The Black Phoenix @akatsukiskyuubi
A Name Returned & Going Back!

The Black Phoenix

Chapter 4: A Name Returned & Going back!

-Last Chapter-

She found her way back to her room and dug through her back to find her yukata, when she saw what Tessai had slipped into her bag. It was one of Kisuke's shirts and it was big enough to use as a robe. For some reason she lifted it to her nose and sniffed, and got a waive of his scent and smiled. "Thank you Tessai" she said as she hung it on the peg next to her bed and she changed into her yukata and tossed her clothes into the laundry box.

-This Chapter-

When Avatare woke the next morning the sun was cleaning the compound walls, she put on her robe. Smiling she sniffed it and walked quietly down the hall towards the doors. She slipped out to see their was already someone sitting on the deck watching the sun rise. "Morning Kenny-kun" she said as she sat near him and adjusted her robe to keep her feet warm. They sat quietly watching the sun rise lost in thought, the simple peace was something most couldn't stand. Avatare finally woke up fully and stretched as Kenny heard the cooks starting breakfast and some of the earlier risers heading for the baths. It was a little while later that Yachiru and Orihime poked their heads out the door. "See Yachiru-chan she always watches the sun rise."Orihime whispered. "So does Kenny-chan he says its peaceful" Yachiru whispered back. Both people in question looked at one another and shook their heads. After breakfast Avatare had returned to the deck. "Hey Avatare lets get your clothes!" Yachiru called and Avatare stood. "Alright Yachiru I'm coming"Orihime smiled recognizing what her friend was using as a robe. They left the compound headed for the main storage house that all the squad used for clothing and general things.

It took them a while to walk there but Yachiru had shown Avatare several short cuts and hidden passages to get around or into the squad compound. "This is the general Storehouse" the building was massive, and they walked right past the guards and into the warehouse. Yachiru led them to a large section of the building that was separated from the rest of it by movable partitions, they slipped through to see mountains of clothes. "WOW! Clothes galore" Orihime said, Avatare smirked. "This is what I call clothes hunting." They all laughed and started digging. It took them almost all morning to find mostly everything she would require, but they were missing some things. "OK so we found kimonos, under stuff and all the black uniforms I could ever wear. But were missing training clothes and some shoes and socks cuz I don't think my slippers will be appropriate." the girls laughed and Yachiru led them out of that section into another one filled with shoes and such. It only took them twenty minutes to find her five pairs of comfortable shoes in different styles. One pair of training shoes, one pair of geta for her kimonos, a pair of hard sole slippers to around the yard and a couple sets of slippers for around the squad hall.

After that they were led once again to another section for training gear. The girls spent half an hour there trying to find five training GI that would fit Avatare's hight. Finally they found them and set to folding and packing the stuff so it would be easy to carry. As they carried it back Avatare joked. "I can't remember ever having this many clothes" That set Yachiru and Orihime into laughter, they took a couple of the secret passages Yachiru had shown her earlier to cut down on the time it would take them to get back. When they successfully got the clothing back into Avatare's room. "I know let me put it away and we can go take a bath before lunch!"Avatare chirped the girls nodded and separated. Avatare was never so glad that she had gotten those chests yesterday, because she would need them now. So she got started sorting and putting the clothes in the chests according to what they were for. She finished the kimonos and uniforms-training GI first. She shoved the kimono chest in to the left side of her closet and put the other one in the corner next to the closet door. She put all her underthings in a separate chest and put it at the foot of her bed, and on top if it she placed her shoes on top of it save for the pair of summer slippers and set them on the small carpet next to her bed. She had set out a black uniform a set of underthings and her indoor slippers for after her bath.

