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School & The Return

The Black Phoenix

Chapter 5: School & The Return

-Last Chapter-

"I missed you too, Tessai gave me your shirt so I could still smell you"She smiled and kissed his neck softly. "I want you stay safe Kisuke, If anything happened to you It would kill me." She whispered and he felt her breath even out as she fell asleep. "I need you in Soul Society, your very quickly becoming my world woman. So Tsukakage is you name eh? It suits you."He mumbled as he stroked her hair and fell asleep.

-This Chapter-

Kage woke from a sleep that was peaceful, she went to move and felt a weight on her chest and opened her eyes to see messy blond hair. She smiled as her memory cleared and she wrapped her arms over his back, stroking the soft skin and tracing the muscles the hid beneath. Kage smiled when his arms tightened against her when she stroked the downy hairs at the base of his neck. She heard him mumble something in his sleep and snuggle his cheek against her and she turned her attention to the pair of Zanpaktou, that rested in the holder on the bedside table. Good morning Mirzam, Benihime how are you both this morning? She felt the pairs returned greetings and heard the questions. My Shadow is this the man you cry out for in your night terrors? She blushed slightly. Yes Mirzam its him. If possible I want him for my own. She heard Benihime's chuckle. Are you in love with him? She smiled at the sword and reached out to touch the hilt gently. I think...I think I'm falling in love with Kisuke Urahara. The swords both chuckled at her confession.

Kage decided to wake Kisuke, she gently rubbed the spot between his shoulder blades gently massaging his spine. His eyes opened and he looked up at her his gray eyes hazy from sleep. "Good morning Kisuke" She placed a kiss on his forehead, as she smoothed his wild hair. It took him a minute to wake and she saw a soft blush cross his cheeks. "Good morning Ava-Kage." He looked at her, her hair was spread all over his pillow and he was using her for one. He felt her hands in his hair pushing in back from his eyes and smoothing it. Kisuke had never felt this level of peace flowing through his soul. She tugged him back down her rest against her and he could feel her humming below his ear. "Ready to get breakfast?"He looked up at her in shock, she really didn't mind him sleeping on her. "No I don't mind sleeping like this in fact I like it." He colored lightly when he realized he'd spoken aloud. They got up and he realized she'd brought clothes with her and she asked him a question the made him smirk. "Kisuke? Can I wear the jacket you had on yesterday it will smell like you, and I'll bring it back next time I'm through."He smiled and grabbed it from its hanger and tossed it to her. "Sure but I want your inner robe from yesterday in turn." She chuckled and tossed the thing at him.

When they left the room she threaded her finger through his while his other hand carried Benihime. They noticed the breakfast and tea Tessai had left them on the balcony, she moved her pillow next to his and they ate quietly enjoying one another's company. "I plan to do a little shopping before I go home, There are things here I need that they just don't have in Soul Society." He chuckled and took a sip of his tea before talking. "If you plan to do it you should see if the girls are awake and sneak out before they call you." She grinned at him and took his hat and put it on her own head. "OK you make a good point Kisuke" They enjoyed their quiet breakfast together. Afterwards Kisuke took his hat back with a grin as they strode down stairs ready to face the rest of the group. "Morning Kenny!" She chirped as she walked past him into the back room, he raised an eyebrow at the way her hips swung. Kage looked around the back room the see where the girls had decided to sleep, she walked over and crouched down next to Orihime. She shook her shoulder gently and received a pair of sleepy blue-gray eyes. "Hey Orihime wanna go shopping before I have to go?" She received a nod and Orihime poked Rukia awake and asked if she wanted to go also. When she got an agreement they turned to see Kage whispering to Rangiku and saw the womans replying nod. "OK were all set once you guys get ready." She whispered and they left the room quietly, trying not to disturb the captains rest.

