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Ch19: Pachess Town Underground

Shu POV:

After our group met up with the elder, he showed us something that we were amazed with. "What's this machine?" I asked when he led us to a secret tower behind his house and we saw a strange machine in there.

"This is a machine that Nene said would be able to remove the barrier... but before we could use it, he took the key component out of it and tossed it down this hole, saying that if we were brave enough, to go inside and get it ourselves... but when anyone we sent down there never returned, we refused to let anyone else venture down there," the elder said.

"And what's up with this drawing on the wall? We saw something similar to it in Mural Valley," Kluke asked. I then saw the mural myself and saw that it was the bio-genetic weapon that Anya talked of.

"That is the monster that is said to have annihilated the Ancients over 10 thousand years ago... the war was big and the magic users with more power created and raised a creature that they thought would bring an end to the war with their victory. But it began to devour the war, engulfing any Ancient and Mecha into its gaping maw and not stopping its devastation once... only by the fire on the moon was it able to be sealed and vanquished... but the fire's wrath flew across the Earth in the process, killing every single Ancient in the process... minus one..." the elder said.

"Nene," I frowned.

"We'll go down there and get that device... h-hey! Marumaro!" Jiro exclaimed when Marumaro pushed a button on the machine and we gasped as we heard a loud bang from above us. We then looked up and gasped as we happened to see that the button push actually caused one of the Moon Lasers to attack the barrier for a few seconds before it turned around again.

"I get it. The last piece of this machine will allow us to control the Moon Lasers. With enough force of the lasers attacking the barrier, we can eliminate it in one go!" I smiled.

"The way down that hole is dangerous and is home to a miniature factory within. I suggest you be careful when venturing down there," the elder said. I smirked and let out my shadow, him in awe at it.

"We'll be safe. We have magic ourselves, thanks to Anya," Jiro said.

"I see... stay safe. I await your return," the elder smiled at us. We then proceeded down the ladder into the area in question and, when we got to the area he said there was a factory, we saw that there were monsters in there. There were robots, fire-based jellyfish, and even some red skeletons. We especially had to be wary of the skeletons as they had a nasty attack that, if it was successful, would force our minds to tell us to attack our friends while sapping away our magic at the same time!

"Damn! Those skeletons are a real pain in the ass!" I groaned.

"Not as big a pain as those jellyfish, though. They keep powering themselves up by lighting themselves on fire and absorbing it!" Zola growled.

"Yeah, this is getting a bit rough... think you could heal us up, Jiro?" Kluke asked.

"Yeah, I got it," Jiro said as he used Zephyra on our party as we found a switch in the room we were in. We pressed it and we heard a sound come from the eastern side of the factory. "Let's investigate," Jiro commanded as we all went after him and we saw that the switch seemed to alter the conveyor belt's travel. We simply rode it to the other end and disembarked at the stairs, continuing forward until we got to a large door. And when we got past it and a few more Red Skeletons, we walked forward some more before we were suddenly ambushed by a very large and imposing monster.

It was nearly as big as the giant fire horse was, but this one had 8 giant spider legs, a spider's body, armor coating it all over, and the upper half looking like a skeleton with a glass dome covering its face. This monster also wielded a giant scythe in its hands that looked quite sharp and deadly. "Don't let that scythe touch you, no matter what," Kluke said.

"Gotcha! Devee Dance... OF CORPOREAL!" Marumaro exclaimed as he then kicked off the battle with a bang, using the Corporeal status he had built up from fighting all the skeletons on our way here. The Saber Tooth came out of his shadow and charged faster than a lightning bolt at the giant spider skeleton, doing a ton of damage to it while also shattering the glass dome on top of its head.

"Nice work, Marumaro! And you invented a brand new dance on top of it!" I smiled at him as I then attacked the head of the giant spider with a Flarus Sword, managing to do some more damage to it and hurting the monster even worse.

"I'll end this right here!" Zola exclaimed as she took the field and stood right in front of the scythe-wielding spider robot. "For all the people that Nene has tortured, hurt, maimed, and killed! For all the people of Jibral, Lago, Talta, Noluta, and Pachess, I WILL DESTROY YOU!" Zola exclaimed as she then exploded in power and her Killer Bat emerged from her shadow. And when it came out, it proceeded to hurl giant balls of electricity at the giant spider and, while it was stunned, the bat let out a massive laser out of his mouth that made the spider explode in amazing fashion, the blast actually making a miniature earthquake as we saw a device appear from the rubble, it being completely unscathed despite the massive explosion!

"Whoa, these little things sure are frickin' durable, aren't they?" I asked when I picked it up.

"Well, if they were built to withstand a blast of that kind of force, I'm sure they could stand up to anything... let's go back to the Elder and remove the barrier," Kluke said.

It took a bit of walking to return to the elder and he smiled when he saw that we had retrieved the device. Jiro then placed it into the machine in the slot that it fit in and, once he did so, he input some commands into the machine as a camera was displayed from it. We then smiled as he pushed a button and held it, all the moons turning onto the city and beginning the barrage of laser projectiles. We had them do it for at least a minute before we saw the barrier disappear completely. And the moment that this happened, Jiro let go of the button, no lasers passing through the barrier and attacking the town.

"Whew... we did it," Kluke smiled.

"Let's go outside," the elder smiled as he looked into the sky and formed the biggest smile ever. "The blue sky... at long last, we are finally free," the elder smiled as we proceeded to the town and everyone gathered around.

"What's going on... what's with the sky?" one of the citizens asked.

"The barrier has been removed, thanks to these fine heroes here," the elder smiled.

"S-So... we're finally free?" one of the female villagers asked.

"Yeah! So what are you doing standing around? Come on, you can leave the village now! We got to go save our friend!" I smiled, our group rushing forward as well as some kids chasing us with happy expressions on their faces, which I smiled at.

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