A knock pulled her from her trance and she turned to the door. "Enter" she called. Yachiru walked in with a pair of baskets one full one empty and handed her the empty one. "One our way to the baths we'll stop and get you and Orihime-chan you bath things." She smiled and thanked her, before gathering the folded pile she'd left for this purpose and followed Yachiru from the room. After stopping to grab the third member of the bathing party the girls followed Yachiru down a couple of hallways to one with a large closet and a set of doors at the end of the hall. Yachiru opened the closet doors to expose a well stocked closet of hygiene stuff. The girls picked out what they wanted and after Avatare closed the closet door they entered the baths. "wow, hot springs cool!"Avatare's comment had made the others laugh as they set their stuff down and stripped their dirty clothes off. "Wow Avatare your back!" Yachiru said as she watched the woman move her long hair and start scrubbing shampoo through it. Orihime told Yachiru the story behind the tattoos as she had been told. After they had gotten dried and dressed the girls smiled at Avatare's choice of outfit. "Kenny-chan is gonna smirk"

They heard laughter as they approached the dining hall, Avatare pushed the door open and silence dropped over the crowd. "You look like one of us!" "Good Choice!"and several more complements were called out to the girls as they took their places up next to Kenny. "Where is Rukia I haven't seen her since I got here."Avatare said as she was handed a full plate of food. "She is with her older brother Byakuya, you'll see her soon the guys are staying over there with her."Orihime explained as she handed her a cup of tea, Avatare nodded. As they ate Avatare got involved in the conversations and shared some of her jokes. Yachiru popped in when the conversation wandered into tattoos. "you should see Avatare's tattoo its beautiful!"The guys looked at her and she smirked. "not a chance guys" the collective whine made Kenny laugh. "Kenny I was wondering something?" He turned to the redhead swallowing his mouthful of rice. "When is spring cleaning for the Squad hall?"Kenny thought for a moment before looking at the calender on the closest wall. The girls were shocked to see Kenpatchi Zuraki blush. "We were supposed to start a week ago. And inspection is the day after tomorrow." he mumbled and his squad looked ashamed. "Why don't we start tomorrow I'll help!"Avatare chipped in. "Me too!"Orihime added without a pause. "Really you don't mind?" A guy sitting next to Yachiru asked. "Nope!" "Not a bit!" they replied.

"That settles it tomorrow everyone up bright and early its cleaning day!" the guys groaned but smiled. Then Kenny's face darkened slightly. "whats wrong Kenny?" Orihime asked. "Yachiru and I have several meetings tomorrow that will last until about dinner time, how will we get our work done and clean at the same time?" Avatare smiled. "Let us cover you here, you do your meetings we'll take care of the den." He nodded and dinner continued and everyone turned in early. That morning as the girls waved Kenny and Yachiru off they turned to the guys. "OK we are gonna have to split up into groups in order to do this right!" The squad nodded and within minutes the girls had the hundred and thirteen members of squad eleven split in to groups and tearing the hall apart, pulling all the mattress out for airing, while another group had already stripped the bedding and were washing it. They worked for hours taking lunch if shifts and while the laundry was drying Avatare took three crews and had them clean and reorganize the storage rooms, she tackled Kenny's room with ease. Orihime and her five crews were cleaning the walls and dusting the furniture. The laughter and good mood gave everyone more energy, while the beds were being made the girls laughed and danced together for a moment while they grabbed brooms. "What do we have left?" one of the guys called. "We have the floors, decks, beating the rugs and the clothes."

One crew started on the floors while the girls headed out to help beat the rugs, laughing the girls watched some of the crews bet on who could do the job the best in the shortest amount of time. "boys will be boys" Orihime mumbled and they started to laugh. Avatare finished her set of rugs and headed inside to check on the others when she noticed the state of the slipper rack. "Men" she mumbled and started sorting the slippers. When she was done she noticed that most of her crews were watching her while they rested. "OK we are nearly done, I need to know who's slippers are who's but if your slippers are in this pile stand over there." she pointed to a shady area nearby. "and if they are in this one, stand there" She pointed to another shaded area on her other side. She noticed that her crews had the entire pile of icky-looking slippers. "OK guys Its time for you lot to get new slippers. The rest look fine but those are stained or ripped." They nodded and sighed. "OK where are the slippers? I got mine from the general warehouse so if thats where then before that we need to sort the clothes. Anything thats ripped beyond sewing goes in a pile for scraps! I mean it guys how you look has an impact on how people view the Captain. If we want them to think he are the best squad, we have to look the best!" the howls of agreement made both girls ears ring. "you really stirred them up" Orihime said Avatare nodded. "its true" was the chuckled reply.