As soon as the girls were dressed they departed with a waive and smile. The girls laughter fading as they got further away. "So ready for a few hours of shopping before I have to go home?" the girls attacked the clothing stores first, they tried on tones of clothes and laughed at one another's choices. "Ru-chan that doesn't suit you" Kage said and Rangiku looked down. "your right." After they left that the group of girls walked down the street in the shopping district of the city, and as they passed a hobby and craft store Kage said she had to go in for a moment. When she came out she was carrying two massive bags. "What did you do buy the whole store?"The joke made them all laugh. "No Ru-chan just enough supplies that I won't run out so soon." They hit several more stores including an electronic store and were on their way back when Rukia's phone went off. "Damn its a pair of hollow and they are..." They all heard a roar,and looked behind them to see one hollow and when they turned back the second was on the other side answering roar. "We will have to fight!" They set their bags out of the way and got ready to fight. Kage and Orihime were asked to sit the fight out, they did until a third hollow showed up. "Santen Kesshun I Reject!" the shield came up to block the first attack and Kage unsheathed her Zanpaktou and sliced at the hollow.

She heard Rukia call out her Zanpaktou for the fight, and she heard Mirzam scream he wanted to fight as well. The hollow had reached around Orihime's shield and threw her into a nearby wall. Kage roared unknowingly sounding just like Kenpatchi. "Raise Your Voice Mirzam!" The Zanpaktou seemed to howl as he joined into the battle, She danced around the hollows attack to slice its left arm off with a single strike, the hollow screamed and charged her. She waited until the hollow was only a few steps away before turning and with a move that belonged to her sword-master cleaved the thing from balls through mask. She turned to see the two others fading as well, they turned to see Orihime picking herself up off the ground. She swung her sword and it transformed back into its sealed state. "Are you OK Orihime?" She received a nod and She held her hand out to help her up. "Thanks for the help Kage and where did you learn that move?" She saw the crimson haired woman smile and look to the sky. The girls grabbed there bags and continued back towards the shop. When they arrived they were asked if they enjoyed the time together. "We did" they chorused together. They quickly divided the stuff to its rightful owner and repacked it so it would be easier to carry. She heard her communicator go off and she picked it up off the table. "Yes Mayuri?" He told her that her time was up and he was opening the gate for her.

"Well my leash has been tugged I have to go home, I hope you will come back soon" She hugged the girls and bowed to the captains. She saw Kisuke at the door waiting for her, and she walked towards him. "Bye Kage! Don't worry we'll come home soon!" She heard the latter from Shunsui and she turned to waive at him with the bag in her hand. As Kage and Kisuke walked around to the side of the shop where the gate was waiting, she set the bags down and turned to him. "Kisuke promise you will be careful?" He nodded and she dove into his arms the matching diamonds on the jackets made them seem to be one person for a moment. "Don't worry keep training and soon we'll come for a visit." She nodded let him go and turned to grab her bags, He turned her face to look at him before kissing her gently as it started to rain. She turned back into his kiss and rested her hand on his shoulder. "OK time to go Kage." She nodded and picked her bags up and smiled at him, the black and purple butterfly flew around her and headed back towards the gate. "See you soon babe" she said and went to step through the gate when she heard his reply. "Bye for now my Dark-lady" She knew she couldn't turn around and so she continued forwards telling Benihime goodbye.

When she finally stepped back into Soul Society she was welcomed by Yachiru, as they walked back to the squad hall Kage had a smile on her face. "Yachiru can I tell you something?"The pink-haired one looked up at her friend with a grin. "What is it Wolfy-chan?"Kage looked to the sky as they entered the squad yard. "I've fallen in love" the girl squealed and the sound drew the attention of the squad hanging out on the deck. "Look Kage-chan is back!" As they sat for lunch she filled in the squad on the health of their captain. "He seems to be enjoying all the hollow-hunts." They all laughed and separated for afternoon lessons. She packed her new stuff away save for a large sketch book and a set of pencils. She sketched and drew for hours lost in the picture in her head that was slowly being transferred to the book before her. When she finally looked up it was because a shadow now stood in her light, her emerald eyes saw the messenger kneeling before her with a scroll. She accepted it, opened it and began to read. When she was finished she stood and closed her book and slid her pencil back into the case wit hits brothers. "Tell Yamamoto-sama I will be there shortly"The messenger nodded and vanished while she went inside to put her book away and change into her uniform. When she arrived at the castle she walked the halls with a slightly depressed aura, but she pulled herself together before entering the captains hall. "You summoned Captain Yamamoto?" He beckoned her closer and she approached. "I know that you wish to fight the battle that your friends are fighting but you are not ready, And I have an Idea to continue your training while the captains are gone" She looked at him her eyes glittering in the candle light and she waited to hear his idea. "I want you to attend the Soul Reaper Academy."

