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Ransei's Own G-Max Jo @jumbochamploon
Chapter 1

This fanfic is about Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Keep in mind, that I have only played through the game once and I may get a couple of details wrong here and there. Please don't post spiteful reviews that nitpick every little detail, because if you do so, you will be blocked. I've already heard of a bunch of jerks on this site doing this to Pokemon-based fanfics of any kind and it's happened to me three times before. If you are one of these people, do something more productive with your time and actually do something worthwhile instead of bully normal people for trying to be creative.

Anyways, this fanfic will be in the POV of Jo, from the region of Ransei and daughter of Nene.

With this out of the way, let us begin.

Chapter 1

It had been a long time of studying my family's lineage of Ransei as well as a bit of the outside world to finally make the decision of a lifetime. One that I felt could finally give our region of Ransei a bit of recognition as a real Pokemon region, despite our landmass being quite small and our way of life strict. One that I was happy to live with as I soon looked at my mother for support to make my decision.

"You're absolutely sure you wish to do this, Jo? You do realize that all the other regions out there use technology far beyond our comprehension? And that you may be forced to do the same?" mom asked me with her usual stern gaze.

"I'm sure they can make an exception for me, mom. After all, if I can befriend a hundred Pokemon on my own here in Ransei without having a capacity limit, surely I can do the same for the tons of Pokemon in the Galar region," I smiled, knowing that would be my destination. Yes, I knew that Galar was probably the most high-tech region out there, but I didn't care. I felt that, the more high-tech the area I visited for recognition, the more likely the chances would be that my region could finally be recognized by the League.

"Well, okay. You do know that, if you ever wish, I'll welcome you back with open arms. And besides, I'd really miss you a lot, so be sure to have your Delibird give me letters anytime you want, okay?" mom smirked happily, me nodding at that.

"Of course, mom," I smiled at her with a polite bow.

My name was Jo, and I was the daughter of one of the toughest and most-respected Warlords of Ransei, a region where we abandoned high-technology and instead utilized our incredible bonding abilities to link and befriend different Pokemon to battle alongside. There were slight downsides, however... for most Ransei Warlords and warriors. Most of us who linked with a Pokemon were only able to use a single move. But for some very odd reason, when I became a Warlords shortly after I got a strange stone lodged in my bellybutton, I was able to link with Pokemon of all kinds as well as have them use any of the moves they could use as they normally could! This made it so that I was one of the most interesting of the Warlords, despite my young age of only 18 years old.

And my mother, Nene, was very famous for being a kind, yet strict mother figure among the Warlords to not just me, but her armies as well. She excelled in poison type Pokemon, with her Ace being her Crobat that she was able to perfectly link with to unlock her Evolved nature, something that only happened to specific Warlords in our region. She was always ready to fight in her golden armor with bat wings on the back while I decided to opt for a sleeker dress that had a breastplate and me wearing rubber boots on my feet. My dress was black with white patches on it to make me look like I was a regal fighter while my headband was purple and tied around my forehead with pride. And my dress had a small hole in the midsection that showed off my bellybutton's adornment in the form of my special stone. I have no idea why it fused to my body after it fell inside that useless hole, but it made me unique and I wasn't afraid of showing it off.

"I'll be sure to write you a letter every single day, mom... now, I think I'm going to go to Galar now... if I'm right, it should be due northeast of us. And I know the Pokemon that can take me and Delibird there," I smiled, going down to the docks by the castle and seeing that she was fit and ready for travel. "You ready, my darling, Primarina? It's time to swim all the way to Galar," I smiled at my very first and most beautiful Pokemon, my lovely Primarina. I found her as a little Popplio washed ashore after a bad rain and, after I nursed her back to health, we became a perfect link instantly. And why not? Primarina, her final stage of evolution, was absolutely gorgeous! Me and her had shared a few kisses before, I'm not going to lie on that much. And before you ask, yes, it was allowed for Pokemon and humans to be in romantic relationships, so long as you didn't have kids with them.

