The Black Phoenix @akatsukiskyuubi

The Black Phoenix

Chapter 1: Found

The only sound that Avatare could hear at that moment besides the rain was the sound of her breath as she ran. It was after her, the monster that murdered her family one by one. Her strides were long as she heard a taunting laugh in her ear. "I will kill you girl. Just like your petty family" it laughed as she took a corner sharply and nearly hit a light post. She was running out of ideas as she reached the head of a narrow street and skid on the wet pavement turning the corner. Lightening struck the sky above her for a moment making her green eyes glow eerily. The rain got heavier as she kept running it now even drowned out the sound of her panting breaths.

She jumped over a trashcan and had barely cleared it when a searing pain ripped through her side, throwing her in the air and she landed boneless on the street. The pain from landing left her unable to breath for a few moments. The blood began to spread out from below she felt the darkness creeping upon her, she whimpered. Mum, looks like I couldn't out run the monster Sorry She thought as she lay in the street, out of the night she saw a flickering form walking towards her it had huge blood stained claws on its right arm. Thats my blood she thought. It suddenly came into sharp focus. I'm done for Was her last thought as she slipped into darkness. She never saw the arrival of her defenders.

The hollow turned and saw the three Shinigami and the two humans with spiritual pressure, It was angry that it would have to wait to finally end this damn brats life it roared its anger at the group and faded into hollow world. Ichigo was stunned as the hollow they were tracking roared and vanished. "Damn you Abarai! Now its gone" the Redhead flipped him off but before he could reply, Orihime called out for help. They ran around the corner to see Orihime kneeling over an injured woman. "She is hurt badly and her blood is turning black, I think she's been poisoned." Uryu knelt next to her looking at the sides of the wound. "I agree we need Mr. Urahara to look at her."Chad scooped the dirty and bleeding woman up and carried her into the shop. After a hasty explanation the hatted man looked up at the gathered group before him.

"Set her there."he pointed to a long low table that the kids were piling medical supplies next to. He shoved them into the main room with Tessai and told Ururu to get Rukia from outside. Ichigo grumbled as the front door slammed open, Rukia walked past him with Ururu behind her. Ururu shut the door behind her and walked past him into the room and shut that door behind her also. It was nearly dawn when the three walked from the room exhausted. "Its up to her now" Rukia grabbed a folded futon and walked back into the room. "I am going to sleep next to her. If she makes it through the day then she will survive"Was all she said before shutting the door and leaving them to themselves.

Rukia slept lightly waking every few hours to check the woman's pulse. And when the sun set she smiled softly, the pulse was stronger then last night but still quite weak. When Rukia opened the door she was greeted by lots of sleeping mats and the slumbering people within them. She noticed that Orihime was wedged between Uryu and Chad. Renji and Ichigo were sleeping sprawled out over their bags, as she watched him Ichigo sneezed in his sleep. She chuckled quietly as she walked into the kitchen to make something to eat. The days melded into one another until one morning nearly two weeks later while everyone was out hunting for a hollow that the scanner reported was in the other side of the city from them.

Urahara was wiping the woman's face with a cool cloth when suddenly her eyes opened and she screamed. The sound chilled him to bones and made his soul ache. " OK your safe here" he said when the sound died and at his voice she turned to him. Green-gold met Emerald and for a moment his world stopped. "who are you?...Where am I?" She rasped and he reached for the glass of water that he had brought in with him, he held it out to her and she took it gently. As she drank he explained that his friends had found her and brought her to him. He didn't want to but he had to know if she knew what attacked her. "I'm Kisuke Urahara and this is my shop. Your safe, can you tell me what happened?" Most people attacked by a hollow never knew what attacked them.

"It was a monster with a hole in its chest, its haunted my family for years. Now I'm all thats left." he saw surprised that she had seen it. A tear made its way down the woman's face, and she brought her knees to her chest and started to cry softly. Urahara moved to her side and wrapped his arm over her shoulders, he was surprised when she turned and curled into his chest her tears soaking his top. She cried until she fell sleep. "next time I'll have to ask your name" he mumbled to the sleeping woman. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of something shiny around her neck.

He carefully grabbed the chain and tugged it loose from her shirt. It was a silver locket on the front it had two figures. One was a phoenix. It was black as obsidian its ruby eyes glittering darkly, the other was a white wolf with wings it glowed like a diamond its emerald eyes locked on the birds. He was about to put it back when he felt the engraving on the back side. He turned it over it inscription read 'To my beloved Grandpup. Let your instincts guide you' He set it back gently, set her down and after covering her left to speak with Tessai.

That night as the group sat for dinner Urahara spilled his encounter with the woman to the others. "She saw the hollow that attacked her, she said its hunted her family for years. Now she is the only survivor."They discussed it for a few moments while Renji and Ichigo argued. Orihime looked up and gasped startling the others to silence, they turned to see that the woman was leaning against the door frame. Urahara held his hand out to her. "Come join us, you must be hungry" She nodded and took his hand and he sat her on his left side. "Your the ones who saved me?"she asked her voice raspy. Tessai handed her a glass of water which she thanked him for.