After the sorting the crews took turns going to the main storage for clothes and slippers. The girls had scrubbed the slipper holder until the wood glittered. And both added Kenny's, Yachiru's and their own slippers. As the rugs were being replaced and the last of the deck drying the girls cheered. "We did it! All hail squad eleven!" Avatare cheered and was answered by a roar of agreement. As the crews took turns bathing the girls smiled at one another. "You like it here don't you?" Orihime asked softly as they sat waiting for Kenny and Yachiru, they had just finished their baths and were dressed in their yukata and robes. "Yes but I also miss Kisuke and Tessai"Avatare said she she looked out the open door at the stars. Orihime watched her sniff her robe and realized what it truly was. She smiled but didn't mention the fact she knew the hidden fact of the piece of clothing. Kenny picked up the pace a bit he was hungry. When he walked in and kicked his shoes off her noticed that the slipper and shoe racks were clean and all the worn out slippers were replaced by new ones. When he entered the dining hall his squad waited for him the two women waiting on either side of his and his lieutenants seat, he could see his reflection in the floor boards.

"wow Avatare Orihime this place looks great!"Yachiru said as they ate, the girls smiled. "The guys did a lot of the work."Orihime said and Avatare nodded. As Kenny departed for the bath the girls chuckled. "Wonder what's gonna happen when he sees that they actually scrubbed the bathroom floor"Orihime said as they walked down the hall towards their bedrooms. "Orihime?" "Yeah what is it?" "Why did you stay here with me?"Orihime smiled at the question. "Because I like Yachiru and I wanted to get to know you better."The girls shared a quick hug and separated at their doors. "Night Orihime" "Night Avatare" the next few days were almost boring for the girls, the guys had classes and duties to do. Kenny had work as did Yachiru. So the girls spent most of the time relaxing or reading, On Sunday morning they were visited by a messenger. "Avatare-san? I bring you a message from Head-Captain Yamamoto"He held out a scroll, she accepted the scroll and thanked him. She opened it and started to read when she finished she rolled it up and stuck it in her uniform. "Are you waiting for my reply?" she asked the still kneeling man, he nodded. She went inside and in the reading room there was some paper , quill and ink. She wrote a quick reply and blew on the ink gently to dry it. After rolling it she returned to the messenger. "Here you go, thank you for carrying this to me" He nodded and vanished in a burst of speed. " wow they're fast"

"whats the message?"Orihime asked as Avatare pulled the scroll back out of her uniform to reread it. "My schedule for lessons."As they read it Orihime chuckled at a couple of days. "Wednesday is gonna give you a headache or so Ichigo would say."Avatare raised an eyebrow. "You have Byakuya in the morning , then you have Capt. Sajin for the afternoon." Avatare remembered not being able to look at all the captains. "Monday I have Capt. Ukitake in the morning and Capt. Shunsui in the afternoon. Tuesday I have Hitsugaya and Capt. Soifon." Orihime giggled over the last two days. "Thursday you have Capt. Yamamoto all day and Friday you spend all day with the lieutenants. Wow you gonna be busy." Avatare grinned. "lots to learn, lots to do and I couldn't be happier about being off my tail-end." Orihime knew enough about Avatare to know she hated sitting around. "Why don't you have classes with Squad four?"Orihime asked as they set the table that night. "Because I want to be a fighter not a healer."

The next morning Avatare rose bright and early to bathe and dress for her class. She put on one her black training GI and walked out on the deck to watch the sunrise. It was just after breakfast when she noticed the familiar figure sitting on the deck. "Hi Rukia!" Rukia was surprised to see that Avatare had filled out a little and she seemed much healthier. "I'm to escort you to your lesson with Captain Ukitake." Avatare nodded and poked her head in and she heard the woman tell Zuraki she was leaving. "OK lets go!" On they way there the girls caught up on what each had missed, Avatare laughed herself silly when she heard Ichigo was irritating Rukia's brother and the brother had taken great pains to irritate the spiky haired teen right back. "so they are driving one another up the wall huh? Why not tell you brother to threaten to send Ichigo to stay with Kenny?"Rukia laughed at that, but decided not to say anything. "Why don't you ask him when you have your lesson with him?" Avatare nodded as they stepped onto a bridge and she saw a house that seemed to be floating on the pond. "Cool" Rukia smiled and told her that was her Captains office where she would be taking her lesson.

