Destcember 2020 @crows
Day 1- Exodus Yes I published this a day late. Just ignore that.

“When we split from the Traveler, we were afraid,” Corvid said, his tiny eye blinking. “It hurt. It was jarring, you see, to suddenly be we when before we’d just been us. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I was… directionless. Lost. All of us were.”

Sitting on a lounge chair, Avi adjusted the skirts of her robe so that Corvid could bury into them for comfort, as he liked to do. He dived into them, and she draped the robe gently over him until just a lump of fabric was all that was visible of him.

“I love you,” Corvid said. “Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me, better even than being part of the Traveler.” A moment of silence. Avi let it sit, peacefully, and sipped on her iced tea. It was raspberry flavored, with a tart slice of lemon. “But I do miss it, sometimes. Being part of something like that.”

“But you’re still part of something.”

“Yeah, I know. Which is why I don’t miss it that much, like I said. But I still wonder sometimes, what it would feel like to be complete like that again.”

Avi stared off into the blue sky, at the Traveler hanging low over the earth. It had healed, a smooth giant egg in the sky. She wondered what it would birth. “Yeah. I think about that too,” she said. She took another sip of her tea.

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