She was shocked at the suggestion. "will I be able to return to my normal lessons once the captains return?" She asked because she liked her lessons and didn't want to give them up. "Yes but first you must prove yourself to the teachers at the academy."She thought about it and nodded. "I'll do it" the captain-commander patted her head and handed her a set of books and scrolls. "You will take the entrance exam in two weeks these books will help you study, you will also be able to continue training with your Zanpaktou while at the academy." the old man knew she was trying to stop herself from asking a question. "What is your question little one" She looked him in the eye. "Will I be able to continue living with my squad?" He smiled and nodded, she smiled and was dismissed she hurried back to her room and put the books on her bed and asked the guys to help her move the desk in the storage room into her bed room. Once she got it placed where she wanted it she organized it and got what she would need for it from the storage rooms. After she finished stocking it she pulled out the mirror Kisuke gave her and sat on her bed. "Kisuke" She saw the mirrors surface glitter and ripple, once it cleared she saw Kisuke grin at her. "So you finally use the mirror" They talked for well over three hours until she head the dinner bells ring. "Sorry babe I got to run, dinner calls"He laughed said goodbye and the mirror returned to its normal form.

For the next two weeks Kage studied from dawn until lunch and from lunch until dinner she practiced her movements. From dinner until bed time she spent drawing while she talked to Kisuke, she told him what was going on in Soul Society and how the squads were doing with out their captains. She told Kisuke that most of Capt. Hitsugaya's squad were bringing her the paper work, and she was glad that she had learned how to take care of it. "Hell Kisuke I feel like I'm running Kuchiki-sensei's squad, without him and Renji they are asking me for advice and orders." She told him Sunday night as she drew. "Shunsui's boys are a pain in the ass, but they obey their lieutenant. She and I get along nicely, But I am worried about the new captain they put in for squad three. His third seat gives me bad vibes, and tomorrow I take my entrance exam."They said goodbye a little while later after he told her not to worry so much, that things on their side of the gate were going fine. She looked down at the drawing and was glad that Soul Society had canvas so she could paint. She went to bed that night with a smile on her face thinking of dancing with Kisuke under the stars. She arrived at the school in her normal uniform , and she took a deep breath to steel her nerves as she walked into the testing hall. "Name please" an attendant asked her as she passed a desk she hadn't noticed. "Tsukakage Ukitake" she mumbled the woman handed her a number and told her to take a seat. She looked at the number and chuckled in elation '13' winked back at her from the button and she set it on the corner of the desk. "what do ya know my lucky number" she mumbled as her nerves settled and her confidence returned.

The tests were passed out and they were given the signal to start, Kage dove into the test with a grin. She worked her way through the test with very little worry thanks to Shunsui's trivia while dancing class. When she finally finished she looked up to the board her eyes scanning the class room, when an attendant approached her."Have you completed the exam?" She looked up into the mans purple eyes. "Yes sir I have" He picked up her number,her exam and motioned for her to follow him, he led her into an office off the main hall. "Sensei she is third to finish"the elderly man who she guess was the exam master took her test and button. "What is your name?"She smiled at the man. "Ukitake, Tsukakage" she said quietly. The man began checking her test while she stood there quietly looking around his office, about ten minutes later he called her name and she jolted out of her thoughts. "Yes Elder?" she asked quietly. "You passed young one" he motioned to the man from earlier and mumbled something she didn't understand. Then the man left the office and the older man told her to sit in the chair. "You are quite polite for a young woman, most would have began to fidget while I graded their test."She smiled at him. "I wasn't worried" he laughed and the door opened to reveal the attendant and he was carrying a set of bags.

