A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
Ascending the Mountain

Chapter 12

To be honest, having Henriette in my head was actually kind of helpful, as she had a lot of information about Clockwerk that she was willing to share with me... but only me, as I told her the same things I told Ruby. And she understood the situation, even though she really wanted to tell at least Sly about what the future would hold.

"Okay, it's getting a bit chilly, so we must be close, huh?" I asked with a smile as I started to shiver slightly.

"We're only ten minutes away from the base of the Kun Lun mountains," Murray said.

"Okay, then we're going to have some fun shortly," I smiled as I tried to activate invisibility from Slytunkhamen's entry in the Thievius Raccoonus, me being able to execute it perfectly!

"This invisibility could be useful in the mountains, and for pranks on Halloween," I smiled widely, Sly smirking at that as he also tried it out and turned invisible.

"This is going to be great!" Sly smiled at how his clothes also turned invisible when we used the technique.

After about 9 minutes of waiting, the Murray parked the van right at the base of the mountain, right on a bridge that was only a few inches wider than the van was!

"Excellent driving, Murray!" I smirked at him.

"Aw, it was nothin'," Murray smiled back.

"Time to get going," Ruby smiled, me looking at her in confusion.

"You want to come with us, Ruby?" I asked her.

"Of course! I want to help you guys out after what you did for me... that and I feel I owe you big time for that one instance all those years ago, Sly," Ruby said to Sly, me smiling and petting the gator girl on the head.

"Then wot're we waitin' fer, a mermaid? Let's get goin'!" Henriette exclaimed in my head, me smirking at her and simply flicking my temple to shut her up. No dice. "Oi! Stop doing that!" she groaned at me.

"I only do it to mess with you. You should know this by now," I smirked at her as we then proceeded onward up the slopes, taking out a couple of giant pole wielding apes before going up a larger hill. This was where a giant ape sent a tiny monkey down the slopes in a snowball to try and hurt us... but he didn't take into account that I could also use a ball form, one with electricity! And when I saw that the monkey was completely helpless after just one minion, I then shocked him to sleep with an electrical roll of doom!

"Sweet!" Ruby smiled as we went forward some more and then saw the sight of the Panda King's statue and a firework being launched from it.

"Would you look at that, a fireworks show!" Bentley said... which turned to fear and shock for all of us when we saw the firework hit the mountain and cause an avalanche to not only cover up the houses, but completely demolish them and all of its citizens in the debris!

"THIS is what the Panda King has been doing since we disbanded?! Even I wouldn't go so far to as to murder an entire village of innocent people! We need to get up there fast, before he kills another town!" Ruby exclaimed in anger and shock.

"I couldn't agree more," Sly said as we then used a hook to get up a ledge, Ruby doing something else in order to join us. What'd she do? She used her mojo magic to levitate herself off the ground!

"Levitation? Well played, Ruby," I smirked at her with a wink. She giggled at that and I just smiled at it. Ever since she had turned into her child form, I thought she was cute as a button, even though she did still play with some spare bones she kept on her from time to time. We then moved through the area bit by bit until we reached the area with the giant guard station and the large gate in front of us.

"Looks like we'll need to improvise our way to get to those fireworks in the guards' positions. I'm going into stealth mode," I smiled with my breath being in whisper form as I then started to hide myself with invisibility, inching myself across the wall carefully with it up and smirking at how I was able to move slowly with invisibility already. So I bet that using the invisibility with Huckleberry Cooper would allow me to run and jump while using it!

I soon got to the house itself and sent tons of fireworks at the guards, them all getting knocked for a loop as well as getting very badly hurt from the blast while getting knocked out.

"Threat nullified, now to open the gate," I smiled as I sent forth the fireworks in front of me, the first of them going to the gate and opening it up with a large blast. And the second one opened the hatch right behind me! I then got into the hatch and contacted my sister. "I've found a vault and am requesting the codes," I smiled at Meg.

"Okay, sending code for that vault right now," Meg said to me, giving me the code and me putting it in, grabbing the page within and seeing it was indeed Huck Cooper's move for moving while staying invisible. Only for this one, you could move at any speed and jump while doing so! And get this, if you came across someone else who was invisible, so long as you both were using it, you'd be able to see them!

