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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

After the ordeal at the Water gym, I decided that we'd take our team back to Motostoke through the mines so we could find some more Pokemon as well as at least get the Fire Gym Challenge completed it was time for bed. And in order to do so, our group had to go through the eastern mines in order to do so, where we then saw that the Pokemon inside of it consisted of a different-looking Stunfisk than I was used to (it being a pure steel type that had nasty spikes on it), a couple newbies in the form of Wimpod and Binacle, Scraggy, and even one of my mom's favorites, Croagunk. Of the group of them that I linked with, I decided it best to have Binacle join us, as it had some pretty high defenses, was a rock and water type, and it could attack fire types with ease using Water Gun and Ancient Power. But that did mean I had to choose a Pokemon to go back to the professor, so I ultimately decided to send back Pancham, which I felt bad about doing, but she simply gave a thumbs-up before being sent to the Professor.

And after I'd done this, I then noticed someone on the path through the mines... someone I hated.

"Hmph, you again," Bede said as he looked at me and my group.

"Same to you, thief," I frowned, Bede sneering at that.

"I want a real battle, not some no-good cheater battle. Three Pokemon each, and you may not use your Pheromosa or Primarina. If you win, I'll give you something for your bike so you can ride on water. And if I win, I get your Wishing Pieces," he said, me frowning at that.

"A bet is fine, but I have stated it before, I have no patience to thieves. But I'll enlighten that bet, pinky," I smirked as Bede then sent out his first Pokemon in the form of Gothita.

"Okay, Binacle, time to play with the adorable baby," I smirked.

"H-How dare you!" Bede said angrily as I facepalmed.

"I was referring to Gothita?" I said, him then doing the same as me as his hand smacked his face.

"Alright, Binacle, use Fury Cutter!" I said, Binacle doing just that and managing to get Gothita down to half health, me smirking at that!

"Gothita, use Confusion," Bede said, Gothita then grabbing Binacle with its Psychic powers and slamming the dual rocks into the ground, me smirking at how it did only a quarter of damage and that they didn't get confused.

"Okay, Binacle. Finish off Gothita with another Fury Cutter!" I smirked, the two barnacles doing just that as the attack got stronger from consecutive use. Gothita fainted afterwards and Bede then returned her to the Pokeball he had.

"Go, Solosis!" Bede said as he sent out the small blob to attack next.

"Another Fury Cutter! No mercy!" I commanded, Binacle slashing the blob known as Solosis to faint instantly! And I saw that Bede was getting ticked.

"Grrgh... Ponyta, come out!" he said, me being surprised at how this Ponyta was actually absolutely gorgeous with a purple mane rather than a fiery one.

"Fury Cutter," I said, hoping that'd do the trick... and it did! I smirked as I then saw that this variant of Ponyta was a Psychic type and got KO'd in one hit! Bede then growled angrily and sent out a fourth Pokemon in Hattena. "Hey! We agreed on three each!" I shouted at him.

"You cheated, so I will cheat as well, got it?" he growled at me, me frowning at that. Okay, Hattena. Use Protect!" Bede said, me frowning as he had a counter to Fury Cutter, me then simply looking a Binacle with a smile.

"Okay, Binacle, switch out with Steenee," I said, the rocks moving for Steenee to come in the fray. "Now, Steenee, use Magical Leaf!" I said, Steenee then sending the flurry of leaves at Hattena and managing to get her halfway down in health.

"Hatenna, use Psybeam," Bede said, obviously angry at how I was flooring his team. Hattena then used the attack and I then smirked.

"Use Magical Leaf once more," I smirked. And with that final attack, I had won, Bede growling at my victory and returning Hattena.

"Hmph. Even when playing fair, you still irk me... fine. A deal's a deal. Here's your end of the bargain," Bede said as he gave me two different things that looked very weird and spherical. "If you put those on your bike's tires, you'll be able to bike across water... what a complete waste of time this was," Bede frowned before then walking off in a huff, Pheromosa frowning at his attitude.

"He's very rude, even for a human," Pheromosa said with a small frown, as her mouth was quite small.

"Agreed. But at least I have a new addition to the bi... wait..." I frowned as I looked at it and then gawked at how it had something to it that made me confused.

"Um... Rotom? Are these floaty thingies technological?" I asked, Rotom then looking at them and then spoke.

