A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Shenanigans in Feudal Japan

Chapter 52

After our group went out to eavesdrop on the guards, I overheard some interesting things as I saw El Jefe speaking to some of the pig guards.

"If you see that Rioichi Cooper, you capture him and see if he has his cane on him. We need that package for the boss," El Jefe frowned at the pig guard, him doing a salute at that.

"Interesting," I frowned silently as we continued to follow him and he then spouted some more stuff.

"Now I am confused... how could Rioichi escape that prison so effortlessly? Le Paradox said we'd encounter minimal resistance from him if we got him without his cane, so how did he escape?" El Jefe asked aloud, Neyla frowning at that.

"So it is Le Paradox... then again, the Panda King mentioned that he was one of Conner's biggest rivals other than Clockwerk," Neyla frowned.

"Well, then it looks like we're going to need to get the jump on him at some point. Want me to knock him out, mum?" Crash smiled at me.

"No, he's a military general of the highest rank. If you tried to fight him, he'd kill you on sight, even if you are a child," I frowned at him as we continued to tail him until he got to a small shack by the riverside.

"Okay, let's head back," I said as we then made our way back just in time to see the sushi restaurant flare to life. "Looks like Rioichi is back in the business," I smiled at that.

"Yay!" Hunter smiled widely as we made it back to the hideout and Rioichi returned soon after.

"Hai. Now we must go about finding out what Jefe knows as well as obtain fish for my restaurant. Sadly, I inspected my storage to find that my collection of fish has been neglected and is rotten. I require a fresh supply to make sushi properly again," Rioichi frowned.

"Understood. Murray, Elliot and I will go out and get some fish for your restaurant. Meanwhile, Brie will help Henriette, Ella, and Sly into the geisha house. El Jefe loves to talk to Madame Geisha and he doesn't know that she's on vacation. If we want to find out what he tells her, we're going to need Henriette to disguise herself as Madame Geisha," Bentley said, Henriette pouting at that.

"Ugh... only fer the team, mate. I swore I'd never get in one of them kimonos ever again, but I guess this is going to be the exception," Henriette frowned, Rioichi smiling at her.

"You never change, daughter," Rioichi smiled at her as we then moved out to our jobs with Sly and I going to the geisha house through the hatch on the rooftop and going down onto one of the balconies where we wouldn't be detected.

"Okay, Uncle Sly and Aunt Ella, the case for the geisha outfit is directly in the middle of those guards. But the only way through it is through the top, which is opened remotely by a security computer. I gave you that special device to allow me to jack into the computer from the safety of the hideout. It should be directly inside of the east wing, but that way is locked. So you'll need to proceed there by going through the west wing," Brie said with seriousness.

"Look at you takin' charge, Brie! I'm proud of you," I smiled at her, making her blush.

"Aw, thanks!" she smiled widely as I then looked at the west wing door and I saw something by the inside of it. It was a switch of sorts. I decided to see what would happen if I pushed it and I soon gawked as the door then closed up and I heard Sly say something on his end.

"Whoa! That button you pushed ended up opening the east wing and closing this door! Hold on, I'll go over there right now," Sly smiled as I waited for his go-ahead. And soon, he pushed his button and I saw my door open again.

"Well, that's handy!" I smirked as I exited the door and Sly then made his way to the computer on his end. Cheating was always fun, I thought.

"Okay, I'm going in. Standard energy node security, no problem," Brie smiled as we then waited as she did the mini game with the poor motion controls from the controller. I hated them in the game because it never worked right for anything. I then saw something on one of the different posters that made me then realize something. The picture of Madame Geisha... she wasn't a rhino like in the games! She was, get this, a fox! I then decided to call up Rioichi and see what he said.

"Hey, Rioichi? Question... do you know the full name of Madame Geisha by chance?" I asked him.

"Hai, her full name is Kanna Foxina. Why do you ask?" Rioichi asked. But it was Carmelita who said something in the Binocucom.

