A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
The Blimp Fiasco

Chapter 27

It took awhile for our group to get our sacks off of our heads, but I soon saw that we were all in the control room for the sawmill. And shortly after I was able to see again, the guards shut us in the place tight with the large steel door. I didn't care about that, though. I immediately went to my friends, me breathing a sigh of relief that Bison was kind enough to heal their wounds slightly. Sly had a bandage on his ear, same with Murray having gauze on his hand where the cut happened. And as for Bentley and his shell? It had stopped bleeding completely and they patched up the slice on his shell with a metal plate of sorts, held together by a duo of screws.

"Bentley, you okay?" I asked, getting him off the ground first, him groaning slightly as he came to.

"Ogh... my aching head... those talons really pack a punch," Bentley groaned.

"Your head is the least of your concerns, Bentley. Those talons sliced clean through part of your shell... but it looks like Bison helped you out. See, there's a metal plate where the slice was," Meg said, Bentley sighing in relief at that. I then saw Sly and Murray recover their senses, them being surprised at the bandages they had, Henriette frowning at the place.

"This ain't good, mates... you probably didn't hear Bison, but he said he'd sell all our parts to Arpeggio... we need to bust out of here... Ella! What's the time say on that techno gadget you got?" Henriette asked, her referring to my cell phone. I looked at it and gasped. Time flew by! It was 7 AM on Friday!

"We need to escape quickly! Bentley, you get out through this pipe here, as you're the only one of us small enough to get out it. Ruby, you, me and Murray will work the door here to try and get it open," I said.

"Of course!" Ruby said as she and Murray helped me begin to destroy the door with our talents.

"Hippow!" Murray yelled.

"Banana Slammah!" I exclaimed.

"Hick, Boom, HEY!" Ruby shouted, us all attacking the door with either punches or mojo magic, the door actually bending at the combined effort from us! Bentley then started talking to Sly through the walkie-talkie.

"Sly, I got out... Bison..." Bentley said, me and the duo of allies attacking the door once again.

"Banana Slammah!"
"Hey, Boom, HICK!" We all yelled, the door actually getting cracked apart slightly!

"THAT'S IT! Time I showed you just how 'stew-pid' we turtles really are! Sly, on my command!" Bentley said, me smirking as I attacked the door again with the others.

"VOO! VOO! DOO!" we all yelled angrily as we attacked the door one more time, it finally smashing apart, me then motioning all of us to escape, but Sly stayed behind to help Bentley out.

Our group then got down to the battlefield ourselves, just as Bison was bringing out the dynamite! Before he could throw a piece of it, I grabbed it out of the air and threw it back at him, Bison gulping as the dynamite exploded right in his face, him coughing a bit and me seeing he got a bit bloody from that. And he looked to be scared of our group appearing to him.

"Looks like you're surrounded, Bison. Guys, want to prove to him not to mess with the Cooper gang?" Bentley smiled at us.

"With pleasure, mate!" Henriette smirked as she then took her hammer and jumped above Bison, smacking him in the skull with a dive attack! Murray then sucker punched him after the blow from Henriette while Ruby made Bison shocked with some voodoo magic. I then finished the job by smacking him right in the gut with a swipe from the cane and then used my signature move.

"BANANA SLAMMAH!" I yelled as I punched him right in the gut, Bison gasping out an exasperated breath as he then fell to the ground with a cough.

"Tarnation! I've been done in by a four-eyed turtle, a fat hippo, an' three girls?... Times have changed..." Bison groaned.

"Quite right, Bison. It's the 21st century. You need to learn that the hard way," I smirked at him as I threw a penny over to him. One that was brand new, it having the year of 2006 on it.

"Uh... attention, Jean Bison. Arpeggio's carrier blimp will arrive to pick up the Northern Light Battery in exactly one minute," one of Bison's men said, me then looking at the group and motioning us out the door, us only talking once we were out of earshot of Bison.

"We need to book it, guys! That blimp's on its way!" Meg said with worry, all of us rushing down the path to the silo containing the battery, us making it there in 30 seconds and us piling into it soon after. The moment we shut ourselves inside, we only had five seconds left, the entire world around us becoming completely black. We couldn't see a thing other than the whites of our eyes. And then, the bump happened.

