A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Penelope Rescue

Chapter 59

Upon arrival to Medieval England, everyone immediately wanted to know about where Penelope might be, but I wouldn't say a word.

"Remember what I said? I don't like being used as a crystal ball," I frowned at them, the gang then stopping their pestering as I then simply looked at the different things in town of note. One, the circus. Two, the robotic guards patrolling the streets. Three, the posters of Sir Galleth being marketed as a jester. And four, a banner of the Black Knight with a symbol on its chest that so happened to be Penelope's moniker. "Remember Penelope's original disguise she had in Holland?" I asked the group.

"Yeah, the Black Baron, right?" Brie asked, her knowing the story by heart after her parents told her of how they first met.

"Yep. But now in these times, we have a mysterious Black Knight and an army of robotic guards. Does anything about that seem fishy?" I asked them, the group thinking a bit before Murray said it for us.

"I got it! Black Baron, Black Knight! Penelope's in that suit of armor called the Black Knight!" Murray deduced.

"Wow, didn't expect you to get it right first, Murray. Would've expected Bentley or Sly to get it first... no offense," I smiled at him.

"I may think with my fists most of the time, but when it comes to my friends, I always remember even the smallest details!" Murray smirked.

"Indeed," I smiled, not even wanting to mention the fact that the biggest change to this game's story was how it flanderized pretty much every character. I'd wait until after we got the gang back together with Penelope on board. "Now we need to do a few things before we go after Penelope. First, we'll need to get Sir Galleth out of that tent and on our side to help out. In the meantime, we're going to need a team consisting of one brainiac, a stealth man, and a muscle in order to secure Galleth's cane. I have no doubt in my mind that Penelope, being the smartest of Le Paradox's men... though unwilling, probably stole Galleth's cane the moment she captured him. So we'll need to get the cane the moment we see it," I said.

"Then we'll need to move fast. I can sense Penelope inside of a suit made of iron, copper, and silver. She's in that giant castle in the distance, but I can't save her from a long distance, especially since the mech suit she's in has copper. You know copper is the one thing that my magic can't get through," Ruby frowned.

"Okay, I think I know how to handle this. Brie, myself and Elliot will go to the castle under invisibility and get the cane. Then we'll need some acrobatic members to go to the circus tent to rescue Galleth. Bentley, your teleportation device still works right? From our ventures going after the Fiendish Five?" I asked him.

"Yeah, they do work! If someone holds onto Galleth when they find him, I can get him out as well!" Bentley smiled.

"Great, great, everything's going dandy. Now what about me getting back at that rotten skunk?" Toothpick asked with a frown.

"Trust me, Toothpick. You may be a good user of a gun, but those things have limited use against metal opponents like Penelope's robots or her mech suit. And as for Le Paradox? He'll show his face eventually, but probably in a place we least expect to see him at. We'll get the chance to give him what he deserves for trying to ruin the world, I promise," I said to him with a smile.

"Then lemme come with ya to whoever goes to the circus. I'm good at acrobatics and what the job entitles," Toothpick smiled.

"Very well, Sly, Carmelita, and Neyla will be your teammates in that area. In the meantime, Meg, you use the RC chopper to do some scans of the area to try and find anything that may be different in the timeline, okay?" I asked her.

"As in the stuff we don't know or the stuff we already know?" Meg asked.

"Anything that wasn't like in the original game," I frowned at her.

"Got it," Meg frowned as we then went out to do our jobs. I went with my group to the front doors of the castle where we saw the drawbridge open the moment we got there. And who would appear from it other than the Black Knight along with two robotic guards and a high-tech security case that held a lance-styled cane.

"That's Galleth's cane alright! Exactly like the design in the Cooper Vault. We'll need to take out the guards quietly, so we'll need to use the warp hole technique to warp them directly into the nearby water, which I'm sure they will not like," I smiled.

"Oh, that's my favorite trick that Auntie Neyla made!" Elliot smirked, Brie giggling at that as we silently went down to the ground and used the warp hole technique on the guards, them being warped to the water behind the castle and me hearing some electrical sounds before they were drowned out. Brie then grabbed the case and had it stay in place while the Black Knight proceeded towards the Blacksmith's.

