A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
First Mission of Game 3 Gets Wild

Chapter 46

Upon arrival to Kaine Island, Sly, myself, and Neyla all proceeded to the main original area of the first mission of the game, where we'd go to the main area of the island.

"Okay, guys, this is it, the main event! For the rest of the operation, Sly, Ella, and Neyla are the Ball, the Paddle, and the String," Bentley said, me smirking at that.

"Alright, that sounds okay, I guess," I said, trying to make Neyla feel better about her being called the String.

"Let's do a quick roll call first," Sly said.

"Right, Artillery, sure you can make that shot?" Bentley asked Panda King.

"I endeavor not to miss," Panda King said.
"Great, aerial support?"
"In position," Penelope smiled.
"Recovery team?"
"I'm pumped!" Murray smirked.
"Showtime, baby!" Dimitri smirked.
"Indeed," Ruby said.
"Ready to go," Guru said.
"Computer tech?"
"Affirmative," Meg smiled.
"Getaway boater?"
"Aye!" Henriette smirked.

"Alright, it's the crime of the century and the Paddle, ball, and string are in motion!" Bentley smirked, our group proceeding forward across the ropes and on our way to the area with the guards looking over the edge. "The trio has stopped moving, requesting a yank 86!" Bentley said.

"I got a visual," Penelope said as I saw the helicopter appear and start to yank away the elephant hybrids. "First is away! Second guy is pulled! Third one's down. Move on, paddle ball string, over," Penelope smiled, us then moving forward and seeing the next obstruction.

"Agent Old Rock, prep for tipper," Bentley said.

"Tipping now," Guru said as I saw the Dreamtime energy let loose on the antenna and it soon fell to make a bridge for us.

"Let 'em rip Old Rock," Bentley smirked as we then moved forward some more until we got to the giant barricade.

"Obstruction in sight. Requesting removal via Agent Monarch, over," I smiled.

"Launching, stand clear," Panda King said as I saw the firework come from the distance and obliterate the obstruction for us to enter.

"All eyes, the paddle, ball, and string are nearing the lab. Agent Deep Six, you ready?" Meg smiled for a change.

"Speargun loaded," Dimitri said as we then got down there and saw tons of security.

"Agent Deep Six, deploy!" Bentley smiled, Dimitri then blasting the areas for both laser fences while also making the water start to flow within. "Strong work, Deep Six," Bentley said.

"Anytime," Dimitri smiled. I then looked below us and turned invisible, prompting the other two to do so as well. It was Doctor M.

"How's your wife doing, Richards?" I heard Doctor M ask his worker as they came to our position on the elevator.

"Oh, she's doing very well, thank you for asking Doctor M, very thoughtful!" Richards said as I tried to think of some way to prevent an innocent man from death today.

They then boarded the elevator and it started going up.

"Shame you won't be seeing them again," M frowned.

"Uh... sir?" Richard asked. I then talked to Ruby in my mind.

'Ruby, I need your help saving someone... next to me,' I thought to her, Ruby then having her influence near Richards and me hearing her gasp in my head.

'Got it, I'll try to save him,' Ruby said at that as M then started to talk more while Neyla got out one of her many recorders.

"Afraid I've poisoned your drink and lunch. Sorry Richards, but I don't tolerate poor performance. You should have changed the security code from 123 after you installed the new system!" M growled, Neyla gawking at that while I felt Ruby' influence leave. He was safe.

"I'll improve, I swear!" Richards said, me then smirking as M waited for him to die and nothing happened.

"Wait... something's fishy here. The poison should've killed you by now," M frowned, him about to say something else before he got a call. "Yes? Water leaking into the lab?! I'm on my way down," M frowned as he then kicked Richards off the elevator and his elevator went back down, us getting off and letting invisibility go.

"Huh? Intruders?" Richards asked when he saw us.

"More like the people that just saved your life from a poisonous demise. By the way, you're welcome," I said, Richards gawking at that.

"You mean that strange tingling in my neck was you?" he asked.

"It was our mystic member that rescued you. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a vault to open that doesn't belong to that murderer," I said, us then moving across the tightropes and Richards staying in place, but only then deciding to fly off with his wings after we had made it to the vault's security area with our invisibility intact, me then entering the code and smirking as the drills and lasers disarmed and all moved away from the vault.

"Okay, here it is, Sly. The moment of truth," Neyla smiled.

"Okay, let's do it," Sly smiled as he put the cane inside of the lock and it then, just as the vault was about to open completely, an electrical shot emerged from Doctor M as he appeared from above us!

"Cooper?! No... You must be Sly Cooper, the new keeper of the cane! Hoho, how I've longed for this!" Doctor M smiled wickedly.

"Peh, you think that the COOPER Vault is supposed to be opened by a man named Mandrake Malone? The same Mandrake Malone that just tried to poison one of his workers? Gee, I wonder why he didn't die," I frowned as Neyla then showed the tape and then hid it in her purse, me smirking at her.