I then had both me and Delibird hop onto Primarina's lovely body and she cooed afterwards, her then swimming through the ocean quickly, yet gently, leading us through the vastness of the ocean as I looked at the old map that my mom gave me of the Pokemon World in our hemisphere. "Okay, it says here that the Galar Region's a land-based settlement and that it's quite large. And the place where we can sign up to become Gym challengers for the league would happen to be Motostoke... but that's very far inland, so we'll need to work our way there from the southern tip of the region... in a place called the Slumbering Weald. Ooh! Just the name of the place makes me excited!" I smirked, Primarina agreeing happily at that along with Delibird doing some wing flaps.

We rode across the ocean for a good five more minutes until I could finally see land in the distance. A whole lot of land! "Land! We've reached Galar!" I smirked. We then got onto the land and prepared to move across the terrain by foot, talon, and wave, since Primarina didn't have legs and she could use her watery powers to move across land masses, like most aquatic Pokemon.

We then found ourselves inside of a very densely packed forest filled with very thick fog, me barely being able to see three feet in front of me as a result. "Well, this may have been an oopsie... guys, huddle close. I don't want to lose track of you," I said, the duo of Pokemon joining by my side as I held Delibird and Primarina wrapped some of her long hair on my hand and both of us then moved forward again. And after a bit, I could see something in front of us... something that looked almost like a dog-like Pokemon, one that looked very ancient... and it looked like it had a mane in the shape of a shield.

"Huh? What's this Pokemon?" I asked as I approached it... and saw that my legs felt very heavy for some reason... I then noticed that Primarina and Delibird were frozen in fear, me looking at them in worry and feeling it. They were unsure of this Pokemon and they were scared stiff. "Listen, mister Pokemon... whatever you are, you're scaring my partners. Could you please take your business elsewhere for right now? It'd be appreciated," I asked politely, feeling it'd be a bit difficult to link with this Pokemon if it made my partners frozen in fear. The wolf-like Pokemon then howled loudly and I gasped as the fog actually got lifted slightly and, when that happened, the Pokemon disappeared!

"Huh... that's very odd... normally I'd think I could see the Pokemon easier, but it just simply vanished," I said in surprise as I saw my partners were still spooked, but they were able to move again. "You two okay? I could sense you were pretty scared by that guy," I said, the duo nodding at that as Primarina cooed and hugged me with her flippers. "Don't worry, hon, you're safe. Now let's keep moving," I smiled happily. We ended up walking for a good two more minutes until we came across something shocking. There was a duo of kids that were passed out on the ground and there looked to be a very regal-looking man that was worried sick about them and had a very round and fluffy Pokemon next to him.

"Excuse me, did something bad happen here?" I asked, the guy looking at me in surprise.

"Whoa! Where'd you come from?" the man asked. "But yes, I could use help. You have any smelling salts I could use?"

"Well, to answer those questions, I come from Ransei, this region's next-door neighbor to he southwest," I smiled, the guy smirking at that. "And as for the second question," I smiled as I looked at Delibird and he nodded, going over to the duo and giving them a taste of his Present attack, the duo waking up shortly after and me seeing that they were pretty young, around 13 years old for both. One a male with blue hair and a wide grin... the other was a female with a green knit cap, gray jacket, and red skirt.

"Oof... what happened?" the boy of the duo asked. And when the female spoke.

"Augh... I dunno wot da 'ell 'appened, but it feels like me bahooky got a wee bit sore," the female said... in one of the most bizarre accents I'd ever heard.

"Would it have anything to do with a weird canine-looking Pokemon, by chance?" I asked, the duo gasping at that.

"Y-Yeah, that's right! We came here to find a missing Wooloo, but it was super foggy. We then came across a very intimidating Pokemon, a dog-looking one with a sword in its mouth. It made more and more fog until we passed out from some kind of force," the male said.

"I came across a different Pokemon... it was another dog-like one, but it had a mane shaped like a shield. It scared my darling partners stiff, so I simply talked to it and asked it politely to go about its merry way... and so, it did," I smirked, the older of the trio smirking at me widely.