"Alright, Brie, you get to cracking this thing open. Ruby, can you hear me?" I asked her out loud and in thought.

"Yeah, what is it?" she asked.

"Penelope's heading for the Blacksmith shop. Meet with me in the upper entrance and we'll see if we can save Penelope a bit early," I said to her.

"Got it, I'm on my way," Ruby said as I silently followed Penelope in her suit of armor to the Blacksmith and Ruby met with me at the balcony entrance, us entering and seeing the giant mistake that was the shop's interior.

"What has she done to this place? This isn't medieval at all!" Ruby gawked at all the machinery, lasers, and security in the place.

"This is the other reason I wanted to hit this place up early. In the game, Penelope converted all the shops and the Blacksmith in the town into the production facilities for her machines. We need to get her out of that armor when she isn't expecting it and we need to save her from the chlorine before Le Paradox injects her with it," I said.

"Understood," Ruby said with a serious frown on her toothy lips as we saw Penelope in the Black Knight suit go to the room in the far end and we followed after her silently and while invisible, the door closing behind us as we got to her just as she exited the suit.

"Whew... hate this all... hate this mech, hate this stupid tracker, and I hate Le Paradox... I have to do this though... I can't die... I want my kids to live... I want Brie to have her baby brother..." Penelope said, me gasping silently at that. She was pregnant with a second kid and never told me about it! Ruby then silently slid off to be directly next to Penelope and she started to use her magic, me seeing a small trail of green acid leave through Penelope's ear canal and land on the ground, producing a bad smell of chlorine-filled water. Kind of like what you'd see in a public pool, but without the pee.

"What... what was that?... And what's that?... Wait... I smell... is that the chlorine?..." Penelope asked as she looked at the ground and I finally got to see what she looked like... she looked like a mess... her hair was unkempt and scraggly all over, her arms and her face were covered in scratch marks, and she had bags under her eyes that were worse than Dimitri's.

"You're free, Penny," I said to her, me immediately seeing the tracker in her head start to beep as I heard Le Paradox's voice start to speak.

"That's Ella Unknown! Penelope, kill her right now!" Le Paradox commanded, me smirking as Penelope put the dots together and she smiled with tears in her eyes.

"No," she said, Le Paradox looking a bit confused.

"What did you say? Did I just hear a no?" Le Paradox asked.

"Go ahead. Push that stupid button. I'm free as a bird now thanks to my friends," Penelope said with a smug smirk on her face. I then heard a beeping sound coming from her ear and I saw that Penelope simply stood in place and had no ill effects. All the chlorine was out of her injection and the only thing entering her bloodstream was nothing at all.

"There, that should put you and your kid out of your misery for disobeying orders," Le Paradox said on the tracker, me smirking as Penelope simply said it for him.

"Nice try, skunk! Ruby here removed all the chlorine from that little death needle you had in my head! Now the only thing to do is get rid of this stupid tracker you got in my nose!" Penelope said with a smirk, Le Paradox sounding shocked at this.

"Yeah, you heard right, Le Paradox. Your mission of trying to kill everyone in the world via your time screwing is over now that we've got Penelope on our side! And by the way, you are a complete and utter moron, you know that?" I asked him, Le Paradox growling at that.

"What was that?" he growled at me in the tracker.

"Remember Grizz? That guy you sent to the Ice Ages? If we wouldn't have went back in time to stop him, everyone in the present would've ceased to exist! Everyone in my gang, everyone in your gang, everyone in your family line would be gone! Erased from history! All because Grizz wanted to make a buck by painting with pterodactyl eggs and making the original Cooper fat and lazy. So if you know what's good for you, you will stop fucking up with history because, news flash, bud, if the Coopers of the past no longer exist, then neither would Conner Cooper. And if he's not around, then you would never become the man you are today! Face it, asshole! You are stupid and your plans have no logic behind them at all!" I frowned at him, Ruby only then managing to get the tracker out of Penny's nose with her magic, me seeing it was both a tracking device and a communicator at the same time.

"You seriously can't expect me to believe you, do you? You're just a pathetic thief like all Coopers are," Le Paradox said.

"Oh? You don't believe the girl with the hairless skin, do ya? Then believe the guy that almost disappeared in the Old West because of that dumb bear's art scam, you fucking weasel!" Toothpick exclaimed angrily as I saw him bust through the roof with a giant foot and he then shrunk himself to our size, me amazed just at how big he got!

