A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
I'll Take 2 Prison Breaks, Please

Chapter 21

When I came to, I saw that I was on a cold floor and that I was in a single room filled with stone walls, a single tiny window to look outside, and I saw a chain around my ankle. And my cane? Nowhere to be seen. I then started to look outside of the bars to my room and I saw the awful truth. I was inside the Contessa's prison. But luckily, in Cell Block D. But I knew that I'd have trouble escaping with my foot in a chain attached to the floor.

I then saw the ugly spider bitch appear before me with a very upset Brian Wingdust next to her.

"Let's see, Ella Unknown, species... well, unknown... age unknown, height and weight unknown... it's almost like you don't even exist. So who are you really?" Contessa asked me, me frowning at her angrily.

"You won't get any information out of me, you eight-legged freak. I'm not telling you a thing about me other than my full name and what I am," I frowned at her angrily, seeing I had a prison hat on my head. How lucky! "My full name is Ella Montgomery Farthington. And I. AM. A. HUMAN!" I exclaimed, throwing my hat directly at Brian and him grabbing it like an idiot. He then got blasted back to the walls of the other side, me smirking as my hat returned and I smiled at the Contessa. "You want what he got? Cause I got an unlimited supply," I smiled at her, Contessa growling at me angrily, which I then took the opportunity to throw my hat at her, Contessa gasping as I managed to make her hands get badly hurt and burned, her hissing at the blood that came from her hands afterwards. "I suggest you both give up in trying to get information out of me. I'm just going to blow my way out of this prison and you can't do a thing about it," I frowned at them as I then saw that Brian had my cane in his pocket! I then threw another hat at the wall behind me and then activated time stopper. "BANANA... SLAMMAH!" I yelled as I used my super-powerful fist to smash apart the chains around my ankles, then using slowed time to swipe the cane from Brian before the hat bomb exploded, my exit emerging in an instant.

"So long, suckas! HAHA!" I laughed as I then rushed out of the hole I made and rushed to the outside of the prisons and proceeded to get on my Binocucom, which I still had on me! "Bentley! Ruby! Meg! Neyla! Can you read me?! Where are you at?! I need you to help me!" I said to them, me getting a reading from Bentley soon after.

"Ella! Oh thank the servers you're alright! Where are you?!" Bentley asked.

"Prague! The Contessa's Rehabilitation Center! I just busted out of prison by the skin of my teeth! Where are you?!" I asked them with my voice shuddering with fear.

"Okay, we're coming right away!" I heard Meg say, me about to say thanks before I heard something activate from behind me... I looked up and screamed loudly. It was the giant attack robot! And not five seconds later, it blasted me with a beam of electricity and I felt my entire body seize up and fall flat on the ground.

"Ella?! Ella! Are you okay?" Neyla asked with fear in her voice.

"G-G-G-Giant... r-r-r-robot-t-to..." I gagged as I felt spit escape my mouth, me seeing the body of the Contessa come into view.

"Looks like someone wishes to remain in Solitary Confinement, doesn't she?" Contessa smiled widely. I simply spit in her direction, me hearing a splat as I knew I hit her in the face. "Such a rebellious mind, but one that I can surely get quite some knowledge out of with a few sessions," Contessa smiled as I felt a sack cloak my face and someone picking my limp body up.

We must've walked for at least thirty minutes before I was allowed to see again and it just so happened to be in Solitary Confinement... and I saw a big plate of food in front of me coated with red spice.

"I am not eating that," I growled at the Contessa, her then shocking me again as she used her spider silk and tied me up in a straight jacket of thread! I couldn't move at all!

"I'm afraid you have no choice, bitch. Now, be a good girl and eat up," Contessa said, me keeping my mouth closed and refusing to eat anything, even as she got a spoon and tried to force it in my mouth, I refused to even look at it let alone eat it.

"Come on, it won't bite," Contessa said, Henriette talking for me.

"We know what's in that stuff, spider veins! Yer gonna hypnotize us to find out where we keep our loot! Well no one tells the captain what to do, let alone a bitch of an officer that tortures and mind-controls prisoners for her own selfish gains!" Henriette growled in my mind, Contessa surprised at that as I then saw her eyes glow brightly for a few seconds.

"Hmm... it appears you have a second person trapped inside of that skull of yours, Ella the human. Do tell, who is it?" Contessa asked.

"Captain Henriette 'One Eye' Cooper. An' I ain't lettin' anythin' happen to me own captain, Captain Ella! So don't you dare try anything because it will not work," Henriette said angrily, Contessa then smiling and simply doing something that I gasped at. She took one of her sharp fingers and poked me right in the nipple! I yelled at that and she forced the spoon down my throat, forcing me to swallow down the awful stuff and to feel very strange afterwards.

"Goddammit..." I gagged, mostly because I never liked spices. Like, at all! "That tasted like sand paper..."

