A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Clockwerk Black and Blue

Chapter 14:

Once we returned to our Paris hideout in the train car (and Ruby smiling at the interior of the place) Murray then got to work on adding the turret to the van and the battering ram based on Otto's designs. I helped him out and, after four days, the van was prepared to go off to Russia.

"Okay, it's going to be morning in Russia in roughly two hours and it will take five to get there from here. So let's get going!" Bentley said with enthusiasm.

"Let's go take care of unfinished business," Sly smiles.

"I'll ride there on the blasting vehicle and try to assist with my magic," Ruby smiled.

"The sooner we get done with this, the sooner we can go out for pizza!" Murray smiled happily, as I promised pizza after this adventure, my treat.

"Time to finally defeat the aerial menace that brainwashed me crew all them years ago! Charge!" Henriette exclaimed in my head, making me smile.

"Time to beat this bastard," I sneered as I pointed at Clockwerk's picture in Otto's photo and traced an x shape with my fingers.

When we finally arrived at Krak-Karov Volcano, I noticed the absence of Carmelita despite the fact she said she'd meet us here. "Hey, Ruby? Do you sense Carmelita nearby?" I asked Ruby as she rode on the plasma shooter. She then closed her eyes and gasped.

"She's inside some strange chamber further in the volcano. I think she may have gotten captured!" Ruby gasped.

"We need to rescue her!" Sly said with seriousness.

"First thing's first, we need to bust through this lock," I smiled, Sly doing just that with his plasma shooter, me smiling at that. We then moved forward and Ruby and Sly started to demolish the different mines in our way, them destroying all of them as we saw Clockwerk's tower in the distance.

"That giant tower is where Clockwerk is hiding out. We're going to need to take the long way around through the rocky crags," Meg said as she looked at a map in the van. Then I saw the giant robot falcons appear.

"First thing's first, we got robo birds incoming!" I said, Sly then proceeding to shoot them out of the sky with dead-on accuracy! We then got forward some more and saw the tower begin to emit giant bursts of powerful electricity!

"That's no tower! It's a giant death ray! Take out those rocks or we're in trouble, guys!" Bentley gasped, me smirking and jumping out of the van and proceeding to do something I've always wanted to do since getting Slaigh's page.

"Banana... SLAMMAH!" I exclaimed, using Slaigh's Bone-Cracker Crush technique to completely obliterate the rock into a billion pieces while also doing a great callback to the Donkey Kong Country cartoon! "That was epic!" I smiled as I hopped back into the van with a giddy smile on my face.

"Did you do that just to show off?" Sly asked with a snicker.

"Um, no doi," I smiled with a laugh.

"That was SOO COOL!" Murray smirked in awe, me smiling at that.

"I'll teach ya how to do that and so much more after this ordeal is done with, Murray," I smiled at him as we then took care of the rest of the demolition of the robo falcons, the mines, and I even did a couple more Banana Slammah's on the gigantic rocks just for good measure (and getting major street credit from that :D)

Sly then had to retreat in the van, the turret getting destroyed in the process as we then entered the room filled with fire slugs. Murray and Ruby then proceeded to get the computers as they fell, them managing to get 40 before the fire slugs even got to 10. It was much easier with two rather than one! And once all 60 were collected, Bentley and Meg hacked into all of them at once and then got the door open in front of us!

"Great job Murray and Ruby! The door is wide open! I'd say it's time for some devious thieving, wouldn't ya say so Sly and Ella?" Bentley smiled at me.

"Ready and raring," I smiled widely, us going into the first room we came across, which was the booby-trapped tiles and our favorite officer on the other side of the area, her trapped in a forcefield in the chamber of gas.

"Damn, looks like the fair fox lass got caught by ol' Clockwerk. Don't be fooled, mates. This is exactly what Clockwerk did to me when I was in me 50's. He tricked me to save a mate o' mine an' then gassed us both to death," Henriette said, me frowning at that, but smiling at the challenge.

"Okay, Sly. I'm going to use defiance of gravity to proceed over and destroy the stuff on the other side. You stay here until I get the security gone. Then I'll proceed to go into the room. I'll do a Banana Slammah to bust out of there and then free Carmelita, got it?" I smiled at Sly.

