Breaking Barriers @babykitsune_9
Chapter 1

He'd been out for a walk, trying to clear his mind a bit and figure out a solution to his latest problem. A lot had happened to him in the last few months since hitting finding his heir, beginning his training, and then giving him his quirk, and starting his teaching job at UA ect.

There had been a few snags and bumps along the way. None of which weren't anything that he couldn't handle.

But things had gotten considerably worse for him since the Kamino incident. Especially since he lost what was left of his quirk and was forced to retire as All Might. Now, while that in itself may not be a bad thing- he'd heard wonderful things about retirement from previous retirees.

However, his retirement had had serious repercussions on the world.

Villains were getting more and more greedy for anything that could give them an extra edge, and more power over the Pro-heroes. And what's even more- someone, somewhere had blabbed about his designation as an Omega to some government officials, and now everyone was demanding answers to questions that were really none of their business.

And because of that nonsense he was now staring down an uncertain future that held a rather unsavory end for him. A breeding program. The very government officials that had once held him in such high regard as the Pillar of Peace, were now turning on him and threatening to put him in a sanctioned breeding program just so that his quirk would be passed down to his 'offspring'.

The fools had his medical files and knew that he had a unique biology, one that while made him an omega- also contained a bit of a birth defect that made it so that he didn't have an omega's reproductive system.

No, he had lucked out there, he supposed. He may never know the 'joys' of carrying his offspring. But that was probably for the best in his present state since he likely wouldn't survive carrying it or even birthing it anyways.

Instead he had the body, build, mind, aggression levels, and weirdly enough- the reproductive organs of an Alpha.

There wasn't a damned thing about him that was dainty, feminine, or weak- well, sort of. He was right weak now. But only because of his quirk being gone. Which wasn't really the same thing as being born weak and staying weak like people assumed an omega would.

He was seven foot two, and regardless of whether he was in his muscle form or not- he literally towered over everyone. His behaviors both at work and outside of work were more Alpha than omega. When he was challenged, he reacted as one would expect an Alpha to react.

Sometimes with cunning and other times with brute force. And he would be lying if he said that his former work as a Pro-hero hadn't somewhat helped to curb some of his worst tendencies.

He literally hadn't been very challenged at all in the past ten to fifteen years or so. So he'd mellowed out a little bit with age. And there was nothing wrong with that, but his reactions to specific situations was definitely more Alpha than omega.

Which brought him back to his problem. He needed an Alpha.

But even he knew that logically no Alpha anywhere was going to allow him to be himself. Whether it was inside the home or outside. Anyone that he was paired with for the sake of reproducing was going to get one hell of a nasty surprise.

He simply wasn't very obedient or submissive at all. And in all actuality, the odds of him doing as he was told by an Alpha like a good little bitch- were slim to none.

If someone had the audacity to tell him not to do something, it usually rankled him enough to make him want to do it, flaunt it in said person's face, and grin like mad while he did so. He could handle the repercussions of doing said action. He just didn't think any alpha's could handle being taken over his knee and whipped though.

It would be quite a shock to their fragile little ego's.

And if the government really ruled on the breeding program like they seemed like they were going to. Like he feared they were. Nothing, and he meant absolutely nothing and no one in the world, would stop him from shedding the blood of any fool that thought he was man enough to put him on his knees.

Just because he was born an omega didn't mean that he'd take dick like one. He was more than his biology implied. Fuck that. And fuck everything else too.

He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice the fact that he was being followed. Or had been for a while now. He also didn't really pay any attention to when the sky opened up and it started to pour rain. He merely paused in mid step, frowning at the fact that there was suddenly water in his shoes and his toes were wet and squishy, to bother paying attention.

So naturally, this was when he got caught unawares by several people, and was roughly dragged into an darkened alleyway.

He grunted as he felt his front viciously slammed into the side of a brick wall. He gritted his teeth in an effort to stop any sound from escaping him, but it was too little too late. His face scraped against the hard stone as he felt his arms being twisted up behind his back at a painful angle and quickly tied together there so that he wouldn't be able to fight back.

Once that was done, he was grabbed by the shoulder and spun around so quickly that the world spun dizzily. The unyielding brick that had once been at his front, bit into the tender skin of his back and shoulders now as he blinked stormy electric blue eyes at his attackers and barely managed to hold down a growl of warning.

