A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Takin' it to Toothpick

Chapter 53

During the time trip through the portal to the 1880's to see Tennessee Kid Cooper, I had some downtime to think. I was actually one of the only ones in the group that hadn't started to disappear when Tennessee's pages went missing, same with Meg. But everyone else, even our children were affected. I then tried to think of some way, any way, that I might be able to get back home with my kids, Meg, and her kid. But then I remembered. We had not one, not two, but three super geniuses on our team! Penelope wasn't a villain in this timeline I found myself in, so that meant I could probably rescue her and get her back on the team! But given the fact that Le Paradox put a instant-kill serum in her head and a tracking device, it'd be tricky to try and make her truly safe.

But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like my old life may never be the same back home. Would I suddenly be back home in my current age? Would I be able to bring my kids back with me? And would I be able to convince everyone that I wasn't crazy and that I had actually traveled to a video game world? I guess I'd have to wait until our adventures with the Coopers were finally over with in order to find that out.

After a bit, our gang finally emerged at the outskirts of the wild west town that Tennessee resided in. And we then used the invisibility feature on the van and proceeded to the clock tower by the edge of a cliff. The hideout had been established as I then went out with Neyla and Gianna and heard the local gossip.

"Hehe, boy am Ah glad that the new sheriff got Tennessee locked up! Serves that outlaw right, tyrin' to rob a bank in this town! GAHAHA!" one of the bulls guffawed out loud.

"This does not sound good... the bank in this town was supposed to be Tennessee's biggest heist ever," Gianna frowned.

"Peh, I'm gonna have a front row seat when they noose him tomorrow mornin'! I wanna see that boy squirm," said one of the coyotes, that making Neyla gasp.

"T-They're planning to kill Tennessee?! Like, no joke, KILL him?! If that happened at this point in time, none of his children will ever be born and nobody in the present day in our team would exist anymore! And Clockwerk would still be alive too! We need to go back and tell everyone we need a plan of action immediately!" Neyla said with fear, me nodding at her and us going back to the hideout and sharing what we learned with the group.

"Well, this is surely a horrid person we're dealing with. Who is this sheriff anyways?" Bentley asked.

"Hard to miss. Look out there, on that building," Hunter frowned as he pointed out of the clock we were in at the sheriff sign of Toothpick.

"So a guy named Toothpick is the sheriff and El Jefe said that Toothpick is Le Paradox's lackey. That means that he's planning on literally erasing Kid Cooper from the book completely. We're going to need to get the jump on him before he can do the dirty," Crash frowned.

"Only one problem, though... I've been doing some microphone sweeps with my invisible RC chopper in the skies, and from what I've heard, they're holding Tennessee in the maximum security wing. Only outlaws are put in that place, so we're going to need one of us to build a rep and get thrown in there. If it were anyone else of our gang and we only did one wrong thing, we'd just be put in with the goat thieves and cattle rustlers," Brie frowned.

"Okay, if it's gotta be a rep, I'll build a rep so hard, they'll want me in that prison much more than Kid Cooper!" I smirked as I opened the clock tower and dove down into the first area, me getting out a special ink pen that Bentley made so it could change colors and squirt it without a limit. How was this possible? It automatically refilled from the water in the air.

"Alright, Toothpick, time to deface some portraits to show your true nature," I smiled wickedly as I then sprayed the poster of Toothpick holding up a giant weight... now it looked like he was holding up a stick with two flowers on each end. And where it said strong, I wrote 'wrong' over top of it. "I call this piece: The Dainty Lightweight," I smirked at it, going off to the next ones and doing the same to each of them, but me doing things a bit differently for some of the posters. For one that said 'wise' I wrote 'why?' instead and I made him look like he was about to eat a cactus. "And this one I dub: Outlaws Will Laugh," I smirked as I then went for the final poster of Toothpick riding on a bucking bronco and it saying agile. I decided to do something even more humiliating than Sly did and I made it look like he was riding a super-fat pig and Toothpick had a dorky expression on him. And instead of agile, I wrote over it and now it said 'pedophile'. "And as for this one, I think I'll call it: The Creepy Fatso!" I smirked with a laugh as I then went off and to a good vantage point as I then looked down and I happened to see a lot of gold coins. And wouldn't you know it, it happened to be from this timeline! I simply threw one to the poster at the ground and smirked as the guards started to laugh at it followed by Toothpick coming and looking ticked.

"Is this a joke?! They deface me posters an' all they leave behind is a gold coin?! When I find the troublemaker who did this, I'm going to break his thumbs!... And maybe his pinkie," Toothpick growled, me then hearing some nearby rabbits speaking.

"I think the sheriff may have a few screws loose," the one rabbit said, it being a female rabbit.

"Oh? Why d'ya think that, Barb?" the other rabbit asked. It was a male and he had the apparel to be with Toothpick's men, namely the dynamite in his bag.

"He thinks that those special lollipops taste amazing. You know, the ones from Cuba? I tasted one myself and they taste like rice and beans! Ick... awful taste," Barb groaned, me smirking at that.

"I know where to strike next, then," I smirked as I then saw the lollipop cache and it was wide open! I used slow time to get over there quicker and, upon getting to the case, I then stole all the lollipops within and left behind a gold coin, me smirking at that as I then went off to a safe point and saw Toothpick look at the stash and get very angry.

"RRRGAAARGH! That no-good criminal is getting on my nerves! He stole me favorite lollies!" Toothpick exclaimed angrily, him about to hulk out but him stopping himself.

"Time for one more task. That big banner looks like the final straw," I smiled as I went over to the ropes and walked on them to the top of the bridge, me smacking off the clothespins until the banner flew off into the wind. And Toothpick appeared at the cliff with three bull guards.

"Hold yer fires, boys! That there is the scribblin', lollie-thievin' outlaw I've been lookin' for!" Toothpick growled as I smirked at him.

"Oh, you mean these awful things?" I smirked as I showed him the lollipops in hand. "One two, farewell to you," I smirked as I dropped the first lollie, Toothpick making an audible "Eep!" sound when I did it. "Three four, to the floor," I smiled as I dropped it on the train tracks just as the train came by, Toothpick's eyebrow beginning to twitch as I had two left. "Five six, smash the sticks," I smirked as I then crushed one of them to bits with one hand, Toothpick growling as I saw him start to get really mad.

"You're running out of time, cowboy," I smiled at him. "Seven eight, you're too late," I smirked as I simply threw the final lollipop onto the tracks. Toothpick was about to rush over there, but I threw a hat on the lollipop and exploded it to bits!

"NOO! RRRGHAHAAAARRGGHHH! YOU'RE GETTIN' A BALL AN' CHAIN SO BIG, YOU'LL WISH YOU NEVER CROSSED ME, BITCH!" Toothpick exclaimed angrily as he hulked out, him about to grab me, but I jumped down to the bulls with a smile, me shrinking my cane with the size destabilizer and putting it in my mouth, looking at them with a smile as they then grabbed me and led me to the prison.

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