"Inside those bags are your uniforms and your home set of text books, since I was informed you will not be living in the dorms. Also your classes will start next week, because normally this week is used to get you settled into a dorm and get you a practice weapon, but you will still be issued a wooden sword so that you may practice in class and not injure your fellow students."After a few more explanations and tour of the school by the attendant who's name she'd learned was Shiba, she left with her bags slung over her shoulder and a grin on her face. As she walked through the squad hall gate the place was quiet since everyone else was doing their morning tasks. She walked into her bed room and set her bags on her bed in order to go through and sort them quickly. The books she put on her desk intending to organize them later, digging through the bags she pulled out four red and white uniforms. "I wonder what these mean?" she asked her self as she continued to sort through her bags. After using her last empty chest for her school uniforms, she put the books Yamamoto-sama had given her to study on the desk top and in their places put her new course books. She carried her study books to Kenny's office since he had told her she could use the office. She put them in the bottom shelf closest to the door when she heard someone knocking on the front doors. She walked quickly and pulled the door open. "Yes?" She saw four guys from Captain Hitsugaya's squad, standing on her door step. "Can you help us? The paper work is piling up and we don't know what to do." She made them run the papers to their proper squad halls as she finished them, when they were finally done she looked at the four. "You know, If you guys wouldn't mind helping me do my chores I would have more free time to help you guys keep up on paper work" They looked at one another for a moment and grinned. "Deal!" the 3rd seat chirped happily.

She was sent a messenger just before lunch time. "Kage-san Captain Ukitake has requested your presence at the center of technology."She looked up at him and smiled. "Very well can you guide me there? I have no idea where it is." He nodded and as she changed her shoes at the door he saw her stick a note in the crevice of the door. "There now no one will worry." It took them only a few minutes to arrive since it was closer then she realized, the messenger escorted her through the labyrinth of labs and offices and into a large room. She saw both Yamamoto-sama and Jushiro waiting for her. "You have excellent timing Kage do you know what this is?"he pointed to a thing that kinda looked like a big TV. "Not a clue Yamamoto-sama" He told her to stand behind Jushiro as the screen flickered on. The screen cleared to show the assembled captains and Ichigo's group. "Captain Yamamoto things here are stable for now, Aizen has sent his arrancar into the real world twice now, but I believe this is just the tip of the sword."

She heard Captain Kuchiki taking and slightly leaned against her elder brother, he leaned back against her to let her know he understood. They went on talking for about twenty minutes until Yamamoto-sama spoke again. "I have someone here who would like to speak with you." the two men moved aside to reveal Kage's location. Rangiku gave out a happy squeal. "Kage-chan! How are you doing?" Kage relaxed instantly. "Stuck doing paperwork and scolding rotten boys who are lost with out their captains." Rukia asked what she meant. "Lets see Captain Hitsugaya's 3rd seat and me are the ones doing all the paperwork to keep this place running. I'm glad I spent those Saturdays with Ru-chan learning how to do the paperwork." She didn't see Captain Hitsugaya's blush and Renji's smirk he knew who she was talking about. "I miss my lessons.....Oh yeah guess what!" the girls looked at her. "I'm going to the Soul Reaper Academy! I passed my entrance exam this morning, I got my uniforms also. And I can't find Yachiru-chan anywhere."The girls laughed at the grin on their friends face. "What color uniform did you get?"Kage laughed before speaking. "Its red and white, its actually kinda cool looking but let me tell you cleaning out Kenny's office was a pain!" the girls talked for a little while longer when Jushiro stepped up next to her. "Do you wanna talk now Nii-sama?"

Byakuya nearly spat out his tea in response to her question, and Shunsui laughed. "Yes Little Moonlight its my turn" She smiled waived and said bye before stepping aside. "Sorry to spring the news upon you, Kage is my younger sister Shunsui should have told you." The group heard growling from behind Ukitake's left shoulder he sighed, and they saw Yamamoto-sama leave the room. "Hold on a moment it seems a messenger has come and interrupted my call." He looked off screen. "you can chat until I return" They heard a happy yip. "Yes Nii-sama" Kage popped in from the left and sat in front of the screen, they could see she had a pile of paperwork in her hands. "What are you doing Kage?" She looked up her quill pausing. " More work from the tenth squad."She looked up at the screen with a smirk. "Ru-chan you can do your own paperwork!" They heard a whine as Rangiku popped up in front of the screen. "Why are you helping the Captain and not me?" the emerald eyes gave a dark sparkle. "He works very hard and since he is such a good Sensei, I decided to keep his work from piling up while he was gone. And to be honest you barely have anything compared to Hitsugaya-sama"

