A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Treasure Steeling and Dragon Slaying

Chapter 42

Sly POV:

Once we made sure the crypt was blown to smithereens, Murray's team had defeated all the dragon heads around the town, and Henriette secured and powered up Murray's van with the battery, we were finally ready to go over the plan for the heist, this time, with my favorite cop right next to me.

"Okay, everyone, time to go over a rescue, bait and switch, and take all of Tsao's fortune in a plan I call Operation Wedding Crasher! First, Sly, Penelope, Murray, Neyla, and Ruby will go up to the treasure room to break in and steal the goods. Meg, Guru, and I will go down to the docks below to help carry off the loot haul. In the meantime, Henriette and Carmelita will proceed into the palace to switch out Ella for Carmelita right out from under Tsao's nose! We'll give her the signal and she'll warp out of the room in an instant, allowing Carmelita to enter the captivity room with a disguise on that makes her look like Ella, provided by Henriette. And once this is done, we'll rush out of here and, on the wedding day, Carmelita will arrest General Tsao for raising the undead and 2 counts of kidnapping," Bentley said.

"I agree. A man like this should not be allowed to stay rich and pompous. If what you guys say is right, he said some truly awful things about a woman he wanted to marry and kept in captivity for over a year. The exact words, as you stated were 'she's a woman, she doesn't know up from down', right?" Carmelita frowned.

"Right... that's exactly what he said," Henriette frowned as Jing pouted at that.

"It's bad enough he kidnapped me and prevented me from even talking to my father for so long... but to then say something that rude and horrid about me behind my back? He deserves the worst. He's not a man. He is a monster," Jing frowned.

"Indeed. At least ol' Clockwerk did the deed quickly and without pain. This asshole is just sick an' twisted to the point that there aint' nothin' to like about him other than his name. An' he treats us ladies like filth, when he's ten times more filthy than even me, an' I've been a pirate since the 17th century!" Henriette frowned.

"Uh... yeah... I agree about you smelling bad, Henriette. I didn't want to draw attention to it, but you don't shower at all and it really hurts our noses," Ruby smirked as she scrunched her snout.

"Well, how about I take a shower after Ella is rescued?" Henriette smiled.

"Deal," Neyla smirked as we then moved out to our position. Once I was at the top of the treasure room with Neyla, we then did a roll call.

"Let's do a roll call in alphabetical order," Sly said.

"Ready!" Bentley said.

"Roger," Carmelita said.

"Ready and willing," Guru said.

"Aye! Ready, to plunder, mates!" Henriette smirked.

"In position," Meg smirked.

"I'm pumped!" Murray smirked.

"Ready to do the dirty," Neyla smiled next to me.

"And so am I!" Penelope smiled widely.

"Let's do this, everyone! The sooner we do this, the sooner we can get some legit Chinese food!" Ruby smirked.

"Alright, everyone. Let's do it!" I smiled as I then proceeded with Neyla through the vent system at the top of the treasure room and, after crawling for a bit, we finally entered into the main area and we then opened the door for Murray, Penelope, and Ruby to get in.

"Okay, what's the plan?" Murray asked.

"According to the blueprints, the treasure is located at the far side of the room under the dragon statue. We'll need to destroy this laser fence by eliminating the computer by the statue. My RC car should do the job, provided I don't trip the blue security beams in the process," Penelope said.

"I can help out too, you know? I have the invisibility trick," Sly smiled.

"Not likely. The lasers and the blue security beams sense body temperature too. You'd trip the alarms if caught by the beams and get burnt to a crisp by the lasers," Penelope frowned.

"Oh man, this is getting tense," Ruby frowned as Penelope then started to maneuver her RC car through the area with a special camera mounted on it that she was able to use with her Binocucom. She moved it through the area carefully until she blasted apart the computer in one blast!

"There! The laser door should be going... away?" Penelope said in confusion as the lasers remained online.

"They must have a second computer somewhere else around here!" Neyla gawked.

"But... there was only supposed to be one! The security nodes are still active! If that second computer fully boots up, there's no way we'll get in!" Penelope complained in frustration and confusion.

"Penelope, we've been doing this for a long time. And if there is one thing I've learned, it's that, when a plan gets messed up, always fall back on the golden rule," Murray said, me smirking at that.

"Yeah, what's that?" Neyla asked.

"Break stuff!" Murray, me, and Ruby all said at the same time.

"Y-You're right! If I can destroy all the security nodes before the other computer comes online, the laser door should deactivate! I don't have much time!" Penelope said as she began to start attacking the nodes as Ruby also helped with some of her magic, her then bopping her head as I suddenly felt the place around us start to have some kind of beat to it.

"HICK HICK HICK!" Ruby exclaimed loudly as some strange magical flames emerged and attacked some of the nodes in tune with the music that played around us.

"HICK BOOM HEY!" Ruby yelled, getting three more nodes destroyed as Penelope got 10 under her belt with her car. "HEY! HICK! HEY!" Ruby yelled as she and Penelope attacked the final few nodes and the lasers then went away in a snap.

"OH YEAH!" Ruby yelled happily.

"Wow! You girls are pretty good at breakin' stuff. I... uh... I can respect that," Murray said, me smirking at how he was at a loss for words.

"Thanks, Murray," Ruby smirked as she gave the big guy a hi-five.

