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Ch24: Frozen City and Kluke's Last Straw

Shu POV:

Our group made it through Devour Forest quite easily, as, though the enemies were all undead monsters, they were no match for our skills as almost all of them attacked alone. Anya then led us all down a very long path through the snowfields to Noluta Village, not even taking the time to attack the different monsters, which none of us could blame her for. We then finally reached Noluta Village and we gasped as we entered the gates and immediately got a chill from the coldness of the village.

"W-What is this?!" Anya gasped as she saw that, indeed, there was ice all over the place. And there was one resident that was frozen in front of us that made me sick. It was a little kid, no older than 10! And then something shocking happened. When he saw us, despite being frozen in ice, he actually spoke to us!

"A-Anya?... You've finally come back!" the kid said with a smile, his mouth being the only thing that could move.

"Frado!" Anya gasped as she rushed to him and looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"I've been so worried... where were you all this time?" Frado asked.

"I was kidnapped by the very same man that did this to all of you. Tell me, what did that monster do that caused all of this to happen?" Anya asked him with worry on her face.

"He used the device in the town center... he said a strange password, the words he said I have never forgotten... I mean, how can you forget the words that froze everyone in place in freezing cold ice?" Frado asked with a frown.

"What's the password? And where is mommy?" Anya asked him. Frado then said the password and we were all surprised at how it was in some kind of talk that we hadn't heard before.

"That's the dialect of the Ancients... I've studied it a bit in the past... I think I can say that password and save all of you! Where's momma?" Anya asked him.

"Your mom... she's trapped in the river... she was taking a dip when that monster appeared and recited those words, freezing her inside of the river," the frozen kid said, Anya immediately rushing to that location while we followed after her. She was quite fast at running when she wanted to be and when we found her mom, we were shocked to see that she looked quite young despite having a 24 year old daughter before she'd been frozen in ice.

"Mommy! Are you okay?" Anya asked when she looked her mother in the eyes, the woman frozen in the river blinking a few times before speaking, her entire body unable to move at all.

"Is that... you? My darling Annie? Where have you been?... I thought you were gone for good..." Anya's mother said with a kind smile, though she was obviously a bit stunned speechless, from what I could guess.

"I was kidnapped, mom... I've been gone for so long because the man that did this to our home kidnapped me before doing this horrendous crime!" Anya said to her mom with tears in her eyes.

"I knew that you wouldn't have left us to perish willingly... this river... my entire body is frozen... but my lower half... I don't think I'll be able to walk again, even after I get thawed out..." Anya's mom said, Kluke gasping before getting incredibly angry.

"NEEENNNEEE! ! !" Kluke exclaimed in absolute fury as her shadow erupted into a fiery red to show how furious she was! And honestly, it looked quite intimidating. "That monster is not going to live by the time this is all over! After we save your village, we're going to find that monster and kill him before he hurts anymore innocent people! Let me at that control panel!" Kluke growled as she grabbed all of us with her shadow and pushed us to the panel, Anya simply rushing over to join us. Kluke was the one to then chant the words that Frado mentioned and, when she did, the device turned on and a small quaking of the ground occurred. "Time to battle!" Kluke yelled in anger as the guardian of this console soon appeared. A gigantic golem made out of iron with four arms.

Anya POV:

Out of all of my allies to blow their top after me, Kluke was the last person I would've guessed to be the one to do so. She was so calm most of the time, but now she showed her rage incarnate with her Phoenix taking on the form of its red shadow form, which only happened in the most angered states of mind. Kluke wasted no time in showing the true power of an angry magic user, completely melting the giant golem in just one swoop with a giant flume of ultra-intense lava that stuck to the golem and melted it from the outside inwards until only the barrier device remained!

"Ho... ly... shit..." Shu gawked as Marumaro just looked on in fright and I looked at Kluke with a frown, seeing she was still furious.

