A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Submarines, Frogs, and a Happy Reunion

Chapter 4

After I finished the area of the booby traps (and getting the coin magnet technique for doing so) I then met up with Sly, who had just emerged from the machinery level and who I gave the code for the vault in that level. He managed to get the Dive Collection technique, which was made by Chris Cooper. I then gave him the pages I received from my levels and I smirked at how he put them in his book in chronological order.

"Now to the next two areas. They're through the power tube that I destroyed," Sly said as he led us through to that area and I followed after, knowing a safe place I could go to get a treasure key. "Okay, Sly, I'm gonna head to this area with the submarine. I want to have some fun under the sea," I smiled widely as I proceeded in that direction of the submarine. I took out the star throwing beaver and entered the submarine, hitting some easily-marked buttons so that the dome would close and seal shut while I moved the sub under the waves, hearing Bentley speak to me on the way to the bottom.

"Okay, this submarine is easy to control. Use the wheel to move left and right, press the green button to descend, the blue button to ascend, and the buttons on the wheel to move forward and back," Bentley said, me smirking as I happened to enter a level similar to the beta version of this level instead of the stupid crab mini game. "In order to find the Treasure Key, you'll need to go to a sunken ship at the bottom of a cave system. Keep an eye out for sharks and explosive mines. The submarine can only take so much abuse before exploding after all," Bentley said with worry again.

I smirked at this challenge and proceeded to pilot the amphibious vehicle through the kelp and seaweed through the cave in question and seeing a couple of sharks in the vicinity. I moved out of their line of sight and continued forward to the underwater mines. I then noticed a button next to the green button that was red. And it had a picture of gunfire on it. I smirked and pushed it, the turrets of the sub activating and blowing up the mines from afar, allowing easy access further into the cave. When I got a good distance inside, I finally found the key inside a similar case to the other keys. I blew up the case and talked to Bentley again.

"Okay, I found the key, but how do I get it in the sub with me?" I asked Bentley.

"There should be a lever of some kind near the wheel. Pull it to emit a tractor beam to get the key in the submarine with you," Bentley said. I didn't even bother asking about the tractor beam feature and simply complied, knowing it had to be Clockwerk. I then got the key with me and, not five seconds after, I was warped back to Raleigh's boat, Sly giving me a call on the Binocucom.

"I got the key from under the waves, Sly. I'm guessing you found another vault?" I smiled at him.

"Yeah, I did. What's the code?" he asked. I looked at the paper and read the code aloud.

"719," I smiled, Sly doing so and getting the page. I could hear it in the binocucom.

"Sweet! Slow motion jumps made by Dev Cooperinda. The page says that he used it to get past tons of airborne threats... and he also has a couple of other stories on the back of the page. And they talk of... some kind of giant bird. Weird," Sly said.

"I see," I said, playing dumb again. I didn't want to give away Clockwerk's identity too soon after all.

I then saw Sly appear from the portal to Gunboat Graveyard and we looked at the way to Raleigh's hideout.

"So, we gotta do basically become cannonballs in order to get to Raleigh's hideout, huh?" I smiled.

"What? Are you scared?" Sly asked.

"Aren't you?" I asked him honestly.

"Not really. If anything, Raleigh should be scared of us," Sly smiled.

"Agreed. Okay, you go in first, I'll go in only if you happen to survive," I smiled at him, Sly smirking at that. We then unlocked the cannon for entry and Sly got in first, Bentley using his hacking skills to aim the cannon at the blimp, Sly making it perfectly and through the glass window. I then smirked and jumped in next, the thrill ride getting to me as I was shot like a bullet and the wind beat against my face. It felt awesome! "YAHOO!" I exclaimed in giddiness as I entered the storm machine next and joined up with Sly.

"How delightful... we have a couple guests... the only thing is... I HATE UNEXPECTED GUESTS!" Raleigh exclaimed the last bit, Sly talking first.

"Listen Raleigh, wipe out my family and steal what's mine, you better expect company," he said to the frog before I spoke.

"And seriously, mister frog? Becoming a criminal just because you were bored of being rich? That's just pathetic on so many levels. You couldn't take up a sport of some kind? A hobby in designing machinery? Anything that doesn't involve killing tons of innocent people on all those ships?" I asked him in seriousness. Raleigh growled at my words and started to yell angrily at me, which I kind of expected.

"YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME, VILE CREATURE!" Raleigh exclaimed before breathing in and calming down. "If you must know, my parents were absolutely horrid, treating me as if I were an object... I hated that life of luxury if it meant I was treated as little value as golf ball. So, without further adieu, I believe it is time to see you out... by what?..." Raleigh asked as he then thought for a few seconds before yelling again. "BLOATING TO GARGANTUAN SIZE! AND SQUASHING YOU LIKE THE INSIGNIFICANT BUGS THAT YOU ARE!" Raleigh yelled that part. But honestly, I didn't expect a better backstory to his pathetic one from the games.

