Breaking Barriers @babykitsune_9
Chapter 6

His excitement was palpable when he went into work the next few day. In fact he could barely contain himself. He had an alpha! It was almost like a dream to him.

He'd only had one alpha in his life at all since he was a young man and well- he'd had to snap that alpha's bones for acting as if he'd owned him after they'd had sex once.

However he didn't think that he would have to do such a thing with Ichigo. She was so lovely, nice, and kind that it was mindboggling. The fact that he was already totally crazy about her didn't really seem to register all that much at the moment.

But he couldn't wait for her to finally finish her sort-of-several-days-long-now nap so that they could begin his courtship. And knowing that she was absolutely going to court him, made him feel as giddy as a teenager.

His smile was brighter- so much so that Aizawa had yanked off Mic's sunglasses- just to glare at him for waking him when he walked into the teacher's lounge one morning.

He was humming an nice jaunty tune today when he walked into the lounge, and he'd dressed in his nicest outfit. Which was a slate blue color instead of his usual pinstriped yellow. His messy blond hair had been combed back and tamed as nicely as was possible.

And now all he could do was wait.

Luckily for him, about an hour after lunch he finally got a text from Ichigo's number telling him that she'd be there to see him shortly. And she was bringing some stuff.

He didn't know exactly what sort of stuff she was talking about in the text. So he assumed it was something for his courtship. Which was distracting to him since he spent the better part of another forty minutes or so in one of his classes, daydreaming about what she could be bringing him.

Seriously, he'd been so out of it that one of his students had chucked a small piece of chalk at his head. And even hit him with it right above his left eye. And it didn't even snap him out of it.

Finally, he began to grow a tad bit impatient to see her. It was right around then that he begun to get worried. When she'd sent the text that she was coming to see him- did she mean at work or- He didn't get to finish his train of thought because the school's alarm suddenly went off indicating a security breach.

Alarmed that they might have another villain attack under way, he evacuated the kids from the classroom so that he could go and check things out for himself when he was grabbed in the hall by a small hand.

Feeling an icy sliver of fear take hold of his heart. He did what any retired former Pro-hero would do in such a situation if they were afraid or felt as if they were under attack. He reacted out of instinct and grabbed the person who'd stopped him and without thinking slammed them into a wall of lockers and bared his fangs at them with a loud and vicious sounding angry growl.

"Okay, so no touching today. I'm sorry." He heard her before he even registered that he was looking at her face. And the moment that he did, he felt ashamed of himself for just attacking blindly like that and slowly released her.

After all, her small hand could have belonged to one of the kids. Or even a co-worker or friend. Someone could have just been hurt by him!

It took him several moments to realize that he'd just attacked his alpha. And another few seconds after that for him to go into full blown panic mode.

"Alpha! Oh god- I-I'm sorry! I didn't-" His brain all but shut down on him and he felt like he couldn't breathe. He felt cold and couldn't help but think, Nice going asshole. The one perfect match for you had you fucking ruined it before it really even had a chance to begin.

A whine escaped him as tears pricked at his eyes when he felt something warm wrap around him and gently tug him down so that his ear was pressed to- a chest? He could hear a heartbeat underneath his ear. The soft th-thump of it was low, and soothing to him.

So this is definitely someone's chest. He thought to himself as he wrapped his arms around said person and held onto them tightly feeling as if they were his one and only lifeline at the moment.

It took him several minutes to completely calm down and the entire time he was coming back to himself he heard the vague drone of someone talking in a hushed tone to him as small hands played with his hair. Mussing it while he wasn't paying attention.

Finally he was back to his senses enough to manage to move his head a little bit to see who's chest his head was pressed against and felt his eyes go wide in surprise.

"Alpha?" He practically whined the word in distress, but when she looked down at his face, and smiled. He felt a good portion of his tension and panic ease.

"Hello, Angel. You feeling better now?" She asked him as she ran her fingers through his hair a little bit more. He felt his eyes flutter closed at the gentleness of the caress and made a low sound of pleasure in the back of his throat before managing to mentally shake himself.

"Are you alright, alpha?"

"Ichigo, sweetheart." She corrected him gently. "You don't have to call me that when you can just call me by my name. And yes, I'm fine."

"I didn't hurt you?"

She gave him a small smile to reassure him, and kept running her blunt nails through his hair as she said. "No Angel. You didn't hurt me any."

He was relieved to know that he hadn't harmed her and practically melted underneath her hands.

However what she didn't tell him was that his expression of his coupled with his lips peeled back from his wickedly sharp looking fangs had intimidated the shit out of her.

She'd only seen one or two omega's in the entirety of her life that had ever worn such fierce and angry expressions before. And they'd both scared her damn near shitless.

Still, she couldn't blame him for his reaction any.

She knew about the USJ incident that the school had come under fire for. As well as the attack at the summer camp and the awful fight that had led up to her Angel's retirement.

It was just that once she'd woken up and realized how long she'd gone without seeing him- she'd sort of conveniently forgotten about it while she'd scrambled around her home trying to get ready to go looking for him.

She'd...honestly been pretty excited about the courtship thing. And was taking it very seriously.

She had even managed to dig out an old family heirloom to give to him.

A lovely white gold, sapphire and white diamond eternity ring that had belonged to her late mother's side of the family, that she had decided that she would give to him in leu of a collar.

She'd even done some research and found that some non-traditional people preferred them for their omegas.

She had also stopped on her way to the school and gotten him some flowers. Some nice yellow roses with some lavender and baby's breath. And was also intending to see if she could coax him away for dinner and maybe a movie.

She hadn't really been looking to alarm anyone or even make a nuisance of herself. But she'd been unable to stop herself once she was walking along the wall that surrounded the school, and absently noted that there were at least one hundred and ten security weaknesses that she felt that the school should know about.

Which was only one reason why she had breached the school's security. The other reason was that it was simply easier than standing at the gate and waiting for him to leave the campus.

That and she was really determined and anxious to see him again.

She just...hadn't expected him to be so damn scared that he would lash out like he had. That was her mistake. And she would try harder not to make it again.

It took a little bit longer than she expected for him to calm down enough to finally, if a tad bit reluctantly, release her. And by then they were pretty much surrounded by every Pro-hero on campus.

Which he finally noticed and freaked out a little bit about. Not that she minded at all.

He's cute when he was flustered about something. She thought to herself with a grin as several guys tackled her to the floor.

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