"Wait... Kanna Foxina?... That's one of MY ancestors!" Carmelita said in shock as the case was opened and Henriette came in through the ceiling hatch and landed right inside of the kimono gown, her getting the guards' attention as she then quickly put on the makeup and she did her hair up in a geisha style, holding a fan in her hand as well.

"Hey! Who are you? State your business!" the guard exclaimed as the smoke then cleared and Henriette then did a provocative wave of her fan, the guards all gawking at her.

"Konnichiwa, boys. I am the most famous Madame Geisha. Please, allow me to entertain you," Henriette said, but not in her pirate accent. She actually used a Japanese accent, one sounding like it could very easily belong to that of a Japanese ancestor of Carmelita. She then walked daintily to the stage as I saw that the theatre started to play the same music as in the game and Henriette began to dance to it provocatively, the pig guards all losing their minds into the curse known as lust. And I could tell by just the look on Henriette's face that she was loving it.

The dance lasted for about two minutes, the guards all caught in a daze when it was over as Henriette then walked off the stage in a cute way, me smirking at her as she left through the front door with Sly and I doing the same, but invisible. We then proceeded to go back via the rooftops and I smiled at Henriette.

"Hey, Henriette? Is Madame Geisha your mother by chance?" I asked her, Henriette smiling and blushing at that.

"Aye, mate, she is. An' from what Carmelita was sayin', she's one of her ancestors... an' come to think of it, one o' me first mates on the Cooper Mistress all them years ago had a strikin' resemblance to her also... hmm... ye don't suppose that Carmelita has had numerous ancestors fall in love with the Cooper clan, do ye?" Henriette pondered.

"Well, considering that your mother was one of Carmelita's ancestors, I'd guess some other ancestors also got together with past Coopers... it looks like your family is full of Casanova Coopers going after sexy fox girls, Sly," I smiled at him.

"You know, I'd normally agree, but I wouldn't want Carmelita to get mad at me if I said she was sexy in that way," Sly said with a smile.

"Smart choice," I giggled back at him as we returned to the hideout with Henriette keeping the outfit on her. And soon, Murray, Bentley, and Elliot came from the caves with a large cart filled with big fish.

"Ah, this fish will make perfect sushi for my restaurant. Thank you, Bentley-san and Murray-san," Rioichi smiled at the duo.

"Okay, now for the next few jobs. We're going to need to have someone tail El Jefe with the RC Car to listen in on whatever he might say. And then we'll need a team to go out to the fishing caves and get some special bulbs from a plant called the Spiky Wall Climber. We're going to need it for the heist," Bentley said.

"Ah, I see. You wish to use the guards' love of my sushi against them. Very devious, Bentley-san," Rioichi smiled.

"In the meantime, I'm gonna go and stand by the geisha house in case Jefe goes in that direction. Given he likes Madame Geisha, he may kiss me hand, giving me an opportunity to steal anythin' he may be carrying," Henriette smiled.

"Oh, and by the way, guys. When Neyla, the boys and I were out eavesdropping on the guards earlier, we overheard El Jefe talking about his boss. You'll never guess who it is that wants the Coopers erased from history," I frowned.

"Who?" Gianna asked.

"Cyrille Le Paradox, the owner of the museum we stole the katana from. Do you recall that one time on our escape from China? The Panda King mentioned that the Le Paradox clan was one of the two rivals to Conner's gang, the other being Clockwerk. So that means not only are we facing Conner Cooper's rival, but he's a multimillionaire with a time machine and a vendetta against Cooper history," I said with seriousness.

"Okay, I'll go and tail El Jefe with the RC Car," Ruby smiled.

"In the meantime, I think that us other kids will go with Rioichi to get the poison seeds," Tricky smirked.

"Just be careful," Murray said to her.

"Of course, Uncle Murray," Tricky smiled as she then went out to go do the job with the other kids and Rioichi while I decided to keep watch over Brie while she used the RC Car. And just as we arrived at the Geisha House, Brie launched the car as she saw El Jefe proceed towards the prison area.

