A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Wine Cellar Recon

Chapter 16

Once we set up the Safehouse in the house with the big antenna, Sly and I then left the place and were given different jobs. I was to go take the recon photos while Sly redirected the satellites around town to the antenna. "Proceeding to the wine cellar as of now," I smiled as I entered the door and saw Murray waiting for me.

"Bentley said you'd need some help getting into the cellar because of some bars blocking the entrance, so that's why I'm here," Murray smiled.

"Time for The Murray and Ella Unknown to work their magic, then," I smiled as we then got to the rats and I knocked them all out without once getting seen! Invisibility was sweet! Murray then lowered the bars so I could move on and after thanking him, I proceeded through and was about to go through the lasers while invisible before Bentley stopped me.

"Hold on, Ella! Those lasers appear to be heat sensing lasers. Invisibility won't work on them," Bentley warned, me breathing a sigh after that.

"Hoo... thanks for the warning, Bentley," I said after that as I then started crawling under the tables until I got to the flashlight guards. When I saw them, I used invisibility again and knocked them out with a swift slam move for each, stealing their wallets and anything they carried, including a gold watch, jeweled rings, and even a cute doll that I didn't know what it was... it looked familiar, but I couldn't place it.

"Hey, Henriette? Are you able to smell things better than I can?" I asked my head friend.

"Aye, that I can. Sniff it an' I tell ye if it belongs to someone, Henriette said. I then smelled it and Henriette snickered. "I smell the Constable's furry hands have been all over this doll. It belongs to Neyla for sure," Henriette smiled as I entered the nightclub through the vent, which I was surprised I was able to get through no problem.

I then got questions from Bentley as I moved through the nightclub to the next air vent. "Wait... if Neyla's doll was on that one guard, then that means Neyla must be somewhere nearby and that the guard probably stole it while she wasn't looking," Bentley said.

"Maybe," I smiled, now knowing I had some serious dirt on her. I then found the next air vent and crawled through it until I reached the drop into the printing press room, where I opened my Binocucom by the windows and saw the area in full detail. It looked much more rustic and much louder than I expected. Half the noise was from the music above in the nightclub and the other half was the generator and the money machine.

"I outfitted your Binocucom to take photographic images. Take a few photos of anything of interest and then I'll warp you back to the entrance to the wine cellar," Bentley said, me smiling at that. At least I had an easy way out of these situations now! I proceeded to take the photos I needed to. One of Dimitri, one of the generator, and one of the tail feathers.

"That freaky lizard man is making unlimited illegal cash with those tail feathers? What kind of sick nonsense is that?! Thieves should earn their gold, not cheat their way to riches!" Henriette said angrily after we got out of the cellar and on our way to the Safehouse.

"Yeah, forging money is not only dishonorable, but it's also cheating through life. But like the old saying goes, cheaters never win," I said with a frown. As we returned to the building and we got treated to a slideshow.

"The recon photos are a grim reminder of what the modern thief is up against. Spotlights, stepped up patrols... the sum of it all renders a direct assault impossible," Bentley frowned as he circled the peacock sign and scribbled through it. "We're going to need more information," Bentley frowned as my sister then spoke.

"I've got a bugged painting that we'll need to swap out with the one Dimitri has in his office. That way we can listen in on whatever he says... and I also got an email interception. Go to the boat by the docks and ring the boat's bell. The email said to ring when the coast is clear, but for what I don't know," Meg said.

"I think I'lol handle bugging his office," I smiled.

"And I think I can handle that boat job," Ruby smiled.

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