She truly enjoyed talking to Ukitake about strategy they got along well, when he was called out she spent a few minutes talking to his Zanpaktou. When he returned they continued to argue and he brought out a large mat and wooden pieces. "Do you play Shogi Avatare?" She nodded a tear in her eye. "my elder brother taught me when I was small." They played until lunch time, for the first three games Ukitake had beaten her throughly but the fourth game she had beaten him and he hadn't been able to beat her in the two games after that. "OK how did you anticipate me so well?" She smiled and explained that he used the same movements to switch his game play from defense to attack, and she had watched him all three of the first games watching how he played and how he moved. Once she figured out the movement she had beaten him, and in every game since she she'd waited for those unique movements before attacking eventually beating him. "your very good at seeing patterns." As they ate lunch together they discussed more strategy and battlefield planning. She sighed thinking about the class she had next with Capt. Shunsui. Rukia chuckled seeing the sour look on her friends face. "You never know you might like his class." She saw her friend nod and walk into gates towards the compound. When Rukia picked her up after wards she was surprised to see her waiving at Shunsui. "Bye Shunsui-kun! Today was fun!"The woman was practically skipping in happiness. "You were right Rukia, Shunsui's class is fun. He's teaching me how to dance, because a lot of the muscles I'll use for fighting can be taught the movements and toughened up by dance training."

The rest of the week was smooth for Avatare on Tuesday she spend her class with Hitsugaya meditating and with Soifon she was practicing Kido. Wednesday she spent her class with Byakuya finding a Zanpaktou that she could use for a while, later with Sajin she surprised him by asking if she could touch his face she told him she thought he wasn't ugly and he surprised her by hugging her for the comment when he could feel no lie from her. But after that they spent the rest of her class testing how far she could reach with her power. Thursday she spent the day running things from Yamamoto-sama to all the captains, and she enjoyed it. Friday she spent all day following the Lieutenants around learning their duties. She had loads of fun running small errands for them and filing paperwork. It was nearly a month later when Orihime came and sat in the library with her one night after dinner, that a whole new problem started. "Avatare-chan?"Her saw her friends green eyes flick towards her as she continued to write her report on her errands that day for Hitsugaya. "There is something going on in the real world and we have to go back and fix it."The quill stopped and was set into the holder at the top off the desk. "Am I going too or just you guys?" Orihime had dried tear tracks down her face and it made Avatare worry. "The captains want you to stay here, But we have to go Ichigo and the others already left a couple weeks ago its just me left on this side." Avatare was shocked the others were gone and they hadn't said goodbye. It made her sad that they had forgotten her already. "Don't worry Avatare-chan if they had been able to they would have said goodbye, but the hollows over there are getting bad." Avatare thought and nodded. "OK I'll stay behind but you guys have to promise not to forget me."

She watched Rukia and her group leave with a lump in her throat, all she could do was waive. Avatare hated staying behind it made her feel useless, so she threw herself into her studies but with Hitsugaya and Ru-chan gone she started feeling lonely. So she asked Shunsui if she could spend her now empty class time over there witch he was happy to have her. It was a little while later that Kenny called her into his office on a Saturday. "Yes Kenny-chan?" He told her that he was going to the real world to join in the battle taking place there he was leaving her and Yachiru in charge as his 3rd and 5th seats were already there. He also told her that Byakuya was also going with him and he had left her strict orders to continue practicing with her Zanpaktou. She was dismissed and Avatare had no idea what to do, her friends were leaving to fight and she was stuck on the side lines. She was wearing Kisuke's jacket everywhere now, it gave her comfort when she felt alone. As she watched Kenny and Byakuya walk towards the spirit gate she felt the wind pick up and wrap her in cheery blossoms. Yachiru was standing next to her and they looked at one another, both hoping that they wouldn't lose the man they had come to see as a father. "Yachiru you wanna know something?" the pink-haired girl looked up at her friend. "What is it Wolfy-chan?" Yachiru had come up with that nickname when Avatare had growled at one of the messengers for interrupting a fight Kenny had gotten in to. "He reminds me of my father."Yachiru smiled and they got started for the day.