At first glance, even he would assume that they were random run of the mill thugs. However despite the shadowy darkness and dim lighting of the alleyway he'd been dragged into, he was still able to pick out a few familiar faces amongst them.

All of whom were either low ranking Pro-heroes, or new ones. All alphas, from the smell of them.

Several of whom had been present at the hearing that he'd had to attend about hiding his secondary gender. It wasn't his fault that his biology was so fucked up that he couldn't pass for a typical omega.

"Look at this guys, All Might himself has finally come out to entertain us." Someone cooed as a face got a little bit too close to his own. He peeled his lips back form his teeth and snarled at the person in his personal space, hoping, no matter how pointless it may prove to be, that they would back off and leave him alone.

There was a bunch of howls of laughter when he snarled.

Of course there would be, he should have realized by now that people always scoffed when an omega flashed their fangs in warning about anything that didn't have to do with children. For some reason, snarling when one was about to be beaten or raped didn't send a 'fuck off' sort of message. But any snarl that left an omega when their child was threatened was heeded immediately.

Go figure.

"What a pretty lil mega." Someone said in a patronizing tone as he felt a hand skim along his side and down along his abdomen.

"Fuck, but you smell good omega," He heard someone else say as he felt someone's hand grip his blond hair and yank his head back just enough to allow someone to press their face against his throat and inhale deeply. He shook as it occurred to him that one of his worst fears was coming to pass as he heard the Alpha smelling his groan out. "Just like a bitch going into heat."

He squeezed his eyes closed for a moment as he tried to push down the suffocating and near crippling fear that he was beginning to feel. His mind tuning out everything around him as he wondered why.

Why did this have to happen to him?

Why now of all things, when he'd finally lost his quirk completely and wasn't strong like he used to be. How was he supposed to fight theses fools off? Especially with his hands tied behind his back?

Even he could tell that any sudden, panicky, or irrational movement on his part would wind cause him to break his own arms. And despite that being a far more preferable outcome to him here- How was he to avoid being raped and possibly bonded against his will?

He was so out of it that he didn't even notice that his clothing was being torn from him. And when he did, he tried kicking the one's touching him. Managing to catch one in the stomach and another in the nuts. But he barely even registered the fact that someone was still touching him in places that made his skin crawl and made him want to scream until his throat was raw and bleeding.

Nearly twenty three years of working as a Pro-hero had given him a glimpse of a lot of depravity, desperation, sorrow, loss and pain. But this- he never saw this coming. He had hoped that after all of his years of service to the world and being so well respected might save him from this fate.

And it had. Up until he had formally retired and was dragged to that damned hearing.

It was difficult for him not to notice when he wound up face down on the ground with his ass in the air. He wasn't exactly crying by then. But he was probably closer to tears than he'd been in a long long time. Though the fact that it was pouring rain hid any tears of shame and pain well.

The scent of his distress was washed away by it. Chilling him so much that it felt as if his very blood was turning to ice in his veins. Horror washed over him, and a small pleading whine left his throat when he felt fingers pressing against the untouched ring of his ass.

And he finally lost it and started screaming when he felt fingers roughly shove inside of him.

She'd seen better days, she mused as she awkwardly staggered down the street on slightly unsteady legs. Chad had done a real number on her this time if the faint aching sensation from various bruises were any indication at all. Oh sure, it wasn't his fault.

The timing was, that was all.

It had been an eventful few weeks between her work, the pack, helping to finalize Rukia and Orihime's weddings and of course keeping everything and everyone from falling into that unique brand of utter chaos that only her pack could manage to fall into when they weren't being watched very carefully twenty four/seven.

And the past three days had simply been the cherry on top of it all.

Chad's rut had hit him ahead of schedule, while she'd been working at the clinic. And had just happened to begin at the same exact time that her sister, Karin's heat had hit her.

And since the two of them were sort of an 'item' and Karin was still too young to let them cave in to their instincts. She'd let Chad use her as his physical outlet instead of letting him touch Karin and give in to his instincts to breeding her. So she'd spent the past three days straight being fucked into his mattress.

Which, honestly wasn't the most terrible thing in the world. She was definitely less stressed now than she'd been for the past few weeks.

