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Ransei's Own G-Max Jo @jumbochamploon
Chapter 12

Chapter 12:

Upon reaching the Glimwood, I then looked at the first bush I saw and saw that Allister was waiting inside and he looked at me with seriousness, his mask being on as of current.

"You wished to see my face... and see what would happen... right?" he asked, me nodding at him.

"Yes, I do," I said, him then moving his mask up his face and me seeing that his face was extremely adorable... but I could also sense that my feet were plastered to the ground at seeing it, like I couldn't move. He then looked me in the eyes and I gasped as I saw what he spoke of. I happened to see two different futures. One of Sonia escaping the complex with information about what Rose had been doing to Eternatus... and another where Rose did something that made me furious and terrified. He would capture Sonia, claim that she was killed, and then inject her with liquified Wishing Stars and Wishing Pieces so that she could act as a living battery! And then, he'd freeze her in a cryogenic capsule so she would be a battery for all of Galar for 10 thousand years! And she would be conscious for all of it!

"OH HELL NAW! Hell! NAW! I need to catch a Psychic or ghost type in this forest and then have them assist me in seeing what Sonia's whole trip will go," I said, Allister nodding before then putting his mask back on.

"You're stronger than most... normally, you'd have fallen unconscious if you saw my face... it's a curse since I was 4..." he said, me nodding at him before he then handed me something. It was a small paper, me then reading it and being surprised that it was a detailed story of how he was a relative of the ancient warriors that defeated the Darkest Day! And that he hailed from the ghost kingdom of Spectra, which is how he was able to understand Pokemon and how he could Gigantimax any ghost Pokemon he found!

"So does this mean that you are part Ransein, then?" I asked him. And he nodded.

"The curse in my family is because of us embracing technology... now, I must always hide my face... and I can't let anyone see my body underneath these clothes... or else, they'll basically have the same effect of seeing a Mimikyu without its cloak," he said, me being shocked by that.

"So... they'd die?" I asked.

"If they were unhealthy, yes. If not, they get sent to the afterlife for a brief moment, then they revive... you best get going and find a Psychic type... or Fairy. Lots of both in the Glimwood," he said, me nodding as our group of Pokemon walked forward through the place, me managing to quickly find a Psychic type Ponyta, which looked very pretty and pink and blue. And I immediately requested that Klang go back, her nodding at me.

"I'll do so... I'm not the adventure and danger type, after all..." she said, me smiling and petting her slightly before she left. I then looked at Ponyta after linking with her and asked her a favor.

"Ponyta, can I request that you watch over my friend Sonia from afar and let me know if she happens to get into any trouble?" I asked, Ponyta nodding before speaking.

"Yes, I can. Since I sense both of you have no evil in your hearts," she said, me then walking down the path further and Ponyta giving me a response as we finally reached Ballonlea town, it being very pretty with tons of glowing mushrooms all over the place. "She's doing good, managing to use the assistance of your Pokemon partners to reach a very large room with a large coccoon... wait..." she said before then stiffening up. "I spoke too soon! A bunch of mean people are surrounding her and the Pokemon! What do we do?!" she asked, me touching her mane and seeing the stuff she was seeing, including Rose cuffing Sonia and my Pokemon being attacked by the workers' Pokemon! And what did Rose say after, while Sonia's Rotom phone was recording it?

"You know too much, but I can make use of you... anything to power Ransei for millennia," he said, me immediately looking at Ponyta with seriousness.

"Warp us all there right now, Ponyta. Not just our group, but everyone in the gym challenge that's in this town!" I said, her nodding and doing so, me then getting the result I wanted, me and my group appearing in front of Rose and me then punching him right in the jaw before he could do something terrible. He was JUST about to inject a needle with wishing star juice into Sonia's veins! And when I arrived, everyone of the members of the gym challenge looked around in shock, me seeing that the only ones that were left were Gloria, Hop, Marnie, and Bede!

"WHOA! Wot the 'ell is goin' on?!" Gloria shouted in shock as I looked at them with seriousness.