She was dancing with Shunsui when she heard it. Come girl quickly something is wrong! She recognized the voice immediately. I'm coming Koto-san "come on Shunsui, Captain Ukitake needs us." He picked her up and with the directions given to her by the Zanpaktou they arrived in a few minutes. "Jushiro!" Shunsui called as they gently turned him over and She used her sleeve to wipe his face clean of the blood. "He needs help he really over did it this time!" Shunsui said as they gently got him to his feet and he wasn't surprised when she supported his friends other side. "Come on we're not far from squad four."They moved the unconscious man pretty easily. "He is so light for a guy, Shunsui is this his normal weight?" She heard a no from his as the captain of squad four was called and Ukitake was taken from them and laid on a bed. "He has lost weight since the latest crap started in the human world. The enemy's there are strong and our people need help. Jushiro is doing all he can to figure out a way but he is pushing himself too hard." She surprised him again by scooting over and leaning against him. "He's a good man who wants to help his friends, I want to help my friends also but I'm not strong enough to fight so I stay here, run errands and train to get stronger. But I feel so useless because I am stuck here where its safe and my friends lives are all in danger." He wrapped his arm over her and leaned his head on hers as they waited for news.

Several hours later they were woken up by someone shaking their shoulders, they looked up to see the man they were both worrying over. "Jushiro?" "Captain Ukitake?" He nodded and she reached out and touched his arm. "OK just making sure you weren't a dream." both men laughed at the light joke. "Retsu-san said that if you guys had brought me in even 10 minutes later I would have died."Shunsui pushed Avatare towards Ukitake. "Then it her you owe old friend she knew something was wrong." He looked down at her and she smiled at him. "It was Koto-san who called me so thank them."His eyes widened and he pulled his Zanpaktou and when he met her eyes she nodded and put her hand over his on the hilt. "I told them the first day we met for class they could call on me if anything ever happened and you were alone." He sat his other hand over hers. "You remind me so much of my brother, I didn't want anything to happen to you."She mumbled blushing slightly. "We missed dinner lets get something to eat and head home little sister." He smiled at her and held his hand out which she grasped and the three headed back to Squad thirteen's compound and they ate a late dinner together.

She fussed over him like a sister would which made Shunsui laugh. "it seems she takes her sisterly duties seriously." Shunsui joked after Avatare glared his 3rd seats out of the room. "You know what Shun? It seems like I met her before but I know I haven't." When she came back into the room she glared at the door. "Tell me Avatare do you have a picture of your brother?" She nodded and pulled something out of her shirt. "in here its one of him my other half and me." She took the locket off, flicked it open and handed it to Shunsui. He stared at the picture with widened eyes, before looking between the two."Thats my opposite and yet my twin Hisana, my brother Riki on the other side is my father and mother. He tossed the locket to Jushiro in shock, watching his friends eyes widen and then glaze over. It was a few minutes before his friend seemed to come back to him self and a tear slipped down his cheek. "I know you..." Avatare's head snapped up her eyes glittering with a shred of hope.

"You're name is not Avatare." She shook her head and he watched the woman approach his friend and kneel at his bed side. "Tsukakage is it truly you after all these years?" She started to cry and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Riki! You didn't forget me?" He shook his head and petted her hair. "No I didn't forget you but my name is no longer Riki its Jushiro now." she mumbled something into his GI that apparently his friend understood. "No I won't leave you again." Shunsui watched her move until she was laying against his friends side her fingers tangled in his hair. "you and your fascination for my hair little moonlight." he was going to sneak out and leave the newly reunited siblings to catch up but he heard a voice call out for him. "Don't go Shunsui its because of you I have my brother back."They spent the night talking and planning, when Shunsui looked at her this time he saw a strength there that wasn't there before.