She chatted to Rangiku and Rukia, while she wrote and set aside finished papers, until the door opened and readmitted Jushiro. "All done Nii-sama?" he nodded and she picked up her papers and moved off screen again. "Now I see why she growls at them" They heard a chuckle and the captains continued talking until another messenger came in and was snarled at. "You better have a damn good reason for disturbing my Nii-sama!" the tone of her voice made the man both shiver and stutter when he answered her. "The message can wait until the conference is over." Kage snorted. "Wait outside."He retreated after bowing and as the door snapped shut she smirked. The captains shared a knowing look as they heard Kage dealing with the messenger, and Jushiro went back to explaining a few new discoveries. Ten minutes later it was time to say goodnight and Kage slipped from the room after a waive, and hugging Jushiro. "Night Nii-sama! Night everyone!" As she walked back to her squad hall she had a smile on her face thinking of the scared look on the messengers face. "I guess its true if you spend enough time around Kuchiki-Sensei you can learn anything." She mumbled as she entered the hall and walked towards her room, after changing into her yukata she decided she would allow her self a little extra sleep.

After nearly two months of being in the academy she had no friends and was treated a freak, the called her Panther or Stray saying only little kitty cats strayed from their own worlds. Kage was average in Kido, but she stood unchallenged in on the dojo floor. They were trying to drive her out of school by playing nasty pranks on her, but she kept going despite the cruelty. She drew almost constantly in order to keep sane or she talked to Seiji but she never told Kisuke how they treated her, she saw it as whining and she refused to be called a whiner. But she had finished her first three drawings and was starting on the fourth when it was time for defense class. When she arrived in class the room went quiet, and she took a seat on the last row of cushions. The dojo-master watched how the class treated the red-head, and he also watched how she dealt with them. He approached and the class bowed to him, he told them to get their boken it was going to be a tournament to see who would represent the class at the school's festival next week and they were to be preforming before the thirteen squads. Kage watched the matches with a bored expression while her mind examined their fighting patterns and movements. "Panther your up!" the master's assistant called and she got up and took her position on the mat. Her opponent was the class pretty-boy and he laughed at her as she took her position. "Well well well looks like I get to beat a Stray " the master noticed that she was relaxed, but her guard was strong.

He continued to watch her as Steel settled into position the master saw something that reminded him of his former student Byakuya Kuchiki, but he couldn't place what it was. The Signal was given and all they all were shocked, Steel was laying on his back with her boken pressed to his throat. The master replayed the last few moments, he heard the signal and saw her left leg extend and sweep Steel's feet out from under him and he saw the boken in her right hand thump his mask and point the tip at his throat. "The Panther Wins" the assistant called and she moved back to her cushion sitting calmly. The next seven fights went pretty much the same, he could see she was merciless on a battlefield. And the fact she never truly used her boken reminded him even further of Byakuya. As they were dismissed from the class he pulled her over to the side. "You will not represent this class in the tournament next week, instead Steel will represent us." She looked up and him and he saw something reflected in her eyes a glitter of a hidden strength. As she walked away from him; he suddenly remembered a rumor he'd heard a while back about a girl brought from earth because of a hidden power. "I wonder if the rumor was true" he mumbled as she rounded the corner her crimson braid swinging like a pendulum.

Kage walked with a long stride and the students cleared a path for her she didn't look to one side or another and it hurt, to see people afraid of a reputation that she wasn't responsible for. She heard the whisperers and she forcefully kept her pace at a walk until she turned the corner of the gate and she burst into a all out sprint, she didn't stop until she ran through the squad eleven gates. She growled as she walked into the hall and asked one of the cooks for some finger sandwiches and tea, they were happy for the work and she told them she'd be in her office. Five minutes later she had her plate of snacks and her tea as she settled in to do some paperwork. Her quill flew as she went through four piles before she was disturbed by a knock on her door. "Kage-sama are you here?" the voice was soft she recognized. "Yes,you may enter"The door opened to revel the 10th squad's third seat who bowed to her. "I swear I have to keep stopping myself from calling you Captain Kage" Kage laughed, and her grin made him smile. "I hope one day to become a Captain" He laughed and made peace by way of chocolate. "you are forgiven!" She said as she nibbled on the chocolate bar. They laughed and she pointed out all the finished paperwork she'd done, and they completed what she had left in under an hour with only a few perverted jokes passed between them. Seiji was the only person in Soul Society the know she had a really sexual sense of humor, and it cracked him up. "You know something Seiji?" He looked up at her as she stared out the window into the setting sun. "what?" She smiled sadly and it made something in him ache. "I hope the Captains come home soon I miss them." Seiji nodded keeping silent.

