between red and white, pink @grahatia Sidurgu's life has been as stagnant as the life of a Dark Knight can be, and he sees no problem in that. The Warrior of Light, as always, seems to have a different view of things. And this time, he's brought a catboy to match. 11 months 2.8K 0 1 Final Fantasy XIV Teen & Up English Slow Updates AdventureHumorRomance OCWarrior of LightG'raha Tia | Crystal ExarchSidurgu OrlRielle de Caulignont Warrior of Light/G'raha Tia | Crystal Exarch/Sidurgu Orl banging pots and pans: hellzone hellzonethis is exactly what it looks likeme taking my two fave npcs and smushing them togetherself proclaimed biggest sid fan dunks on him mercilesslyau ra warrior of light Read 1. Lilies 2751 1 0