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Kakashi was late. It wasn't a surprising occurrence, in fact he was known for being late to just about any sort of gathering without exception. What was a surprising occurrence was the sight in front of the copy ninja. Kakashi just wasn't sure what to make of it. He had the talent in the front of the room, completely oblivious to his surroundings, the brains was lying unconscious at the feet of the 'Dobe' who had been cackling uncontrollably up until the moment he actually poked his head in. Making sure that his signature aloofness was in check Kakashi rattled off the same old line that he always pointed at his potential genin teams, "My first impression of you..." The brown hared kid by the unconscious pinkette looked at the jonin hopefully, "...I hate you all." Que eye smile, "Meet me on the roof in five." One shunshin later and, "Wait, WHAT?!" The copy nin chuckled to himself as he whipped out his favorite piece of literature, Another perfect performance by one Hatake Kakashi.

Ryuto sat in front of the supposed jonin of team seven dutifully acting enthusiastic about everything. This was not actually the case and truth be told Naruto was unhappy. Since the last Uchiha had walked off by himself it had been up to the disguised blond to carry his teammate who had yet to wake up. Currently the pinkette was slobbering on a bench to the left of the boys of team seven. Naruto was puzzled that the hokage would actually assign someone so tardy as a jonin instructor, and he wondered at the competence of the ninja in front of him. The guy didn't look like much and Ryuto's opinion of him was already plummeting rapidly if the orange book in his supposed sensei's hands had anything to do with it.

"One question before we start." This question didn't come from either of the two genin who were awake, "Why has she feinted already? We haven't even done anything yet." Sasuke gave a very helpful, "Hn." Ryuto decided to elaborate, "She couldn't handle it." Kakashi's one visible eyebrow rose slightly, an unspoken question written on the visible portion of the leaf jonin's face. The boy just leaned back with a shit-eating grin on his face. The copy nin was not amused.

The silver haired ninja coughed into his hand with an awkward gesture, successfully getting the attention of the two boys assigned to his team, "Well! Back on track, I'd like to get to know you guys a bit so we'll start with some introductions. You." He pointed at Sasuke, "Start." The last Uchiha did a lot of grunting and shrugging without opening his mouth any more than necessary. The eyebrow crawled a bit higher. When it appeared Sasuke was done with his 'introduction' the finger shifted toward Ryuto, "Your turn." In the background Sakura made a sort of sloppy snorting sound that sounded suspiciously like the name of the gloomy Uchiha. The eyebrow was climbing faster than a hungry monkey, and Kakashi hoped beyond hope that he'd at least have one more-or-less normal genin this time around even if he was already making plans to fail them, The last Uchiha be damned, I will not teach these weirdos.

When Ryuto launched into a tirade about ramen, that was the last nail in the coffin. Kakashi was going to fail this team if it was the last thing he did. Either way it was almost guaranteed that they'd fail anyway, any competent ninja could see from a mile away that these cute little genin had no teamwork what so ever. Heck, Kakashi thought to himself, If anything their teamwork is probably in the negatives from what I've seen. Ugh, better get this over with as quick as possible. The ninja sighed to himself and flicked a slip of paper at the two male members of his team, "There you guys go, your first responsibility as official ninja of the leaf is to participate in a survival exercise."

At this news Ryuto jumped to his feet with a shout, "What?! But we already passed the entrance exam! I did not come all this way just to find out that I didn't actually become a ninja!" The disguised blonde pointed a finger at the ninja with gravity defying hair in a show of fake anger. Naruto was actually upset at the news that there was another test but instead of doing anything drastic the boy still had enough sense to use his actual feelings to make his performance all the more believable.

And they were biting right into his act.

Sasuke smirked and nodded with one of his patented grunts. It seemed the last Uchiha was similarly disgruntled about the situation. Good. One of the rules that Naruto lived by was and always would be, always have a backup plan. It seemed that Kakashi was slightly impressed by the slight show of camaraderie, an extra bonus. The jonin blinked once before voicing his reply, "That little graduation exam was just to weed out the little squirts who had no chance at being any kind of competent ninja. This little test is to separate those who are ready to begin their duties as ninja and those who don't quite have what it takes to be ninja yet. Only one third of the the academy's passing class actually becomes genning out of any given genin crop. Heck, the test is so hard that if I actually told you what it was right now you'd both be begging me to just fail you outright."

"Hm? Did you say something?" Kakashi and Sasuke both sweat dropped, He didn't listen to a word I said. In his mind Kakashi visualized himself standing up on a stage in the middle of a market, unleashing his best jokes upon the world and no one was even listening! Calm down Kakashi. C'mon, deep breaths, don't destroy your adorable genin before they even have a chance to fail spectacularly. "Well, if you're so confident then I'll leave you to your devices. The meeting time is seven o'clock sharp, don't be late." The ninja eyesmiled, "Oh, and don't eat breakfast either, don't want any of my cute little genin to puke their first day on the job." With that parting statement the copy ninja disapeered in a swirl of leaves.

Ryuto turned toward his male teammate and said, "So, you wanna wait for our lovely third wheel to wake up before we part ways?" The young Uchiha was already over the railing by the time Ryuto had finished speaking, "Yeah, I didn't think you would." With a cursory glance over the paper Kakashi had given him, Ryuto left it with Sakura as he took to the rooftops. He figured she'd need it more.

Ryuto was the first to arrive at the designated meeting place, one of the many clearings of training ground seven. One of his clones had just dispelled letting him know that all of his surprises were prepped for the party. The boy aloud himself a tiny smile as he settled into a meditative stance, No point in revealing any unneeded information to Mr. Pervert Jonin. Honestly he's probably hiding in some bush to see how we'll interact without any supervision. I wonder what he wants to see.

