

"Verily, I say unto thee, good luck," he smirked as he then rushed out of the hideout, me smirking at his hamminess. We then all hopped into the van (though I still did have Tsao in cuffs) and we were looking at Bentley and Penelope with smiles as they held onto each other and were snuggling each other. A much better ending than what would've happened in the games. But I was surely not going to mention any of it to Tsao of all people.

"So, Ella?... What're we going to do with Tsao for now?" Neyla asked me, me smirking at that.

"Keep a short leash on him and keep him in those cuffs until I say so. He's probably one of the people I trust the least of anyone," I frowned at him.

"I hate you," he frowned at me.

"Likewise," Henriette frowned. "What I'm more pressed in wondering, mates, is why Le Paradox is so keen on erasing Cooper history? What's in it fer him? We already told 'im about what happened back in the old west, so why is he still doin' this stuff?" Henriette asked in annoyance.

"We'll find out shortly, I'm sure,' Meg frowned as we finally arrived in the timeline we wanted, and we then found Salim's old hideaway in the den of the 40 thieves. And when we did, we saw that nearly all the loot had been removed and that there were etchings of at least 37 of the 40 thieves having been retired. And there was also a single plan on the table talking of a final gig from Salim and the three remaining thieves. To storm a palace nearby and rob a very rich elephant of all her loot.

"So... Miss Decibel, huh?" Ruby frowned.

"You know who it is?" Elliot asked her.

"Yes. She was actually one of my former allies back in the Fiendish Five days, before she left us after the attack on the Cooper house. It was too far for her, since she is appalled by murder of any kind," Ruby frowned.

"Really? What kind of criminal activity does she do, then?" Penelope asked.

"She is an accomplished hypnotist. After an incident at a young age including anger issues and a trumpet, she got said trumpet lodged in her trunk. And after that happened, her trunk became able to play music that is able to control the minds of anyone that she wants to control. She used this to control people's brains to do her bidding for her, including having bank owners give her all their money and take the fall for her... so we need to be cautious," Ruby said.

"I see... So, it's like the Contessa, but with music instead of spice and flashing lights," Murray gawked.

"That sounds like it. Right now, we need to find out where Salim is located. Kids? Let's go do some reconnaissance," I smirked. All five of them followed after me and Bentley then spoke to us in our Binocucoms.

"Okay, since we're pressed for time here, I have added something to your Binocucoms during the downtime we've had in the ice age," Bentley smiled. "With the help of Penelope, we've edited your Binocucoms to detect any kind of DNA that relates to the Cooper family line. You'll need to use them to find out different places where Salim may have been. Once you get enough evidence, then I'll be able to sniff him out," Bentley smirked.

"Genius! And I see it also works on Tricky! She's shining bright red," Crash smirked as he looked at Tricky Cooper and she simply smiled at him.

"I'll take that as a compliment," she smiled. We then went out and searched for the different DNA samples. I found a set of footprints that led into the lamp shop, which I then entered and saw that it did have guards in it, so I had to use invisibility. I then snapped a photo of both the big door as well as a bit of fingerprint DNA that was on one of the lamps, which was Salim's fingerprints.

"I got the picture of that door. It definitely doesn't belong in this timeline! No doubt that Le Paradox is hiding something very important behind it," Bentley said. And after I left the lamp shop, I then saw that the kids had finished up with their recon as well. "Okay, with all of these pieces of the puzzle, I've found Salim... he's on... a boat?" he said in confusion before then sending us the ping to go to the one near the southwest of the palace. And when I went inside with the kids, we saw that Salim was sitting with his legs crossed on a comfy pillow and eating nuts.

"Um... hello? Are you Salim Al Kupar?" I asked, him looking at me with confusion.

"And what's it to you?" he asked.

"W-Well... we know that you're in trouble because of that elephant. And we wanted to help you out," Tricky said with a smile. And when he saw our canes, including the kids, he immediately gawked.

"By Aladdin's beard! You bear the Cooper canes from Kaine Island?! Explain!" he said, me frowning at him.

"We uh... we come from the distant future. Nearly 1000 years in the future. And we're trying to stop a bad guy from erasing Cooper history. He already tried to get rid of Sir Galleth Cooper as well as the very first Cooper in history from the BC era," I said, him then frowning.

"And how can I trust that you aren't allied with that horrible elephant?" he asked in annoyance, that making Hunter smirk.

"If we were here to attack you and kidnap you, wouldn't we have made a move by now?" he asked, that making him think, but then he noticed that his nut supply was empty.

"We have more food at our hideout, so you know. Food I doubt you've ever tried before," I smiled, him smirking at that.

"You should've led with that, then! Let's go!" he smirked with enthusiasm as he jumped off his seat and we simply walked our way back to the hideout, where we then explained everything. And we also had to explain that the one in the cuffs was considered as a hostage because he used to work for the elephant's boss. But even after all of that, he still was stubborn and wouldn't believe us.

