A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Machine Destruction and Giant Owl Issues

Chapter 60

"Okay, now we need some direction. What's the plan, Ella?" Sly asked me into the Binocucom.

"Alright, I only know the way to destroy the Shoemaker's, the Tavern, and the Bakery, so the repair shop and the Tailor's are going to need detective skills in order to stop. For now, I'll explain the first of the three. Whoever's at the Tavern will need to take a bunch of large objects and throw them into large vats of fuel that the robotic guards use to refuel. Once all of them are destroyed, the place is safe. Next, at the Bakery, whoever goes there will need to shut down the generator, as the Bakery's generator is used to power every other one of the shops. It should have multiple miniature generators that coincide with the big boy. Take out the smaller ones and the big generator should shut down permanently, but clear out of the place before it explodes! And finally, at the Shoemaker's, we'll need a skilled acrobat who knows how to defy gravity and a computer genius to get to a special computer that controls a special underground facility that makes giant robot parts. Then the computer hacker will hack the system and turn off the production, only then adding a bug to the system to make it crash harder than Murray after a 24-hour workout binge," I smiled.

"Hah, my record is way higher than that, Ella!" Murray smirked.

"Okay, and from what I can see of the insides of the Tailor's, the main gimmick is that it's the place that produces the robots by combining metals to fur with added rocket launchers. The main area where the production looks most vulnerable are the parts that assemble all of the items. I'm sure if we threw some big items in it, the whole apparatus would fall apart," Meg said with a smile.

"And the inside of the guard repair house? It looks like we'll need to take out the entire facility in one go, so we'll need some high-grade explosives. Sir Galleth mentioned that a mixture of nearby fire bulbs and a bit of Merlin's Magic Powder will not only destroy the place, but it will also blow a breach in the castle walls," Tricky smirked.

"Okay, I think Galleth should get the bulbs with Ruby. As for the Magic Powder, as far as the plot stated, it was located as a prize in the carnival's archery game. Someone will need to don a disguise of an archer complete with working bow and go to get the powder," I said.

"Heh, I think I can do that. Before I was trained in the ways of bullets, I was trained in the ways of archery. Got a few trophies back home from me favorite bow, see? Hehee!" Toothpick smirked.

"Well, then we'll have you go there. But you'll still need a disguise, so have a Cooper kid go with you. You'll need a disguise to get in and the kids are just your size," I smiled at him.

"I can go with him," Elliot smiled.

"Then it's set. Once all of this is done, the only thing left to do will be to take out every single last guard in the place that's made of metal," I smiled, me then looking at Henriette and her smiling at me.

"Penny's wakin' up, captain. Ye wanna tell her what's what?" Henriette asked, me nodding at that. I went to Penelope's hammock and smiled when she opened her eyes and looked at me with a smile.

"Hey, sleepyhead. How's that brain of yours doing?" I smiled at her.

"Well, I think I may need some surgery to get that needle out of it, but other than that I feel fine... aaahh... where are the others?" Penelope asked while stretching her arms out and yawning.

"I sent them to take down all the different productions that were in the shops that you made and then I told them to destroy any evidence of the robotic guards," I explained to her, Penelope smiling at that.

"Yeah, those robots need to go... though I won't deny that they are, by far, my greatest work of engineering of my own genius. When mine, Bentley, and Brie's geniuses were combined, however? We made an amazing invention... the time machine... but then all that happened," Penelope sighed.

"Yeah... so we have to ask you something, okay?" I smiled, Penelope nodding. "We know for a fact that Le Paradox has a finalized version of the Time Machine that allows him to go to any point in time without an item required. Do you think you and Meg could tinker with the Time Machine we have on the van so that it can have the same effect?" I asked her with a smile, Penelope nodding at that with a smile.

"That much is an easy fix! The secret ingredient that I gave to Le Paradox's Time Machine is something so simple even someone as dumb as the Grizz could obtain it," Penelope smiled.

"And that would be?" Neyla asked.

"Just give me a hunk of diamond," Penelope smiled, me smirking and showing her a big diamond I had gotten from a heist before she'd disappeared. It was roughly the size of my fist, which she smiled at.

"Okay, let me at that Time Machine... wow... Bentley actually modified it so that it could warp anyone inside of the van, make the van longer, and operate by simply driving at top speed? He's so smart!" Penelope smiled as she opened up the clock face of the Time Machine and I saw a ton of different components within, such as the Gravity Encabulator but also a couple other things like a Temporal Flux Driver (also known as the easiest treasure to get in the first level of this game). She then placed the diamond inside of a small compartment inside of the Encabulator and I gawked at how it got absorbed into the machine afterwards and I saw the clock at the top start to flow like an actual clock, making the ticking sounds and all. But even more impressive? When she closed the clock face, it shined a bright yellow!

"There! Now all you need to do is put in the coordinates for the time frame you wish to go to and we can get to whoever else that filthy skunk is messing with!" Penelope frowned.

"Aye! That skunk is gonna be fuming when he sees me hook in his keister for all he's doin' to-" Henriette was about to say until she saw her hand, her growling at that and Penelope frowning. "Oh ye have got to be fookin' kidding me! He's STILL doin' it even after hearin' the truth from us!" Henriette exclaimed angrily as I saw that only her hand was beginning to vanish, but not mine or Penelope's body. We then heard a lot of destruction sounds from outside and we gawked at how the castle town now had three different shops that were on fire, those being the Bakery, the Tavern, and the Tailor's. And the walls of the castle that were by the Samurai door? It was all blown apart!

"Okay, that is all the shops destroyed, now to go after the different robotic guards," Sly said with seriousness.