Sasuke was the second of the genin to arrive, drowsy eyed and grumpy faced. After their sensei had left the day before, the last Uchiha spent the rest of his day gathering all the materials that he might need. There was no way for the dark haired wonder to know what the test was going to be so he figured he might as well prepare for as many possibilities as he could think of. He had to pass that test, no matter what, he had to! How else could he defeat him? How else would he be able to achieve his revenge? So he stayed up late into the night drilling himself again and again over his forms and stances, working himself to perfection. As a result the last Uchiha had skipped out on his beauty sleep and was now grumpier than usual.

Sakura came last and spectacularly failed to noticed her crush's bad mood, "Sasuke! Would you like to hang out together if we pass? What am I saying? Of course we're going to pass! You're the top genin! How could we not? You will save me if I need it won't you, Sasuke?" Sakura felt like the temperature had dropped straight to freezing when the object of her affections turned his cold dark eye upon her. She felt her throat constrict and she couldn't seem to force any kind of sound out. The clearing was completely silent, nothing moved. The clueless pinkette was seriously reconsidering her views on looks and killing. Sasuke drew in a slow, steady breath. Sakura's sea-green eyes were wide open in fear. The scene looked like something out of a movie.

And then Ryuto walked right through the whole thing, cheshire grin in place, and smacked the dark haired Uchiha on the back with a grin, "C'mon Dusty, don't pay any attention to her, she's just excited to be here." The Uchiha startled and looked at his fellow academy graduate weirdly and shrugged the hand off his shoulder, "Don't touch me." The disguised blonde's smile stretched a bit wider, "If that's what you want, Dusty." The hand was back, "Is that what you really want, Dusty?" Sasuke frowned a little harder and rubbed his tired eyes, "Yes it is. I want you to take your fucking hand off of my damned shoulder before I remove it for you." The grin stretched a bit farther as Ryuto held up his left hand, "This is my 'fucking hand', as you put it, thank you very much Dusty." Sasuke could see Sakura fighting to keep her giggles under control from the corner of his eye, "I am going to kill you."

"Now now Sasuke, or should I say Dusty? You can't go killing your comrades until you've become a rouge ninja and to do that you'd have to actually be a ninja first. So could you control yourself for now, at least?"

Before the last Uchiha could respond, Sakura screamed out "You're late, Sensei!" Kakashi eye smiled at the pinkette, "Well, you see... A black cat crossed my path so I had to go the long way!" Sakura's eyebrow twitched, "What, did you walk around the village?" The masked ninja just kept eye smiling as he dangled two bells in front of the genin, "Here are two bells." Sasuke grunted, "No kidding." The jonin pulled out a timer and set it down in front of the genin, "So you can talk, I thought you were a mute or something. Back on topic, the test is simple, be in possession of one of these bells when this timer goes off and you pass."

"But sensei," It was Sakura speaking, "There are only two bells." The copy ninja sweat dropped, She's supposed to be the smartest kunoichi? If that's the case then I can't see how any of this batch are actually gonna pass their jonin's tests. "That's right, Sakura. Congratulations, you've passed the 'say how many bells there are right after Kakashi' test. Anyway, whoever doesn't get a bell will be strapped to one of these lovely logs while you watch the rest of us eat our lunch, after which they'd be sent packing back to the academy." Ryuto raised his eyebrow, "Is that all?" Kakashi shook his head, "Just one last thing, you have permition to use any tools for this test. Kunai, shuriken, senbon, whatever weapons and jutsu you've got in your arsenal. If you don't come at me with the intent to kill then you'll have no chance at all of even getting close to these bells. Now," The three academy graduates all tensed in anticipation, "Start!"

Kakashi was bored.

Predictably, both the top kunoichi and strongest genin launched themselves into the nearby foliage in an attempt to hide. Kakashi sighed to himself as he reached for his favorite piece of literature, Tactics strait out of the ninja rule book, disguise your presence and formulate a plan. Hm? It seemed the ramen enthusiast of the team was running at him with the intention of a full frontal assault right from the get-go. Kakashi smirked under his face mask, This shouldn't take much effort.

Sasuke sweat-dropped.

It seemed the class dunce was out to prove himself as the least sensible ninja ever. How did he expect to even get within touching distance of any professional ninja without any sort of plan or preparation? Sasuke frowned at his terrible luck, it seemed that even though he was almost guaranteed to pass the stupid(in his opinion) test, whoever the other person on his team was going to be was without a doubt going to be an idiot in one sense or another.

Those were the thoughts going through the Uchiha prodigy's mind as he watched his classmate charge recklessly toward his soon to be sensei.

Sakura was in distress.

When Kakashi had said start she hadn't been paying attention and had accidentally dived in the opposite direction as her crush.

The naive girl was currently to preocupied looking for her love to notice that her other teammate was charging at her team's jonin sensei.

Ryuto had a plan.

The plan was to pressure the grey haired jonin with a continuous stream of violence until he saw an opening. The boy charged at the masked jonin with a fist cocked back in preparation for a devastating hay maker. A few steps away from his target the boy launched himself into the air, telegraphing his movements all the way.

Until he flung his face at his sensei at high speeds, completely missing Kakashi. But Ryuto wasn't done. As his head came down in front of the unimpressed jonin, his foot came up and over followed by the rest of his body in a momentous axe kick. The kick didn't connect but that didn't stop the boy. He had gotten Kakashi moving and that was something to capitalize on.

Ryuto let out an intense battle cry, already resolving to go all out in this contest of strength and speed.

A slight distance away from the fight, the true Naruto watched the battle intently from his perch as a nondescript squirrel.

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