A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Hangar Defense and ACES Semifinals

Chapter 37

"Okay, as we're all aware, we'll be pitting up against Iceland and Belgium. But as we are also aware, we only have four flyers for our team while both of our opposing teams have 15 flyers apiece. So we're going to need to do some deviousness. First, Henriette and Neyla will proceed down the sewers to get into the vent systems for Team Iceland's room in the hotel. Steal one of their trademark viking helmets and then get back through the sewers. Then we'll destroy Team Belgium's prize plane and plant the helmet to frame Team Iceland! In the meantime, Sly, the Guru, and Murray will work together for a job. Murray and Sly will steal one of Belgium's monogrammed handkerchiefs while the Guru proceeds to bust down the door to the delivery truck carrying Team Iceland's lucky ice sculpture. Sly will then swipe the sculpture and promptly get rid of it while planting the handkerchief in the safe. You got that? We frame both teams and get them to go after each other!" Bentley smiled widely.

"And in the meantime, Bentley, Ella, Ruby and I will go to the air hangar and prepare it for any kind of issues. You never know when a rival team may want to do us harm... cough... Muggshot... cough," Meg said, that last bit making me and Sly laugh a bit as well as Ruby.

"Okay, time to go to the hangar, then," I smiled as our group then went to the areas and I went to the hangar with my three allies, sticking to the trail and the guards not bothering us so long as we were on it and heading to the hangars. Once inside, Bentley and Meg got into the room with the computers and gave us a message.

"Okay, girls, Penelope has given us information that a rival team is coming to do us harm at any time. You need to keep them out of here and away from our planes," Bentley said to us.

"I can already sense him coming. Three, two, one," Ruby frowned as the doors were then forced open from Muggshot's giant arms.

"Greetings, troglodytes! Didn't think I'd forget about Mesa City, did ya?" Muggshot asked, me smirking at that.

"I literally reminded you of it not an hour ago back in the lobby, remember? And you still have yet to do leg day," I frowned at him, Muggshot growling at me.

"I figure you jerks let me smash up yer aero-planes and we're even!" Muggshot said.

"Not on your life, Muggshot," Ruby said as she held a voodoo doll in hand, Muggshot gasping when he finally recognized her.

"I-Is that... you can't be... how'd you get so small, Ruby?" Muggshot asked in shock.

"After I found friendship with Ella and her friends, the magic in my body reverted me back to the age of 10 years old so I could experience a good childhood with real friends. Unlike some people who kill the parents of an innocent kid with no remorse at all," Ruby frowned.

"An' I'm supposed to believe that you never felt remorse?" Muggshot asked, Ruby sighing and curling her fist.

"I have. Every single day of my life since that night, I've had sorrow fill my body from agreeing to join you all on that night. I was told we were going to steal something, not kill a kid's parents!" Ruby growled angrily as she then put a pin inside of the voodoo doll in the butt and Muggshot yelped at that as he held his ass with his left hand.

"OW! Grrr... That tears it, butterballs! Okay, you mugs! I paid ya off good enough, time to crack some skulls!" Muggshot growled, me smiling at him and how he left his tender areas unprotected. I simply used slow time and rushed up to his crotch, punching it while yelling the catchphrase I knew and loved.

"BANANA... SLAMMAH!" I yelled as I punched him right in the groin, Muggshot whimpering and holding onto his nards with both hands and gulping.

"Hrrk... agh... I can't feel them no more... goddamn you, bitch! Don't think this is over! Yer not untouchable! For taking away my ability to have kids, this is just the beginning of a REALLY bad day," Muggshot growled as he tried to walk out on his hands and found it impossible with his groin in such pain.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you. The sound of your nuts cracking in half and your screams of pain distracted me from what you said," Ruby smiled.

"You bitch... okay, boys! Carry me back to the hotel! An' I don't want no whinin' about my weight! It's all muscle!" Muggshot growled as the doors then slid closed and he left with the pigs and bunnies carrying him out of our area.

"Okay, brainy bunch, Muggshot's mad, so get those security systems started," I smiled at them.