I then opened the rolling door and saw Sly and Ruby had moved on and got the Treasure Key from the guards in the courtyard ahead. And when I looked to my right, all the guards were in a pile and making strange noises with big derpy smiles on them.

"Just a little bit of mojo magic and I can make their minds start tripping out as if they were on ecstasy," Ruby smiled.

"How long does it last?" I smiled at her as she opened up the gate.

"For as long as I say so. And I decided I'd have them doped out like this for 4 hours tops," Ruby giggled as we got into the stronghold and we made our way to the roof and saw the ceiling hatch in our way.

"We're going to need to destroy this ceiling hatch... and I see a good bit of fireworks we could use in this cage here. We'll need two more keys to open it up... I'm starting to see a pattern here," I smiled at it.

"Yeah, me too," Sly smirked.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Ruby smiled, playing innocent, me smirking at her.

"You did the same thing with your area, Ruby," I smirked at her while petting her tiny head.

"Cut it out! Haha!" Ruby giggled.

"By the way, Sly, I have something for you. A page that will allow us to run, jump, and move quickly while staying invisible," I smiled as I gave him the page with a smirk.

"Thanks, Ella," Sly smiled as he then put Huck's page in the book and I smiled at how it was actually during the time of the Roman Empire, around the turn form BC to AD, but the page depicted Huck Cooper as being from Africa's southern half.

"I'm going to go over to this area here," I smiled, pointing to the level of King of the Hill.

"I'll go to this area then," Sly smiled, pointing to the one to the west, the one with invisibility usage.

"And I'll go to this one here," Ruby smiled, pointing to the Flaming Temple of Flame.

"Let's do this. We don't have all day," I smiled as I then went to the area that I would go get the key from... only to see no turret at all and for me to start out at the base of the area.

"Time to get that key," I smirked, going invisible and running my way up the place, me actually taking out guards left and right with them none the wiser at all! I did this for the entire run, even to the point where I got the key without any security at all!

"Wow... that was easy!" I smirked, only taking three minutes to do all of the run on my lonesome!

I then got back to the Stronghold and started to hear the Panda King over the intercom.

"Attention, Panda employees... sadly, village to west of my stronghold could not pay for avalanche protection service, so I had to bury village in snow. Keep sharp and defend stronghold from hostile invasion. Thank you, that is all," the Panda King said, me growling at how he murdered people and didn't even care. How he was able to let it all go in between this game and game number three was beyond me!

"I'm gonna wait here for my allies I guess," I smiled as I just tried to catch little bits of snow on my tongue, smirking at how I caught a couple stray flakes. It was my favorite thing to do during winter. Trying to catch snowflakes. "Shame that this can't last... France almost never gets any snow," I smiled, getting homesick again, but it only being mild homesickness.

"What was your world like, mate?" Henriette asked me, me smirking at her. She had been quiet for awhile, so she must've been having fun in my mind or something.

"It was a mixed bag, to be brutally honest. Most people were quite nice, but there was just as much, if not even worse crimes in my world than in this one. Tons of war, segregation based on skin tone and religions, and people having very wildly differing opinions on tons of discussions. And the result of all that was tons of death and destruction... the current war against terrorism in my world has killed tons of Americans and people of religion across the world, and the government of the nation doing this stuff has done nothing to help... in fact, they allow it to happen," I frowned.

"That's messed up, mate... but if ye ask me, Clockwerk would be even worse. Killing any Cooper and anyone affiliated with the Coopers as far back as Slytunkhamen's time... but not to worry, I know his fatal weakness," Henriette smiled.

"Yeah? What is it?" I asked, being coy again.

"Electricity, duh. Just shoot 'im with an electrical pulse and then demolish the area afflicted. It'll roast right through 'is immortal hide," Henriette smiled.

"Cool," I smiled, seeing Ruby appear from her area soon after. "Looks like we're gonna be setting off some fireworks. Would you like to take control just to do the dirty, Henriette?" I smiled at her, the pirate lass gasping at that.

"With pleasure, mate!" she laughed heartily, me smirking as I felt her in control of my body, something that I only allowed her to do on rare occasions. Mostly because I was the main one in control.

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