"Okay, stay safe," Sly smiled. I then winked at him and jumped up high, using defy gravity to glide through the air for at least 5 seconds before landing on the other side of the booby-trapped tiles and proceeding to destroy the dart shooters and the alarm, allowing us entry to the gas chambers. I then proceeded in and heard the door shut behind me, Carmelita looking at me with a frown.

"I should've known you were behind this," Carmelita frowned at me.

"Oh really? If I were behind this, would I do this? BANANA... SLLLAAAMMMAAAHHH!" I exclaimed, punching the glass behind me with maximum strength, the glass shattering at least two seconds afterwards, the gas proceeding to come in through the vents, but it not doing anything to us as it escaped through the opening just as Clockwerk's visage appeared on the screen.

"Hahaha... wait... did you just thwart my plans?... I see how it is, inter-dimensional traveler... well played," Clockwerk frowned at me with his robotic voice, Carmelita gasping at that and looking at me with a frown.

"Sly? Time to bust this cop out of her prison," I smiled, him doing so by smashing apart the base of the forcefield, Carmelita then busting a hole out the back and us following after her. We then looked at each other in the next area and Carmelita frowned at us.

"I don't get it. I've hunted you for years, Cooper, try to put you behind bars, but then when you get a chance to put me in a cage, you set me free. Why?" Carmelita asked, me frowning at that.

"Okay, I'm going to say it right now. We only just arrived ourselves like 30 minutes ago, so we couldn't have been the ones to catch you. Now, the giant homicidal robotic owl that tried to trick us into a gas chamber to kill us. That guy's on our list. And besides, if we're going to take him out, we need your help," I said, Carmelita frowning at that.

"I see your point... alright. Until Clockwerk and his schemes are foiled, I suggest we work together," Carmelita said.

"Together at last!" Sly smiled, a robot falcon appearing from above and me simply knocking it out of the sky with another punch directly to its body, the falcon falling into the lava soon after.

"And, just for the heck of it... Banana Slammah," I smiled widely, Carmelita smirking at that.

"Now, keep in mind, this truce is only temporary. Once Clockwerk is finished, I'm coming after you," Carmelita frowned.

"Really?" Sly smiled.

"Well... maybe a ten second head start would be fine," Carmelita smiled.

"Fine with me," I smiled as Sly and I looked at the area ahead of us.

"So how are we going to face Clockwerk anyways?" I asked.

"I stashed my jet pack at the top of Clockwerk's death ray before he nabbed me. You'll need to make your way there through this area. I'll cover your entry from here," Carmelita said.

"Happily appreciated," Sly smiled as we then proceeded down the area, Carmelita handling the fire slugs as Sly and I moved up the area bit by bit, the place feeling much hotter than I expected, especially when next to the lava monsters! After roughly ten minutes of running up and after a lot of damage to the area, Sly and I then got to the other end and saw the jet pack at the top of the Death Ray via our Binocucoms.

"There's the jet pack right where Carmelita said it'd be! But how are you going to be able to fight Clockwerk, Ella?" Meg asked me.

"No issues there, I'll just sit it out near that bridge over there. You can handle it from your end, but I'll finish the job once you get Clockwerk grounded, okay partner?" I smiled at Sly.

"Sure thing," Sly smiled at me.

"But you better hurry! The stabilizers for the Death Ray got destroyed on your way there from Carmelita's blasts. You gotta book it to that jet pack before this tower starts to fall apart!" Bentley said, Sly then proceeding to the Death Ray while I used defy gravity to make my way over to the bridge, it ending just as I reached it.

"Whew," I said with a smile and a puff of relief. I then watched Sly have a few close calls on the climb up the giant Death Ray until he finally got the jet pack, strapped it on, and ignited the thrusters to get off the thing... and after he flew off, I saw a giant shadow pass over me and head over to Sly!

"SLY! BEHIND YOU!" I exclaimed at Sly, him turning around just in time to dodge the talons of Clockwerk!

"Sly Cooper, you have thwarted my plans and destroyed my death ray... remarkable... you Coopers always find a way to beat me," Clockwerk frowned, me then throwing a rock at his giant metallic body from my standpoint, getting his attention away from Sly.