"Already completed and we're detecting multiple cronies coming through the sewers. And they're carrying explosives," Meg said as she and Bentley worked the two security computers with Meg taking the one with the lasers, trap door, and crusher while Bentley got the fire pit, battering rams, and electric poles. After hearing multiple sounds of hurt and badly injured guards below us, Bentley then looked outside and we saw that Muggshot's goons were preparing to assault our hangar from the outside.

"Okay, looks like we'll need backup. Just hope she's monitoring the radio frequencies," Bentley frowned as I got on my radio too to listen in. "Penelope, can you read me?" Bentley asked as Penelope's face showed up, her face looking to have a bit of food on it, namely cheese puff dust.

"Om nom... I read ya, Bentley," Penelope said with her mouth full.

"Awkward... look, we need some assistance," I said to her.

"Heard all about it. Traitorous Black Baron goons! I've already deployed my RC Chopper to assist," Penelope smiled.

"You're a heck of a woman!" Bentley smiled.

"Teehee! I know, that's what my homepage says," Penelope smiled.

"And my homepage says that I'm an awesome badass," I smiled.

"True dat, sis!" Meg smiled at me as Ruby then went outside to assist with her powers as well. For any guards that Penelope didn't get with her chopper's limited range with its Yank86 technology, Ruby gave the guards a bit of ecstasy and they fell to the ground and started to form a pile of hugs and cuddles.

"Heehee! Looks like your mystic friend is making the traitors double-cross each other," Penelope said, me trying to hold in my laughter and failing miserably.

"PPFFFTAAHHAAHAHAA! Oh, that was the best innuendo I've heard all month! HAHA!" I laughed out loud like a maniac.

"Thank you, thank you, I'm here all week," Penelope smirked at that as, after only a few more guards were dealt with, we finally stopped getting people attacking our hangar.

"Great job, Penelope! You're the queen of the skies!" Bentley smirked.

"Aw, those brutes deserved it! No one sells out the Black Baron and walks away scot free," Penelope smiled. "And don't worry, I'll make sure the Baron knows to punish Muggshot big time for this stunt."

"Thanks. It'll just be an addition to the massacre I did to his bouncy balls when he tried to break into our hangar earlier," I smiled.

"Bouncy balls? What do you... oh... OH! Sick burn!" Penelope smirked at me.

"Your joke was better than mine, though, I'll give you that much," I smiled at her.

"Thanks, Ella Unknown," Penelope smiled at me in blush before she cut the radio frequency, Bentley proceeding out of the place while Meg and Ruby stayed behind. We needed to go back to the hotel as we saw that the sparks were about to fly with the different teams.

"What the?! Where'd our ice sculpture go?! This handkerchief... the Belgians did this! Oh, those clunkers are gonna pay for this in that dogfight!" the Iceland pilot exclaimed as a loud scream could be heard in the Belgian hangar, a duo of Belgians running the whole way back to town angrily and seething in rage at the Iceland pilot. "So, you wanna confess to this being in our safe instead of our lucky ice sculpture, assholes?!" the Iceland pilot growled.

"No, we want to talk about THIS being on the wreckage of what used to be our prized plane! You clouts destroyed it!" the Belgian pilot said, him being a dalmatian and looking quite ticked and not at all stone faced.

"We did no such thing! You probably took this helmet and put it on your hangar and trashed yer own plane just to frame us!" Iceland growled angrily at the Belgian.

"And YOU wrecked our plane and got rid of your precious ice block to frame US for the crime YOU committed!... And give me back my handkerchief that you ALSO stole!" the Belgian growled angrily as he swiped the handkerchief in rage.

"THAT TEARS IT! You're going to be sorry you ever crossed us! When we take to the skies, we'll be seeing all you Belgians falling down to the fucking ground!" the Iceland growled angrily.

"What comes around, goes around, you sorry ice lover! You're going down so far, you'll be underground!" the Belgian growled lowly as the announcements then came on with Dimitri giving them.