They relaxed into the evening until Seiji left at the sound of the dinner bell. As she walked into the dining room she noticed the looks she was getting from the squad. "OK what is it guys?" One of the seated members spoke up. "We were wondering if you'd sit in Captain Zuraki's spot, it would feel like him and the lieutenant were here." She nodded and settled into Kenny's spot, the guys and her sharing in the depression of missing there captain. After the last plates were cleared from the table the dark cloud hung over the squad like a blanket. "OK you lot lets head to bed luckily for us tomorrow is Saturday so we can spend it in the hall." They all nodded and separated and went to bed, Kage was to tired to take a bath at the moment so she just stripped down and crawled into bed. While Kage dreamed of things going back to normal a meeting was taking place, consisting of the captains and the captain-commander. "Its time for you to come home, Soul Society is vulnerable with out her captains also we believe there is a traitor here." by the time the meeting was over it was decided that the captains would bring Ichigo's group along. As the screen went black Orihime looked at the others, her eyes glittering at the thought of seeing her friend again. "Kage will be happy to see us return!" Renji said as he waived and headed for Urahara's shop. As the captains separated Rukia noticed her friends glassy gaze. "What is it Orihime?"Her eyes cleared and she turned teary eyes on the black-haired woman. "She has no idea what has taken place these last two months, and when she finds out she will be very angry for not being told." Rukia nodded and they too separated for the night.

As the dawn broke in Soul Society Kage rose and stretched before putting on Kisuke's jacket and walking to the baths, when she finally left the springs she was wearing her squad uniform and a smile. As she entered the dining room for breakfast the squad seemed to have a bit more life today. "morning all" She said and received different grunts and moans of greeting in return. As they finished breakfast one of the newest recruits came bursting in. "Captain Kage! One of the other squad seats ran by yelling that something big is starting at the World Gate!"She glared at the 4th seat knowing that the joke was started by him. "Well what the hell are we waiting for!" She got to her feet and they walked out of the hall forming Kenpatchi's standard march to battle, Kage leading Mirzam on her right hip. As they walked the squads joined them, the remaining lieutenants and seated officers joining her in front."I wonder what a big commotion could be?" a 4th seat mumbled. "I have no idea" Kage replied as they turned a corner and she could see the top of the hill, they started up the ramp not knowing the eerie image they presented. The group had passed through the Gate with ease and one Renji saw one of the 13th division recruits dash off headed back to his hall to announce their return to his captain.

A messenger appeared and spoke with Yamamoto-sama his eyes crinkled and he smiled softly, the old man looked at his captains and the group assembled before him before speaking. "It seems that the squads has heard of the commotion that is taking place up here and are on their way to meet us" Yachiru looked up and squealed loudly. "Its Wolfy-chan!!" the group turned to see the woman in question leading the squads up the hill in battle formation, the white diamonds on her jacket making her easy to spot. They stopped a few hundred feet away seemingly waiting for an order from their captains, Kenpatchi could see the happy grins of his squad and he roared. "Well what are you waiting for lets go!" They moved aside for the Captains to pass through and when Kenny passed Kage he scooped her up to sit on his left shoulder, while Yachiru hung on his right. She smiled down at her friends as she rode back straight and head held high, Kage gently flicked one of Kenny's bells and smiled when he grinned at her. She looked at each of the captains in turn, eyes bright and a smile on her face. "Welcome Home Captains" she said just loud enough for the intended ones to hear her. One by one they broke off headed home to rest and relax, as the 11th squad continued on and into their hall with Ichigo's group following them. Once inside Kage slid from his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Kenny we've been lonely without you and Yachiru!" He looked around to see his squad nodding and wrapped his arms over her shoulders. "We are home now" After a dinner that truly made the woman smile the squad could see how much Kage really had missed their captain. As Kage crawled into bed that night she thanked the guardians for the return of her captains.

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