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The Black Phoenix

Chapter 7: Taken

-Last Time-

It was about an hour later when Kage walked out of the back room and upstairs, all but one of them men in the room thought their was a second bedroom up there that she was headed for but Kisuke knew better and smiled. He excused himself for bed awhile later and followed his lady up the stairs, he opened the door into his room he noticed the tell-tale lump on the far side of the bed. He smiled when he noticed that Mirzam was sitting in the second spot on the sword rack on his nightstand, he changed into a pair of sleep pants and crawled in to curl up to her warm body. "Kisuke?"she mumbled sleepily, He kissed her cheek and whispered into her ear. "I am here, lets go to sleep I want to spend as much time with you as I can for the next two weeks." She nodded as she turned over to settle next to him. "My Kisuke..." was her final thoughts before sleep claimed her.


Kage was laying across a white bed her clothes torn and bloody, Mirzam clutched in her left hand. There was a large shape laying nearby as if guarding the passed out woman, glowing blue eyes were gleaming with an unspoken question and burning desire. It was a little while later the woman began to stir her fingers flexing around the hilt of her sword, as her jeweled eyes opened. "Owwy my head" she mumbled as she rubbed the goose-egg sized knot on the back of her head,her eyes scanned the room and came to gaze into the glowing blue of her watcher. Kage's eye's widened as the beautiful beast stepped into the moonlight, its glowing white armor glinting and glittering. Kage thought it looked like a panther then she saw the hole in its belly as it moved. A hollow panther? She thought. The turquoise markings on its eyes giving it an exotic look as its long tail flicked behind it, four large clawed paws supported its muscled frame. It stalked towards her the velvet paws making no sound on the stone floor, it paused just out of arms reach as she sat on the edge of the bed. Try as she might Kage couldn't pull her eyes from the large felines, his eyes seemed so lonely nearly begging for a chance to be heard. "Hello" she mumbled knowing the large ears on the panther's head would hear easily. She hissed in pain as her head throbbed. "Oh hell that hurts. What in the hell did they hit me with?" Kage leaned forwards and cradle her head gently in her hands. She tried to think back to how the day started.

-That Morning-

Kage had awoken with a smile on her face, she turned her head to see the sleeping man beside her. She crawled out of bed and tucked the covers back around him. Kage walked down stairs after getting dressed her dress today was a simple pair of uniform pants and a wife-beater style shirt, her hair she coaxed into its natural high-tail. The woman was sitting on the balcony when a soft knock came at the door. "Come in Momo-chan" the 5th squad's lieutenant was a soft spoken woman. " I see your still up at the crack of dawn" the two shared a chuckle, because Momo had filled her in on the joke a few days prior. The two talked for awhile over a pot of tea. Momo asked her out for a walk into the city, and Kage agreed. Momo shook her head and smiled. The two women left the shop and turned left heading for the shopping districts. Momo took three steps to every one of Kage's strides. Twisting and turning the shorter woman led the way, her taller compatriot easily keeping up. "So Kage-chan who is your favorite captain?" The red-head had a bad feeling but was ignoring her instincts because the captains had promised to protect her. " All my captains have their good points, which I could spend hours naming ,but I'm sure by now you know them all." Kage's grin was infectious and, Momo wondered how much the woman knew.

"Kage lets go down here I heard from Orihime that there was a beautiful shrine in there somewhere." Kage nodded and smirked. As they walked the air seemed to get dense and press towards them. Kage was nervous as they climbed to the top of the shrine stairs and headed towards the temple structure. Kage's jacket danced on the wind as the woman looked out from the shrine gates. She felt the air shift and grow cold and turned, standing beside Momo was a man in white with eyes like her own save for the green tear stripes down his face. "Who are you?" Thats when it caught her eye, a hole in his chest. "Hollow" She whispered before turning and reaching out for the nearest of her captains. HyorinmaruHelp me! Hollow.....Traitor.....Mo. Ulquiorra moved quickly and lightly hit the girl on the back of her neck, before scooping her up into his arms. "Master Aizen will be pleased. Come we must return to Huceo Mundo, I sense a spiritual pressure coming at a high speed." And with that the two departed the world of the living. Leaving only a few drops of blood on a silk scarf that Kage had worn that day.


Hyorinmaru felt Kage's fear as a picture flashed before her eyes. The look of fear of Kage's face, the strange man she saw and the one who betrayed her. The dragoness screamed, she felt her captain respond to her call. Then the worst connection went silent as Kage had been knocked unconscious. Hyorinmaru had screamed and the ice dragon had jolted Toshiro from his morning rounds of the town. He transformed and allowed the Zanpaktou to lead him towards a shrine barely a mile from the Urahara shop.