"You'll see it my way soon enough, bitch. Now, turn on a hypno-box!" Contessa said, me hearing a box turn on and me starting to get surprisingly mad.

"Rgh... No... Don't you dare..." I growled lowly as I tried to break free from the silk. No dice.

"Now, time to delve into your mind," Contessa said, me growling angrily as I then got a bright idea.

"BANANA... SLAMMAH!" I exclaimed angrily, managing to bust my hand out from the silk and slammed my fist directly into Contessa's face, her gasping from the sudden hit and her actually spitting out a tooth! I then ripped myself from the silk and pinned down the giant spider bitch with fury in my eyes. "Who's the bitch now?!" I growled angrily at her as I then slammed my foot into her abdomen five times, Contessa gasping from the loss of air as I then took her keys and opened the door, me then busting my way out through the back door and going to the rooftops, me gasping as, right as that happened, a giant train flew from out of nowhere and slammed into the walls!

"Sweet!" I gawked as I then rushed down to the direction of the Safehouse, this time with invisibility the entire way as I contacted my friends.

"Second time I've had to bust out, guys! Where are you?!" I asked them, Meg being the one to talk.

"We're in the house to the far southeast, by the train tracks! Hurry!" Meg said with joy in her voice, me rushing over there and entering the door before breathing in and out heavily, completely out of breath after everything that just happened.

"I-Is it really you, sis?" Meg asked as she approached me, but I gasped as I did something I didn't want to do. I growled! But when I did, I quickly slapped myself for doing so.

"Uh-oh... what'd that bitch do to you?" Neyla asked, me growling angrily.

"She force-fed me some Rage Rosetrum and turned on something called a hypno-box... after she did that, I felt myself get furious... I used it to my advantage, broke out of my restraints, and completely manhandled that arachnid! I also found out something else about her. She uses spice in her hypnosis to force criminals to reveal where they stash their treasure," I frowned angrily.

"We know. Bentley found that out earlier when he overheard Brian talking on the walls of the prison..." Neyla said, me smiling and producing tears when I saw her, rushing to her and hugging her tightly, her a bit surprised at first before hugging me back. "She's a secret member of the Klaww Gang, too... in possession of Clockwerk's Eyes as well as our friends," Neyla said, me beginning to cry a little bit.

"I'm so happy to be freed from that place... I never expected I would break out not once, but twice... and all in the course of one day..." I said, sniffling in a large booger.

"Okay, enough sappy stuff, once Bentley gets Sly freed, we'll need to free Murray next," Meg said. A few minutes later, Bentley returned and Sly was right behind him, me smiling at them, but a growl escaping my mouth when I saw the shine on Sky's cane... I then looked on my person and saw my cane was on my back. Thank goodness...

"What was the growl for, mate?" Henriette asked, me sighing and telling them what happened.

"Before I escaped a second time, I was forcefully fed a spoonful of soup filled to the brim with Rage Rosetrum... ever since that and Contessa trying to hypnotize me, I get mad when I see bright flashing lights... I don't know why..." I groaned angrily.

"Ah know why," Neyla said with a frown. "It's all according to Arpeggio's plan to revive Clockwerk and become immortal. He had the Contessa use her hypnotism abilities with spice added to the equation. The result is the poor chaps are much more susceptible to hypnotism after even a gram of the stuff. And the effects last indefinitely. So now you'll get angry anytime you see a flash of light. But the good news is that you'll only go into a full rage if you're currently being hypnotized," Neyla said, me breathing a sigh of relief before Ruby talked.

"Why are you helping us out, Neyla? I thought you were a cop?" Ruby asked, Neyla sighing at that.

"After helping you guys in India? I am now just as lowly a thief as you. And not only that, but I heard from Carmelita that she was growing suspicious of Contessa... and then, not two hours ago, I watched something on the news... Carmelita got arrested for a crime she never committed. She was arrested for conspiring with you guys over two years ago!" Neyla said, me seething angrily at that.

"Who arrested her for that dumb of a reason?" I asked angrily.

"Brian did. And if you thought I was corrupt as a cop, you have no clue. Brian Wingdust is actually the most crooked cop in the world! He uses his charm and amazing skills to arrest thieves and innocents alike, but he does it with the end goal always being money. He gets paid by only the wealthiest of criminals and other corrupt cops in order to do his misdeeds... and he is my replacement in the Klaww Gang as of the ballroom incident," Neyla said.

"Let's get to work on freeing Murray, then. I've done some deep data crunching, and I now know that Murray is being kept in cell block D. Getting him out will be tough, as he isn't very light on his feet," Bentley said as he then proceeded to give us the jobs. He gave Ruby the task of handling getting Murray in solitary, Sly the job of pick-pocketing the Contessa's keys, Meg and Neyla got the bridge job, and I got the task of getting the giant robot disabled permanently. And he also gave Sly the secondary job of getting the computer codes.

"Let's do this," I said like a badass.

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