"You really think that you'll escape with that evidence intact? Hah!" Doctor M growled angrily as Sly then spoke it for all of us.

"You're trespassing on my family's sacred ground!" Sly exclaimed.

"No, my naive boy and girls, YOU'RE trespassing! I've got the deed to this island. This fortress is mine, the vault is mine, EVERYTHING here is MINE! Which now includes the key to the vault. Hand over the cane," Doctor M frowned, me looking at him with a frown as Bentley appeared from behind.

"Sorry, pal, only those of Cooper bloodlines can open this vault. And last I checked, you ain't no raccoonus doodus," I frowned at him as Bentley then connected an explosive dart at Doctor M and he was thrown off course a bit.

"Quick! Let's regroup with the others! Fall back to the ship!" Bentley exclaimed, us then rushing after him and dodging Doctor M's fire in the process as we got to the flooded lab and proceeded to go through the tunnel back outside. "Almost home free!" Bentley said as he jumped the gap and bombed the pillar, it falling afterwards. "The boat's just up ahead!" Bentley exclaimed as I saw it appear. The giant reptile monster. It roared loudly as it jumped down to block the only path out to the boat. And it then grabbed the screaming Bentley.

"There's no escape, Cooper!" Doctor M exclaimed, me growling at him as Sly then attacked him and got knocked back by a big swipe attack, me frowning at him.

"Okay, big guy! You want to play that game? Then let's play dirty! EAT THIS!" I exclaimed as I jumped up to the giant lizard's head and intentionally got myself in his mouth, me then doing something eventful. "BANANA... SLAMMAH!" I exclaimed as I punched the monster right in the bottom jaw, my punch having just the effect I desired. The monster's lower jaw now hung wide open, me escaping from it and then jumping to the top of the monster as Bentley got freed. "Hey! Up here, asshole!" I exclaimed, the monster then trying to slash me with his claws, but me using slow time and then taking the hand and, with my added strength from the powers of Slaigh MacCooper, I sent the giant, monstrous claws directly through the skull of the giant monster, me jumping to safety just as it died right then and there.

"Huh? Get up, you moron! Right now!" Doctor M exclaimed, not getting the memo that I'd just killed the monster.

"He's just meat right now, monster mandrill," I frowned at him as I looked him in the face, him growling at me as he detached himself from the monster.

"Who are you and what are you to have that kind of speed, skill, and strength to topple one of my best creations?" Doctor M growled at me as he noted that I was 7 months pregnant.

"Name's Ella Farthington, though I'm known worldwide as Ella Unknown. One of only two humans in this entire world and the best damn leader of the Cooper gang you've ever seen," I frowned at him, the mandrill raising his eyebrow at that.

"What do you mean, bitch? You claim to be the leader of the Cooper gang when Conner's boy is right behind you?" Doctor M asked.

"Everyone in my gang has unanimously decided that I am the leader of the gang since one of our more recent heists in China. So I suggest you stay away from us. You don't deserve anything in that vault! And by the name of Captain Ella Unknown of the Cooper Mistress, I say you are no longer welcome on this sacred island," I growled at him.

"Hmph! Keep your touchy-feely rhetoric to yourself! I can't stomach it! You should be the one to leave. Or I could just kill you right where you stand," M frowned as I then looked at my allies and I then noticed Carmelita appear from a wooden police boat with her ape militants.

"Fine. You and me, one-on-one. If I beat you, you steer clear of our business on this island. If you win, though, you go about your own devices," I frowned at him.

"Heh, fine. You lot, back to where you squirmed here from. It's time I took out this bitch and steal the cane of Winnie Cooper. It'll be just as good," Doctor M frowned, me then seeing the others head back to the ship and me looking at M with a frown.

"One. Two. Brawl!" I exclaimed as he tried to rush me and I activated slow time and feinted him out, making him trip over the cane I held in hand and him gawking at that.

"Hmph! You aren't the only ones to have read that book, bitch!" Doctor M said, me frowning at that as he then tried to use slow time and I used it at the same time, us moving at the exact same speeds as each other now and me connecting my hands to his and doing a power struggle with him.

"RGH... You're tougher than ya look, old man!" I growled at him as we were actually evenly matched in terms of strength.

"And you're tougher than you look, tubby! But I am the superior opponent!" M said... and when he said that one word, I felt my brain snap just like I felt it snap with Muggshot.

"WHAT. DID. YOU. JUST. CALL. MY. BABY?!" I growled at him angrily as I felt the effects of the rage hypnosis kick in as a flash of lightning occurred. I used that moment to nut shot M, causing him to gasp in shock and stop using slow time, giving me plenty of time to use my own skill to finish him off.

"BANANA... SLAMMAH!" I exclaimed as I punched him directly in the mouth with a full powered Bone Cracker Crush attack! And when it connected, Doctor M flew across the place and I actually saw him slam directly into the pillar of a watch tower! But get this, he was still kicking! He immediately jumped from that position all the way to me and me smirking at how I dislodged his teeth. "Hot dayum, bitch! You must be Superman to have walked that attack off!" I exclaimed at him.

