A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Jolly Boats of Doom

Chapter 44

Upon arrival to Blood Bath Bay, our gang paddled out in a couple life boats to the edge of the waters, us needing to stay quiet and all of us doing so, even Henriette. We finally docked and we found the Safehouse easily, Henriette smirking as she saw the place.

"This... this was me home back in the old days... it's just as I remember it... I've missed this life so much," Henriette gawked as I saw some tears form from her eyes. We then decided that we'd take some time to sleep and then, after our nap was complete, we woke up at dawn the next day to see that the pirates were going about town for their daily routines and that our Safehouse was not on their to-do list.

"Okay, Henriette, let's don pirate disguises and go off to meet up with Black Spot Pete," I said with a smile.

"Aye, captain! Let's do it," Henriette smiled as we then went off to search for the Pete and eventually found him standing on a balcony by the overturned boat, where Henriette smirked at him.

"Heh, he looks like me when I was in me older years. You know, back before Clockwerk got me," Henriette smiled.

"Let's try to talk to him, but I'll need to make a pirate accent," I smiled as we then went to him and Henriette spoke.

"Ahoy, Black Spot Pete! Shavin' the whiskers off that beak o' yours, or would ye rather talk of treasure?" Henriette smiled widely.

Pete looked confused for a bit before he looked at Henriette more closely. "Forgive me old eyes, but would you happen to be a female pirate?" Pete asked with elderly grunts in his voice.

"Aye! I just set up shop 'ere an' heard about that treasure ye stole all them years ago from a diver. Would ya like to talk of it, or should we scallywags earn it?" Henriette smirked widely.

"And who would your accomplice here, be?" Pete asked.

"I be her captain, mate. Captain Ella, though some may call me Ella Unknown for me mysterious factors. I plundered loot from all over the globe with me ragtag crew," I smiled in the most stereotypical pirate accent I could muster.

"Hmm... I believe I have heard of this Ella Unknown before. You say you are a true captain of many plunders? Very well, I shall speak of treasure if ye can beat me in a round of vinegar talk first, you baboon-faced toilet!" Pete said, me looking at him with a smirk.

"Aye, we got a bargain, ye toothless, yellow-bellied cabin boy," I smirked at him.

"Harhar! But methinks yer a... Stupid, maggot-slurpin' piece of filth," Pete said to me.

"Oh yeah? Yer a sheep-brained, parrot-loving whale fart," I smiled back.

"That be true an' all, but yer a... Pin-headed, brainless waste of skin," Pete said, me smirking at that.

"Hehe, how about this? Yer a Seaweed-slurpin', floor-scrubbin', disease-ridden pile of barnacles," I smirked, the old pirate smirking and laughing at that.

"Harhar! Ye be the best swearer I've seen since me ol' mate, Cantankerous Tim! So, what was the treasure you scallywags wished to speak of?" Pete asked, me smiling at that.

"We wish to speak of the haul you took many years ago from that Reme Lousteau fella," I said in my fake accent.

"Ah, that was a fine plunder! A lot of gold came from that as well as laughs with me hearties," Pete smirked.

"Then why not share of the treasure's location? We'd surely love to get our hands on it fer ourselves," Henriette smiled.

"Hmph! It pains me to tell ye this, shipmates, but me galleon was lost in a game of cards... and worse yet, the map to the island was stolen by the amazingly cruel cutthroat Captain LeFwee," Pete said, Henriette gawking at that and saying the word loud enough for everyone in the pirate town to hear.

"WHAT?! A newbie captain such as he is an ol' sack o' potatoes next to me! Before I served under Captain Ella, I was a captain meself! Captain Henriette 'One Eye' Cooper! Head of the Cooper Mistress an' the most famous pirate thief in the 1600's!" Henriette said proudly as she pulled out a sword from her sheathe on her back, me seeing it was the cutlass she stole during our downtime from the China heist.

And when she said that, Pete gawked at her words. "Captain 'One Eye'? Also known as the greatest pirate of all time?! How can ye prove such a tale, lass?" Pete asked in shock.

"I wrote down all of me most famous plunders I'd ever done in me entire life in me family book, mate! An' this LeFwee is just a newbie cutthroat! If he an' I were to do the dance of blades, I would come out on top! No pirate back in my day was even half as good as me an' my crew!" Henriette smiled proudly.

"Well, this LeFwee is no ordinary pirate, no. He's earned the title of Smartest Man on the Seven Seas! The map to the treasure of Dagger Isle lays in his Skull Keep! If ye go after the treasure, shipmates, leave this ol' sea dog behind. Me sailin' days are long behind me," Pete smiled.

"Thanks, Pete. Yer still a flea-bitten, rotten, fish humpin', rusty ol' scallywag, though," Henriette smiled.

"Aye!" Pete smirked, me and Henriette then going back to the Safehouse to tell the others of what happened.