"Yes they are."Urahara said. Chad was shocked she was beautiful, her red hair flowed around her to settle on the floor. Her emerald eyes glittered and twinkled in the light. "We haven't introduced ourselves yet." She smiled and waited. "I am Ichigo Kurosaki!"the guy with spiky orange hair said."Rukia Kuchiki"the quiet black haired girl said."Chad" was all the tall guy said she smiled at him and he blushed. Kisuke had told her about Tessai and the kids earlier."Uryu Ishida"The handsome guy with glasses said as he pushed them up with is middle finger. A girl with hair a few shades lighter then her own chirped "Orihime Inoue".The last one was a man with hair as red as her own. His voice growled out his name"Renji Abarai."

Renji was entranced by her, when she looked at him and caught his look she blushed slightly. "Forgive my rudeness. You can call me Avatare." Urahara could tell she was hiding her name from them. "Did you kill the monster that was after me?" Ichigo shook his head. "It vanished when we found you" she nodded in understanding. "Would it be rude of me to ask for a bath Mr. Urahara?"he smiled and shook his head. "You can call me Kisuke" she nodded her thanks, but hesitated. "When you get out I will have something clean you can wear" Avatare's smile brightened. "Do you mind if we girls join you Avatare?" Orihime asked as Tessai set a bowl of soup in front of the woman. "Not at all" she said before taking her first bite, she turned to Tessai. "Thank you Mr. Tessai this tastes delicious!" His eyes widened and he thanked her several times while she ate. The others talked about school and stuff while Avatare studied them while she enjoyed her food.

After she finished it Mr. Tessai handed her a towel and the girls followed her into the bath room. Urahara had a huge bathtub that the girls filled with steaming water. Orihime poured in bath salts while Rukia set the bath bucket on a bench. The girls stripped and Rukia took in a sharp breath as she saw the breathtaking tattoo on Avatare's back. "Its beautiful" she said and Avatare smiled softly. "They are the guardians of my family. Shinigami the black phoenix, Guardian of the balance between Life and Death. Mirzam the winged wolf of destruction, Guardian of the gateway between Heaven and Hell."Orihime had traced the tattoo on Avatare's back with her pointer finger.

"Incredible! Where did you get these done?" Rukia saw the dark shine of sadness light her eyes."I was five,Grandsire killed a monster that attacked mother and I,he died from the wounds it gave him. The monster that hunts me now is the same one. The last thing my Grandsire said was my name before a flash of bright light then it was gone and he was dead. It was years later when I hit sixteen I had them done to commemorate those who had died."They watched a single tear fall down her cheek before she wiped it away and smiled. Orihime was crying softly when her story ended. "Tomorrow will you take me back to where you found me, I want to see it." Both girls nodded as they soaked together.

Rukia had heard the explanation of the markings that were forever etched into Avatare's skin but she wanted to know if Avatare knew about the Shinigami. But before she could ask the bathroom door was opened by Ururu asking if they were almost done. "Ururu would you like to join us?"Avatare asked as she finished rinsing and slid into the tub. The girl nodded and shut the door behind her. Rukia had a feeling that there was more to Avatare's tale then she had told. The older girls left Ururu the hot water dried off and headed for the spare room in their towels. Three futons were set up for them and Orihime couldn't keep it bottled up any more. "Avatare?"She turned her head towards Orihime. "Yes?" "Can I brush your hair?" "I have no brush"Orihime giggled. "We can share mine for tonight" Avatare chuckled and nodded, she sat on the floor with her back to Orihime.

"Hold on Orihime let's get dressed first then do it or else it will just get messed up while we are dressing."Rukia said as she noticed the piles of clothes on the low table. They walked over to the table and on one pile of clothes there was a folded piece of paper. Avatare picked it up and after finding her name written on the other side she opened it. As she read it she blushed then she laughed. After they got dressed Rukia recognized the black-silk yukata that Avatare was wearing."thats Renji's yukata" Rukia said as Orihime started on her hair.

Avatare blushed, "Tessai said it was to small for Renji to wear and they were going to throw it out. But since I have no clothes Tessai said I could have it." the blush on Avatare's face made Rukia smile. As they lay in bed they heard Avatare hum a sad song."What song is that? Its lovely"Avatare was startled they liked her humming."Its a song my Granddame taught me"She said quietly. "Does it have words?"Avatare nodded. "Will you sing it for us?" She nodded again. Avatare took a deep breath and started to sing.

How could I let the bad guys win.

Look what they did to us.

I thought I was a warrior. Still, I failed somehow.

So tell me, what do I do now?

I thought if I did my best, I'd never make mistakes.

I'd always win the battle, no matter what it takes.

I'd keep my clan from danger. Thats my sacred vow.

So tell me, what do I do now?

Hear me, silver mother moon, shining in the night,

Had I wings to fly away, I would fly to you.

But thats not what warriors do.

Maybe theres more to being human,than acting brave and strong. Maybe its listening to your heart, and knowing when you're wrong.

Its keeping your vows and trusting you'll come through, somehow. And maybe,thats what I'll do now.

I believe well come through, me and you. Thats what well do now.

Her voice was a mezzo was dark tones thrown in. It rose and fell with the lyrics that were backed by emotion. "Was that OK? I'm not the best of singers" Rukia smiled and nodded. "You have a beautiful voice Avatare and people don't like it well they can go away!" Orihime said and with that they settled down to sleep. Avatare's last thought was Great Guardians, please protect them

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