"Okay, just need to be careful not to alert the guards or this is a bust," Brie frowned as she moved the car with her remote control and used her glasses as her computer screen, which I thought was genius. She saw everything the car did and heard anything the car heard from its microphone. I then heard Jefe speaking in my earpiece from the car's microphone.

"To think that this glorious prison pales in comparison to my grand statue fortress," Jefe said.

"That must be where he hides out all the time," I said.

"But even then, no one would ever guess that the switch to open the gates is actually UNDER the bridge!" Jefe said, me smirking at that.

"Wow, talks a lot and smokes pot," I smirked, Brie giggling at that as she used the car some more and, upon reaching the caves, Jefe started to talk again.

"Peh, fishing caves. Good thing I sealed them off. Now I just need to make sure the guards standing over my imperial gates don't get distracted by stupid sushi!" Jefe said, me smirking at that. "Heh, why should I care, though? Even if the guards weren't on duty, nobody would ever think that the switches to open the gates are inside the dragons' mouths! Haha!" El Jefe said with a boastful grin.

"Keep on flappin' those big lips, suckah! Haha!" Brie giggled as she and I then had to turn invisible as El Jefe made his way back to the Geisha House and Brie had to quickly make the RC Car turn into disguise mode... as a chicken. And guess what? El Jefe was fooled by it! Didn't think anything of it!

"Now all I need to do is find that blasted Rioichi! I need that package to get to the boss," El Jefe frowned.

"Package... boss?... What does that mean?" Brie asked.

"I'm sure we'll find out soon. Look at his back. He's got plans on it," I smiled as Henriette then approached El Jefe in her disguise.

"Konnichiwa, Jefe-San," Henriette said with a smile, El Jefe smiling at her.

"Greetings, Madame Geisha," El Jefe smiled as he knelt down and closed his eyes, kissing Henriette's hand as she then used slow time to quickly and silently grab the plans and toss them to us, me catching it and showing them to Brie.

"Oh my gosh... he's going to try and steal Rioichi's cane! The cane is the package!" Brie gawked with barely a sound, as Jefe was right there. Henriette then walked into the geisha house... but stopped in place when El Jefe did one thing to her. He slapped her on the ass. And what happened after that? The gig was up.

"Oh, yer gonna pay fer that, PERVERT!" Henriette exclaimed in her pirate accent as she then turned around and tackled El Jefe down to the ground, the surprise attack actually getting El Jefe to knock his head against the rocky ground and causing him to get knocked for a loop as a result! But that wasn't good enough for Henriette. She then started to punch him in the face, stomach, and crotch until I finally came in and got her under control.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's enough, Henriette! He's already out!" I said to her, Henriette groaning and snarling at El Jefe.

"There, he's knocked out. Let's get him back to the hideout with ropes tighter than me panties on a hot night!" Henriette fumed, me not even trying to stop her. I didn't care if it would affect the plot. We needed to learn stuff from this guy. I quickly found a bit of tough rope by the nearby pier and tied it around El Jefe's arms and back after stealing his katanas. I then did an extra bit and tied up his ankles so he couldn't kick us either. I then carried him with Henriette down to the hideout and sat him in a chair, the others gawking at the big haul we brought back.

"I don't believe it! You actually captured El Jefe?!" Sly gawked at us.

"If he wouldn't 'ave slapped me on the ass, we'd 'ave let 'im go," Henriette frowned, me then adding a couple added ropes to the ones already on there so he'd be tied up in the chair. And then, he woke up. And he gasped when we saw we had him tied up.

"Well, well, well. It looks like we've got a kitty to interrogate," I said, El Jefe trying to bust free to no avail. "Now, are we going to do this the easy way... or the banana slammah way? Trust me pal, you do not want to banana slammah treatment," I smirked at him, El Jefe frowning at me angrily.

"What do you want to know, bitch?" El Jefe growled.

"First off, don't swear here, there are children in this hideout. Now question number one, why are you helping Le Paradox change history by eliminating the Cooper clan? You know that erasing a person from history causes a butterfly effect, so what's the deal?" I frowned at him, El Jefe frowning at that.

