A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Gigantimax Carmelita Fox

Chapter 35

Once we agreed that we'd keep Neyla and Boris in the big truck for the time being, we then proceeded with the first phase of the heist with the Guru and Ruby taking out the Gyrocopter while it refueled. After the thing blew up in spectacular fashion, Murray then dangled off of the crane and spoke the words. "Behold! The Moon Spirit rises! Ooooowwwooooo!" Murray said. I always found that bit funny and this was no different... though I still felt a pang of guilt at what the mask did to Neyla, my girlfriend. My fiance.

"Everyone keep a sharp eye out for the mask. It's sure to take the bait," Bentley said as I then saw Carmelita appear via a swamp boat and proceeding past the saw truck.

"Guys, situation time. Carmelita finally caught up," I said.

"Drat! We can't stop the operation now. Just give her a wide berth," Bentley said.

"Roger, applying 'wide berth'," Sly said sarcastically.

"Quit horsin' around, Sly! Look for that mask! It be close. I can feel it," Henriette frowned as I then saw the mask appear from behind the Guru and possessing a dingo with a giant gun.

"HERE I COME MASTER!" Murray said like an idiot, the mask having plenty of time to locate the direction of the sound and, just a scant fraction of a second before impact, it jumped off the dingo's face and proceeded to jump up to Carmelita and then forced itself onto her face!

"Carmelita!" I exclaimed as I looked at her with worry.

"Ella... thought I'd find you here," Carmelita said.

"Carmelita! You need to get that mask off you! Fight it! Please!" I said to her, Carmelita gasping as I saw that, after I said that, she actually did try to fight the influence of the evil mask. "Rghh... RRRARGH!... Get... Get off... ARGGUGH!" Carmelita groaned in agony as the mask then forced a cloud of purple mist around Carmelita and she then finally lost it and grew bigger, her clothes ripping off slowly but surely to the point that her hands were as big as her shock pistol and her cop badge and collar fell to the ground. "MAYBE I SHOULD SMASH YOU!" Carmelita growled in a deep voice, me activating invisibility and using Time Stopper to swipe the shock pistol, collar, and badge that Carmelita had, rushing off as Sly then ran off with Carmelita in pursuit of him.

"Bentley! I could use a little help! How about a few sleep darts in Carma-large-a here? Then we'll pry off the mask!" Sly said as he ran away from Carmelita, who chased him relentlessly with the mask's dark force forcing her brain to work against her. And once Bentley connected a sleep dart with her, Carmelita then groaned as I saw something bad happen. Just one sleep dart instead of the five before and Carmelita then started to grow larger slowly but surely, into her giant form!

"What the fuck is up with this mask?! It's reacting to the sleep dart's chemicals to make her gigantic! Everyone! Big truck! NOW!" Ruby exclaimed, us all going out to the truck and entering it in the nick of time. One more split second and Carmelita would've grabbed our truck! We drove all the way out to King's Canyon in the distance, where we then started to attack Carmelita with some more firepower, namely some explosive darts that Bentley had. After five of those, Carmelita roared extremely loudly as she grew again! But this time, she was so huge, she started getting sluggish with her movements.

"She's too huge! We can't outrun her in the truck!" Murray said, me looking at the others with seriousness.

"Okay, real strategy time. We need to get up to that mask and pry it off before Carmelita gets killed from the excess in growth! Sly, Henriette! Let's go climb up her... uh... body and get to that mask to pry it off!" I said.

"Got it!" Sly said, him and Henriette joining me as they then started to climb up Carmelita's massive feet and legs, me distracting her in the meantime.

"HEY! MASK OF DARK SHIT! LET MY FRIEND GO RIGHT THIS FUCKING INSTANT!" I yelled as I approached her feet and did something I didn't know what the effect would be. "BANANA SLAMMAH!" I exclaimed as I didn't punch her, but grabbed her toe and yanked on it hard, Carmelita stumbling from the blow, giving Sly and Henriette the chance to get up to the hooks on the mask and prying it off at the same time, the mask flying off Carmelita and making her shrink back down to her normal size, completely unclothed and looking to be experiencing nightmares. I then approached the mask and took my cane out, seeing the mask was still in its giant form. "MAXIMUM BANANA SLAMMAH!" I yelled extremely loudly as I connected a blow to the mask directly in the center, me jumping out of the way with slow time as it then cracked all over and then exploded in a giant vapor of red smoke!

When the dust cleared, I was beat and I had sweat pouring down my face, my breathing rapid and angry. And the reason? I still had some of that hypnotism stuff from the last adventure and the bright light of the red smoke triggered it again. "Ella! Are you alright?!" Meg asked as she rushed out to me and hugged me tightly, me finally letting my anger down to hug her back. "That was really dangerous, Ella... please don't ever put yourself in that kind of danger ever again!" Meg said with tears in her eyes.

