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Chapter 9

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So for everyone who noticed the mistake chapter 7 earlier- It's fixed and so is chapter 8.

The day that Toshinori finally figured out some of what he alpha had been subtly doing to him, was nearly three in a half months into their courtship. He had spent the night at her place off and on for a while now and was finally gearing up to move in with her.

He'd just woken up and rolled out of bed and meandered into the bathroom attached to his room and just flicked on the light and began his usual morning routine.

Bathing, brushing his teeth, trying to comb his hair, and then weighing himself to see if his health had taken another bad-ish turn that he had to worry about. Not all of which were exactly in that order.

He'd sort of noticed lately that his pants were getting uncomfortably tighter on him. But didn't really understand the reasons why since they were usually pretty baggy on him. And he needed to loop his belt around his waist more than once just to keep the stupid things in place on his skeletal frame.

He still wasn't awake enough to look at himself very critically in the mirror. But he was more awake after he'd showered and went to grab his tooth brush. And the moment that he caught sight of his reflection- he froze.

There was just no other word to describe what he did.

At first, he thought that maybe he was hallucinating. After all, he hated looking in the mirror and tended to avoid it unless he Health wise.

However after his pinched himself- which was usually very difficult to do since he had so little loose flesh on his body nowadays- he couldn't help noticing that his wrists seemed a little bit...what was the word? Thicker? In fact they looked a lot less boney than he recalled.

Lifting his arms up, he turned them this way and that way so that he could study the new thickness to his limbs carefully. He still wasn't totally convinced that he wasn't seeing things. But he became more and more convinced as he took the time to look himself over.

His hair was another things that was different. It wasn't as coarse and dry and brittle as it had initially been either.

But he wasn't so much convinced that it had much to do with his diet as it did the leave in spray conditioner that Ichigo had found for him to use as part of his 'beauty' regimen. As she so fondly called it whenever she was teasing him about it.

His face looked...more fleshy too. His cheeks were definitely less hollow, less...skeletal. And holy shit he looked more like his old self than he had in years! Lifting a hand, he ran it along his cheeks and nose and chin in an effort to see if it was really real.

Once it finally registered for him that he wasn't hallucinating- he then checked out his torso. Despite being a shrunken in scarecrow of a man he'd still retained some of his thickly chorded muscle from all of his years of training his body. And yes, that muscle was still there. Sort of.

Though in recent years since his health's decline his body had been steadily breaking it down for nutrients and stuff in an effort to keep him alive.

From the looks of it, he'd somehow gained just a bit of it back. And as he let his eyes drift a little bit lower to his stomach, he noted that that seemed a bit fleshier too. In fact it wasn't sunken in at all.

Feeling the beginnings of giddiness bubbling up within him, he turned around and then examined his butt next. And felt his eyes go wide with shock because- holy fucking shit he had an ass again!

It was still small, but he'd be damned if it wasn't there just the same.

It was unbelievable. The pale globes had more flesh to them too!

He kind of moved his butt around in the mirror just to see if it was really his. And yes. Yes it was his! He pinched himself again just to make sure. But he still wasn't imagining things.

After that he decided to bite the bullet and weigh himself. Dragging out the scale that he'd brought with him from home, he hesitated for a moment before he stepped onto it and then held his breath as he anxiously watched the numbers climb.

He weighed nearly forty five pounds heavier than he had several months ago. He felt positively lightheaded for a few seconds as he stared at it.

"How the hell did that happen?" He finally muttered to himself as he stepped off of the scale. And then back onto it a grand total of fifteen times before he decided that he needed to be checked out by Recovery Girl.

Just to make sure that his decline hadn't finally driven him insane.

Running out of the bathroom, he quickly got dressed and then barely managed to make it to the door when he got called back by his alpha.

Turning around at the sound of her voice, he noted that she was wearing an apron and was still in her night shirt. Which he had noticed the night before was scandalously short and barely covered her lower half at all. Giving him a nice tempting view of her pretty rounded butt and her long legs.

"Is everything okay Angel?"

"Yes. Yes everything is fine. I just...n-need to go see Recovery Girl for a little bit."

There was nothing suspicious in her expression, nothing that gave her away as the culprit to his sudden weight gain anyways. But when she asked him if he wanted something to snack on, he automatically said yes since he would be missing breakfast. And the little snacks that she gave him were amazing.

He always felt so full and energetic whenever he ate them and- she gave him his usual bento box full of the things and he kissed her goodbye and then ran out the door.

It didn't really occur to him what she'd done until he was already halfway to the school and by then he'd begun snacking on the stuff that she'd given him already. Still, the moment that it occurred to him what she'd been doing...he couldn't really find it in himself to be all that irked or anything about it.

He simply chalked it up to both her alpha's instinct to care for him. And to her knowledge as a doctor who was just trying to keep him healthy and alive.

Still, he popped one last ball of- whatever it was in his mouth, and the chewed thoughtfully as he put his food away for the time being.

Chiyo couldn't stop laughing at him as she finally concluded her exam of his body a little while later, and allowed him to begin redressing himself. Feeling just a tad bit irked with the elderly woman for finding his current situation so funny, he growled at her as he slowly pulled his shirt back up over his shoulders.

Sure enough, he'd been right about the weight gain.

And Chiyo was particularly tickled pink about it. She had even praised his alpha for finding a way to put some meat back on his bones in such a sly and subtle manner. Without having to fight him over it every step of the way.

And even he had to admit, Ichigo had certainly pulled a fast one on him. But then how could he possibly refuse his sweet and thoughtful alpha when she made such delicious snacks for him?

He didn't know a single male anywhere that would turn down the treats that she gave him to munch on to keep him from going hungry everyday.

Of course he'd never bothered to question her motives any. He still figured that it must have something to do with a combination of instinct and the doctor in her. Simply trying to take care of him.

Still, his mind was reeling with disbelief. After all, how had his alpha managed to do what many, many, many other doctors, healers, and specialists had claimed that they couldn't?

He stood up and tucked his shirt hem back into his pants and then grabbed his jacket and slid it on while he planned to go and ambush his alpha and show her his appreciation. He was fairly certain that she wouldn't mind if he tied her up for the day and kept her close to him.

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