A Human Among Animal Thieves @jumbochamploon
The Most Disgusting Waterfall Ever

Chapter 10

After that talk with Ruby, I managed to get the pages to Slaigh MacCooper, who was the inventor of the Wall Edge Sneak move. You know, the one that I'd been using to creep along walls? Well, he also made another move, the Bone-Cracker Crush technique. And when I read it, I felt much stronger and proceeded to use the move on the ground, me gawking at how I actually felt a miniature tremor after doing so!

"Whoa... that's a pretty powerful punch, Ella!" Sly smirked at me as I met back up with him.

"Got it from your Scottish Ancestor, Slaigh MacCooper. This page depicts him with muscles even bigger than Muggshot's and using a gigantic stone cane! If this page is true in what it says, then Slaigh could smash through any lock with a single strike! We're definitely reading his entry later on... and what paged did you get?" I asked him, Sly shaking a bit at the thought of what he probably encountered.

"Well, while you were out in that one area, I had to contend with a giant monster that wanted me for dinner! It's behind that gate right there!" Sly said, pointing at the gate in question. "And... the page I got from that area was from my grandfather, Bruce O' Coop. He was a master computer hacker and he had the ability to hack any computer he came across, even ones that were around when my father was doing his thieving businesses," Sly smiled.

"Sounds like he was pretty smart. Maybe Meg and Bentley could use that page more than we could," I smiled at him.

"Aw, thanks for the compliment, sis," Meg smirked at me.

"You're welcome," I smiled at my sis as I got the key that Sly had on him. "I saw a hologram behind this bone fence here. You can handle that place while I open the way to the temple, okay? I'll contend with the beast," I smiled at Sly.

"Thanks," he said as he proceeded to go on the bone rope to the piranha lake and I went to the gate with the keys.

"Tss... please don't eat me..." I hissed sharply as I opened the gate and immediately ducked for cover, the giant snake roaring loudly and me seeing that he demolished the gate in no time! I then gasped as I saw his face for myself... it was even more frightening and hideous than in the game, him not even having any eyeballs and looking like something you'd see in Dark Souls! He then roared again and went back into the gate, me immediately locking it back up.

"Okay, that thing was scary as all fuck," I gulped as I then went over to the area with the giant ectoplasm beater, Bentley getting in my connections this time.

"That giant machine is responsible for mixing up that unsanitary mess," Bentley said.

"I guess you have a weak stomach, huh, turtle?" I smiled at him.

"Yes, I do," Bentley groaned.

"Don't worry, Bentley. I got contacted by Ruby earlier and we had a bit of a heart-to-heart. So much in fact, she said she'd just immediately come with us the moment we get the last of her Treasure Keys, no dance fight required," I smiled.

"Really? You must be an expert negotiator," Bentley said.

"That, or I'm just extremely friendly," I smiled. "Anyways, I think I need to ask Ruby a question while I go through the next area. Particularly about this giant beater... I'm seeing bones and skin parts in the muck that it's beating up, and I don't think that's a good thing to keep around," I said with a gag.

"Yeah, about that, you can go ahead and destroy that giant beating machine anytime you want after you get the last key. It gives me added mojo magic and more strength, but not enough to the point that I'm powerless without it. I want to go with you no matter where you go, Ella," Ruby said, me smiling at her and Bentley gawking at that.

"I guess you heard that too, huh Bentley?" I smiled at him.

"Y-Yeah... she's even got telepathic powers. I didn't think that was possible," Bentley gulped.

"I'm going to go to the next area now... I'll need to use the shadows of the masks to hide myself from the guards," I said, getting into the shadows of the mask and proceeding to the area with the disgusting waterfall filled with body parts. I didn't expect how gross it'd be when I saw it up close... but when I did see it, I almost lost my lunch.

The waterfall was not only green, but it had visible blood in some parts too. There were also entire heads, legs, arms, and even tails that were being battered down the giant waterfall, some having all of their rotted skin, others having a few bits missing, and some with no skin at all. And the stench... I am not joking when I said I nearly lost my lunch! This place smelled absolutely horrible!

"Gugh... I... I think I'm gonna need a shower... after this trip..." I gagged at the sight, Ruby smirking and giggling at that.

"Yeah, I know it smells bad, but dead bodies are the only way to fuel my excess mojo magic... and if you're wondering, no, they aren't fresh. I get them from graves and then I put them in the river system to eventually be made into ectoplasm," Ruby said, my face turning green at that and me finally giving my own bit of mojo magic... by vomiting right in the river.

"Ugh... take a note, Ruby... when we go on vacation after this... you're doing my laundry... I got some puke on my shirt just now..." I gagged as my throat burned from the bile coming out of my body.

"That's fair... don't mean to be rude, but do you happen to come from the city?" Ruby asked.