-The Shrine-

He landed not seeing anything a miss until Hyorinmaru appeared and hovered over something tied around a tree. Toshiro walked towards it with growing dread as the silvery fabric glittered in the breeze. He could see the dragons and wolves embroidered in light blues and whites. He knew what it was. He himself had given that scarf to Kage in private when he learned she didn't have one. He saw the rolled up note tied against the tree. It said this. I now have your weapon and I intend to use it, Thanks for bringing it to me. Aizen. Toshiro pulled his head back and roared he felt several spiritual pressures rise to answer his own, after a few moments the shrine court yard was full of soul reapers. Kenpatchi read the note and then punched through the tree just above the note. "That bastard, he wanted her and we handed Kage to him tied up with a bow." He growled as a wind picked up and ruffled his bells. The sound of steps on the stairs caused all the reapers to turn, a woman wearing white hakama and a light blue haroi stood there. Her long black hair gleamed blue-black in the sunlight.

The woman moved towards the scarf and her cobalt-blue eyes read the lines on the paper. Her long tapered fingers touched the silvery silk, as she shook her head. "They got to you before I did huh, Avatare?" The Soul-reapers were shocked, this woman knew Kage? Kenpatchi snarled and the woman turned looking him in the eye. "Damn Soul-reapers, Its your fault my sister is caught up in this war! She only wanted to find out what happened to our brother Riki!"She screamed at them before she flung out one hand and a silver bow appeared in her hand startling Uryu. 'She's a Quincy!' His mind screamed as her first arrow flew past Kenpatchi's neck leaving a thin trail of blood on the depressed captain. "Hisana Enough!" She whirled around to stair at the man, her hold on the bow going slack before it dissipated. "Riki? It that you?" The man nodded. "Hisana, how did you find this place?"The woman fell to her knees before him. "I saw it, but for a moment this place was as clear as day to me. What happened Brother?" Jushiro led her back to the shop while filling her in on the last year. "Thats Kage alright forever in love with swords."The woman had a sad smile before she turned back to Jushiro. "How do we get her back? And who in the hell is this Aizen guy anyway?"

-Huceo Mundo-

Kage woke lying on her belly on a hard cold floor. Her jewel-like eyes opened to see a man slowly cutting off a panthers left front leg. Kage could see that he had already removed the right one, she began to cry silently when the panther's blue eyes met hers filled with pain and a plea for the pain to stop. "Stop it" she whispered. No one heard her, she tried again managing to only come out as a rasp. Gin had his sword drawn and was using it to gesture which leg to remove next. "STOP IT!" Kage screamed, her power reached out and twisted causing Gin's Zanpaktou to react and charge forward piercing the doctor-like man through his forehead. Kage crawled towards the great cat, his eyes closed as she reached his side Kage laid her hand on his head gently stroking one ear. 'How could they do this to such a beautiful creature?' She thought before she felt a pain on the back of her head and blacked out, her body falling over the passed out cat's shielding him. Aizen looked at the mess his new pet had caused before sending Ulquiorra to fetch Orihime. When she arrived she gasped. "Kage!" She turned to Aizen as he spoke. "Heal them but know this you don't obey I'll kill this girl." Orihime's eyes glinted as tears ghosted over her cheeks. She summoned her friends to heal the two lying bleeding on the floor. When they returned to her Orihime knew she had spent most of her powers on the panther so Kage would still have a lump but she would heal fine.

-Present time-

Kage lifted her head as she remembered being brought here and the traitor responsible for it. "Damn you Momo I'll kill you myself. This I vow." She looked at the panther, his gleaming eyes made her think of her twin's. "I'm Kage, Neko-kun. Do you have a name?" The cat gave her a look, as if to say 'I can't talk stupid girl.' "Sorry stupid question. Do you mind if I gave you a name?I don't want to keep calling you Neko the whole time I'm here." The panther seemed to raise his eyebrow before cocking his head sideways. "Hmm. I'll call you.."She looked at him glinting in the moonlight. "Shirorei!" Grimmjow's eyes widened this girl called him 'White Thunder'? What a strange human. Though he could live with it, at least it wasn't something girly. "I'm gonna go back to sleep my head hurts, Goodnight Shirorei." she said as she rolled over,pulled her hands into her sleeves and closed her eyes. Grimmjow watched her and heard her breathing slow down. She sleep so easy in my presence. Why? Why did she save me? Damn Ulquiorra I'll kill that bastard yet! And I am not sleeping on the floor! Grimmjow got to his feet and jumped on the foot of the bed turning so that he was facing the door. He stretched out and laid down, he looked at the sleeping woman one last time before falling into a light sleep so that if anyone opened the door he'd be awake instantly.

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