And they were smart. They didn't hide anything. So Karin knew about their arrangement and didn't seem to mind since she understood the importance of being older before she and Chad took things to the next level. As long as he was careful not to break her. Or get her pregnant.

'Then he would live to fight another day.'

Those were Karin's words. Not hers.

Even so, she honestly couldn't recall the last time she'd staggered anywhere from being oversexed.

Usually it was from drinking some of the others under the table, or with the pack while doing some bonding. Or even from getting those annoying really high fevers that she tended to run from time to time each month when she was fertile.

But never from being oversexed. And that was really saying something considering that most of her pack were unattached male Alpha's and female omegas with numbers higher than she could count on her fingers and toes several times over.

Stretching her arms up over her head, without breaking her stride, she took a moment to pop her back and neck in an effort to work the kinks out and then paused when she suddenly heard screaming. Oh sure, it wasn't loud. Not to her at least. But then her hearing had been damaged a while back in a villain attack.

Still, it wasn't as if she were deaf or anything.

She could still hear, it just sometimes seemed as if things were distant when they actually weren't. And since she was fairly certain that she wasn't hallucinating the sound due to lack of sleep, she bristled. Visibly. Which was unusual for her.

She typically didn't bristle since it was a tell tale sign that something was upsetting to her, and she liked being able to catch people off guard. Turning her head this way and that, she attempted to locate the source of the sound. It was a tad bit difficult for her with her hearing damaged, but she managed after a moment or so of using her spirit energy to enhance her hearing.

Once she locked on the source of the sound, she tossed her umbrella aside and ran down the street as if she were possessed. And maybe she was right then. She couldn't help it.

There was just something about the screaming that called out to her. An underlying, and unspoken desperate need for help that only she seemed able to hear.

She was just outside of the alley when the screaming stopped. It was abrupt, as if whoever was screaming had been forced to halt the sound. It was definitely unnatural.

Someone was being attacked. The words slithered through her mind like a snake. Venom lacing the thought as she let out a feral sounding growl and let her eyes bleed violet as she caught the barely detectible scent of distressed omega somewhere close by.

She moved into the alley so quickly that it was a wonder that the small heels that she'd worn to work the other day didn't give her away. Which was funny. But not as funny as the faces of the men that she caught unaware.

The first one that she took care of was the one who looked as if he were attempting to force himself on someone. She didn't have a lot of time to analyze the situation. And she really didn't care for this scene either. So she figured that she'd kick everyone's ass and take names once she was done.

She nailed the guy trying to force himself on the other person with a well placed blow to the underside of his jaw and followed it up with a sharp elbow to the face. The man's nose crunched sickeningly, but oh so satisfyingly to her.

She didn't even care that the elbow to the nose could have just killed the man.

She had other things on her mind. One of which was the trembling curled up figure at her feet. She couldn't tell if the guy was an omega or not because of how tall he was. But he was also lacking in muscle and was very delicate and slender in build.

Letting her eyes flicker over his prone body, she took a second to catalog his injuries. And was only mildly relieved to find that he hadn't just been forcibly bonded or mated.

Reaching up she unzipped her thermal insolated leather jacket and slipped it off of her shoulders and carefully draped it over the poor man's semi naked body in the hopes that it would help give him a measure of modesty and also help to warm him up before he became ill.

He jerked a little bit when she placed her jacket over him, his wide terror blown eyes locking on her face for a moment before she backed off and then turned her head to consider the rest of the men present.

They had been laughing a moment ago. Apparently they hadn't exactly noticed their friend being knocked off of their victim so suddenly. But now that they realized that she was there, they looked pretty pissed.

Not that she cared any. They could be as pissed as they liked. It wouldn't make any difference in the outcome of their futures any. And she had plans to totally ruin them all for life.

Toshinori was aware of some of what was happening, despite his shocked state. His dazed blue eyes stayed fixated on the female that had come to his aid. His heart pounded in his chest as she lay her jacket over his shivering form and then moved back and shifted her attention to his other attackers.

He would be lying if he said that he wasn't curious to see what happened next.

Especially given the fact that she was outnumbered five to one by highly trained individuals who had no qualms whatsoever about using excessive force and would likely kill her if they could.

"Who the fuck are you?" One of them growled.