The next morning they all watched the sun rise together and bid Avatare farewell as she headed back to squad eleven's compound. "So now you have a reason not to push yourself so hard." He just smiled and watched the direction his sister had walked, luckily for Jushiro he had managed to finish his project before collapsing. He told his friend he'd see him later and headed for Head-Captain Yamamoto to tell him of the success. Meanwhile when Avatare got back home she was nearly hugged to death by Yachiru, and once she explained that she was with Captain Ukitake the little fire-ball relaxed. "I had heard about his collapse." They spent the day doing the work left to them by Kenny, when lunch time rolled around the jokes and laughter felt good to Avatare. After lunch she went out side to the Zen garden and sat down to meditate, as she quieted her thoughts she heard the voices of Zanpaktou all over Soul Society. As she centered herself she heard a rich, sultry voice whisper her name. Tsukakage, Why are you using that worthless Zanpaktou? It called out her true name, it also carried no bad feelings, so she decided to answer it.

Because I haven't been able to summon my own yet. The voice called out again this time it sounded like a howl. I couldn't be summoned while your soul was hiding your true name. She was shocked this voice belonged to her Zanpaktou? Yes, I am your Zanpaktou say my name its ........ She couldn't hear it so she shut off the outside world entirely and asked for it again. Hear my voice I am Mirzam! She heard it so she held the Zanpaktou she'd been given up and called. "Raise your Voice Mirzam!" the Zanpaktou in her hands shattered and reformed. It now had a longer slimmer blade while its guard was carved one side a wolf the other a phoenix, the hilt was I little longer then both of her hands on it but the end had something that looked like an orb on it and inside it was a black flame with silver tips.

"Are you really mine?" she heard the voice much louder now and very clear. Yes, I am yours and yours alone. I am Mirzam the Song of Destruction. She smiled and she practiced the movements Byakuya had taught her and she was surprised that it felt so much easier now. Of course it does That inferior blade wasn't right for you. She spent the rest of the afternoon practicing her movements and by the time the dinner bell sounded she felt much better. She had to ask Mirzam to change back into a normal sword but the blade only snorted and told her to look at the sheath. She looked to see the sheath had changed to accommodate the weapon. "OK OK OK smart ass." she mumbled to the blade and sheathed it before heading inside. Yachiru noticed the sword right away. " Where did you get that Zanpaktou?" She smiled and told her the story and how Mirzam awoke. After dinner and a bath Avatare went to bed hoping for good dreams again. Last night with Jushiro had been the first night since Kenny left she hadn't had nightmares. She fell asleep fairly quickly, only to be woken up around three thirty in the morning by knocking on her bedroom door. "Yes what is it?" her voice was raspy from her sleep. "There is a messenger here from Head-Captain Yamamoto requesting you and Lieutenant Yachiru." She sighed and told him she would be there in a moment. She got out of bed put her hair into a high tail put on a clean black uniform. She tucked Mirzam into the right sword loop of her belt, grabbed Kisuke's robe and put it over the top leaving the robe loose to flutter around her like a captain's jacket. The white diamonds seemed to glow in the moonlight as she stepped out side front doors and into the full moon's light.

"Your presences are requested by Yamamoto-sama he asked you to come post-haste." They looked at one another and took off running towards the castle, well it was more like Avatare running and Yachiru mumbling worried questions in her ear. "What if something happened to Kenny?" Avatare took the stairs two at a time without stopping, not noticing that she was going at a pretty good pace but no where near any of the captain's speeds. She skid around a corner to nearly run into a guard and she didn't stop but yelled an apology over her shoulder. Avatare noticed the guards ahead had seen her and were opening the doors into the meeting hall, but one guard ran along side her for a moment. "Yamamoto-sama wishes you to join the captain's meeting Avatare-san, and Yachiru-san is to head for the Lieutenants meeting." and he stopped as they entered the hall and the girls separated. Avatare walked into the captain's hall barely out of breath and looked to the assembled group before her, she got in line between her brother and Sajin. "You have all responded well to my summons, even you Avatare-chan." Her mumbled comment broke the tension building in the room. "You called, We came."

