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Ransei's Own G-Max Jo @jumbochamploon
Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

After an evening of me and Primarina having sex, we then slept through the coming rain and we woke up the next morning thanks to Rotom's alarms. We then got our stuff ready and then proceeded out of the hotel to see that Hop and Gloria were already awake. "Okay, now for the first stop on our Gym Challenge, Turffield! It's down to the west of Motostoke and through one of the Galarian mining sites. They mine for all kinds of stuff there, but mainly they get Wishing Pieces and Wishing Stars, since those power our entire way of life here," Hop said.

"Okay, that should be fun to use!... Though what's the difference between the two?" I asked.

"Wishin' Stars are never-ending with their power and can give Pokemon their Dynamax skills if properly used by a Trainer. But Wishin' Pieces don't give Dynamax. The only thing they're good for is making a Dynamax Den be able to be entered to face the Pokemon inside of it. The difference between the two in appearance is that the pieces don't 'ave the red core inside of 'em," Gloria explained.

"Sounds like we'll be in for a fun time, then! Let's go and get to Turffield! I bet you I can make it there first with my Pokemon Posse," I smirked.

"Loser has to buy the group their lunch?" Hop smiled.

"I'm up for that bet," I smiled.

"Same 'ere, bud! Prepare to empty that there wallet for me appetite!" Gloria smirked, me chuckling at that as we then exited the hotel and proceeded on our way to the west towards the route, seeing that the route actually had some different Pokemon on it. I managed to find and Link with three different Pokemon in the form of Stunky, Klink, and Pancham, but that did mean that I had 7 Pokemon on me now, so I had to get one of them back to either Sonia and Magnolia's lab or send Delibird specifically back home with a letter.

"Okay, Delibird, time to deliver a letter back home to mom," I smiled, writing it out on paper with a pen on hand, telling her that I'd been doing well and discovered that my bellybutton actually had something called a Wishing Star in it and it gave me strengths with the phenomenon of Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokemon. And I was currently on my way to the first gym in my journey. "You know where I'm always at, Delibird, so make sure mom gets this letter and wait for her to get me one, okay?" I smiled, Delibird nodding at that as he put the letter in his baggy tail and then he flew off into the distance. "I'm gonna miss that little guy, but guess what? Girl party!" I smiled at my team. And I wasn't lying. Everyone on my team was a female... though it was hard to tell for Klink, I could tell by sensing the little gear-shaped Pokemon that she was a girl.

We then proceeded down the path a bit and we came across Sonia, who was currently looking over what looked like a highly technological facility. "Hey, Sonia? What's that place over there?" I asked, her smiling at me.

"Oh, you want to know? Well, that over there is the Macro Cosmos power plant. It's what gives all of us in Galar the fuel source we need to keep our nation full of power. It runs entirely on Wishing Pieces and Wishing Stars, which have been found increasingly in recent years," Sonia smiled as she twirled her orange hair with a smile.

"I see... so visiting that place is definitely going to be a big no-no for me, then. Not allowed to do anything with modern technology," I said with a sigh.

"Hehe, don't worry, the process is actually kind of like melting rocks to make fuel and converting it into electricity. What kind of electricity do you utilize in Ransei?" Sonia asked.

"We get our electricity from our castles, since they're equipped with tall lightning rods at the top of their roofs that catch and trap the static electricity in the air and convert it into our regular appliances, those mainly being the coolers and the toiletries. We refuse to use modern technology, even something as useful as an oven. We do everything the old-fashioned way," I said with a smile.

"I heard about that, but I didn't know how old-fashioned Ransei people were... you should probably get going. I think Hop and Gloria are in a race against you," Sonia smiled.

"Sure, I'm going," I smirked as I led my team over to the cave nearby and we proceeded through it, training against the wild Pokemon to gain experience points... and after battling against a pretty tough Carkoal, something began to happen to two of my Pokemon in the form of Combee and Bounsweet. They actually evolved into their next evolutions! Bounsweet evolved into the adorable little muffin known as Steenee while Combee evolved into Vespequin, me smirking at how imposing she now looked!

"Great job, girls! At this rate, we'll be winning the Gym Challenge in no time!" I smirked widely. We then went out to the next area and came across someone in the tunnel near the end of it. He was the uptight pink-wearer that was in the ceremony. And he looked pissed when he saw me.

"You, come here," he said, me frowning and doing so with confusion. "If you came here looking for Wishing Pieces, apologies, but I already gathered all of them in this area... all of them, that is, except for yours," the guy said, me frowning at him angrily at that.

"I do believe I just heard a threat! A threat of thievery, no less! And one thing a Ransei Warlord refuses to walk free are no-good thieves!" I said angrily as I took up my battle stance.

"Heh, you want to fight me? Go ahead. Once you lose, I'm taking every single Wishing Piece on you, as well as that stupid Wishing Star. Losers have no need for those things," the guy said, me growling at that as he then sent out a Pokemon in the form of Gothita. But I didn't want to play fair this time.

"Oh no, we're not doing this in the traditional battle strategy, pompous thief," I said, that making him look at me in confusion. "You want to play the villain? Well, I do not play fair when it comes to facing off with villains. Every one of your Pokemon versus every one of my own. Send them out right now and prepare for a true battle fit for a Ransei Warlord!" I said, the guy smirking at that as he simply sent out his two other Pokemon, which Rotom said were Hatenna and Solosis.

"Fine, we'll play by your rules. But it won't matter any-" Bede was about to say before Primarina closed the distance and attacked all three of his Pokemon with her special move, Sparkling Aria. Since I was fighting in a Warlord fight, it managed to attack all around Primarina and it knocked every single one of his three Pokemon out at the same time. "way..." he gawked afterwards.