"Wait... was that Toothpick? What are you doing with those Coopers?!" Le Paradox asked angrily.

"I just told ya! They saved me from death by being erased from history! Now you listen up, ya stripey-tailed gas machine! Your plans of going back in time are just as my pardner puts it. Stupid, nonsensical, and devastating' for the future! I know your grandpappy's tale and he would've never became a thief if not for getting mixed up with Otto Van Cooper. So that means if ya go back in time further than that, you'll never become a thief! You'd erase yer own existence! All of us in the gang were starting to disappear, one of the members being reduced to just a head before we hurdled back in time to the Ice Age ourselves, ya bastard!" Toothpick exclaimed angrily as he then proceeded to shoot numerous bullets at the different machines in the Blacksmiths, me shocked at the damage they did as he aimed for specific gears and pipes. And when they burst, I saw that the place started to go haywire!

"Ack! Get close, guys! We're levitating out of that hole before this place blows up!" Ruby exclaimed, all of us obliging and doing just that while we left the communicator on the ground to get blown up as well, us barely making it out of there before the place blew up in spectacular fashion and we got back to the hideout to see that Galleth was just then arriving there and he had been reunited with his cane.

"Hey, guys! Look who we just found and rescued," Toothpick smirked, everyone looking there and all of them gawking. Penelope smiled as best she could and waved hi, Brie and Bentley immediately rushing up to her with tears in their eyes.

"Mommy! I was so worried! I thought I'd never see you again!" Brie cried into her mother's tummy... and just as Bentley hugged her, Brie then felt something from her mom's torso. It was a small, visible bump. Brie then gasped audibly and happily at what she saw. "Oh my gosh! I'm gonna be a big sister!" Brie said with glee when she saw the belly bump Penelope had.

"Yeah, you are... sorry for not saying anything, Bentley... I wanted to go to the science expo to get a key component for the Time Machine so that it could go to any time without an object needed... but then I got captured by Le Paradox and he put those horrid contraptions inside my body... he's been forcing me to do.. horrible things... horrible, horrible things... he forced me to make him a time machine on his blimp! He forced me to make a prototype Time Tunnel that would trap his worst enemies in a trip across time that would never end! And he forced me to turn Medieval England into a steampunk mad scientist's personal sick pleasure!" Penelope said with tears in her eyes as she fell to the ground and started to cry her eyes out.

"It's okay, Penny... you're safe now... we got you," Meg smiled as all of us joined in a group hug around Penelope and she actually cried herself to sleep right then and there.

"I am afraid to ask such an unneeded question, but who be this fair maiden and why dost she say she doeth the misdeeds of the Black terror that hath brought despair to this nation?" Galleth asked with his flamboyant nature.

"This is Penelope... and she was pretty much forced against her will to become the Black Knight, make all those robotic guards, and build horrid machines in each of the town's shops. Oh, and by the way, we handled the Blacksmith's thanks to Toothpick appearing out of nowhere," I smiled.

"Well, me hearing is quite good, as I'm sure ya know, Ella. I could hear the communicator of Le Paradox all the way in the circus tent. I'm not a fan of radio signals just as much as whistles. Both get on my eardrums' nerves equally," Toothpick said.

"I see. Now time for the hard part. We need to go to each of the town's different shops and take out the machinery inside of them... but I've also detected some strange abnormalities to the story, Ella. There appear to be two more facilities that have guards going in and out at alarming rates. One of them is at the Tailor's and the other is what looks to be the guards' repair house, built inside of the castle walls," Meg explained.

"Then we'll need to spread out and get all of these locations handled. We do not need any of this mechanized stuff in this timeline! Now it's time to make our teams and go out, but we need someone to stay behind to look after Penelope while she rests," I said as I laid her body on a small hammock in the hideout.

"I think I'll stay behind, hon," Neyla smiled.

"Same here, mate," Henriette smirked.

"Well if you two are staying, so am I," I said with them.

"Okay, mom! Give us the directions and we'll toast them guards and their shops faster than grilled cheese!" Hunter smirked.

"Hehe, okay," I smiled as I then started to relay the plans to everyone.

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