"Liberation, that's what!" I shouted as I then went to my Pokemon partners and healed them up before then doing something else. I immediately forced the entire room to be a Ransei Warlord battle, which the different scientists looked at me in shock and confusion. "You want to do horrible things to an innocent girl?! You have to deal with the wrath of a Ransei Warlord!" I shouted, the scientists' Pokemon all looking terrified as Rose then did something different. He injected the needle into me! And that made me gasp as I felt a whole slew of gunk enter my veins, my Wishing Star going crazy in my bellybutton in the process!

"AGH! GET IT OUT! GET! IT! OUT!" I shouted as he pumped more and more into me as I then saw Pheromosa smack Rose in the stomach to the wall before taking the serum out of me, me coughing afterwards and feeling some pain in my veins after what happened! And all of it was... merging with my blood?!

"WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Sonia shouted, me then looking at Gardevoir with seriousness.

"Gardevoir, get us all out of here, then use Confusion on everyone in here! Make them forget what happened!" I shouted, her nodding at me as I then left with everyone because of the psychic power of Gardevoir, back to Ballonlea. And 10 seconds after, Gardevoir appeared next to us, her taking a knee after, obviously tired.

"Tss... they got me good in my feet..." she said, me then using my powers to heal her and the other Pokemon, which Sonia shivered after.

"You saved me... b-b-but what was that thing he did to you?" she asked me in concern.

"He injected my bloodstream... with liquified wishing stars... I have no idea how it's going to affect me in the Gym Challenge if I decide to Gigantimax... is it possible for me to test it out in the stadium before I begin my match with Opal? I need to be sure I don't go crazy..." I asked, Sonia nodding at that.

"But why would you cause 'em to forget everything? They were going to do something horrible to Sonia, right? I know that much from what your Gardevoir said to us in our heads!" Hop asked in confusion and annoyance.

"I think I know why. So that he doesn't know that she stopped his plans of making a new battery for Galar... if she hadn't stopped him, according to Allister, he would've forced Sonia to become a living battery for 10 thousand years in cryogenic slumber, conscious and in suffering the whole time," he said, me looking at him in surprise.

"H-How... How did you know that?" I asked him.

"I overheard the entire conversation from afar. And using my Hatterene's powers, I could see everything he showed you... we must not speak of this, but make sure that we keep all that evidence on hand. What all did you manage to find, Sonia?" Bede asked, her then showing us the pictures she found on her Rotom phone, which consisted of a giant coccoon, tons of cords being connected to it, and a bunch of goo that was being collected in giant batteries. And that there was a visage of a Pokemon inside the coccoon that looked like a large, skeletal dragon. The exact image of which I'd seen before in Viperia!

"That's it, alright. The Darkest Day... who would've guessed that Rose has been using Eternatus as a battery for who-knows how long?" I asked in bafflement, which Hop looked at in shock.

"Eternatus? I think I heard a story about how it nearly destroyed this country, but then it was defeated... why would it be still alive after so long?" Hop asked. And then, something happened.

"Why didn't you save me?..." my Wishing Star asked, me gasping at that and looking at it with concern.

"I-I... I'm sorry... I was so focused on Sonia, I couldn't think of anything else... and... Rose did something to me..." I said with concern.

"I can sense it... he gave you some of my blood... it means that you are now forever intertwined with me... so long as I live, you will live also," he said, me gulping at that.

"I... It can't be..." I gawked. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that. Being alive forever?! Legendary Pokemon had insane lifespans, after all! I then looked at the others before my Wishing Star spoke again.

"But you are not yet strong enough to rescue me, it seems... you need to gain power from Dynamax energy at the Power Spots... then, when you have reached a stronger power, then I can free myself," he said.

"And I'll ask again. What will happen to me when that happens? Will I also become a giant?"

We waited for a good half a minute before Eternatus responded.

"Yes... I shall give you an hour to prepare for when that will happen. Then you will meet with me to put an end to Macro Cosmos," he said, me sighing at that.

"I don't want that," I said. And my words made my Wishing Star glow a deep red.

"What? Why not?!" he asked angrily with a hiss.

"I"m absolutely sure that not everyone who works at the company knows about what's happening to you. It's only known by higher-ups like Rose and the scientists that attacked us. I can assist in getting revenge at Rose, but we are not going to kill him... No, in order to destroy Rose, we need to hurt him where it matters," I said.

"And where would that be?" Bede asked at the same time as Eternatus.