He sighed and began the meeting. "It has come to my attention that our forces in the real world need help, and we are planing to give it to them you all know of the limit that is placed on all lieutenants and Captains. Captain Ukitake had crafted a devise with the help of Captain Mayuri that will remove this limit. But there is only one person on this side of the gate who knows anything about the human world."Avatare's eyebrow raised and she poked her head around Sajin's arm. "Yes I was speaking of you Avatare, I need you to guide a team of reinforcements and to take the devices to Captain Kuchiki. But after you complete that mission I need you to return here, If the enemy were to find out about your power it would be a disaster." She stepped out of line and looked at the Head-captain with a smile. "I'll do it. And I'll give you my word as soon as I complete my mission I will return to Soul Society." He smiled at her and the planning commenced. As the meeting ended Avatare decided she would no longer live in hiding. "Yamamoto-sama?" He looked at her the captains watching silently. "Yes Avatare?" She smiled at him. "I wish you to know my true name. I am Tsukakage Ukitake my Elder brother is Jushiro." They were astounded by her revelation they looked at Jushiro for confirmation and he nodded and stepped next to her and placed something around her neck.

"Tsukakage, I am glad you have given us your true name, and what is that on your hip?"She looked to see that Mirzam was sticking out of her over robe. She drew the blade with her left hand the the other were surprised to see the Zanpaktou "This is Mirzam my Zanpaktou! And you can call me Kage if you want to." He chuckled and dismissed them to begin the mission. As they all walked out she smiled at her older brother. "Thanks for my locket back I was going nuts without it" he patted the hand that rested in the crook of his elbow. As the captains walked they talked about who Tsukakage would take with her. "Sajin?" the fox-spirit looked down at her. "hum?" She looked up at him her emerald eyes meeting his golden ones."Will you come with me to the real world?" He was shocked but nodded and was surprised when she hugged him. "Thank you thank you thank you!" the group consisted of all but three of the captains. Tsukakage smiled at the three that were staying behind. "Hey Mayuri? Are you sure those things will work?" Jushiro asked about the communicator his little sister was wearing. Then the console piped up. "Jushiro stop hounding Mayuri! They work already!" the Squad twelve captain chuckled at the growl on her voice, and he didn't even mind her calling him by name. Jushiro remembered why her glare gave him the creeps it was just like their mother's....But Scarier. The third to remain behind besides the head captain was Retsu-san. "Don't worry Jushiro!" The console piped up again. "Mayuri where are you gonna drop us?" the man smirked. "Where do you think is best?"She thought for about .2 seconds. "Outside Tessai's Shop!" That sent the man into chuckles, she had no idea they knew where Kisuke Urahara was and was trying to protect him. "Very well I'll drop you in his front yard."

She watched the gate as it started to glow white and a black and purple butterfly came out and landed on her finger. " aw so cute!" the captains laughed and started towards the gate. "I'll come home soon Jushiro" Sajin told her the gate was ready and she waived as they took off. As the group ran on she looked at the walls of the tunnel and smiled when she saw the light ahead, and she tensed slightly to hear Sajin's chuckle. "Waiting to see someone?" she nodded and he could see the muscles in her legs tightening and loosening, as her stride lengthened. As they neared the gate they felt the presence of other Shinigami. They went through the gate to land right out side of Kisuke's shop. "So how do we get their attention?" Sajin said and he saw a look pass between Shunsui and Kage. "Your on"She mumbled and he watched Kage pull a small cell phone like object from her pocket, and started typing numbers on it then she pushed a green button and sent him a grin. Inside the shop the girls were sharing a bath when Rukia's phone went off and she dried a hand before reaching for it, she flipped it open and the girls watched her face go colorless. "What is it Rukia?" Orihime asked and Rukia turned the phone towards her so the girls could read the message.


its been awhile since we talked

I brought some help

But its cold outside

You think you can let us in?


