A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Ratting Out a Cat

Chapter 17

Once the others were done with the first set of jobs and after I got the bug in Dimitri's office, we then returned to the hideout and Bentley gave us another slideshow.

"Alright, we'll need to pull off a few more jobs before we get to robbing the tail feathers. First, Sly will pickpocket some keys from guards in the nightclub in order to insert a splice clip into some spotlights. If all goes as planned, we'll be able to turn off all the security to the printing press room. Next, Murray and Ruby will go and take out the exterior alarm horns. We don't want anything to alert the guards while we pull of the heist... and finally, we're going to need to find a way into the disco tech to drop a giant mirror ball... trust me, it's all part of the plan," Bentley said as Sly was about to raise his hand.

"And in the meantime, I think I'm going to go out and explore a bit. Maybe steal some smaller stuff from the guards's pockets," I smiled widely, making sure I kept the doll on my person as I then went out the door and towards the area where Neyla was. And I actually saw her on the rooftop, me looking up there and motioning for her, Neyla confused but revealing herself as she jumped from the standpoint with a serious look on her face.

"Halt, Unknown," Neyla said, me smiling at her.

"You know that's not really my last name, right? By the way, I found something that I think may belong to you," I said, bringing out the doll and Neyla gasping at the sight.

"M-My baby! Where'd you find it?!" Neyla gasped as she was about to grab it before I yanked it away, turning off the connections on my Binocucom before I spoke again.

"Ah, ah, ah. I managed to find it in Dimitri's nightclub. On one of his guards," I said, smiling as I looked at her and she looked at me with a gaze of uncertainty. "Now how would your doll have ended up in an area such as that and on one of Dimitri's guards?... Unless you were previously in there for some unknown reason?" I smiled, Neyla stammering slightly and me then dropping the bomb. "I know all about you being hired as a corrupt cop, Neyla. And honestly, I don't trust you as far as I can throw you. And judging by how I found this doll of yours in Dimitri's nightclub, I'd say I have some evidence about what you really do behind the scenes," I smiled at her, Neyla gasping and snatching the doll away from me faster than I could blink.

She then tried to talk, but her mouth was tongue tied. "Tell it to me straight, Neyla. Who are you really aligned with? And why give us the name of the Klaww Gang back in Cairo when you had recently been to one of the Klaww Gang's hideouts?" I asked her, Neyla sighing and looking around frantically before looking me square in the eyes.

"Okay, fine. I'll tell you, but you need to promise me to keep it a secret, right?" she asked, this time in her cockney accent. Her real accent.

"I'm all ears. And so you know, my connections on my Binocucom are off for now, so it's just you, me, and the voice in my head," I smiled, thinking to Henriette to keep quiet and her agreeing silently.

"Awright... I'm in with the Klaww Gang and I was hired by Arpeggio to help you lot out from job to job until he gave me permission to toss you all in jail. It's my job to steal back the Clockwerk parts from the other Klaww Gang members so he can rebuild the old owl for immortality. And that's all I'm gonna mention," Neyla said, me frowning and shaking my head at that.

"You know, Neyla, if he were to rebuild Clockwerk and become the giant bird, he's just going to become Clockwerk. Arpeggio will be no more, as his mind and body would be filled with nothing but hatred. He may just up and kill anything he sees if that happens! It's crucial that Clockwerk's body is destroyed, not rebuilt and reused," I said, Neyla frowning at me.

"And how would you know that much?" Neyla asked, my mind then talking to her.

"Because back durin' me youth in 1619, I defeated Clockwerk in a fight to the death... then, 20 years later, one o' me mates back-stabbed me an' tried to go into Clockwerk to become more powerful... I died the day that happened along with the rest of me crew," Henriette said, Neyla gasping and looking around for the third person who spoke and me smiling at how she saw no one.

"W-Who just spoke?" Neyla asked.

"The voice in my head, Henriette 'One Eye' Cooper... if you're wondering how she got in my brain as a second personality... it's a long story, but Ruby joined our team in Haiti and during our vacation, Henriette's spirit tried to merge with Ruby before I told her to merge with me. Ever since, she's been in my head and giving her two-sense to anyone unless I say otherwise. Believe me when I say we won't rat you out. But also believe me when I say that merging with Clockwerk is just going to net with you going insane and killing anything you see," I frowned at her, Neyla then laughing at me as I saw something in her pocket. The key to the back door of the night club.