"None of your damned business, you psycho." She said calmly.

"This cunt is ours." Another said as he tried to step closer to him. Toshinori had the presence of mind to growl warningly before the guy was yanked away from him and backhanded so hard that he staggered back a good ways and fell on his ass in a mud puddle.

"I call bullshit." She said as she gave the guy on his ass a look of utter disdain. "You fellas seem a bit too...what's the word? Limp dicked and useless? To have a stunning guy like him as yours. Besides, something tells me that he rejected you and you losers got pissed. You know, like asshole knot heads tend to do."

They all growled at her. The sound echoing as loudly as a lion's roar in his ears.

But instead of being afraid or backing down like the Alpha's wanted, the female merely gave them a feral smile. It was a quicksilver move. Subtle, even in the semi darkness. But Toshinori caught it nevertheless.

In fact he almost did a double take when he saw her fangs. They were small, but god were they so unmistakably sharp that it took a moment to dawn on him that the female was an Alpha herself.

And as frightening as being in this situation was to him- oddly enough, he seemed to draw a measure of comfort in her being there, fighting to protect him. Especially since it seemed as if she wasn't into the nonsensical traditional gender roles that seemed to be everywhere.

And even if she lost this fight an was unable to save him from a fate worse than death, he would always be grateful to her for coming out of nowhere and trying.

The moment that the actual fight broke out between the Alpha's he unconsciously flinched back away from them and tried to make himself look as small as humanly possible. Not necessarily out of fear- but because he didn't want someone to grab him and use him as a means to make the female Alpha stop fighting them.

And frankly, he was feeling oddly optimistic that she could take them. So he really didn't want to get in her way.

She must have realized his intention since she probably caught it out of the corner of her eye, but the fact that she firmly placed herself between him and the greedy hands of the others was... Well, he had no exact words to describe how he felt right then. He could maybe make out the subtle feeling of relief amongst a tangled mess of anxiety, anger, seething rage and other things. But that was about it really.

The first punches were thrown, unsurprisingly, by the males.

All of whom met swift and painful retaliation from the female Alpha's fists. The distinct crunching and snapping of bones when she grabbed, grappled, kicked, and punched them made him shiver almost uncontrollably.

He also would be lying if he said that he didn't find the female's movements fascinating to some degree. He'd never seen someone who moved quite like she did. Though he was able to vaguely make out some of her fighting techniques. Which seemed to be a mix of karate, boxing, and a straight up street brawling.

All of which she smoothly shifted from one to another with a strange type of ease that was unsettling to him. This was no ordinary civilian that had come to his aid. But an highly trained and very efficient fighter. The fact that she was likely someone who was used to violence and excessive force should have scared the shit out of him. Especially right now.

But it didn't.

She slammed one of the Alpha's against the same wall that he'd been slammed into previously, and then brought her leg up and pinned him there with her foot pressing hard against his throat while she knocked the others still on their feet, down again.

"Wow, it's been a while since I've beat the hell out of anyone willing to fight this hard over someone."

Toshinori bared his teeth and snarled at her words, feeling just a tad bit offended at them, all things considered. But he understood how surprised she seemed.

Especially since Alpha's didn't usually fight this hard for a single omega. It simply wasn't in their nature to share for very long without ripping the omega apart in fits of jealousy and anger.

"He's ours!" One of the Alpha's shouted as he rushed at her.

But she stopped him by jabbing him in the throat and causing him to loudly choke and wheeze as he fell to his knees trying to breathe. Giving her the upper hand since she was able to grab him by the hair and jerk his head back viciously.

She was about to knock him out right about the same time several other people suddenly appeared in the alley with a deafening roar.

The female looked like she wanted to both laugh and cry at the same time when the new people showed up. Some of them quite literally dropping from the building over their heads like ninja's while others came running up behind her and stopped only once they reached her.

Toshinori felt vaguely unsettled with the presence of the new people. But when the female finally seemed to settle on just facepalming, he couldn't help but wonder what exactly was happening now. It took him several moments to realize that the new faces were mostly children. Barely a few years younger than his students at UA.

And while a majority of his students were sixteen to eighteen years of age, he managed to calculate the kids ages easily enough to be around fourteen or fifteen. But that wasn't the most shocking thing.