"Well, seems that what I heard was right! Ransei folk have a way of talking to the mighty beasts known as Pokemon! So, what brings you here from that region, young lady?" the older guy smirked.

"I'll answer that question only after name introductions and after we get the hell out of this forest. It gives us bad vibes," I said.

"Right. I got the Wooloo here, so we can leave now," the older man said, him leading our group to the east until we got out the other side into a much more sunny and grassy area, which made me smile at the rustic look it had... until the female of the duo pulled out something and I saw it was an electronic... but it was actually shaped like a Rotom for some odd reason.

"Okay, time for introductions. My name is Jo and I came from the Ransei region with a purpose in mind. I want to have Ransei officially recognized as a real region by the Pokemon League, not just another island. And to do that, I wish to become the champion of the Galar region," I smirked, the old guy smirking widely at that.

"Well, good luck with that, because you're speaking to the champ himself right now!" the old guy smirking, me being surprised at that. "The name's Leon and I have yet to lose a single match with anyone since I became champion of Galar! And you have quite the spunk in ya, so I think I'd be more than happy to give you an endorsement so you can be a part of the gym challenge. One question though... is that a Wishing Star in your bellybutton?" the champ asked, me looking at it and being confused.

"Wishing Star?... Well, it certainly did give me some more powers when it came to my region. After it got lodged in my bellybutton and wouldn't come out, I found I was able to link with an indefinite amount of Pokemon of any type, all of my Pokemon can use up to 4 moves, and I can actually understand my closest partners and feel what they do," I said with honesty.

"Yeah, I heard that the Warlords of Ransei have special rules regarding those things... and certain restrictions from their powers, such as they can only have so many Pokemon at a time on their team and their Pokemon only get one pre-determined move," Leon said.

"But those aren't really rules, more like it varies differently depending on the Warlord or Warrior's skills. But with this stone in my tummy, I don't have those limits anymore... so is it a Wishing Star?" I asked, Leon inspecting it and smirking widely.

"Yep, it definitely is! With that piece of hardware, you'll be able to do the Gym Challenge with ease as well as be able to Dynamax your Pokemon with ease!" Leon smirked, me being confused at that term.

"Dynamax? What's that? If it's electronic, then sorry, I can't do those things. That's one rule I must follow so long as I'm here. Only the bare basics of electronics can be used by me. We Ransei folk have a rustic way of life and we refuse anything electronic in our region... such as that phone you have, miss," I frowned, her smirking at me.

"Heh, does a Rotom count as bein' an electronic? It's a Pokemon, ain't it, lassie? An' so ye know, I'm Gloria," she smiled at me.

"So... that phone is actually a Rotom? I heard that they can enter appliances and the like, and according to my region's rules, Pokemon can be considered non-electronic, even if they themselves are able to inhabit electronics... so, where can I get a Rotom phone? Of course, I'd treat it as a Pokemon first and an electronic never," I smiled.

"You can probably get one from Sonia down in Wedgehurst. Tomorrow, we're going to be catching a train out to the station in Motostoke," the male kid asked. "And my name's Hop! I'm Leon's little bro and if anyone's going to beat the champ, it's gonna be me!"

"Well, you certainly are spunky. And Gloria has an edge with that tongue of hers... what kind of accent is that, anyways?" I asked in confusion.

"I came here when I was a wee lass from a distant region called Fiore. Came from Wintown, high in the mountains," Gloria smiled.

"I see... so, anyone wish to escort me to this Sonia character so that I can meet my Rotom partner?" I smiled.

"Sure, I kinn lead ye there. Ye kin even bunk at me place until tomorrow mornin' if ye want," Gloria smirked widely.

"I'll do that so long as we have no electronics on. No television, no radio, nothing. Only the bare essentials like lights, cooking appliances, and the plumbing are allowed by Ransei folk," I smiled, Gloria smirking at that.

"Yer in luck, then. Me mum doesn't like me watchin' the television. Says it rots yer brain," Gloria smiled, me chuckling at that.

"Then it's a deal. And tomorrow, we go to start our gym challenge," I smiled widely.

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