"Now let's get at that loot," Neyla smiled as we proceeded forward and we found the dragon statue and the fact that the treasure was protected by a double button trap door.

"On three, Sly?" Neyla smiled.

"Got it," I smirked as I got to my button on the left. "One, two, THREE!" I said, both me and Neyla pushing it at the same time, but the trap door only opening slightly to reveal...

"ACK! Dragons! HICK! HEY! HICK!" Ruby exclaimed in surprise as she used her mojo magic to attack two dragon heads that appeared out of the trap door, the final of the three mojo magics simply returning to her after it missed its target.

"Okay, one more time. One, two, THREE!" Neyla said, us pushing the buttons as the trap doors then opened up and we then were granted access to the treasure!

"Let's get a look at that treasure," Penelope smiled as she got down there first followed by me and Neyla.

"What do you see? Is it awesome?!" Murray asked as Ruby came down next.

"There's plenty of treasure, but the foundation is rotted out. Very unstable," Penelope frowned as we got a call from Henriette.

"Hey, mates, Tsao's on his way to the treasure hoard. How're ye comin' along?" Henriette asked.

"We're doing awesome! Stand aside, guys! CANNONBALL!" Murray exclaimed, me gasping as he then slammed down into the rotted out treasury floors and we heard the place beginning to crumble all around us! "Uh-oh..." Murray gulped as we then fell down through the temple and we saw sunlight and snow. And then, something crazy happened. The entire treasury collapsed and fell down into the rivers below! The loot team barely had any time to escape the debris falling on them! We then heard some seething noises and looked up to see someone we didn't expect. General Tsao.

"My family temple... DESTROYED! Never have I experienced such an outrage! You shall pay!" Tsao growled angrily at us.

"Eat it, Tsao! I broke your temple, now I'm going to break your face for messing with the Cooper Gang!" Murray yelled.

"You cannot hurt me," Tsao said, me smirking at Murray.

"Oh yeah? Head's up, guys! Loot drop ahoy!" Murray yelled as he literally punched the treasure chests down to the houses that Bentley, the Guru, and Meg were at!

"THE OUTRAGE!" Tsao exclaimed in fury. "Stone dragon of the temple! I summon you, from rock to flesh, aid the family Tsao in this hour of need!" Tsao yelled as I saw a green light show happening in the river and I gawked at what happened next. A giant dragon appeared from the river and he looked quite deadly! But not quite deadly enough for a certain pirate lass.

"AYAYAYAYAYAAAAHHH!" Henriette exclaimed a battle cry as I saw her jump from her position on top of the temple all the way to the dragon and smacked a large katana right against its neck, all of us gawking in sheer disbelief as my pirate ancestor just did the impossibly awesome. She SLICED OFF THE HEAD OF A GIANT DRAGON! And even Tsao was in utter disbelief.

"I believe we've got another place to be. Bye," I said as I got the others in my team and we rushed out of the area of Tsao, him growling and yelling something in the distance.

"I still win, Cooper! You may have stolen my treasure and thwarted my dragon but I still have the bride! ELLA IS MINE!" Tsao yelled, me smirking as we returned to the van with everyone intact but Carmelita, Ella in the van and looking at me happily.

"Nice moves, Henriette! That was wicked sweet!" I smirked at her widely.

"I didn't think it'd work meself, captain! But it did! Now let's get outta here before the guards ruin our getaway!" Henriette said, the Panda King behind the wheel and punching the van to go off into the distance with its jet function in full throttle over the mountains to the east!

"I can't believe it... to be rescued by such an amazing group as this! You all are, in one word, awesome," Jing smiled at our group.

"Ah, it was nothin'. It wasn't even our plan in the end, though. It was all Ella's," Neyla smiled, Ella smirking at that.

"Whatever do you mean, hon?" Ella smiled.

"You know exactly what we mean, Ella. You're the leader of the group much more than I ever could be," I smiled at her, Ella gasping and actually blushing at that, something that was rare for her to do when it came to surprises.

"It is as Henriette said. You are strong, courageous, humble, forgiving, and intelligent. A worthy leader that has all those qualities is a rare thing to have in any team. I am forever in your debt for rescuing my daughter, Captain Ella," Panda King said, that making Ella blush and smile even more.

"Daaw, c'mon, guys, you're embarrassing me," Ella smiled with a squeal of her own.

"So where to now, Panda King?" Penelope asked.

"We will drop off Jing at her aunt's place. She'll be safe there until the duty is done. So what is this big job you mentioned prior to making our deal?" Panda King asked.

"To go to the Cooper Vault, but it's heavily guarded by a man that shouldn't be there. His name is Doctor M," the Guru said, the Panda King mulling it over before he gawked at something he thought of.

"I know of that name... it is the name of one of your father's gang members," Panda King said, me gasping and looking at him in shock.

"H-How would you know that?" I asked him in shock.

"Unlike the other members of the Fiendish Five, I always studied my foes before making an attack. As such, during the ride to your house all of those years ago, I studied up on Conner Cooper and his alliances and enemies. I found that he had two different accomplices and two adversaries. You already know of Clockwerk, but there is another called the Le Paradox clan. And his allies were McSweeny and Mandrake Malone, also known as Doctor M," Panda King said, me gawking at that and wondering just what the hell would've gotten into Doctor M's head that he'd want to steal my father's entire fortune and, in part, my entire fortune.

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