"Like I said. I do not play fair with petty thieves. Now get out of my sight before I really lose my patience," I frowned, the guy frowning at me as he then returned all of his Pokemon and he walked forward.

"What is your name?" he asked.

"Jo," I frowned.

"I'm Bede. Remember me well. I won't take this loss lying down," he frowned as he then moved out of the tunnel and I saw that Hop and Gloria had arrived soon after.

"What happened here? And why do you look angry, Jo?" Hop asked me.

"I encountered a petty thief who wanted to steal my Wishing Pieces. And I do not take kindly to thieves, same as any Ransei citizen. So I challenged him to the oldest form of battling out there, Warrior Fighting. And after my Primarina wiped the floor with all three of his Pokemon at the same time, he looked shocked, which I expect. No way am I going to let a thief go off the hook with their pride intact," I frowned.

"Did you get a name?" Gloria asked.

"Yeah. Bede. It was the pink bastard that was in the Opening Ceremony, so he's sure to be a tough customer to contend with in the Gym Challenge. I know for a fact I won unfairly, but only because Bede was threatening to rob me. Whoever endorsed him should be ashamed of themselves," I frowned.

"Oh, that'd be Chairman Rose. He endorses a bunch of people, just as many as Leon. Rose is actually the one in charge of Macro Cosmos," Hop said.

"Hmm... that would explain why Bede wanted my Wishing Pieces. Probably was hired by Rose to find them by any means. Though I don't think the chairman will be particularly pleased to see his endorsed fighter resorting to thievery to get the job done," I sighed. But then, while I was frowning, I noticed that Gloria had gone missing from the group. "H-Hey! Where'd Gloria go?!" I asked in shock, Rotom saying it for us.

"She left halfway through your banter and is already well on her way to Turffield. Probability of our loss is 100 Percent," Rotom said, me frowning and flicking him for that last bit.

"Alright, Hop, just you and me remain. And I don't think either of us want to lose, so let's make it a bit more interesting," I smirked, Hop smiling at that. "During our trek through the next route, we'll try to catch/link with 3 different Pokemon species. First to do so and make it to Turffield will be safe from spending their money," I smiled.

"Oh, I accept that!" Hop chuckled. We then raced the whole way to Turffield while racing to get Pokemon on our team. I managed to get a Wooloo, a Yamper (an adorable electric poochy) and a Pumpkaboo that was almost as big as I was!

"This Pumpkaboo is one of the super size versions! Exceedingly rare!" Rotom smirked as we then went to the area known as Turffield and saw that Hop had beaten me by five seconds.

"Dang... robbed... well, a bet's a bet. So where do we go to eat lunch?" I asked with a smile.

"The Pokemon Center serves food to people and Pokemon alike. We can go there... but first, we ran into Sonia on our way here and she wanted us to help her investigate some strange art over there," Hop said, me frowning at that.

"But I just met Sonia back in Route 3! How did she get here before us?" I asked.

"Simple. I used the Corviknight Air Train," said the voice of Sonia as we looked up the hill and I smiled at her.

"And is this Air Train electronic?" I asked.

"Nope! It's just a Corviknight that carries you inside of a giant cage," Sonia smiled, my Pokemon partners giggling at that. And as for my Pokemon, I decided to switch Stunky for the giant Pumpkaboo just because she happened to smell rancid. And that did mean that our group was no longer all girls, since Pumpkaboo was a male. "Anyways, come over here. I could use some fresh perspectives," Sonia smiled as she led the way up to the top of a large staircase and we then saw what the art was. Something very spooky that was etched into the ground.

"Whoa... this looks spooky. What's that giant thing right there?" I asked.

"That's what is known as the Darkest Day. From what the oldest texts have stated, it was a day where the sky was completely red and gigantic Pokemon went rampant across the land... little is known about the Darkest Day... though from what this ruin shows, it may have actually been a living thing. What do you think it looks like?" Sonia asked, me smirking at that.

"To me, this looks a lot like something I saw back home in Ransei... it looks a lot like one of the oldest ruins that I've seen in Viperia, my home. It looked like a gigantic creature with a giant hand... if you ask me, I think this may be a Poison type Legendary Pokemon," I said with a nod.

"Really? You've seen this in Ransei? Tell me more!" Sonia smirked.

"Well, it was on some of the oldest scrolls that are in the castle's library. It depicted a great war against the giant poison type monster with a powerful sword and shield being used to stand up to the beast. And only after their combined power was the giant monster able to be defeated and sealed away," I said with a smile.

"Sounds like you may be right about it being a poison type Pokemon, Jo. From what I've heard, every nation in Ransei is based off of every Pokemon type in the book, minus Fairy type. And Viperia is full of Poison type Pokemon, so it makes sense that it'd have records of a Legendary Poison type Pokemon... though what kind of Pokemon could it be? After all, there are no documented records in any Pokedex about a Poison type Legendary Pokemon. Almost every other type belongs to a Legendary Pokemon, but not Poison... it really is a mystery," Sonia smiled... which was then interrupted by our growling stomachs.

"Sorry, Sonia, but I have to pay off my debts. I need to buy lunch for me and my friends because I lost in a race," I smirked.

"Well, I'd be happy to join you, but I don't want to add onto the funds," Sonia smiled.

"Of course. And after our meal, we're going to take on the Gym Challenge," I smirked.

"Good luck in that run. Milo is a pretty strong first Gym Leader. He only uses 2 Pokemon, but they are pretty tough," Sonia smiled, us bidding farewell as we then went to the Pokemon Center to get our well-deserved lunch.

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