"Attention all greasy-sweet pilots of the ACES competition! Get ready in your hangars for the semifinal round! The roster is as follows. In the first match is Team Cooper, Team Iceland, and Team Belgium. The second lineup is Team Black Baron, Team Canada, and Team Ecuador! And the final showdown in the skies is Team Muggshot, Team Korea, and Team Spain! First match contestants, please suit up and begin for battle!" Dimitri said with enthusiasm, me smiling at his words.

"Let's settle this!" the Belgian growled angrily at the Icelander.

"You bet your sorry asses!" the Icelander growled as they both proceeded to the hangars and got on their radios, me smiling at them basically telling all their allies to go directly at Iceland for Belgium and the Belgians attacking those from Iceland. I got to our hangar and joined Sly, Meg, and Neyla getting our planes and proceeding to the launch pad.

"Okay, guys! Iceland and Belgium will be at each others' throats out there, but you're still outnumbered!" Bentley yelled.

"Relax, turtle boy! This is gonna be GREAT! Don't take this awesomeness outta my hands!" I smiled as I took off first followed by Neyla, then Sly, and then Meg, all of us then joining the pilots in the main area and waiting until a horn blew out from below us loud enough for us to hear.

"EYES to the skies! The semifinal round between Team Iceland, Team Cooper, and Team Belgium is now underway! Get swift with the big, big action! Ar-oo-rum!" Dimitri smiled, me loving it anytime he spoke, but not getting distracted. I immediately went to one of the Belgian planes and roasted away his wings, the plane falling down and the pilots leaping from it afterwards and activating their parachutes. I then saw a couple more planes nearby and went over to them after saying a catchphrase that every Nintendo fan loved.

"Do a barrel roll!" I smiled as I then sent some gunfire at the planes of Iceland, the duo of planes getting destroyed as I took them out one after another!

"I've got three planes so far, guys! What's your status?" I asked them with a smile.

"I got 4 down," Sly smiled.

"And I got 7! Neyla?" Meg smirked with hyperactivity in her voice.

"I've gotten 2 so far, so I'm last place in our little contest," Neyla smiled. And adding onto the two others I destroyed during that speech, we now had 18 gone already! We continued to work the skies effortlessly until the two teams only had 2 pilots each, them only then getting the idea to go after us.

"Dammit! They tricked us! Wait... you don't think that..." one of the Belgians gasped as the Iceland member finished it for him.

"They pitted us against each other! They did those crimes!" the reindeer of the Iceland team exclaimed.

"Oh yeah? Where's the proof, boys? Sorry, but I see none... but I do see something on your tail," I smiled, that making the duo look behind them long enough for them to get distracted by what my partners did. They roasted the tails off of both planes and then one wing each while I got the other two planes by myself!

"Oh yeah! We are the absolute rulers of this round!" I smiled as me and Meg were tied with 9 planes each while Sly and Neyla were tied with 6 each.

"Humans are best at this gig it seems," I smiled at my furry friend and my furry fiancee.

"Hah! Well I'm still going to give you a run for your money in the bedroom when we're touch down to earth, Ella! You and me, alone, no clothes," Neyla smiled, me giggling and blushing at that.

"It's a date," I smiled at her widely as we then went down as Dimitri did the color commentary.

"The round is over! Team Cooper is going to le Finals! All of the crowds scream yay!" Dimitri said with excitement as I touched down onto the ground by the hangars and I then putted my plane directly into the hangar, Sly and the others doing the same and us smiling widely at how we were now in the finals.

"Okay, let's go have that bit of sex while the other two teams fight it out, Neyla. But try to keep it soft? I don't want my little baby to get hurt at all," I said to her as I was pointing to my gut.

"I promise I won't hurt your baby bump, Ella. I just want to ride you with you wearing one of those toys you got me for Christmas," Neyla said, my face blushing heavily as Sly and Meg heard her say that loud and clear.

"Neyla! That was supposed to be secret!... Ugh... let's get out of here, please?" I groaned as my face boiled in embarrassment.

"Sorry, you know how I like to tease," Neyla smiled.

"Yeah, yeah. You got that from me," I smiled back at her.

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