"These wheels are compatible with Rotom bikes, but can apply to any bike tires, so long as you have a Rotom Dex like me! I can just go inside of them to activate them whenever we go across water and you won't have to worry about breaking any rules," Rotom said, me sighing a breath of relief at that.

"Whew... thanks, Rotom. I thought I was given something that would've broken the rules," I said, Rotom zipping around as Primarina trilled at me and then pointed her fin ahead, me looking along with her to see a sight that I didn't expect. It was none other than Kabu, training a strange Pokemon that looked like a mine cart full of coal... by having them face a bunch of Chewtle, Barboach, and Shellos! And we saw that it used a very strong attack that was in the form of a Heat Wave attack, me gawking at how it got all three of them knocked out in the process! I then went over and then looked at the trio of Pokemon and healed them with some of my warlord skills, them looking around a bit as Kabu then gave me a smile.

"You have such a tenderness with the beasts known as Pokemon, I see. That must mean you are G-Max Jo, correct?" Kabu asked as I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, that's me! And I'm sure you want to know what my goal is in this Gym Challenge, right?" I asked, Kabu nodding.

"I saw the news and caught your interview you had on the road to Hulbury. You wish to make Ransei a true Pokemon region, rather than being considered an island, correct?" he asked, me smirking at that while my Pokemon then huddled close to me with a smile.

"Right again! I wanted to make it so that my region could get some recognition, since I'd found out that Alola was a region in the form of an island chain, same with Oblivia. But to get the most recognition, I decided to go to the region that was the most technologically advanced, which was this one," I smirked.

"I feel your pain, kid," Kabu said, which made me tilt my head. "Back a long while ago, I lived in a place called Orre, which is a subsidiary region of Hoenn. The place had tons of crime, as we were the backwaters of Hoenn, which all correlated to the Shadow Pokemon incidents," he said, me gawking at that.

"Shadow Pokemon?! You mean when the Pokemon is forced to become feral and evil by closing their hearts from all love?! That was only used by the absolute worst people in my region nearly 1000 years ago! We outlawed it when the Pokemon tried to overrule us and we had to defeat them and force their hearts to open again... but that ended up also having the Shadow Pokemon die shortly after," I said with a waver in my voice.

"Yep. The Shadow Lugia incident was only able to be resolved by having it be euthanized in order to put it out of its suffering. It had been so filled with hatred that the ones that controlled it, the Cipher corporation, wanted to use it to destroy the entire world," Kabu said grimly, me gawking at that.

"How disgusting!... But then how'd you get from Orre to here?" I asked.

"After I met my wife, who I met when I moved away from Orre and to Hoenn. I moved to Lavaridge Town, which was where I also had my daughter, Flannery. Both she and I are gym leaders of fire types, but Flannery is more well-known as being rather exceptional at being a gym leader, despite her young age. But I'm more notable as being the first true hurdle of the Gym Challenge," Kabu said, me smiling at that.

"And I believe it, since your fire Pokemon absolutely demolished these water types," I smirked at him. "And I've heard of Flannery before. She's pretty notable as being pretty chill, despite being a fire type gym leader."

"True words. She takes after me a lot. She is very calm when in the fray of battle, but if she gets backed to the corner, she'll get serious. Meet with me at the Motostoke Gym if you want to have a real challenge. And I'd like it if I could face off against your Primarina specifically," he said, me gasping and looking at my pretty mer-seal and her trilling at that thought.

"Very well, Kabu. You've got yourself a challenge that you won't forget! Primarina is the absolute toughest Pokemon on my team, so only bring your toughest team to face her, got it?" I said, Kabu smirking and laughing at that.

"But of course! I am the first real hurdle, after all! We shall open with normal Pokemon, but when either of us get to our final Pokemon, we immediately send out our toughest ones to make the crowds scream!" Kabu said with a hearty laugh before we then left the place and proceeded down the path to Motostoke... though I did manage to get a Ghastly on the team from the nearby grassy patch, which I had to send back. And when we were back in Motostoke, we then got to the gym and I then took off my armor in anticipation for the challenge I was about to have and then handed my league card to the guy at the front, her smirking at my excitement.

"You seem excited to face off against the beginners' first hurdle! G-Max Jo, go through the door here and you'll have the challenge be explained to you," the girl said, me doing that and then seeing that I was in a small arena with some grass patches along with some gym trainers that had attire like Kabu's.