"Ugh. Fine. What do we have to do to make you trust us?" Carmelita frowned.

"There is one thing. I recently pawned my magic thief outfit to a local shop, but he refuses to let me get it back! If you can somehow manage to retrieve it, then I'll consider you as true Coopers," he smirked, me smiling at that.

"Want to do this as a small family affair? It'll be me, Sly, Carmelita, and Neyla doing this one," I smirked.

"Good luck. He's a real piece of work! He's tight on security and never leaves his shop. All business is done through a peepwindow in the door. You'll need to bribe him really well to get my stuff back," he said, me smirking at that. I had just the thing that I could give him. I then pulled it out and he looked at it in confusion.

"What is that?" he asked.

"This is a video game system I have in this world that I've been using for fun. We can use this to make him mesmerized by how it plays. And since it has a finite source of power, we can fool him big time by trading it and conning the conman in the process," I smiled wickedly.

"Oh, that is just pure despicable! I love it!" Neyla smirked at me.

"But are you sure that it'll be okay to leave that back here in this timeline?" Bentley asked.

"Like it's going to matter? He'll probably break it out of anger if he's that stubborn. Plus, I only have a single game in it in the form of Rabbit Revenge Acadamy... which is like this one game in my world called Senran Kagura," I smiled. And for the viewers of this fanfic that want to look it up, it's a game where you played as girls that attacked other girls with weapons to strip them completely naked.

"He's going to be in love with that game, then," Penelope giggled.

"But I wanted to play that game, mommy," Brie groaned.

"It's for adults, not kids," I smiled at her.

"Dangit," she groaned. I then went with the adults to the door of the guy in question and I knocked on it thrice. And afterwards, the peephole opened up to reveal two very creepy eyes from within.

"Eh? What the hell do you blokes want?" he asked in annoyance.

"We were just wondering if we could do some business with you," I said, him chuckling creepily behind the door.

"Very well, what do you want to do in terms of business, hmm?" he asked.

"A trade of sorts. We know that you got a trade beforehand of Salim Al Kupar's thief outfit. And I have this very rare and very intricate device," I smiled as I showed him the game system. And he looked at it in confusion.

"What the hell is that thing?" he asked as I then simply pushed the power button and he then looked mesmerized at how it then turned onto the home screen. "OOooh... shiny! And... what's that?" he asked as I then simply selected the game and... when he saw the rabbit girls in the game attacking each other with water guns and rubber hoses and them losing clothes afterwards? He started to pant behind the door. "Okay, I'll do it! The trade is done! Now gimme!" he smirked as he then slid the thief outfit out of the peephole and I then handed him the game system in exchange. Little did he know, however, that the game system was at half power. Which was even more devious of me! I then gawked at how, when I waved the staff in the outfit, that instead of time being slowed down, time actually wasn't affected. Instead, I was able to create illusions! It was so cool!

"Okay, so what do we do now?" Sly asked as Neyla then gasped and pointed to the north. And when she did, all of us immediately went invisible. Why? It was none other than Miss Decibel! And she was currently with none other than the real Cyrille LeParadox!

"Okay, of all the times for them to appear, this is probably the best. Let's tail them while invisible and listen in," I smirked. We then did just as I instructed, and we saw that they were speaking of certain important things.

"My papers are coming along nicely, yes, love?" Cyrille smiled at the elephant he really didn't care about.

"Oh, yes, the three thieves we managed to catch are working diligently at forging your royal documents. But we do need to feed our little worker bees, so... I need to get some fried scorpion tails for the Panther, pickled snakes for the Lion, and... ugh... camel milk for the Tiger," she said, me smirking at that.

"Noted," I smirked with barely a sound, since I knew that this elephant could probably hear a pin drop.

"But of course. I will get the deliveries to them, no worries," Cyrille smiled as we then kept going on and Bentley then got on my Binocucom.

"Royal documents? Forging? And three thieves? What is LeParadox even doing in this timeline?" Bentley asked. I simply ignored him for now as we continued to tail them until we finally got to the area where LeParadox spoke one more thing to her.

"And don't forget, if you see those Cooper Gang blokes, do not let them escape. I don't want you to fail me as the others. Even Penelope failed me, and she was the smart one," he said, me frowning at him lying through his teeth.

"Don't you worry, my lovely Cyrille. I will find that old bag of fur and I'll make sure those Cooper bastards are taken care of quickly and humanely," Decibel smirked before they then went into a tent.

"Okay... we need to find out where these thieves are being kept at. So we'll need to don a disguise with one of us doing it. You want to use a fake accent and dress up as an Arabian?" I asked, her smirking at that.

"But of course, I am the master of deception as I was back in the past, if you recall," she smiled as she then let go of her invisibility and she then got on a disguise to make her look Arabian, including the face veil and even a turban to hide her hair. She then went into the tent and we overheard what happened from the outside whilst invisible.