"You think I'd be fooled by your tricks, Ella? Hah! Arpeggio's the smartest man in the world with an IQ of 1000! He knows more about Clockwerk than anyone in the world and his plan is foolproof! You can't trick me with your stupid mumbo-jumbo nonsense about a past Cooper living in your brain. I know a ventriloquist when I see one, HAH!" Neyla laughed, me taking the opportunity to go invisible and steal her key, Neyla none the wiser as she didn't feel it from the laughing and I had managed to get it in no time flat. "Anyways, don't you dare rat me out, or I'm going to make you and your gang into prisoners the next we meet," Neyla said, her then jumping into a warping hole and warping away, me smiling as I held her key in my grasp and then turning on the communications again.

"Hey, Bentley? I got a key to the back door, which leads to the disco ball you mentioned and also returned Neyla's doll to her," I smiled as I then made my way back to the hideout.

"Really? Well, it looks like I'm gonna have to go get in the field. I should be all geared up by the time you get back," Bentley said, me smiling to Henriette in thought. 'I can't believe we actually got some legit dirt on Neyla!' I thought to Henriette, her snickering at that. 'Aye, now we can get her arrest on miss Fox be on her instead!' Henriette smirked at me, which I smiled at as we made it back to the Safehouse and waited there until everyone returned and after feeling a small shock wave from the disco ball falling! And I also saw at least 50 bolts fly off the peacock sign all at once, it actually only hanging on by the bottom few bolts!

Once Bentley returned from the disco tech, he then went over the slideshow. "Alright, we've all got the setup complete. Now to pull of the big heist. I call it, Operation: Thunder Beak. First, Murray and I will make our way to the old water tower and do some deviousness in there. I'll turn off the water to the plaza fountain. Once that's accomplished, they're sure to send someone out to get to the repair truck. Sly will then steal his keys and he'll join up with us in the plaza to make the exchange to meet up with Ruby and Ella. They'll go steal the truck while Sly climbs to the top of the peacock sign. Once there, Ella and Ruby will shoot the truck's grapple hook up to Sly and we'll use it to pull down the sign... if my calculations are correct, the impact should create a large enough opening to the printing press room. Then Sly, Ella, and Ruby will jump in, grab the Clockwerk Tail feathers, and we all get the heck out of here," Bentley said, me smiling at my sister and her smirking widely.

"If you're wondering why I'm not in the heist, sis, it's because I don't want to get any dirt on my hands. I'm not committing any crimes so there's no way that I can get arrested for anything," Ella smiled.

"Smart thinking, sis," I smiled at her as we then went out to do our jobs. Murray and Bentley went first while Sly, Ruby, and myself waited for the fountain to turn off.

"The fountain's run dry and buff repairman has emerged from the nightclub. Proceeding to relieve him of his possessions," I smiled, Sly jumping from the rooftops and getting the keys from the guy quite easily. Once accomplished, he returned to us and gave us the key, me leading Ruby to the repair truck and me then turning the ignition and seeing it was stick shift, just like the game. "Good thing I mainly used stick shifts back home," I smiled as I then drove the truck to the plaza so it'd be in the road leading to the front of the sign.

"I'm in position," Sly said.

"Get ready, Sly. Aim... FIRE!" I smirked, shooting the hook up to him and Sly catching it on the first try!

"Hook's on, pull away!" Sly said just as Bentley and Murray came back.

"Uh, guys? We got bogeys coming in from all angles! Take them out!" I said, Ruby assisting a bit... or she tried to, but she cursed angrily afterwards.

"Dammit! This truck's made of copper! My powers can't go through copper!" Ruby groaned, me smiling at that as I just continued to winch the sign down while the others handled the guards. And then, after five minutes of pulling, the sign finally began to tip... and then, jackpot! The sign fell beak-first into the fountain and demolished it in one go!

"Behold the majesty of gravity and inertia!" Bentley said as I got out of the truck with Ruby, all the guards knocked unconscious and on the ground in a pile.

"That was real subtle, Bentley," Sly said, me smirking at that.

"Okay, guys. Go get those tail feathers and we're out of here!" Bentley said, Sly then jumping into the hole, followed by me and finally Ruby. And when we landed on the ground, we then jumped up to the tail feather machine and saw Dimitri right next to it and looking quite angry.