"Whoa!" Neyla gasped as she fell directly into my lap, me sighing and helping her back into seated position as everyone came to terms with what happened.

"We've failed, haven't we?" Ruby asked, her frown contagious to the rest of us. Sly's leg twitched in response as Bentley tried to think of a strategy. Neyla looked at me with eyes of concern while Murray looked out towards the hideout and produced tears of despair. The van sailed across the water on a broken chunk of ice.

"The van... my baby..." Murray sobbed.

"Murray... it'll be alright... she's with the great blue right now. It's the perfect sendoff to our most loyal member," Henriette said, Murray stifling a sob at that and sniffing in a booger.

"I know..." Murray said, me then looking at the others as Meg got on the laptop of thief net and looked up the stuff she needed to.

"Okay, we need to discuss Arpeggio... we need to learn about him before we spring into action and get out of this battery," Meg said with seriousness, Bentley agreeing and us looking up Arpeggio.

"A very studious young boy, the young Arpeggio excelled in all classes... but his body never managed to catch up in size with the other boys. As a result, he could never achieve the dream of flight, as his small wings were useless for it. Furious at this realization, he used his genius mind to try to find a cure, looking to the renaissance masters. It wasn't long before he founded the Klaww Gang as the chief inventor... there's no doubt in my mind that he put this whole plan into place to get Clockwerk revived back to his former glory. And now that he has all the parts, it's only a matter of time before he puts them all together... and we won't let that happen. Who's with me?" Meg asked.

"Agreed wholly. Come on, Neyla and Sly. We're going to take out little Polly, no crackers included," I said, Sly smirking at that and Murray smiling through the tears.

"You always know just what to say, Ella," Murray smiled as he hugged me, which made me smile.

"You're welcome, Murray. Now let's head out," I said, motioning our trio out to the area where Arpeggio was rebuilding Clockwerk. We needed to be careful when moving across the blimp as we were quite high up in the air and one slip could end up with our deaths. We finally found the area in the side blimp, our trio jumping and using our Paragliders to jump over to the area, us going through the air vent of the smaller side blimp and Neyla gobsmacked as was Bentley in our Binocucoms when we saw it. Clockwerk was completely put back together, though still immobile and being held together by giant spinning magnets.

"Oh my god... they were able to put Clockwerk back together this quickly?!" Neyla gasped.

"I think I have an idea on how to proceed, Neyla. We'll need to go up to those magnets and reverse their polarity. It may just be enough to pull the parts apart," I said with a smile.

"Okay, that sounds like a good plan. We should avoid the guards, however... wait, what's this?" Sly asked as he looked underneath us to see the large mech eggs.

"Those are Arpeggio's mech eggs. Back when I was still working for him, he said that they would help out in keeping Clockwerk reassembled if he got all the parts. It'd be wise to leave them alone," Neyla said, me smiling at that as I then went up to the first of the magnets and, while they were still going fast, I reversed its polarity with slow time, me then doing the same with all the other magnets, my eyes regretting it as they started to brightly flash red, which made my anger come into play. And then, once all of them were done, Clockwerk's body fell to the ground, but as I expected, the parts got locked into place as a giant explosion sound happened from the giant frame colliding with the ground, that managing to knock out the guards and get the attention of Arpeggio and a certain wingless asshole from the front of the ship.

"What's all this then? The magnets... have been reversed?! But... By Jove! It's actually locked the Clockwerk parts into place! Excellent!" Arpeggio said happily as I then jumped down directly in front of him with my other friends appearing as well, me actually managing to get a jump from Arpeggio.

"Ella Unknown?! Sly Cooper, and the one I replaced, huh? Should've guessed this was your doing, Diavola," Brian Wingdust said angrily.

"Ah, you probably thought a reversal of the magnets would pull the old bird apart, eh? Well, it seems to have had quite the opposite effect. Now I shall join myself with its circuits to begin life anew!" Arpeggio said, me frowning at him.

"Look, we already know your big plan, asshole. And let me tell you something. If you fuel Clockwerk's immortality with normal people's hate, you won't be able to keep in control. Your hate will consume you and you'll start destroying the entire world! Do you want to have immortality if it means the rest of the world suffers the price?" I asked him angrily, the lights making me angered.