"Um... who are you? State your business," Cyrille spoke in surprise.

"I am the delivery person that you asked for," she said, me smirking at how her Arabian accent was EXTREMELY convincing!

"Hmm... how do we know we can trust her?" Decibel asked her.

"Why don't you test my knowledge of said deliveries?" Neyla asked.

"Very well, if you are the delivery person, then you should know what food the Panther prefers, yes?" Cyrille asked.

"Why, I believe he prefers fried scorpion tails, correct?" Neyla smiled.

"Hmph, she seems legit. Okay, here are the delivery locations. Don't take too long," Ms Decibel said as she then handed the maps to her and then, afterwards, she simply left the tent and then walked off in a particular area before going to the Safehouse to make her act more believable. We then regrouped at said Safehouse and I then explained.

"Okay, now that we're out of earshot of that elephant, I think I have an idea of what LeParadox is doing here," I said, Ruby then nodding and giving the knowledge to the whole gang to not ask ANYTHING about what to expect in this timeline, if ONLY because Tsao was here. "He said that he's having the three remaining thieves forge royal documents for him... if what I know about pompous jerks is right, then that must mean that he's trying to forge documents to say that his family line is of a royal lineage. If he manages to succeed and he gets said documents in the future, he'll become the most powerful man in the world! We need to get the three thieves out of their custody, find out where these documents are being stored, and completely destroy them! If we happen to fail this one, then the entire future will be changed to the point of no return!" I said, that making Penelope sigh.

"I know where the documents are being kept," she said, me gasping at that.

"You do?!" Tsao asked in surprise.

"Yes. I was forced to be around LeParadox for way too long when he had kidnapped me and forced me to make his time machine blimp... he boasted about how he planned to put the documents in a special Arabian tomb of the previous sultan of this timeline. This same tomb was unearthed of its royal status in the 1900s, which is MORE than enough time for LeParadox's ancestors to gain the power and wealth for Cyrille to be the ruler of the world," Penelope said, me gawking at that.

"Then we'll need to split up into 4 separate teams. Team one will go to Honest Hassan's carpets to rescue the Panther, as according to the map, there's a secret passage to the palace within that shop," I said as I pointed at the first map. "Team two will proceed out to find the Tiger, who is being kept in the Camel Taxi shop, where I see that it's heavily fortified on the interior, so you'll probably need both invisibility and at least two people with defy gravity," I said as I pointed at the second map. "Team three will need to proceed to this small house at this location, but they will need to careful, as I see on these maps that they set up some turrets that will rip you to shreds if they get you in your sights. So, from now on, when everyone goes to do their jobs, they will always use invisibility," I said, them nodding. "And team four will need to find the tomb of this sultan, see if the documents are in there, steal them, and then destroy them. Salim, you know this place better than us, so where is this tomb at?" I asked, him smirking at that.

"Ah, the tomb of Sultan Sarabi. The very first female Sultan, her tomb is hidden on an island directly south of town," he said, me smirking at that. It had to be the one where you found one of the special treasures.

"Okay, the teams will be as follows. Neyla, Crash, Elliot, and Bentley are going to rescue the Panther. Brie, Sly, Hunter, Carmelita, and Murray will go to rescue the Tiger. Penelope, Henriette, Tricky, you will go rescue the Lion. And finally, myself, Salim, Toothpick, and Tsao will go to find this tomb. Ruby, you will stay here at the hideout in order to protect the van and the Thievius Raccoonus," I said, that making Tsao glare at me.

"And why would I even think of helping you out?" Tsao frowned.

"Do I need to remind you of why I'm the stronger of us, Tsao? Or do you still think so highly of yourself that you don't think that a woman doesn't know up from down? Need I remind you of what happened in that bamboo forest? Hmm? Or would you like a punch in the beak right now?" I asked, him then frowning at me.

"I hate you," he said.

"I knew it. You can't even admit it to my face. If you can't admit it to my face, then you'll never be getting out of those cuffs. But if you simply admit to my face that I am stronger than you and you promise to treat women as PEOPLE instead of PROPERTY or MINORITIES, then I will get Carmelita to release all of your charges and make you a free man," I said, that making Tsao look surprised at that, as well as the rest of my group.

"Are ye bein' serious, captain? Yer jestin', surely!" Henriette gawked at me.

"All he has to do is admit it to my face and treat women as actual people. If he simply does the first thing right now and the last thing for the remainder of our time in Arabia, then he will be freed of his lifetime sentence. Or is that too hard for you to do, Tsao?" I asked, him then frowning at me.

"You... you are stronger than I am," he said, that making the group gawk at that. And I smiled at that.

"Very well," I said as I then got the cuffs off of him and he simply stood there in place. "Now, if we're done talking, we need to get going. We have no idea when Ms Decibel will plan to move the thieves, so we need to move quickly," I said, them nodding as we then moved out. I still had to wonder if what I did would not have any consequences...

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