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Ch26: Primitive, Both Cube and King

Shu POV:

Once our group arrived on the giant cube, we were surprised at how the area we were at was filled with greenery all over. "Could Nene really be here?" I asked when we proceeded forward near a large building area with a berry bush nearby.

"No doubt about it, Shu. I can sense his magic somewhere in the core of this cube-shaped mini-planet. We're going to need to get inside that structure to pursue him," Anya said as we proceeded forward and Anya had to grab Marumaro before he went over to eat one of the berries.

"Aw, come on! Maro hungry!" he groaned.

"Nene is on this cube, Marumaro. There is a high chance he poisoned that fruit. For now, just stick to eating some of the snacks we have. How about chocolate instead?" Anya asked as she pulled out a Zephyr chocolate, Marumaro smiling and eating it... but the smell of it made something emerge from nearby... something very large. And when it locked eyes with us, Anya smiled widely.

"Give me a break, this thing is supposed to be our first hurdle? I've taken out bigger lizards than this. Let's do this," Anya smiled as the giant dinosaur roared loudly and tried to attack Anya with its mouth, Anya stopping it in place and actually overpowering it with her superhuman strength! She then smirked as the giant dino tried to fight back and she had her Shadow emerge to smash its fists into the beast's head so hard and with such power, the giant dinosaur flew from the ground and smacked right into the giant door of the structure, making it crumble up for us to get in with ease.

"Point Anya," Jiro smiled.

"Giant robot dinosaur, zilch," Kluke smiled, us noticing that Nene hadn't caught onto the fact that we were now able to go after him. "Strange... you'd think that Nene would be tormenting us now with mind games," Kluke frowned.

"Most likely he's trying to keep up the pace with the natural disasters and trying to find a way to overpower the different cities' populace. He probably doesn't even know we're here. We can get a surprise jump on him," Zola smiled.

"Let's do it," Marumaro smirked as we rushed into the giant structure and proceeded deeper into the cube through an elevator. And when we finished our descent, we saw what the inside of the cube really was. Filled with lava and some strong-looking monsters. "Let's go through this place quickly while Nene's distracted," Anya smiled as we then started to rush our way through the cube and closer to the madman himself.

Anya POV:

I was legitimately surprised at how Nene hadn't noticed we had been drawing ever closer to him the further we went down, our group encountering one giant enemy after another until we finally got to the final floor. And when we saw a giant arena in front of us, I gasped as we saw what we were going to face as our final hurdle to Nene. It was Szabo, but his body was standing atop an amalgamation of all four of the other Robot Generals, Raging Kesu's replacement being on it as well.

"What's he done to Szabo?" I gawked at the monster Nene had turned him into.

"I don't know... let's strike now, but leave Szabo alive. He'll take us to Nene," Zola said.

"Understood," I smiled as I then proceeded to attack the giant robot menace with a giant spike of Groundus that skewered the central two robots supporting Szabo in one go, which actually made Szabo fall off badly damaged, but still alive. And as for the other two robots that were on him, they had detached as well and obviously didn't have programming inside of them. How did I know? Because they fell into the lava and burned to a crisp! Szabo then tried to get up before Zola held a blade in front of his face.

"Now you will take us to your Master Nene. Do so, and we will spare you," Zola frowned at him.

"Y-Yes... I shall..." Szabo said with a groan as he then started to float his way towards an open door and we followed him through it. And on the other side would be Nene. I could sense his essence at the very back of the room as well as a tremendous power source. Whatever he was planning, he didn't look like he was aware of our group entering the room.

"GRRGH! How many more of these human peons are going to be able to thwart my plans with magic?! They have forgotten about magic, so how can they use it now of all times?!" Nene snarled angrily as I simply fired a warning shot directly at his feet, Nene gasping as he literally jumped at that. "WHAT?!" he exclaimed when he saw all of us.

"You know, Master Nene... you sure do talk big, but your actions could use a bit more work after all the dirty things we've seen you do," I smiled at him widely.

"Peh, I must have gotten careless to have allowed you lot down here so easily... very well, then. You wish to fight me? To put an end to your master?" Nene smiled as he had something behind him that I gawked at. A giant Eternal Engine machine.

"You are never going to be my master ever again when I'm through with you, you bastard!" I exclaimed, glaring him down as I then started to speak my mind. "You've killed my aunt and uncle, you've crippled my mother for life, you've kidnapped me and turned me into a robot, and you made my cousin terrified when she saw what you turned me into! Out of all of the humans on this planet, of all of the lives you've demolished, why have you affected me, ME the worst of all of them?! Your misdeeds to all of humankind are not what a king is supposed to do! You once ruled with a kind but firm hand and helped those with little magic! Now it seems that you've turned into the polar opposite of the man you once were! You are not a king. You are a devil in the flesh! And last I checked, hell is still waiting for you to come home!" I exclaimed at him in anger, my group looking at me with a smile.

"Yeah, you tell that bastard off!" Shu smiled at me, cheering me on.

Nene growled at my actions and pressed a button on his new throne, me smiling as he then had the Eternal Engine behind him attach different support cords to his body to buff him up with even more strength than before. "So, you finally realize that this is the end, do you? Very well then, devil. For the entire fate of our planet, for the thousands of lives you have ended in your madness, I'll give you a one-way trip to the grave!" I exclaimed as me and all of my allies let out our shadows, Nene smirking and putting a light collar on almost all of my allies minus Zola, them simply smirking as the collars tried to take their power, but Nene gasped when he saw who they really belonged to.