Two of the kids were very dainty, and cute little girl's. One with pink hair and another with long dark hair. And one boy with flame red, spiked hair.

"What the hell do you bastards think your doing to our pack Alpha?!" The boy growled menacingly. The sheer amount of venom lacing the boys words was startling.

But not totally unexpected given how pissed he looked.

Understandably, the other Alpha's looked about as confused as Toshinori felt at the moment. I mean, had he heard the boy correctly? He wondered as he glanced back at the female. Was this young lady really a pack Alpha?

Seriously? Wasn't she just a little bit...young to be a pack Alpha? She barely looked like she was twenty one! Most pack Alpha's were much older and usually more experienced in specific things.

Of course his confusion tripled a little bit when he heard the very distinct pleading tone come from the female as she begged. "Please tell me that Chad doesn't think I'm dead in a ditch somewhere?"

"Well, to be fair-" One of the girls started, "He said that you weren't exactly in very good shape when you left his place." Toshinori frowned at the girl's words as his eyes went back to the female. His expression incredulous. This is 'not very good shape'? For her? Was she a monster? "And since you weren't answering your cell phone..."

The other girl chimed in with an overly cheerful, "Chad has put a BOLO out for you. He even called Kenny and the other guys to help find you."

"I'm pretty sure that Rukia has started to write your eulogy when they were called. Ya know? Just in case of the unlikely event of you expiring on us."

The female really did whine this time, the sound of it made him snap to attention and start to respond in his usual manner when someone whined in distress- but he managed to stop himself from doing so, if only barely. As the red headed boy walked over to her and thrust the baseball bat that Toshinori hadn't noticed before, into her hands with an irked sounding, "Hold this. Its your best friend now and it'll protect you."

Her hands closed absently around the bat and the boy popped his knuckles and grinned maliciously at the Alphas. "I'm going to finish these assholes off so we can get you and you're new friend out of here before Chad calls in the troops or something to save you."

"My hero." The female said indulgently before then saying softly. "Make sure to make them hurt, okay Ginta. They really overstepped themselves here. And I need to check on my new friend and make sure that he isn't hurt too badly."

"You got it boss lady." The boy said easily before turning his eyes to the Alpha's and shouting, "You losers better run! I'm pissed at you for trying to hurt my Alpha and her new friend!" Of course the Alpha's merely scoffed at the boy until he somehow managed to catch one of them in the stomach with his shoulder and sent the guy flying back a good fifteen feet or so farther into the alley.

"Stay where I can see you Ginta. And don't play around with them. These guys are trained fighters!"

"So are you, and you've been training me whenever the boss man can't!"

"Won't." The female corrected as she turned away. "He decided that you can't be trusted not to use anything he taught you for the forces of evil."

The boy laughed and quickly got to work.

Toshinori couldn't really see what the boy was doing to the other Alphas after that. The female, sort of got in his way and blocked his line of vision. But he could hear a lot of screaming, so the kid must have been following orders pretty well as his line of vision suddenly found the female's face close to him.

She was kneeling on the ground in front of him, her expression worried as she looked him over and then upon realizing that he was studying her- she gave him a small, hesitant smile before finally talking to him.

"Hi angel." She started off in a warm manner that practically had his hindbrain cheering, Oh god she's friendly! As she went on to ask him. "How are you doing? Are you hurt anywhere?"

Her voice was soft and had a husky quality to it that made him shiver with something a little bit more nice than fear and apprehension. It took him a moment to fully answer her. But only because he was slightly distracted by her face. And...yeah, maybe even a little bit by the cleavage that she had on display too.

He was a male. And omega or not, her boobs were nice.

"I'm fine." He finally managed to say, his voice sounding weaker than he intended it to be. She gave him a smile that all but told him that she knew where he was looking right then, and he had to tear his eyes away from her boobs so that he could focus on her face. "I'm fine." He repeated a bit more firmly.

He wasn't sure who he was trying to convince more at the moment, her or himself.

"That's good. So these assholes didn't hurt you any?" She asked, trying to be delicate about how she'd found him.

Which was something that he appreciated greatly since his ego had taken quite a hit tonight. And yes. They had hurt him, but any discomfort he felt was barely noticeable at the moment. Besides, one simply shouldn't say things like, 'My ass hurts' to a lady. Or in front of children either.

