A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Journey to Pirate Town

Chapter 43

We happened to not have much to do after the deal with rescuing Jing King had been finished, but I was surprised about a couple things that happened on the way to her aunt's house. First off, the fact that everyone in the gang viewed me as their leader as opposed to Sly. I knew that was a big change, but honestly, I didn't care anymore about that. These guys were my family now and I wouldn't give them up for anything in the world. But the other thing I was confused by is how Panda King knew a lot about Sly's father and that he didn't really share too much other than Doctor M being in Sly's gang and the name of the Le Paradox clan. That just confirmed that the fourth game was going to happen, which I didn't really expect, as it did a lot for the series, but all in the wrong ways.

Yeah, I admit it. I wasn't a fan of Thieves in Time, despite the more updated graphics. The fact that the time travel was poorly handled, the numerous issues with the story, and the fact that every character was turned into a stereotype of who they once were. Oh, and of course, the Penelope betrayal was the worst part of it aside from the cliffhanger ending. I had to make sure that part didn't happen at all, or at the very least, find some way to prevent Penelope from going rogue.

The days rolled by, then they turned into weeks, our gang doing numerous small jobs in the meantime until we would be able to get the call from Dimitri. And then, in 4 months time (long enough for Neyla and my tummies to grow bigger... no way I'd fit through tight spaces now and same with Neyla) we finally got the call from Dimitri. We got on Thief Net and got the message from him that I read aloud.

"Yo, freaky cracker-Jacks and Janes! I've got you all first class tickets to the biggest venture of all time! Get groovy with it to cruise ship to special island town. Blood Bath Bay is the location and we're goin' to get somethin' very special to my greasy sweet self! Get on SS Groo-V this Saturday at 9:00 Am. Dress as listed freaky sweet celebs," Dimitri said in the message, followed by numerous different names of different celebrities, me smirking at how one of them was of Taylor Swift and how she was actually an opossum.

"Did... Did you say... Blood. Bath. BAY?!" Henriette asked in shock, her rushing in and looking at the message Dimitri sent, her tail swishing around like it were on crack before she giddily squealed and cheered wildly. "WHHOOOOOHOOOO! CAPTAIN HENRIETTE SETS SAIL ONCE MORE! POP THE ROOT BEER!" Henriette exclaimed loudly and crazily as she went to the fridge and pulled out the unopened root beer bottle, shook it up, and then had all of it shoot out onto the ground. Some of us smiled at how happy she was to go back home to her pirate heritage while some of us were a bit surprised and a few were annoyed at the fact that she ruined the carpeting and that it'd need cleaned.

"Okay, okay, calm down, Henriette. You'll need to save all that excitement for when we finally get there after all," Sly smiled at her, Henriette not even trying to settle down, her actually bopping her body in a spastic nature even when standing still.

"Okay, mates! Once Saturday hits, we get on that boat and help out this Dimitri fella with whatever he wants while also making everyone remember the name of Captain Henriette 'One Eye' Cooper! Got it?" Henriette smirked happily.

"We wouldn't have it any other way, Henriette," I smiled at her as I felt my baby boys kick in my tummy. They were also happy for Henriette... and yes, it was a duo. I got an ultrasound one month ago and found out it wasn't just a boy, but two! And because of the dominance serum, they'd be fully human like me and my sis! In fact, Meg decided to finally grin and bear it and got some sperm donated to her as well, and from a sperm bank no less. But she also got some dominance serum and injected herself with it so that she'd have kids. And she was now officially pregnant as well, though she did choose a bit late in the game to get started, but I honestly couldn't blame her. She was really hesitant when it came to anything sexual involving anthro animals. But once you live among them long enough, you get used to it.

Once Saturday hit, we all got into very convincing disguises of the celebrities listed and boarded the SS Groo-V, which was actually owned and manned by Dimitri himself. As for who we all disguised ourselves as? Bentley was disguised as Billy Ray Cyrus (to my amusement), Sly as Snoop Dogg, Murray as Gene Simmons, the Panda King as Johnny Depp (again, to my amusement), Ruby as Miranda Cosgrove, Henriette as Paris Hilton, Neyla as Katy Perry, the Guru as 'Wee Man' (from Jackass... again, this was amusing to me), Meg as Angelina Jolie (her needing to dress up as a squirrel to my amusement), Penelope as Victoria Justice (unlike who she was in the game, but it was amusing... again) and me as Taylor Swift, which I loved simply for the fact that I was an opossum!

"Okay, greasy sweet dudes and dudettes," Dimitri said as he appeared to us with a smile and an orange drink. "I'm gonna tell ya what we're going to Blood Bath Bay for, but I'll need one of you to decipher the silky enigma of Dimitri," the guy said.

"Aye! I'd like to give it a shot," Henriette smirked as she approached him first.

"Ah yes, the pirate lass herself. Come over here and read the script," Dimitri said as he gave Henriette a piece of paper that she smiled at, me wondering if it was English or not.

Henriette then began to speak the tale. "The reason Dimitri has sent all of us to Blood Bath Bay is because of the debt he wanted us to repay back in Holland a few months ago. We need to go there in order to learn of a precious item that was lost to a cutthroat from his grandfather, Reme Lousteau, a famous diver that looted sunken ships. The pirate that attacked and stole his loot and diving gear was a pirate named Black Spot Pete. Having lost his possessions, Reme retired and started a family with Dimitri being amazed by the stories his grandpappy would tell. So now that we've proven ourselves to be... greasy sweet... ahem... he wishes for us to help him find Black Spot Pete, get the location of the gear and treasure, and take it back. In return, he'll join us for the Cooper Vault job as our underwater operative," Henriette said, deciphering the script as best she could, me smirking at that.

"Sounds like a tough challenge, but if anyone can do it, it's our ragtag family of misfits," I smiled widely.

"Indeed. When we arrive in the Bay, we need to be careful, however. Back in my days, pirates were ruthless, heartless, and they were not friendly to any outsiders. Even with me bein' a pirate among them, they'll be hesitant to talk to me. An' I doubt that they'd be willin' to believe I was the legendary thief among pirates from the 1600s, so we'll need to be careful in how we go about this, mates," Henriette frowned.

"Understood, we'll be careful to a fault," Meg smiled as my babies kicked in my tummy again.

"Looks like the boys are excited for this grand adventure. How long until we get there, Dimitri?" I smiled at him.

"We'll need to take some life boats to the southern end of the pirate town under the cover of night so they don't notice us coming in, you catch my drift, Unknown Preggers?" Dimitri smirked, me smiling and rubbing my baby bumps.

"I catch your drift, Dimitri. Just be sure not to call me fat or I will punch you like I punched Muggshot. He's not going to be flexing his muscles anytime soon, that much I can tell you," I smiled, Panda King smirking at that.

"I had a feeling that Muggshot would get on your bad side at some point, Ella," Panda King smiled at me.

"He got on my bad side when we were in Holland, trying to recruit Penelope. I wanted to bait him into a fight and then have Inspector Fox arrest him. But when I tried to do so, he said I was a scrawny lady with a gut. Once he got to jail and after the ACES were finished, I went to his cell block, got access to him, and beat the shit out of him for saying that to me," I said angrily.

"Considering that you smacked the big bad owl guy not once, but twice, I get your tale and believe it, greasy-sweet human," Dimitri smiled at me.

"Thanks for the compliment... I guess," I smirked uneasily. It would only be a few hours until the area of Blood Bath Bay would come into view... and we'd have to find some way to prevent Henriette from squealing in joy when we got there.

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