"Back in my universe, I lived in a rural town off the back roads of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. The worst smell I got in that place was the smell of cow shit. And this smell here? This river of body parts?... It's ten times worse than the biggest barn of shit I've ever had to be in... and the piles of shit in that barn were up to my knees," I groaned as I got up to the vault and got the codes put in, me then getting the page for Matthew de le Coopeur's Slow Motion technique. I then tried it out and saw that time slowed down all over... except for me!

"Sweet!" I smirked as I then proceeded to the candle that would reveal the vine, me then hitting it and seeing the vine appear. I then road it all the way to the key... and immediately regretted doing so as I had to get that disgusting water dumped onto my body. "Make another note... when we get out of here, I'm going to need a shower... in cleaning chemicals!" I gagged as I immediately grabbed the key and saw that Sly had already got out and over to the chicken area. How did I know this? Tons of clucking and bocking from the building nearby.

"I'm going to go up there and wait for the raccoon to finish beating up mindless chickens," I smiled, heading up there and smirking when Sly came out of the place with the final keys and the smell of glorious roast chicken!

"Whew, that was a rough party in there," Sly said.

"But you smell delicious," I smiled at him.

"And I believe we just got the last of the keys. Did you get any pages?" Sly asked.

"Yes, I got a couple pages from Matthew de le Coopeur, inventor of the slow motion technique. Not just slow motion jumping. Watch," I smiled as I slowed down time all around me and started to motion Sly into a different pose, him looking shocked at how I made him sit in a squatting position and holding his cane like he were presenting a sword.

"Uh... that's cool," Sly smiled.

"But it isn't nearly as cool as the technique on this page I have," I heard Ruby say... but this time, it wasn't in my head.

"Ruby? Where are you?" I asked. I then smiled when I felt a couple of hands around my body and I hugged back, seeing that it was Ruby... but she didn't look at all like the case files OR the game... she looked smaller... in fact, she looked like she were in her child form again!

"Ruby... what... what happened to you? You look... younger!" I gawked at her.

"I don't really know myself... it actually happened after I decided you were my friend... I suddenly felt my body become younger, down to the point of me becoming a kid again... my guess is that it's because of my mojo magic originating at a time where I didn't have any friends... so it's my magic's way of giving me a chance to start over," Ruby said, her voice actually changing to sound more like a little girl's... she was faking that older girl talk the whole time and I had no idea!

"Well, no matter how old or how small you are, you're still my friend, Ruby," I smiled at her, hugging her gently while handing the keys over to Sly. "Go ahead and destroy that mojo mixer... and I'm still serious about you doing my laundry, Ruby," I smiled at her.

"I know. And quite frankly, I deserve it," Ruby smirked. "That place is quite smelly, even for me," Ruby smiled. Sly then destroyed the giant egg beater and Ruby stayed the same age, but I could feel a bit of strength exit her body and into the air, almost like it left her body.

"Okay, now time to go back to the van... uh-oh... and we better move quickly, Sly. A certain fox has just arrived and she looks pissed," I gulped, pointing in the direction of Carmelita, who was coming into our area of the swamp on a commandeered fishing boat! "Ruby, get on my back, it's time to get out of here!" I smirked... but then Ruby started to do something.

"Okus-hay... Olokus-pay... okus-fay... okus-fay..." she started saying, the words confusing me until she said them progressively quicker until we suddenly had our entire existence change to right in front of the van!

"Whoa! Did you just teleport us out of the swamp?!" Sly asked Ruby.

"Hah... yeah... I need sleep now... that's probably the only time I'll be able to do that for a few months..." Ruby smiled as she then started to snooze on my back, which made me smirk.

"Yeah, I could use some sleep too... Come on, Sly, let's get in the van. We're taking a vacation at an ocean-side resort this time," I smiled widely.

"Do we have the money for that?" Sly asked.

"Uh, yeah, remember the big bet I made with Muggshot's mutts? I got at least 40 thousand bucks from that along with the 30 grand I got from the big diamond from Raleigh's lair. And converting to Euros, that means about 61 thousand Euros, more than enough for us to get a hotel in the Bahamas," I smiled at him.

"So we're going to go to sheep country?" Bentley asked, me not getting what he said... but Meg did.

"HAHAHAAAHA! Oh, you gotta be kidding me! HAH!" she laughed like a lunatic.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"Bahamas! Sheep! Bah-hamas! Get it?!" Meg laughed, me then getting the joke and having a good laugh myself.

"Okay, that's probably one of the most clever animal-based puns I've ever heard since my time in this world. You just gotta tell me that's true, Sly!" I smiled at him.

"It's true, the Bahamas are widely populated by sheep people," Sly smiled, me smiling and laughing myself to sleep... I guess I was a bit exhausted after all.

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