"What do you mean by that?" El Jefe frowned.

"Basically, if one person dies or something is changed in history, the world in the future becomes vastly different. Something as simple as killing a small butterfly could lead to drastic changes. People may never be born, the world could end, numerous factors could happen," I frowned.

"Hmph... Le Paradox never mentioned that to me, so why should I believe you?" El Jefe asked. But just as he asked that, Sly gasped as something started to happen to not only him, but all of us at the same time!

"Uh.. whoa!" Sly gasped as he looked at his gloved hand. It was missing two fingers!

"Daddy! My toes are starting to vanish!" Tricky said with fear.

"M-Mine too!" Brie gasped in fear as the kids then started to cry. And when El Jefe saw it, he gasped in shock and horror.

"This. This is what happens when stuff in the past is changed," I frowned as Sly then got the Thievius Raccoonus out and found that Rioichi's pages were back to normal. But the ones from Tennessee Kid Cooper? Already three words were gone with word number four starting to vanish soon after! "Now do you want to be cooperative?" I asked him. And then El Jefe gasped when he saw that two of his fingers were starting to evaporate into nothingness.

"Alright! I'll tell you! Le Paradox kidnapped a mouse girl from a science expo a week ago in the present day! He then put a special tracking device in serum within her head! If she ever disobeys Le Paradox even once now, Le Paradox will give an order to the serum to boil her blood until she dies! She was forced to create a perfect time machine to send people to the past via Le Paradox's blimp! He sent me here to thwart Rioichi Cooper after paying me 6 million Euros!" El Jefe said with fear in his voice and at a high volume, me then hearing something from outside.

"What was that I just heard?" asked an old voice, Rioichi gawking at that.

"It is the Shogun!" Rioichi gasped as he rushed out of the place and we saw the Shogun was actually a panda bear and he looked very old.

"Is what that man said in there true? El Jefe was the cause of the streets being filled with my palace guards and that ridiculous statue?" the Shogun asked.

"Yes, okay! That was me! And I also told some of my men to give you the rotten sushi and blame it on Rioichi!" El Jefe said with fear in his voice. Meanwhile, Bentley was simply reduced to tears. After hearing what Le Paradox did to Penelope... it actually made him sad, but it made my blood start to get fired up.

"Come, Rioichi! It is time for us to clear your name!" the Shogun said, Rioichi smiling at that, but Henriette coming out from the hideout just to hug him from behind.

"I'll always remember you, pappy... and the adventure we shared together," Henriette smiled at him.

"Yes, my daughter... keep the Cooper legacy safe from further harm. I am sure you can do it," Rioichi smiled at her as he then walked away with the Shogun.

"Okay, now comes the hard part... how are we going to get to Tennessee Kid Cooper's timeline of the Old West? We need an item from that time period..." Neyla frowned.

"In my pocket," El Jefe said, me looking at him strange.


"My pocket. There's a genuine sheriff badge in there from the time of Kid Cooper's heist. I got it from the one that Le Paradox sent to mess with him. You best hurry, because Toothpick is many things. Sane is not one of them," El Jefe said. I inspected his pocket on his pant and found the badge in question. And guess who it belonged to? Sheriff Montoya Chiquita Fox. Another member of Carmelita's family tree!

"Okay, thanks for your cooperation, El Jefe. Now would we happen to have any technology that can send him to the present times while we go to the Old West?" I asked.

"I have something here. It's a special laser that will warp the person back to the modern era. Only downside, it's got one location on it. Right in front of Interpol HQ," Bentley said, El Jefe frowning at that.

"I'll take what I can get, just get me back to the present day and go save the Cooper line and the future!" El Jefe said.

"With pleasure, pal," I smirked as Bentley then hit him with the laser and El Jefe was sent through a portal into the modern era.

"Alright, let's put this in the van, get it to a good revving point, and go to the Old West!" I said, getting all of our group into the van and me swapping the katana with the badge. And once we did that, we then started to go through the tunnel to the Old West, time of Tennessee Kid Cooper, one of our most influential Cooper ancestors.

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