"Okay, so as Henriette and Ella have stated, we now know the location of the treasure map and the buried treasure. The map is in Skull Keep, guarded by a man named Captain LeFwee and the treasure is buried in Dagger Isle, a secluded island many leagues from our position. In order for us to get to the stuff, we'll need to do some deviousness," Bentley said. "First, we'll need Murray, Henriette, Ruby, and Ella to go out and take out the rudders of any ships that may try to chase us out into the waters when we need to. You should also take out the harbor patrol in the meantime. Meanwhile, Meg, Penelope and I will try to go after the map to Dagger Isle from the Skull Keep. Once these tasks are done, we'll need to set out at dusk to steal a boat and get to the island. Then, it's only a matter of following the map and digging up the loot."

"Understood. Let's go, team," I smiled as we proceeded to go and do our business, me joining Murray, Henriette, and Ruby in a duo of jolly boats to go after the rudders of the different ships... and guess what ship happened to be a perfect candidate for us to steal?

"Oh my sweet sassafras an' shrimp tails! That's the Cooper Mistress! She's still around after all these years! Oh how I've missed 'er! We need to get that boat as our choice of transport, mates!" Henriette said with eagerness.

"Aye, aye, Henriette. But first, time to take out the rudders of the different ships," I smiled at her as we proceeded to our boats and I was teamed with her while Murray teamed with Ruby. We then proceeded to take out the rudders of at least 5 ships before we got some turbulence with the Harbor Patrol.

"Those boats of theirs look well-armored. How do we get rid of it?" Ruby asked.

"Simple. Ram the bastards! That'll get the armor knocked off for a well-placed cannonball!" Henriette smirked, me complying as I got to rowing out to the first boat I saw, slamming our boat into his and the armor knocking clean off! Henriette then blasted him and sunk him before he even knew what hit him!

"Oh yeah!" Murray exclaimed out loud after he and Ruby sunk another one, me smiling at that.

"Four left! Let's tag team 'em!" I smirked, me rowing into one of them and Ruby blowing up the boat afterwards. We did this for the remaining three boats until all of them were destroyed.

"Oh yeah! The Awesome Team of Captains Ella and Murray and their faithful mateys kick but yet again!" Henriette smirked widely as we then got some feedback from Neyla, her pointing us out a bit at sea and looking at the sailing ship.

"Uh, guys. You aren't done yet. That's the harbor patrol's cutter... the mast looks pretty beat up. Maybe if you take it out, the whole ship will come crashing down!" Neyla said, Henriette smiling at that.

"Time to set sail again, captain!" Henriette smirked, me rowing out to the ship with Murray following suit, our duo beginning to send cannonballs at the mast while we avoided its cannonballs. After roughly 7 of our shots connected to the mast, the entire ship then began to slowly fall apart and sink into the waters.

"OH YEAH! The Murray and Ella Unknown have broken you! We have triumphed once again!" Murray smiled.

"Oh hell yeah!" Ruby smiled widely.

"When you guys are done making out, head back to the Safehouse. Sheesh," Neyla smirked, me giggling at that. We then were about to go back to the Safehouse, but came across something that made me worried. A grapple cam with some turrets on it was making bird noises and I saw Penelope being led towards it with Meg holding onto her.

"Guys? What happened?" I asked them while the Murray and Ruby went back to the Safehouse, not seeing the grapple cam at all.

"Penelope got blinded by some kind of trap from the chest holding the map. We need to get her back to the Safehouse to get the dust out of her eyes," Meg said.

"Ella? Is that you? Please help, I'm kinda scared," Penelope said with fear in her voice.

"Don't worry, mates, we'll help ye out back to the Safehouse," Henriette said as we helped out the duo all the way back to the Safehouse, making sure that any pirates that got in our way were promptly taken care of and knocked unconscious. And once we finally got back to the Safehouse, Bentley looked at Penelope happily.

"Penelope!" Bentley said with a smile.

"Bentley! I'm so relieved... I was really scared back there. You guys saved my life," Penelope smiled at us.

"Let's get your eyeballs cleaned out, okay, Penny?" I smiled at her as I led her to the sink and she took off her glasses before splashing fresh water on her eyes, her wincing at it as I saw little dust particles fall out of her eyes and into the drain.

"Ugh, hate it when this happens... I always hated eye drops or anything related to contacts," Penelope said as she blinked a few times before then putting her glasses on. "Okay, I'm good now," Penelope smiled.

"Well, we have a good bit until dusk happens, so how about we take a breather for a bit?" Bentley smiled at Penelope, her smiling at that.

"I have something better in mind, Bentley," she smiled as she then wheeled Bentley over to one of the different bedrooms and, upon entering it, locked the door, me smirking at that.

"I think I know where this is going," I smiled at that.

"Not even gonna bother asking them when it's over, huh?" Guru smirked.

"They were made for each other," Meg smirked.

"Yes, they are," I giggled at that.

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