"Who?" M asked.

"He's a superhero in a comic book series," I said with a frown.

"I don't dillydally with stupid picture books," M growled. But I looked to the ground where I hit M at and I saw something. A book.

"Oh really? Then I guess that this isn't a picture book?" I smirked as I got the book and M gasped at that and I simply pocketed it in my purse. "Now I suggest you steer clear of us. Any way you look at it, there's no possible way you can match the attack I gave you, asshole. And if you EVER. EEEVVVEEERRR! Call me fat again, you are not going to survive," I growled at him angrily. And just as I was about to turn around? Guess what he did.

"Hmph, fatass bitch!" M said, me stopping in place and growling angrily.

"I warned you... I fucking warned you... now you fucking pay," I said angrily as I used Time Stopper to freeze him in place, attacking him with at least fifteen attacks from whacks of the cane and at least twenty slashes with the hook of the cane! And the moment Time Stopper ended, Doctor M shrieked in horrible agony at what I'd done to him. His right arm was broken, his left and right legs were covered in blood, and his eye was bleeding from a slash I made there. "You mess with a mother, you get the worst," I growled at him as I spat directly into his other eye and then picked up his bruised, bloodied body and threw him the entire way over to Carmelita's ship in one throw! And when Mandrake Malone fell to Carmelita's ship, I smiled as I got a call from her.

"Yes, who is it?" I asked.

"Who is this, Ella? And why is he bloodied up?" Carmelita asked.

"Mandrake Malone, AKA, Doctor M. We have evidence that he tried to poison one of his workers to kill him and he also called me fat not once, but twice! So I suggest you talk to Neyla to get the evidence of attempted murder and then take him to the nearest hospital," I said to her, Carmelita then talking again.

"Isn't this a little too far, even for you?" Carmelita asked. I then looked at the very first page of the book that I got and I gasped as I saw something in there that I didn't ever expect. It was something that completely showed how twisted Doctor M was!

"You actually have a second piece of evidence, Carmelita. Page one of this book that Doctor M just dropped has detailed plans on the attack on the Cooper house roughly 20 years ago! And I'm sure you know of what attack it was, right?" I asked, me getting feedback from nearly everyone when I said that, including Sly, Carmelita, Henriette, Ruby, Meg, and Bentley! And they're unanimous exclamation?

"WHAT?!" they all yelled at the same time, the alarms being blared all over the island after that and me then looking at Carmelita's boat and jumped to it, handing her the book with a smile.

"This should be all the evidence you need," I said as I then called Neyla. "Neyla, send that recorder to my current position," I said to her, Neyla doing so without saying a word, me then getting the stuff and handing it to Carmelita as the apes simply looked at me in confusion. "That should do it. Now I'm going to help my friends get their island back," I said as I was about to jump away, but Carmelita held onto me before I could.

"Listen, Ella... I don't know what to think of the way you work... nor do I know if I can live with how I feel for Sly Cooper... so tell me this. What should I do? I want to ask you... what do you think is the best option I can do?" Carmelita asked, me being a bit surprised at that, but smiling as I knew I may be able to use this for the final game's setup... if it happened.

"Honestly, Carmelita? I think you should just bite the bullet and tell Sly how you really feel. Tell him what you want to tell him from within your heart. I'm sure he feels the same about you," I smiled at her. "And who cares if you have feelings for a thief. Some of the best police work comes when someone can work for both sides to reach a common goal. Just think of all the people you arrested thanks to the Cooper Gang. Assholes and killers the world over!" Carmelita smiled and nodded at that.

"Thanks, Ella... you know just what to say," Carmelita smiled as I then jumped away from her and joined back up with the others on the ship despite the place being lit up with alarms.

"Okay, that fight you had with Doctor M, captain? It was the best fight me eyes have ever seen!" Henriette smirked at me.

"Thanks, Henriette. Now it's time to take out all the security on this island. We'll start with those radio towers. We need to find some way to get them offline so that we can attack those radar towers. Any ideas?" I smiled at the resident tech geniuses, Bentley thinking about it before having a eureka moment.

"Aha! Penelope, have you finished the new weapon to your RC car we talked about?" Bentley asked Penelope.

"Yeah... Oooooh, I see now! Smash the drones, siphon their power and destroy the towers' matrix!" Penelope said with excitement.

"Sounds like fun! Bring on the demo," Murray smiled as Penelope looked at Panda King.

"Hey, Panda King? Think you can use your fireworks to launch my RC car to that pipe over there?" Penelope asked.

"Of course! With the power of the fireworks, it will soar like the bird!" Panda King said happily as he got the car and put a duo of fireworks on its back. "Fly, bird, FLY!" Panda King said as I got to see it from Penelope's computer that she pulled up.

"Let's get wild," I smiled at her.

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