"Actually, I have a better plan, guys," I frowned as I flipped through the Thievius Raccoonus and was legitimately surprised that it was not Salim Al Kupar we had to rescue. No... it was actually my pirate friend. "The pages for Henriette's page is starting to disappear now. We're going to need two teams right now. One will need to stay here to take out the guards, as there are a whole bunch of them. And the others will go to the 1620's to help out the original version of our pirate friend. Understood?" I said to them.

"Okay, we'll need two different teams then," Sly said, us deciding on the order of which should go and who to leave behind.

Simply for the fact that having two Henriette's together in the same timeline may wreck the space-time flow way too much and because I didn't want to take any chances with this big a change in the story, I decided it best to leave behind Henriette with her team consisting of Brie, Meg, Murray, Galleth, Elliot, and Gianna so that they could take out the different guards. The rest of us got in the van and Penelope explained what she did to the Time Machine to help out.

"Okay, I've changed the Time Machine so that it can allow us to go to any time period we wish at any date we please. All you need to do is input the date and year into the keyboard and then we'll jet off to that area. If I'm right, Le Paradox is in Henriette's time as we speak. He said that was where he planned on going to for a very big plan before you guys freed me," Penelope said, me looking at the book and gawking. The pages from Henriette's section of the Thievius Raccoonus... not only were they disappearing, but there was also traces of blood on it that were APPEARING OUT OF NOWHERE!

"We need to go ASAP, mates! Whatever that skunk is doin', it involves blood! And I don't think that blood is of me mates. That blood be from me!" Henriette said with seriousness when she saw the pages from outside the window.

"Don't worry, Henriette. We're going to protect your past self and we promise not to tell her a word of who we are. For this one, guys, we should just say we're agents from the future that want to help her out. If Henriette's past self knew anything about us, it'd really screw up the timeline," I said with seriousness.

"Yeah... about that, while you were making teams with Sly, Neyla told me some things about you... is it true that this world is all a fictional tale in yours before you were warped here?" Penelope asked. I sighed and nodded.

"Yes... and believe it or not, Penelope? This chapter is the one changed up the most. You were never supposed to be an unwilling participant to Le Paradox. In fact, the game depicted you as selling the Time Machine plans to him and joining with him to stop the Cooper timeline so that you could get Bentley to make a fortune on weapon designs. You also would've said horrible things about him and Sly, would've attempted to kill Sly, and you would've broken up with Bentley in a mech suit fight," I frowned.

"Wait... is that true? Ruby, you need to say she's telling a fib here," Penelope gawked.

"She's not lying, Penelope. I can sense her thoughts. She was truthful in every word..." Ruby sighed.

"Also, something else that's incredibly screwy with this adventure? Everyone from the main trio of Bentley, Sly, and Murray would've become highly unlikable jerks. Sly would make snarky remarks no matter which situation, making him one-note. Bentley would be the same, only he'd be even worse because he barely mentions anything about Penelope until one mission in Ye Olde England. And as for Murray? You'd be reduced to a buffoon with a love of food and you'd literally have the same issues you had in our Cooper Vault preparations repeated in the Ice Age. Namely, you'd become upset at not being able to climb a wall of ice and Bentley saying Bob should do it. And then you'd keep skulking about it until you beat up Grizz," I frowned.

"Wow... that's kind of bad that we'd be portrayed to be that unlikable," Sly frowned.

"And what about me?" Carmelita asked as we finally went through the warp hole to go to Henriette's timeline.

"You would've went from 'Carmelita: the Law'... to Carmelita: 'the EX-Girlfriend'. Your entire existence in the game would've been you flirting with Sly's ancestors because he had faked amnesia and then made you upset when you caught him in the act of stealing the katana at the museum. And then you'd out of nowhere fall in love with him for no other reason other than plot convenience," I frowned.

"Now that's the definition of insulting! My mommy would never take that kind of portrayal as anything but!" Tricky pouted.

"I agree, that is pretty insulting," Carmelita frowned.

"Oh? Is it as insulting as being forced to go into a scantily clad outfit and do a belly dance to distract guards?" I asked, Carmelita gasping and blushing at that, her growling a bit at that.

"Yeah, this is why I never really liked the original story of game number four. But as for this next stop? It never happened in the games, but it was planned. So I have no clue what to expect when we get to Henriette's timeline," I said with a frown as we then emerged from the time hole and then we gawked as we happened to appear in, you guessed it, a pirate town! But one that wasn't Blood Bath Bay!

"Okay, invisible time," I frowned, the van going into invisible mode as we docked the van inside of one of the nearby ships... and wouldn't you know it, it was the Cooper Mistress! And when we saw what was inside, we were even more gobsmacked. The inside of it looked to be completely ransacked! And there appeared to be large slash marks across the boat's topside and the anchor had actually been slashed clean in half!

"You thinking what I'm thinking, brother?" Crash asked Hunter.

"Yeah... this has to be Clockwerk's work. The Thievius Raccoonus claims he could slash through even steel with no effort at all... how did Le Paradox convince Clockwerk of all people to help him out?" Hunter asked.

"Now hold on, we have no idea if Clockwerk sided with Le Paradox yet or not," I frowned... but then I heard a loud screeching sound outside... the screech of Clockwerk. "And... that answers everything..." I frowned as I got on a disguise to look like a regular pirate and I looked up through a spot glass to the top side. Clockwerk was flying above us in the skies and, lo and behold, I also saw the blimp nearby that Le Paradox used to travel through time. It was going underwater, most likely to an underwater hideout.

"Now time to find out how to get to that blimp and how to find Henriette in this place," I frowned, Bentley getting on the computer and doing some searches from his database, me seeing the map of the area and gawking at the residents. Some were pirates but all of them had weaponry from modern times, namely the gas grenades and guns! "Okay, let's find out what's going on here..."

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