"Bring it on, yuck mouth," I smirked, Raleigh then sticking his tongue out and grabbing a bee from above him. And when he did, his body swelled up immensely, him then hopping slowly over to us. I smirked and dodged so easily that I yawned. And when Raleigh shrunk back to normal, I simply grabbed his body with one hand and smirked at how Raleigh could barely fight back.

"Well, you put up almost no fight at all. That is so sad," I smirked as I then began to smack him in the face and legs with my cane, making sure he was swiftly pummeled before I threw him into the water nearby.

"Gloat all you want... creature... you're no match for Muggshot.. you will see... his casino in Mesa City Utah... is so well-guarded... not even a snake could get through... without setting off alarms... uggeehee..." Raleigh groaned in defeat. I then went to the chair of the Storm Machine and found the pages to Rioichi Cooper, there being three for him in total. I also found a couple of gears in the chair that I swiftly knocked out with my cane. And when I did, I grabbed Sly and got us off the Storm Machine just in time. If I hadn't, we'd have been caught in a massive wreck! Sly then hid himself under the bridge to the boat as he saw none other than Carmelita appear. I didn't hide myself, however. Mostly because of someone I saw with her.

"Meg!" I exclaimed when I saw her, rushing to her in excitement, not even caring that Carmelita was aiming her shock pistol at me.

"Who are you and why are you on this ship?" Carmelita asked me in anger. I didn't even care. I ran right past her and hugged my sister happily, tears falling down my face in pure happiness.

"Ella... I'm so glad you're okay," Meg smiled at me with her voice breaking too.

"I'm the one who should be saying that, sis! I never thought I'd see you again!" I cried, looking her in the face again with tears in my eyes. In case you were wondering what Meg and I looked like, Meg had blonde hair that was long and curly that fell to her elbows with curly bangs in that partially covered her eyes. She also had freckles on her face with a mole right on her chin. Her face was adorable and she was around 19 years old with an average body type for Americans. And by that, I mean that she was a tiny bit chunky, weighing at least 200 pounds with a height of 5 foot 10.

As for me, I was a bit shorter than my younger sister and I was roughly 21 years old. I had blonde hair like her, but I liked it in ponytail fashion. I also had a small scar on my nose from when I got cut by a piece of glass when I was younger. My body was more fit than my sister's, but only slightly, being around 180 for 5 foot 7 inches with more muscle in my arms and legs.

"Excuse me, but are you going to answer my question?" Carmelita asked me, which I smiled and finally looked at her.

"I came here because I'm helping someone out in retrieving some things that were taken from him at a very young age. The frog here is the one who killed his family and took some of his prized heirloom along with his four other friends. Not only that, but Raleigh the Frog also killed tons of people by using that machine over there to make an infinite storm that sunk numerous ships for him to plunder, all of them having people on them. So if you ask me, you should find him and book him. He's curently in that wreckage somewhere," I smiled at Carmelita, her frowning and nodding her head, not even knowing that I was doing it for Sly!

"I suggest that you take your sister with you, then. She's been trying to find you since my fellow officers discovered her on this island," Carmelita said, me smiling at that.

"Come on, sis. Let's go find my friend," I smiled, traveling from the ship back through to the van, meeting up with Sly by the area of the gate for Raleigh.

"Hey, Ella! Is that your sister, Meg?" Sly asked, Meg smirking and blushing at that.

"Yes she is. What gave it away?" I smiled jokingly.

"Isn't it obvious enough?" Sly smiled.

"Quite right. I was just teasing," I giggled as we then noticed the rain finally stop. "Finally! My clothes are going to need to dry for days after this adventure," I smiled at that as we then got to the van and hopped in it, Murray leaving the island soon after.

"I say this was a very successful run! We defeat Raleigh and got all of his sections of the Thievius Raccoonus. What do you say we go on a vacation to England? We could use some sunshine after this," Sly smiled.

"Agreed. On the way, why don't we read up on the pages I got from Raleigh's chair? It says Rioichi Cooper, master of the Ninja Spire Jump. He could land on narrow points such as trees, lanterns, and even pointy rooftops. He used these skills to get around the towers and temples of Feudal Japan," I smiled at the pages, seeing Clockwerk on one of them... and then I also saw Clockwerk in Henriette's pages... and even Dev's... and every other page that had a picture on it.

"Um... Sly? Why are there pictures of an owl in nearly every single page we've got so far?" I asked, noting that at least every single ancestor had mentioned Clockwerk once.

"I don't know... so you think that this owl is the same in each one?" Sly asked.

"Well, let's read Henriette's for now," I smiled as I decided to read her entry first just because I wanted to hear her tales first. She was my favorite after all.

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