A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Prison Escape and Trailing Toothpick

Chapter 54

After I got sent to the prison by the guards and a very angry Toothpick, they immediately got me into a prisoner outfit and gave me a ball and chain around my ankle so huge that, even with my strength from the Bone Cracker Crush training, was super heavy! And it was just as big as I was!

"Oof... kinda starting to regret me getting on Toothpick's bad side now..." I groaned as the bull led me to the maximum security wing and put me in the place before locking the door, me hefting the ball and chain over to Tennessee and groaning as I let it down on the ground. "Ah... Howdy, sir," I smiled, the 'ah' being from me letting go of the ball.

"Heh, howdy yourself, lass. Must'a ticked ol' Toothpick off really well to get a ball an' chain that large. What's yer name?" Tennessee smiled.

"Name's Ella Farthington... but why aren't you confused about my appearance?" I asked him, Tennessee only then looking at me in confusion after I took off my hat.

"Yeah... now that ya'll mention it, ya don't look like anything I've ever seen before. You look stranger than a snake with legs..." Tennessee frowned.

"Well, that's because I come from a different universe and I come from the future," I said with a frown. "Also... you probably won't believe me, but I had kids from one of your descendants, so that means I'm technically of Cooper blood," I said to him, Tennessee looking at me in confusion.

"From the future, huh? Any way you can prove this?" Tennessee asked. I then got out my size destabilizer and took my cane out of my mouth, hitting the button on the shrinking machine to get the cane back to normal size, Tennessee gawking at this.

"Never saw a shrink gun before, have ya? Now just stay there and watch the awesomeness of the modern Coopers," I smirked as I simply got rid of the ball and chain by turning into a new disguise, my normal appearance. "Ahem... BANANA... SLAMMAH!" I exclaimed as I slammed my fist into the weak wall, it exploding off loudly and bombastically, allowing me and Tennessee an easy way back to town. "Grab onto my waist and don't let go," I smiled at him, Tennessee doing just that and me then doing a bit of defy gravity to the top of our building and me then doing a massive leap before letting out my Paraglider, Tennessee loving every minute of it.

"YEEEHAAAWW! This is more awesome than that time I jumped onto a movin' train and then onto sheriff Montoya's caravan! Hoo, she is feisty!" Tennessee said with a hoot, me smirking as I then guided our paraglider to the town and I had us enter through the face of the clock tower, me getting Tennessee in the place and the gang all surprised at me.

"Whoa, you already escaped with Kid Cooper! I actually forgot how awesome you are sometimes, Ella," Carmelita smiled at me.

"Yeah, heh, it's a gift," I smiled at that.

"So, Mister Kid Cooper? Could you tell us what all happened and how you ended up in prison?" Tricky asked him, Tennessee a bit confused at Carmelita's appearance, but nodding all the same.

"Sure Ah can," he smirked as he then relayed his tale. "Ah was just comin' into town just the other day, plannin' on doing a daring attempt at the bank in town and stealin' all the gold from the corrupt owners. But before Ah could even get three feet in the gully, Ah was captured and locked up by the new sheriff in town, some new guy called Toothpick. Even though Ah was in jail, the robbery happened anyways! And then, even though Ah was far away from the robbery and locked behind bars, Sheriff Toothpick pinned all the blame on me! Ah reckon that son of a bobwhite stole all the gold himself!" Tennessee frowned, Carmelita frowning as she told us her side of the story.

"I should've known he hadn't just vanished. Just like with El Jefe..." Carmelita growled.

"What do you mean, hon?" Sly asked her.

"I mean that I was on the trail of Toothpick back in our time, but found no leads as to where he'd went off to. He grew up loving two things: gold and cowboy movies. And now, with Le Paradox's help, he's now able to live his dream of being a gunslinger as well as a gold robber. We're going to need to watch our backs around this guy, everyone. His motto is that he'd rather shoot first instead of do anything else not relating to gold," Carmelita frowned.

"This guy sounds dangerous... what would happen if he did happen to kill anyone in this timeline?" Crash asked.

"From what I've learned, even one death could change the timeline, even in a time as close to home as this. Our timeline from this one is only about 130 years advanced, give or take a few, but even that kind of time gap could have bad consequences depending on who died. So we'll need to take these thugs out with non-lethal means and try to prevent Toothpick from doing the same," I frowned.

"Hehe, if Ah could get my gun back that he stole from me, Ah can assure you that it is actually able to knock foes out cold with simple pellets instead of actual ammunition. Rule of the Cooper conduct, never kill anyone unless it's an absolute last resort," Tennessee said.

"Agreed on that much, Tennessee," Bentley said.

"Okay, now how do we find Tennessee's gun?" Murray asked.

"I think I may be able to help out with that," Brie said as she did a small slideshow for us. "From what I've heard from the guard gossip, Toothpick had closed down a local gold mine about a week ago, declaring it 'unsafe'. But in actuality, it's the place where he stashes all his stolen loot, including Tennessee's gun. We'll need to trail Toothpick there without getting spotted and then gain access to the mines. Then, it's all a matter of Tennessee getting inside and getting his gun back where it belongs," Brie said.

"So... no need to sound rude, but why is yer gang filled with kids?" Tennessee asked.

"If they weren't able to learn the tricks of the trade of the Cooper Ancestry, they wouldn't even be here right now, Tennessee. Everyone in this clock tower minus you comes form the future... well, Henriette would be the only exception. It's kind of strange to put it into words, but she got killed by Clockwerk in her elderly years in the 1600s and she then was brought back to life thanks to some weird magic from Ruby and a mind-controlling butterfly," I frowned.

"Hold on, so... yer Captain Henriette 'One Eye' Cooper? Of the Cooper Mistress?" Tennessee asked.

"That be me, mate! Nice to see me great grandson in person, honestly! Pleasure to meet ye," Henriette smiled at him.

"Yeah, same to all of ya'll," Tennessee smiled.

"Okay, do you happen to know the invisibility trick, Tennessee?" I asked him.

"Heh, that I do, pardner," Tennessee smiled.

"Alright then. You, me, Elliot, Meg, Neyla, and Murray will all go out to trail Toothpick when he goes to his vault. Murray will stay out of sight and not get to our location until we finally get to the mine entrance. Once Toothpick goes inside, we'll get the door open so Tennessee can go get his shooting stick. Let's roll out!" I smirked, getting our group down to the area in question and all of us turning invisible while Murray stayed on the rooftops.

"Eh, feelin' a bit uneasy since that bitch took my lollies... rgh... maybe some time countin' me gold would help relieve the stress," Toothpick smiled as he then went on his way to the mines, us following him until he got to the door, me looking at the lock mechanism and smiling at the fact that it was a simple computer. Once Toothpick walked through the door, Meg went to the computer and began to furiously hack away at it.

"Hah! This is the best that this guy could come up with for security? Easy as pumpkin pie!" Meg smirked as she hacked at it like a pro, using Bruce O Coop's technique to get into the mainframe and get total access of the door in no time flat!

"Alright! We have total access! Murray, Elliot, time to prove our strength!" I smiled widely as I punched my fist into my palm.

"Alright, let's do it, auntie!" Elliot smiled as he, Murray, and I then combined our strengths to pry the door upwards and Tennessee slid underneath, not losing his hat and actually leaving enough wiggle room for Neyla to go in after one more final lift.

"Good luck in there, Neyla! Make sure the guards don't get too hurt!" I said to her loudly.

"You got it, babe!" Neyla smiled at me as she and Tennessee were then on their way through the most fun mission in the entire game. Stealing back Kid Cooper's gun cane!

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