"I WAS THE ONE TO DESTROY THE GAS CHAMBER, ASSHOLE!" I exclaimed at him, Clockwerk sighing at that and turning back at Sly.

"How old are you?" Sly asked.

"Perfection has no age," Clockwerk frowned.

"What? You're immortal?" Sly asked.

"Revenge is the prime ingredient in the fountain of youth. I've kept myself alive for thousands of years with a steady diet of jealousy and hate awaiting the day I'd finally eclipse your family's thieving reputat... huh?" Clockwerk asked in a confused fashion before I saw something come from across the lava and begin to attack him. Ruby!

"Take this, murderer!" Ruby exclaimed as she sent numerous plasma blaster shots at Clockwerk, the damage to his body actually being quite large!

"Way to go, Ruby! Carmelita? Help Sly with electricity!" I said into the radio feature of the Binocucom.

"Got it!" she yelled as she sent an electric blast at Clockwerk's left wing and Sly then shot at it with the rockets of the jet pack, Clockwerk then spiraling into the lava.

"Nice going, guys! You got him!" Bentley smirked before Clockwerk used his booster feet feature to get out of the lava. "Wow, that's one tough owl!" Bentley gawked afterwards, Sly speaking again as I saw the two of them were much closer to me now.

"I don't get it, you're so obsessed with my family, you must have known my parents had a son. If you hated the Coopers so much, why did you let me live when you stole the Thievius Raccoonus?" Sly asked in utter confusion as I climbed my way over some rocks to get closer to where the duo was at.

"Because I wanted to show the world that without your precious book, the Cooper line was nothing!" Clockwerk frowned monotonously. I was only mere yards away from them as Sly then spoke again.

"You're wrong. The Thievius Raccoonus doesn't create great thieves. It takes great thieves to create the Thievius Raccoonus!" Sly smirked, me then leaping with a powerful jump and landing right on Clockwerk's back and executing numerous rolls of electrical energy across his back, Clockwerk shrieking in agony as Sly and Ruby started to pelt him with bullets of plasma and rockets, me jumping off before they could hit me, back on solid ground.

After that escapade, Clockwerk fell into the lava and I smiled widely at how his body was at a perfect position to jump on from my position. I leaped into the air and landed right on Clockwerk's back before whacking at his head numerous times while he back-talked me!

"Cooper! You will never be rid of me!... Clockwerk... iizzz... superioooooorrrr... bzrt..." Clockwerk groaned the last words as I finally dealt the finishing blow and his whole body started to glow hot, me using defy gravity to make it back to the bridge just as Clockwerk's body exploded!

We then started to search for the pages of the Thievius Raccoonus that Clockwerk had and found them in a large safe opened via rotation lock. And inside we found not one, not two, but SIXTEEN pages of the book!

"The full Thievius Raccoonus... the last I held this book, I was only 7 years old..." Sly smiled.

"Great job, mate! Ye finally get to inherit the family book!" Henriette smiled from my head.

"No, he didn't inherit it, hon. Sly freaking earned it!" I smiled, Sly smiling happily at that... but then came in Carmelita, her smiling a smug smile while holding the handcuffs in her hand.

"You still want that ten second head start?" she smiled at us.

"Sure enough," I smiled as Sly and I stood there, slowly inching closer as the seconds passed by until Sly went for it. He kissed Carmelita on the lips, me then locking her hand to the bridge and putting the key in her pocket, me then using Time Stopper and rushing Sly, myself, and Ruby to the van to make our exit.

"See ya, Carmelita! We'll send you a gift basket!" I smiled at her as we then drove away, her scream of anger happening shortly after.

"You left her with the key, right?" Meg smiled at me.

"No duh. It's not like I'm going to lock her to a volcano right next to boiling lava," I smiled at her.

"But were you serious about the gift basket?" Sly asked with a smile.

"She deserves some kind of reward for helping us, right?" I smiled at Sly, him smirking and nodding at that. "But first order of business, let's go get some lunch from a fancy pizza place. I'm starving!" I smiled.

"Same here," Ruby and Murray both said at the same time.

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