"His pride, his reputation, and his wallet. We'll still do the waiting for you to reach power part, but do not release all of it at the same time. Just enough to let me get the gist. Then, I'll have Sonia show every bit of evidence we have on Rose to everyone in Galar by uploading it to every single screen in the region. I'm sure that would be more than enough for his pride and rep to be ruined. Then, and only then will you give me the power to destroy Macro Cosmos's biggest asset. But I need to know what that is, first," I said, Sonia speaking for me.

"Rose Tower is that very thing. Not the factory, as that's only the place that provides us with power. Rose Tower is where all of Rose's other minor and major companies reside. Get rid of it, get rid of Rose's wallet, as it is the home of all of his finances," Sonia said. "And... thank you. If you weren't watching me from afar, I'd have been basically kidnapped and used. I'll go ahead to the stadium ahead of you," Sonia said as I then heard Eternatus again.

"We have a plan then... still, you will not go crazy from the Dynamax powers, it will only strengthen you. I recommend using a different Pokemon at each of the remaining stadiums so that you can get the maximum power possible," he said, me nodding at that.

"Okay, and we're sure that Rose isn't going to go off the deep end, right?" Marnie asked, her being very worried and shy on her face the whole time.

"I can guarntee that each of the members that were in that room have forgotten everything that happened in there. Nothing can match a Psychic's mind," Gardevoir spoke from her mind using telepathy, which made the group smile at afterwards.

"Ugh, I finally git to hear a Psychic speak its mind! I've been tryna git mah Gothitelle to talk to me, since I know she can, but she just won't!" Gloria frowned as she then brought out said Pokemon on our way to the stadium and I looked at her with a smile.

"Excuse me, Gothitelle? Mind explaining why you won't talk to your trainer?" I asked, her looking at me with a frown.

"No. I do not wish to explain myself, especially to a weakling such as her," she said, me looking at Gloria with seriousness.

"Um... she said she doesn't want to explain herself to a weakling like you," I said, which made Gothitelle gasp and then slap me across the face, which made Gloria gasp.

"Gothitelle! I thought that we agreed that I beat ya fair 'n square in dat den when ye were just a wee Gothita! So why call me a weaklin'?!" she asked in annoyance.

"You almost always end up getting down to one Pokemon in each fight we enter in the Gym Challenge, and I have to pull my weight to save us," she said, which automatically made another one of her Pokemon bust out of their Pokeball, me seeing that it was... a very pretty bunny that was white and had on some red clothes.

"How dare you say something you know is false! We only lose at most one Pokemon per fight, so just tell the truth, or I'll tell her!" she shouted at her, me looking at Gloria and her then shrugging at the argument going on.

"Ugh, okay, fine!... It's because I sensed that she's in love with me. And I do not reciprocate it," Gothitelle said, me then looking at her and then smiling.

"See, that's more like it. Just tell her and she'll be okay with it, alright?" I asked, her frowning before sighing as we finally entered the building.

"I... do not want... to be your hunka-hunka," she groaned in annoyance via telepathy, which made Gloria blush and then frown.

"I... Okay, I got it... I can live with that... can we just talk normal, then?" she asked.

"Yes... and if you must know, the one who has feelings for you isn't me. It's Cinderace," she said, me then smirking at how Cinderace blushed on her white fur and then look at Gloria with embarrassment.

"Is this at all important as opposed to what we spoke of before?" Bede asked for all of us.

"Yeesh, mood killer," I frowned at him.

"Don't push your luck, Jo. I still want to fight you in Wyndon when we get through to the end," he frowned.

"Before that, I want you to do something for Hop," I said, him looking at Hop and then frowning.

"Fine. I'm sorry about what I said to you and for the humiliation. I already had to deal with plenty of it from Rose. And I never expected my enemy to defend me from his actions," he said to Hop with a sigh.

"Oh?... Well, apology accepted," Hop said.

"Yay! Friends again!" I smirked, causing Gloria and Marnie to giggle at me.

"Can we go first, then? Or do we decide this another way?" Marnie asked, me then nodding as I then grabbed something in my pocket, it being a total of 5 poffins, each one being fairy type.

"The order of us in the fights will be the ones who finish their poffin in order," I smirked, that making the others smile.

"You are going down," Gloria smirked.

"On your marks, get set, chow!" Gardevoir smirked as we then proceeded to have our eating contest!

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