Breaking Barriers @babykitsune_9
Chapter 8

Their first date was nice. Nicer than even he had really expected.

Ichigo, as it turned out, was a fantastic cook. And with her being both a doctor and knowledgeable about his stomach issues, she managed to make them a fantastic meal that he could actually eat! She didn't even seem to mind the fact that he parked himself at her kitchen island, on a stool and kept her company.

And he really had expected her to shoo him off inevitably. I mean, she was so distracted by his presence that she cut herself four times while she was cutting and chopping things. It was a wonder that he didn't cost her a finger.

Even so- the date had been nice.

And after the food had been cooked and eaten, she had pulled out a plate of pre made goodies for dessert. The fact that he could eat those too really surprised him. He usually didn't do too good with cookies and stuff because they were too sweet.

But the dessert that Ichigo had made for him was so delightful that he'd eaten more than half of the plate just by himself. She'd put the rest in a container for him to take home with him so that he wouldn't make himself sick eating them all in one sitting.

The only real complaint about the evening that he had was that she talked him into playing board games with her until they were ready to watch the movie. And he stupidly agreed because he'd thought- what can go wrong? He was excellent at board games and tended to win. A lot.

The game that was decided upon was Battleship.

And she sank his fucking ship five times before he got annoyed enough to start acting like any sore loser would. He got downright belligerent about losing too.

It was a wonder that she didn't kick him out of her home. For god's sake he broke one of her lamps! Sure he hadn't meant to do it. And it was a very unfortunate accident. But he'd broken it nevertheless by throwing the game across the room and hissing at it like an angry cat.

But instead of getting pissed about his 'sore loser-ness' as Aizawa would call it.

She merely got up, cleaned up the broken pieces and the glass and then put the ruined lamp in the garbage can and then asked him if he'd rather play something else.

He picked out Monopoly since he figured that it would be safer for them both to play.

Oh man was he wrong.

His competitive side made one hell of an ugly appearance while he was buying up hotels and stuff. But that was okay since every time he turned around he wound up in jail. That was okay though since his alpha was buying up the Boardwalk, and the railroads.

And he frigging hated her for it because landing on those pieces of property cost him some serious money every time he landed one one.

An hour passed, and then two- and the game just got weirder when they decided to act out various scenes while still playing. Which ended, abruptly, when one of her packmates showed up to find her being put in 'jail' by him.

They were both pretty embarrassed to get caught playing acting like children. But damn was it fun to let loose like that.

And once her packmate left, the two of them decided to finally put the game away and watch their movie. After which, Ichigo had gotten down on her knees in front of him again. And had given him the ring family heirloom that she finally remembered that she had for him.

It was a breathtaking piece that slid on his slender finger easily. And afterwards the two of them had cuddled on the couch for a bit longer.

Toshinori wasn't sure what the highlight of the evening was. But it was definitely one of the nicest dates that he'd ever had before. And it didn't completely end until she'd walked him home to make sure that he got there safely.

This sort of behavior went on for a little while. Months, actually since the court was still out on any verdict that could rip him away from her and essentially ruin him.

And he truly believed and knew that the holdup with the court had something to do with Nezu and the rest of the Pro-hero community's outcry about putting him in an illegal breeding program, just so that they could use his future offspring as cannon fodder for a cause that was no longer his to fight.

It was during the time that she was spending taking him on dates and such, that he got do learn more and more about his alpha.

One thing that he knew for sure was that she was absolutely fearless in the face of danger. Another was that she was a very good doctor and leader.

But then he already knew that since he had gotten to see some of those things proven to him when he'd seen first hand just what she was capable of.

For instance he'd been with her during a lunch break at her clinic once when an enraged alpha had come in with his beaten and very pregnant omega in.

Toshinori had pushed her behind him in an effort to protect her when the alpha pulled a gun. But Ichigo wasn't having any of that nonsense. Especially in her clinic, with her omega present.

She stepped around him and had the gun out of the alpha's hands and dismantled so fast that he couldn't even track her movements. After that she'd grabbed the omega and carefully handed the poor thing to him and told him where to take the young man.

And while he was removing the crying and hysterical young man from the stressful environment that his alpha had created. He'd heard the most blood chilling growl that he'd ever heard before, which was followed by several loud and pained sounding yelps. Which was also followed by the sound of something being broken and slammed.

Once he finished placing the omega in the room that his alpha had directed him too, he'd gone to check on her and see if she needed any help with the man. And found her standing in the middle of her small break area with her face and shirt spattered in flecks of blood, and the alpha lying on the floor in terrible shape.

He hadn't managed to ask her what had happened since he'd seen the damage to the room.

But from the looks of it- she'd beaten the other alpha absolutely senseless and then broken a few things over his head for good measure.

After which she had walked over to him and tried to comfort him since he was pretty shaken by the whole incident and then asked him, once he was calm, if he would mind assisting her with the injured omega.

He'd seen her work nothing short of a miracle that day.

Somehow managing to not just save the hysterical omega, but his baby too when he went into labor several minutes after she'd started working on him.

The baby had been delivered healthy and then once it was placed in it's momma's arms, she had stood back with him and slipped her small hand into his own and the both of them exchanged smiles.

He even got to meet more of the pack during their courtship- which was understandably overwhelming to him.

There were so many of them that upon learning that she had more than a thousand packmates- which was practically unheard of for a multitude of reasons.

Functionality being one of them. Keeping them out of trouble was just another. And then there was the fact that they didn't stick to the gender roles that were expected of them by society.

By all logical accounts, her pack should have self destructed ages ago. And the fact that they hadn't, and were all happy and healthy and alive in masses... Well, he'd nearly fainted from the shock of it all.

What was even more shocking to him was that many of them were military, and politicians, heirs and heiresses to massive fortunes ect.

He come to the conclusion that he had literally found the most perfect alpha amongst all alpha's!

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