"Impossible! Why have you shadows? This isn't my power!" Nene growled lowly.

"Nope. They have all become one with their inner self. And now you shall feel the power of 6 very angry and very powerful kids kicking your ass," I smiled as I then proceeded to attack first by having Mystic Mermaid attack the Eternal Engine supports with a blast of Flarus, annihilating the cords on the left side of Nene and making him hiss angrily at that.

"You think you can defeat me?! Think again!" Nene snarled as he then let out his Chimera shadow and he tried to attack me with it, but I smiled at how all of my allies assisted and had a pushing war between their shadows and Nene's shadow. In the end, I was the one to push Nene's shadow back and directly into him, Mystic Mermaid doing me a bonus by slapping Nene's left arm so hard that I heard the bones snap, Nene gasping as he started to quiver a bit.

"Three... two... one... and cue the scream," I smiled. And just like that, Nene's scream could be heard halfway around the entire world, me seeing that he had accidentally given a visage to the whole world that had him get hurt by us and his pain. I then heard a distant cheering and smiled. The entire planet was cheering for us to win. For us to defeat this madman!

"Do you hear those cheers, Master Nene? They aren't for you being their king. They're for us breaking your arm. And now, natural progression," I smiled as Kluke then answered by making a Flarus attack completely annihilate the support tentacles on the right side, Nene gasping as he fell to the ground, yet still retained a buffed state.

"Zola..." Nene said, me looking at Zola with a smile.

"Yes, what is it?" Zola asked, me looking at her with a smirk. On the way here through the cube, we'd already went through the plan.

"Give to me that which belongs to me, and stand by my side," Nene smiled, our group faking looking tricked as Zola did so and Marumaro did the best acting of all.

"No! Maro can't hurt Lady Zola!" Marumaro exclaimed, his acting being quite good for a little kid. Nene then took a collar and placed it around Zola's neck, her standing there and taking it with a cold frown, Nene's gasp obvious when she had her spirit within her be completely hers.

"What?!" Nene gawked.

"I've cast your spirit away, all the way back in Pachess Town. It's now at the deepest recesses of the ocean. And this spirit is all me. Szabo! The collar of Light!" Zola exclaimed, this one being new to me. Szabo and Zola were actually partners! Szabo immediately appeared and threw a collar at Nene, him gasping as he felt his power start to leave him.

"You... you planned this... all along... didn't you?" Nene snarled.

"Hah, yeah, we did. By the way, top notch acting, Marumaro. You actually had me believing it for a change," I smiled at my friends as Nene gasped as the light collar around him then turned red and his spirit left his body, Nene's state regressing to that of an old man, him barely able to move now.

"This is for Auntie Sally," I frowned as I shot Nene through the stomach, him gasping in an audible breath. "And this is for Uncle Boyle," I snarled as I shot him in the arms, both of them, me noticing that his little toad Deathroy escaped when I did so. But I knew Deathroy was a weak underling. "And this is for everyone else that you killed. And when you get to hell, tell Hineto to fuck himself," I snarled as I shot him directly through the skull, Nene's spirit falling down into Zola's hands.

"And now to dispose of this... HYAH!" Zola exclaimed as she hurled it far and long, the soul actually disappearing to the outer darkness of the cube we resided in.

"Did you see the look on his face when he saw we were faking that whole 'oh no! Zola betrayed us' bit thing? That was the best part of that! Sweet vengeance!" I smiled widely.

"My mom and dad can finally rest in peace... same with yours, Shu," Kluke smiled at her boyfriend.

"And don't forget Sahlia's. A lot of people are now able to rest in peace, knowing that this evil bastard is dead forever," Shu smiled... but then something happened that none of us, not even myself were expecting.

"AHAHAHA! Pathetic Pathetic!" exclaimed a voice of Deathroy coming from the direction of the broken Szabo.

"What's going on with Szabo?" Jiro asked. But then Deathroy slapped off Szabo's head and did something that made my heart sink. He started to laugh loudly as his body slowly started to melt and absorb Szabo, most of the throne, and all of the giant eternal engine all up as his voice changed from high pitched to extremely loud, booming, and deep. And his body? Once it had absorbed all of it, all of us gawked at the sheer size Deathroy now possessed...

"I AM THE END OF YOU ALL! I AM DESTROY, THE ULTIMATE BIOGENETIC WARRIOR!" the giant monster now said, my mouth gasping as I remembered the story.

"Oh shit... it's just like the murals! YOU WERE THE KILLER OF THE ANCIENTS ALL THOSE THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO!" I exclaimed at him as I saw that he looked strikingly similar to the monster in the mural town's story. And the size of this gigantic abomination? He made all of our sizes pale in comparison! "Get ready, guys! IT'S THE BIG ONE! All of our training was for this moment! THIS IS OUR FINAL FIGHT TO SAVE EVERYONE! If we fail this, the world will end!" I exclaimed with seriousness to all of my friends.

"Got it!" they all exclaimed as we let our our shadows to attack the giant beast.

"Bring it on, maggots," Destroy smiled at us as the entirety of the area around our circular arena became drenched in blazing hot lava and Destroy stood in it like it was nothing! The fight then started. The fight to determine the fate of our entire planet.

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