"Kluke... calm down... take a deep breath," I tried to say to her, Kluke still seething even after she did deep breathing.

"This is not normal Kluke behavior... what's gotten into her?" Jiro asked in shock. Then Kluke growled and snapped back a comment at Jiro.

"NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!" Kluke snarled angrily, me simply slapping her across the face with a powerful hand, Kluke then gasping as she let her shadow down and she collapsed on the ground from fatigue.

"Kluke!" Shu exclaimed as he rushed beside her. Kluke was still awake, but she was completely exhausted.

"I... I don't know what... what came over me... what just happened... to me... Anya?" Kluke asked me with long pauses for breath in-between.

"That, my dear Kluke, is a form of magic that only those filled with a hidden rage side have inside of them. The Red Shadow Power," I said to her as I picked her up while Jiro took the device off the ground and pushed the button, me smiling as all of the ice melted around us and I immediately rushed to the river and grabbed my mother out of it before she could float downstream, me having to drag her across the ground because, from what I saw, her feet and legs were almost completely hypo-thermic. She couldn't use them ever again... but she still kept her smile on her as she hugged me for the first time in a decade.

"What's Red Shadow Power?" Jiro asked.

"Do you recall what Nene's shadow looked like when it was fully completed?" I asked the group.

"Yeah, it was a giant chimera! And it was almost red, but almost purple as well," Maro said.

"Exactly. Nene has so much latent magic, he is able to tap into Red Shadow Power once he's fully charged with energy and he has regained his power. That's why his Chimera was purple-red. Kluke, on the other hand, has just had her first exposure to the sheer destructive nature of Red Shadow Power. If a person gets way too angry, their soul reacts to it and makes their shadows more power at the cost of almost all control of your emotions except for anger. She needs to have that power contained within her. Now that she's used Red Shadow Power once, there is a good chance it'll happen again if she gets mad at pretty much anything. Too much usage will do the same thing to you that it did to Nene. Give you a disease that is caused by your overexertion of magic," I said to her.

"That... that's insane... to think that a human could have as much destructive power as Nene," Kesu gawked.

"Who's your floaty friend with the pointy head?" mom asked with a smile, me smiling at how she was still okay.

"That's one of my fellow robot friends... her original name was Raging Kesu... but I think I should just call her Kesu from now on," I smiled at her.

"Heh. It's more like Kluke and Anya are the real ragers. I didn't know that you could get that strong, Kluke... but if what Anya says is right, then you're going to need to keep a cool head," Shu said to his girlfriend.

"Yeah... I'll try to stay calm... now we need to find Nene... but where could we go to do that?" Kluke asked as she was regaining her strength back bit by bit.

"The Glass Spires," said a voice from behind me, which I saw belonged to the other person I cared for unlike any other.

"PAPA!" I exclaimed as I ran over to him and mom smiled as she sat on the ground and I rushed over to hug my dad.

"My dear Annie..." my dad smiled as we hugged each other for a good long while until Marumaro brought the question up.

"What are the Glass Spires?" Maro asked.

"I've seen some movement with the Glass Spires to the south in the Great Desert. I had to hitch a ride to get here from one of your friends. She told me to tell you that she has a mode of transport to go after Nene effective immediately," my dad said.

"Zola. I knew she wasn't out of the good fight yet! She must have gotten the scientists to fix up that Mechat finally! Let's go find her!" I smiled, looking back at my mom again and seeing that Kesu looked to be near her with a smile. "You coming with, Kesu?" I asked her.

"Negative... I think I'd rather stay here and help your mother with medical attention. She needs some kind of support for her body," Kesu said.

"Don't worry about me, Annie. Just go and kick that purple douche bag's but for me!" mom smirked at me.

"I'll do that and soooo much more, mommy," I smiled at her as I got the others to follow me to the gate that left town, but not before I activated a warp station with one of the keys I had on hand. "Time to see how Zola is faring," I smirked.

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