"Gagh! So, Raccoonus Doodus, mystery girl, and Gator Girl! You are like totally bumming my house up and bringing me down! So very uncool. Why can't you let birds and bees be free, bros?" Dimitri asked, me frowning at him and shaking my head.

"Listen, Dimitri, these tail feather printing plates of yours? They are part of an even greater scheme that you have no idea about. It's not only going to bring your house down, but the entire world down with it," I frowned at him, the others being confused at that and me smirking. I wasn't going to rat out Neyla, not yet. But I was going to share what she did tell me. About Arpeggio's secret plans.

"What smack are you speaking of, mystery lady?" Dimitri asked.

"Your boss, Arpeggio? He's having all the members of the Klaww gang use the Clockwerk parts for a scheme for him to turn into Clockwerk! And once that happens, he's going to become the monster that Clockwerk was, only worse, as his hate will be fueled by the entire world, not just on Coopers. So just hand over the tail feathers. We don't have to fight, we just need to destroy the parts before Arpeggio destroys the world," I said, Dimitri looking at me in confusion, but finally gawking at me.

"Wait... so... you mean, all them spicy treats I gave my party guests... uh-oh... t-this ain't good!" Dimitri gawked as he then turned around and proceeded to turn off the printing press, giving us the tail feathers without a hassle.

"Go get out of my club! I'll take the fall with the greasy sweet cracker cops! The lights may burn out on my disco club, but Dimitri will have the final jib jab at tiny bird! Haha!" Dimitri said, Sly not getting it, but me smiling at how Carmelita soon busted through the walls with a cop car along with Neyla, me then looking at Sly and Ruby.

"Daring escape time. Good luck, Dimitri. Those girls don't play nice," I said to him as I rushed Sly and Ruby out of the hole with defy gravity and we all hopped in the van and made our quick escape soon after, the others wondering what the heck I was talking about and me finally spilling the beans.

"If you recall, Bentley, I had the communicator turned off during my spare time while we were doing the last few jobs?" I smiled at him, Bentley nodding at that. "Well, I found Neyla and I got some great information out of her about the Klaww Gang. She knows of the plan that they're leader is making with all the Clockwerk parts. The ultimate goal of it is to get Clockwerk completely reassembled so Arpeggio can take control of the body of the robot owl. He then wants to use some kind of spice to fuel Clockwerk's immortality so he can live forever... but here's the thing. He's going to try using normal people's hate to fuel Clockwerk's hatred. So when that happens, he'll not only be after Coopers. If Clockwerk is revived with Arpeggio's plan, then he will target every single person in the entire world. We need to get all the Clockwerk parts before Arpeggio can. And Dimitri's night club was an integral part in this scheme," I said, Sly then asking a question.

"Why's the night club so important?" Sly asked.

"Didn't ya hear what he said mate? He was feeding some strange spices to the customers of his night club. And lady luck be with us, cause I got a sniff of that spice myself with me captain's nose. An' she's smelled it before. It's a spice that only grows in India. If ye eat too much of it, you'll enter a fit of uncontrolled rage and hate. This is what Arpeggio plans to use in order for Clockwerk to be revived," Henriette said, Ruby gawking at that.

"Wait... you don't mean the Raging Rosetrum, do you? Those spices are sold as illegal drugs! It's fine in small doses for highs, but too much will make you angry and hostile to the point that your muscles buff up and you gain strength unrivaled. This spice has killed more cops than it has regular users, just from the anger it induces!" Ruby said with fear in her voice.

"Then it looks like we're going to need to stay on our toes. Any ideas on where the next target is, Bentley?" I asked him, Bentley looking at the computer and finding the data on Rajan in India.

"I've found information on the main distributor of the spice, Lord Rajan of India. He's a self-made man who earned his living through growing and selling illegal spices and convincing many others that he's of royal status while also being a member of the Klaww Gang... he's holding a lavish ball at his newly pruchased Ancestral Palace in 8 days. And all to present his latest acquisition... the Clockwerk Wings," Bentley gulped, me frowning at that as Henriette gasped.

"Rgh... the first I saw them wings of Clockwerk, it was the most frightening sight of anything my eye did see. Me entire crew were unable to do anything for hours after being caught in his stare... but those wings... never saw a scarier sight than seeing the shadows of those giant flappers looming over the horizon day and night," Henriette said with a shudder.

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