"Welcome, G-Max Joe, to your Fire Gym Challenge!" said the referee, him then releasing a total of 10 fire type Pokemon from some Pokeballs, which made me confused. "Here's how this works. When the timer starts, you and these other fire trainers will race to capture - or link, in your case - with as many fire type Pokemon as possible. However, you need to get a maximum of 5 points. So how do you get extra points? Battle a gym trainer for 2 extra points! But be careful. If your battle ends when there are no more fire type Pokemon and you don't have 5 points, you'll need to try again!" the ref said, me then smirking at that.

"Sounds like a worthy challenge fit for a Ransei Warlord! I'm ready!" I smirked as my Pokemon trilled in agreement happily. And then, the timer started and I immediately went to the grass and found a Vulpix, me then linking with it with ease! Vulpix trilled at me getting her on the team. I then found another fire type in the grass in the form of a small lizard that also was a poison type, meaning I had a good link with it! I did just that and saw it was female.

And after that, I then noted that there were 3 Pokemon left, me finding one of them in the form of Sizzlipede and linking with it, which was easy as pie. And once I'd done so, I then looked at one of the fire type trainers and got his attention.

"Hey, fire guy! Let's have a fight so I can win!" I smiled, the guy then sending out a Pokemon in the form of a Flareon, me then looking at Primarina with a smile.

"Primarina, attack with Sparkling Aria!" I said, my darling managing to demolish the Flareon with ease! And the timer then beeped, and the referee then called me over to the side.

"Time's up, let's count the points... you caught 3 Pokemon and beat one trainer... so that means that you have qualified to face off against Kabu!" the ref said, me smirking at that widely. I then proceeded to go to the door that led to the field, and I proceeded into the center mound and to meet up with Kabu, him doing a small jog over towards me.

"I hope you can prove your worth against me, Jo. I am going to be a really painful hurdle in your 100 meter dash to the winner's circle," he said, me smiling at that. We then nodded and bowed to each other before going to our respective sides of the arena. Kabu then sent out a Sizzlipede first, me then sending out Binacle for the fight.

"Okay, you take the first move, challenger," Kabu smirked at me.

"Binacle, use Ancient Power!" I smirked, the rock and water type then using the move... and I smirked at how it not only defeated Sizzlipede in one shot, but I also got an omniboost! What's an omniboost? When every single stat of the Pokemon in question got boosted except evasion. Now he'd be dishing out punishment 1.5 times stronger! Kabu then sent out his next Pokemon in the one that he trained in the cave to the east of Motostoke.

"Okay, Carkol, time to show our worth!" Kabu smirked. "Use Ancient Power!" he shouted, me smirking as Binacle tanked the attack... but then getting kinda scared when his Carkol got the omniboost as well!

"Looks like we're getting lucky with omniboosts today, crowd! Carkol, Ancient Power once more!" I smirked, him then shooting out more powerful rocks... and even though Carkol didn't get defeated (it was in the red though) I still got a second Omniboost! And since Binacle was at 3/4ths health, I was in the clear.

"Carkol, use ancient power again!" he shouted, me gawking at yet ANOTHER omniboost! By this point, the crowd was going absolutely wild at our fight! And the announcer commentated on the fight.

"Amazing, folks! If Binacle connects another omniboosting Ancient Power, it'll be a new world record of consecutive omniboosts!" the announcer stated, me smirking at that.

"I'm feeling lucky! One more Ancient Power!" I shouted, Binacle shooting the rocks at Carkol... and the crowd erupted in cheers and shouts when they saw that Binacle got yet another Omniboost!

"AMAZING! A new record for the Ransei warrior, G-Max Jo!" the announcer shouted, me smirking as Kabu then revealed that he only had one Pokemon left. It was his most powerful one, so I knew that Primarina would be the only one able to take a shot from it.

"Okay, Binacle, we got the record, now let's make the crowd absolutely go nuts with Primarina," I smirked, Binacle then returning to the back lines of my group as Primarina then swam in the air to the front lines. Kabu then sent out his final Pokemon, me knowing that it had to be the final evolution of Sizzlipede. It was a very long bug and fire type and it looked pretty scary with its fiery pincers.