"I'm okay, Ella... I'm fine... okay, now you're... now you're making me cry," I sobbed the last bit because of Meg weeping into my clothes. We then looked over to Carmelita and I saw Ruby approach her thrashing frame and she started to use her voodoo to calm Carmelita, her wincing a bit at first, but then a coo emerging from her voice after that.

"Mmgh... Nightmares... morning..." Carmelita started to say in her sleep. "Ella... Sly... Henriette?.. mm... tell them... thanks... forever... in debt..." Carmelita cooed happily as Ruby then stopped giving her respite and Carmelita started to wince again followed by some slightly less often tossing and turning, much like Neyla and Boris after they'd got Ruby's treatment.

"Guys, I need someone to clothe Carmelita and I want it to be a girl. So, who's going to do the deed?" I asked, me looking at Henriette and Ruby and Henriette finally caving in.

"Ugh, fine, I'll help out a friend in need because friends got yer back forever, indeed," Henriette said as she made up a completely random disguise over her current clothes and took them off. It was of some night pajamas with a bra and panties, which she gave to Carmelita and put on her while I forced all the others to look away with help from Ruby. Once about five minutes passed, Henriette finally finished clothing Carmelita again.

"Let's bring the other two out here. I think we should camp here until morning to make sure that Carmelita and the others stay safe," Guru said.

"Agreed," Murray said as he, Meg, and I all went into the big truck and brought out Boris and Neyla. But with Boris, who we had his legs in a splint, we had to be EXTREMELY careful with his body. I didn't want him to be in anymore pain than he was already. I then discovered a camera that Carmelita had that was actually still on her despite her giant growth... I didn't even know how, but it was attached to her tail and she had it on her while she slept.

"Want to take some wacky pictures to pass the time, guys?" I asked with a smile.

"Ooh, that sounds fun!" Sly smiled.

"Okay, time to take some fun and zany photos," I smiled as I put on the timer and we posed numerous times, upwards of at least 7 photos being taken before we had our fun... and after two more hours passed by, the sun finally began to rise over the horizon, our group taking a look at the area we were previously at thanks to Ruby's powers and we saw the true beauty it now possessed. The Guru smiled with his eyes closed and outstretched his arms with serenity.

"The Dreamtime Spirits rejoice... this land is sacred ground once again... thanks to you, my friends," Guru smiled at us.

"We couldn't have done it without you, partner," Meg smiled at him. We then looked behind us and I smiled widely as the trio finally woke up. Boris was a bit in pain due to his legs, but he still smiled when he saw that his legs had been put into splints.

"Rgh... that was the worst night's sleep Ah've had in ages... that mask sure is tough... tougher than a giant foot smashing yer face..." Neyla groaned as she held her head in pain.

"Augh... my head..." Carmelita groaned as she looked around and I simply got to her and held out my hand, Carmelita smiling and accepting it, me helping her up as I then handed her the camera we had fun with last night. "What happened... while that mask was on me?... I can't remember a thing after you told me to fight it and before the nightmares," Carmelita asked with a groan.

"Well... you grew out of your clothes and chased Sly in a blind rage, turned into a 50 foot monster after a sleep dart was used on you, and then after a couple explosive darts, you grew so large that your body became sluggish, yet powerful... oh, and if you're wondering about the change of clothes, your clothes completely ripped off of your body after you went giant. Here's the stuff I managed to salvage," I said as I gave her the shock gun, her police badge, and her collar, Carmelita smiling at me and also looking at my gang with a smile.

"I thank you... all of you. You saved my life..." Carmelita said with a smile.

"I guess it's finally time to pop open that cider, mates!" Henriette smirked as she got into her purse and grabbed the cider, Carmelita giggling as Henriette popped the cork off with ease and we all got a drink of the stuff in celebration.

"Now that that's over with, time to get you over to the nearest hospital... by the way, sorry for doing that to your legs, but it was the only idea I had as to how to get that mask off of you without me getting killed," I said to Boris.

"Ah, it's awright, missy. Honestly, I'm surprised ya even tried to help me out considerin' what we were doin' to that koala guy's place," Boris admitted.

"Well, all of them are all gone and, with some help from a certain lady with a shock pistol, I'm sure we can put some laws into place, right?' I smiled at Carmelita.

"You want some laws to protect the Aboriginal Sacred Sites from further mining? I guess I could pull a few strings," Carmelita smiled.

"Thanks, Carmelita," Sly smiled as he hugged her, Carmelita surprised at first with her tail twitching before she finally caved in.

"Oh, who am I kidding," Carmelita smiled as she hugged Sly back and actually snuggled against his chest! They were perfect for each other!

"Now that the sappy stuff is done, how about we get out of here? We need to have a bit of a vacation after this whole debacle," Neyla smiled.

"Agreed, let's go," I smiled as we decided to go in style in the giant truck, making our way back to civilization in the largest truck in the world. And this time, I was the one driving! And it was AWESOME!

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