The girlsgrabbed towels and ran out of the bathroom. Renji was sitting there bored as the group talked and planned, he saw the girls come running out of the bathroom in nothing but towels and throw the front doors open. They heard a name yelled that most hadn't heard spoken over a month. "Avatare!" Then a familiar figure walked through the group of barely clad girls. "Its been a while" Avatare stood there in full soul reaper gear and a grin her now trademark robe blowing in the wind. "hey girlies unless you wanna give the guys nosebleeds I suggest you get dressed?" The girls looked down and practically dove into the back room. "So where are the rest eh Renji?" After a snack and a new warm robe from Tessai Kage started to get drowsy, And the reinforcements getting caught up to speed Kage looked around. "Sorry Avatare they went hollow hunting, they will be home soon." She smiled at him. "My name isn't Avatare, Renji its Tsukakage or you can call me Kage for short." He noticed the Zanpaktou she carried but it didn't look out of the ordinary.

Renji watched Kage lean against Captain Sajin and start to doze off. "She seems tired" Orihime said the girls had rejoined the conversation a few minutes after things had settled. "She's had a trying day and not very much sleep" Shunsui answered. It was about ten minutes later that her bracelet started to make a beeping noise, she sat up and seemed to push some unseen button. "Yeah Mayuri?" She heard a chuckle on the other end and heard a snort. "How was the trip?" She yawned and the guys heard her jaw pop. "Tiring I'm still waiting for the rest to return from a hollow hunt. How's things on that side of the gate?" He mumbled that someone wanted to speak with her. "Who is it?" "Wolfy-chan! Have you found Kenny-chan yet?"The woman gave a smile. "Sorry Yachiru I haven't found him yet he went hunting." They all heard the laughter and the statement the he must be having fun, by the time the 'call' ended she was fidgeting. The door opened and she looked up and right into black eyes, with a grin she called out to him. "Hey Kenny! Miss us?"The group filed in to see the new arrivals and she grinned at them from her spot sitting on a pillow on the deck with Sajin on one side and an empty seat on the other. As the group joined the table Kisuke slid into the seat next to Avatare. "I guess everyone knows one another save only those who came with me, Renji and the girls know my true name. I am Tsukakage or Kage for short. Avatare was the name I used to hide myself, I no longer have to hide." Byakuya was sitting across the table from her and she smiled at him. "Its been over a month Captain Kuchiki. But on to the reason I'm here, I bring you both help by way of reinforcements and in a way to remove the limit on your power in this world." She handed out the devices when her bracelet went off again.

"Yes Mayuri?"She heard the familiar snort. "Is he there?" She grumbled about pushy scientists. "Yeah the whole group is. But I am going to give the com to Captain Kuchiki and I am going to sleep, I want to take a nap here before I go home" she said, and within a moment she got a growled agreement. "Kisuke do you have a place I can get a bit of sleep?" He nodded and pointed up the stairs. "You can sleep in my bed no one will bother you, it will be to loud for you down here." She nodded and said good night before stumbling upstairs. It was almost two in the morning when the meeting finally quit for the night and they separated for some time to sleep, save for the ones that Kage had brought with her. Kisuke stumbled up stairs and crawled into bed with out thinking, then he heard it. "Kisuke?" he realized who was in his bed he went to crawl out when a hand on his wrist stopped him. "Stay Kisuke, I missed you." He scooted closer and wrapped himself around her, she made a happy noise and tangled her legs in his. "You have no idea how many night I wished for this while curled up with your jacket." she mumbled and rolled over and nuzzled her head under his chin. He smiled and ran his fingers over her back and felt her breath against his neck. "I missed you too, Tessai gave me your shirt so I could still smell you"She smiled and kissed his neck softly. "I want you stay safe Kisuke, If anything happened to you It would kill me." She whispered and he felt her breath even out as she fell asleep. "I need you in Soul Society, your very quickly becoming my world woman, So Tsukakage is you name eh? It suits you."He mumbled as he stroked her hair and fell asleep.

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