It just wasn't proper conversation etiquette. Especially for someone that he'd just met. And he was already embarrassed enough by the fact that he was still sort of with his pants down around his knees. He didn't really want to compound his embarrassment any more if it was something that could be avoided.

"I'm fine." He said again and then asked. "But do you think that perhaps one of you can untie my hands, please? I kind of need them to-" He hesitated to actually say what he needed his hands for. But he did look down at himself pointedly.

The female didn't need to look down since she seemed to recall his not quite dressed state and politely asked if she could move around to his back. She specified that she wouldn't touch him unless she absolutely had too.

Which was protocol for rape victims since being touched so soon after the assault tended to trigger fighting instincts in them because of both how terrified and in pain they were.

Still, he was grateful that she was trying to be so considerate of his feelings. But she needn't have really bothered. She'd gotten there before anything truly terrible could happen. He felt somewhat violated, disgusting and dirty from being touched by the Alpha's.

But not nearly as much as he would have if the assault had continued. The sad fact of the matter was that he wasn't entirely certain that he would have ever recovered if he had been raped. Just looking in the mirror now was a trial enough already due to his body disgust and self esteem issues.

But having to look at himself after being so violently attacked... He probably would have gone straight home and hung himself.

Feeling the bindings tying his hands coming undone, he jerked his arms and received a startled yelp from the female when he felt one of his hands graze something along her front and froze for a second so that he could peer at her from over his shoulder.

Sure enough, she had her hands pressed over her boobs and was looking at his hands with a slightly wary expression.

"S-Sorry about that." He said once he realized what he'd done.

She blinked at him and gave him a small smile to let him know that he was forgiven. After all, accidents do happen. And she must have hand to get a lot closer to him than he'd expected she was going to just to get his hands free.

He absently rubbed the sore and bruised skin of his wrists in an effort to get his blood circulating again as she took a moment to adjust her jacket on his shoulders to keep him covered a bit more. It was still raining and the jacket was keeping him semi warm. Which was much better than letting him just sit there and get hypothermic.

And he did appreciate the thought a great deal. Especially when she moved back around to the front of him and asked, "Do you need anything else, angel?"

He took a moment to carefully catalogue every scrape, bruise, and yes even the discomfort in his arms and ass before slowly saying. "The baseball bat."

She didn't ask him anything else. She handed it over automatically with only a slight hint of concern which seemed to be out weighed by her understanding.

He wrapped his fingers around it and carefully pushed himself up into a standing position, noting that she followed him back up onto her feet so that she could steady him if he needed her to. But aside from that, she still didn't touch him unless it looked as if he were going to fall.

And finally once he was on his feet again, she let out a whistle which caused the boy to freeze up for a second and shoot her a questioning look until he saw him on his feet. Then the boy merely nodded his head in understanding with a grim look on his face and slowly backed away from the Alpha's he'd been working on.

Once he was back with the rest of the kids, Toshinori rested the bat on one of his shoulders as the female asked him one last time. "What do you need now angel?"

He looked at her for a moment. Letting his blue eyes flicker over her face as if he were trying to memorize it as he replied. "Two more things. Your full name. And for you to wait on me to finish up."

"Alright. We'll wait. And I'll give you my name when you come back." And then tacked on. "Just make sure that you aim for the balls."

He gave her a slightly narrow eyed look and nodded his head before stepping towards the Alpha with every intention of crushing their balls for this stunt.

Which he did. And it was very satisfying to nail each of them with the ball bat too. And once he finished beating the men, he made his way back to where the female and the kids were and held the bat out for her to take from him. But only got a small shake of her head as she said, "Keep it."

He offered her a grateful smile and then tucked it underneath one of his arms and then asked, "You're name Miss?"

"Ichigo Kurosaki."

"And the children?"

"Ah," She said as she reached out and put a hand on the boy's head as she introduced them. "Ginta, Ururu, and Yachiru."

He nodded and gave the kids a polite hello before then asking, "What are you going to do now?"

"Walk you home." Ichigo said before then offering, "Unless you want me to call you a cab or something."

Despite wanting to spend a little bit more time with Ichigo, he was tired, his body ached uncomfortably, and he was cold and shivering. "I think a cab would be wonderful. Thank you."

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