"Ah, you seem to have been affected by the Contessa's hypnosis, haven't you?" Arpeggio asked, me snarling at him. "Well, if what you say is true, you couldn't possibly have any kind of proof to back it up. So I'm going to go for it anyways. Brian, dear, be a good boy and keep them covered. Ta-ta," Arpeggio said, him about to go forward to the Clockwerk frame before Brian then kicked his mobile cage over with one kick!

"HAH! Stupid bird! You really think I'd let you have this body when this bitch here took my wings from me?! You really are more idiotic than Neyla is," Brian said, Neyla gasping and snarling as Brian then jumped into Clockwerk's open mouth and I saw his body completely dissolve down the throat of the beast... Clockwerk's body then began to move as Arpeggio spoke.

"This is preposterous! You're my protege! Not the next in line for MY immortality! Now I demand you exit the Clockwerk frame or... Or..." Arpeggio said, me deciding to do something daring. I activated slow time just before Brian could kill Arpeggio, his beak wide open as I stopped it in place with my strength, it being caused by both my anger at the lights and from me getting tougher from all those Bone Cracker Crush attacks I'd been doing! I actually managed to hold back the giant Clockwerk beak as Arpeggio gawked at my strength.

"Don't just sit there like a wet noodle! GET GOING! I can't hold it off for long!" I yelled at Arpeggio, him gasping and hopping from his machine over to Neyla and Sly, me then activating Time Stopper and jumping up to the top of the Clockwerk head. "BANANA SLAMMAH!" I yelled loudly as I slammed my fist directly into the noggin of Clockwerk, Brian exclaiming stuff angrily as he then got up and I saw that my hit actually hurt his body pretty bad.

"GAGH! You bitch! I'll kill you all!... But only after I get more power!" Brian growled angrily as he then slammed his body through the front glass window, me looking at the others with a frown.

"Okay, Arpeggio, now that I saved you from becoming giant bird food, I'd suggest you cooperate with us to defeat Brian Wingless," I frowned, Arpeggio sighing and putting his tiny wings on his head.

"Oh... ugh, fine. I shall assist you in taking out that backstabbing butterfly gone rogue! In order for him to get more powerful, he'll need to draw power from the engines that keep this blimp aloft. I can lead you all to the main control center to turn off the main engines to make him weaker while also turning off the autopilot. That should prevent this blimp from making its way to Paris. Then it'll be up to you to find out how to defeat the giant bird in battle," Arpeggio said, Bentley then getting on the horn afterwards.

"Actually, believe it or not, I just got a radio signal from Carmelita. She said that she's commandeered a helicopter with a tail gun on it. You'll need to get the radio towers turned on so she can get to your location. I'll get Henriette to get them turned on while you get Arpeggio to help you get the engines turned off," Bentley said, me nodding at that.

"Okay, Arpeggio. Let's go," I said, him being a bit hesitant as Sly put him on his shoulder.

"I cannot believe that I have lost my chance to get a bigger body for better flight..." Arpeggio said with a sigh.

"Um, haven't you ever heard of thief net?" I asked him.

"Thief net? You mean that secret website that thieves use to get weapons? I would get on that site, but I don't know how to find it," Arpeggio said, me smiling as I talked to Bentley.

"Hey, Bentley? Get on thief net, would ya? Maybe see something on there that could allow Arpeggio some means of flight?" I asked, the bird gasping at that as we proceeded back through the vents to the outside of the blimp.

"According to what this site says, there is actually a couple of options. Some extendable wings that can be used like normal wings, a backpack that has a propeller in it with unlimited fuel, and even a jet pack, but it happens to have limited fuel," Bentley said, Arpeggio smiling at that.

"And how much would the normal wings happen to cost? I'd be willing to make amends if I could get the wings," Arpeggio said.

"They cost 1500 coins. Would you happen to have any treasures that could be worth that much?" Meg asked.

"Why yes, of course. I have three different treasures across the ship. One is in the top right most part, another in the top left most part, and the final one in the bottom portion in the front of the blimp. Altogether, they cost 2400 coins. So only 2 would be able to purchase those wings," Arpeggio said, me looking at Sly and Neyla with a smile.

"Then it looks like we're going to do three jobs. Ruby, Sly, and Neyla will go to get these treasures. I'll go with Arpeggio to the main control center of the blimp, and Henriette will activate the different radio towers. Let's do this!" I said with a smile.

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