"Time to please the crowd with the toughest fight they'll ever see me do! Come on, Centiskorch! GIGANTIMAX!" he shouted, me smirking at how he was able to use it with his Pokemon. He then returned his Sizzlipede as his Wishing Star then imbued the Pokeball with power before tossing it behind him, me seeing that it turned into an even longer Centiskorch with its body becoming so hot, I felt I could feel the heat coming from just its skin!

"Centiskorch's Gigantimax form is a giant heat lamp! It can create temperatures close to 1800 degrees F!" Rotom smirked, me smirking at that.

"I have a feeling that may be a bit exaggerated. But, can't leave the crowd waiting. Come on, darling Primarina! It's time for us to GIGANTIMAX!" I shouted as I focused my bond to my Wishing Star with Primarina, her then trilling as her body began to grow... and grow... and grow! And as before, her Gigantimax form was her tail being split, her hair getting longer, and her dress getting prettier. The crowd then started their telltale chant as I then looked at Kabu with a grin.

"Okay, Primarina! Let's wow the crowd! G-MAX OCEANIC WALTZ!" I shouted, her then executing the move by singing a loud and beautiful song to send a giant tsunami towards Centiskorch, me smirking at how I'd managed to get Centiskorch not only got badly damaged and down to half health, but he also got an absolutely dreadful status effect.

"Oh crud! You just made Centiskorch get hit by a Perish Song status! Looks like I'm gonna have to try my hardest to defeat you! Centiskorch, use G-Max Centiferno!" he commanded, Centiskorch making its body form like an even more literal heating lamp to send the powerful firey attack at Primarina! I smirked at how Primarina got down to half health as well, but she was now bound, which reduced her health a bit more!

"Hang in there, Primarina! One more for the crowd! G-Max Oceanic Waltz!" I smirked, her then shooting out the powerful blast at Centiskorch once more, me smiling at how Centiskorch then got the explosion before then shrinking down and retreating to its Pokeball, me smiling afterwards as the crowd chanted my name.

"G-Max Jo! G-Max Jo! G-Max Jo!" they chanted in absolute glee as Primarina then shrunk down to my level, me smiling as Kabu then smiled and clapped his hands at me.

"An excellent showing of strength. I have a feeling you'll be able to go all the way in this gym challenge. You've more than earned the fire badge," he smirked as he we then shook hands and I got the badge in my hands after, me then placing it in the collection in its special place, me smiling widely afterwards. "Now that you've done the deed here in Motostoke, you get to go to the next stage in Hammerlocke. You will be amazed at how amazing the place looks," he smiled, me nodding as I then exited the stadium and then smirked at Gloria and Hop.

"Oi! Ya got a world record, mate! That's absolutely awesome!" Gloria smirked at me.

"Yeah, that was so cool! You're going to be in the record books!" Hop smiled at me. I smirked at him as I also saw that the two of them had beaten me to the punch and got their badges as well. And then, once the final person got their badge... I frowned at who it was.

"Oh. Good job," I frowned at Bede as he appeared from the gate with a stern frown on his face.

"Don't even try to talk to me," he frowned as he then walked out of the place.

"Um... what's up between you two?" Hop asked.

"Bede tried to rob me of my Wishing Star in the first set of mines to the west of Motostoke. And rule number one of Ransei, if you thieve, you are the worst," I said, that making Hop look surprised.

"Really? So... stealing is the worst crime in Ransei, then?" he asked, me shaking my head no.

"It's not the absolute worst, but our people, the warlords, are the ones that have to keep the peace. And if we see or hear of a thief trying to steal anything, whether it be a person's Pokemon or an important item, we do not stand for it. We do try people for worse crimes, but they're incredibly rare in our region, to the point that it's almost once a year for something as drastic as a murder," I explained, Gloria smiling at me.

"Sounds like Ransei's a purty safe place, then! I wouldn't mind bein' in a place wit that amounta safety," she smirked widely with her heavy accent.

"Yes, yes, it is," I smiled as we then went outside, and I saw that it was nighttime now, with the moon going up towards the sky in a 59-degree angle.

"Looks like it's roughly... 9:34," I smiled, Gloria then checking her watch and smirking.

"Exactly! You're good at this," she smirked as we then went to the hotel, got some food for supper... and then, we went to bed... and as for my Pokemon and me having fun, we simply snuggled together in the bed at the same time, with the two main snugglers being Pheromosa and Primarina, which made it much easier to sleep.

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