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Jailbreak & Hogwarts Ahoy!

The Lost Bloodlines

Chapter 5: Jailbreak & Hogwarts ahoy!

Draco was so excited as he stepped out of the fire place into Slytherin Citadel. He could see the huge crest on the wall and noticed someone was waiting for him. It was Potter, strange he was wearing decent clothing. "Hello Potter." "Malfoy." An older man popped his head in and Draco knew right away it was a Weasley. "Hurry up boys." Harry grinned at him. "Thanks Charlie." Harry's face now free of glasses seemed much less annoying. "So Malfoy, how'd you dad take you were hanging out with us?" Draco grinned. "All I asked was if I could go to my friends home. He didn't ask whom." "Look call me Harry, Astra pointed out the it was possible that the spells that were cast on me made me treat you badly. I'm sorry." Draco extended his hand. "Yeah. It was weird that you were so nice to Weasley but very stand offish to everyone else." They shook. "Start over?" The blond nodded his agreement. "Hi my name is Hadrian Gryffindor-Potter." Draco grinned shaking his hand again. "Hello, Lord Potter. My name is Draconis Regulus Malfoy. Draco if you would." Both burst into laughter.

Harry and Draco made their way to the room and they saw Regulus packing different bags and potions. He looked up with a smile. "Hello Master Malfoy." Draco was stunned. "Uncle Regulus?" He only grinned and Draco ran over to hug the man tightly. Harry blinked in shock. "Come now Draco it can't be that bad is it?" Regulus said to his cousin's son. "My father seems to have gone mad.. He's consumed by his need for revenge." Regulus sighed petting the blond hair. "Draco, once I claim my place as Lord Black I can help your mother, she was always my favorite cousin." He tapped his wand on the blonds hair and the gel was suddenly washed from the platinum strands and his fluffy blond hair was free. "Draco, my father once said. A son's duty is to know when their fathers have made mistakes and to ensure they do not repeat them."

Draco only nodded happy his hair was loose once more. "Do not walk in your father's footsteps if you know he has disgraced the oath's your family took." Draco nodded as Regulus cleaned the tears off his face. He handed him a handkerchief and Draco blew his nose and used his wand to clean is face. Then he cleaned the handkerchief and handed it back. "Good boy, now help Hadrian move the packed bags to the carriage." Both of them picked up the bags and Harry led him through the house to the back doors and both saw the elegant carriage being moved into place by house elves. Huge winged horses were being harnessed to the carriage, three were being saddled and Draco recognized Granger's improved form brushing one of the huge winged horses. "Hey Hermione." Harry said as he set his bags next to the house elves that were loading the carriage.

Hermione turned to see both boys and smiled. "Hi Draco." Draco colored slightly and waived. He handed the bag to the elf. And noticed the Duarti leading the animal she had finished saddling to a waiting elf. "Alright Hermes, I'm ready for the next one." Hermione lead the horse she had been brushing to where her friend stood and handed over the lead rope. She cleaned up the brushes and what not with a flick of her new wand. The last horse was handed over and the caravan seemed ready to move. They were only waiting for sundown which wasn't to far away. "Come on time to eat." She stuck her head in the carriage. "Come on Will lunch time." The taller leaner Weasley came out of the carriage and together the four went inside. Several more bags were piled to be taken out and the elves were taking care of that when one elf with a bakers hat came out of the kitchen. "What would mistresses friends and Great mistress desire for lunch?" Astra ordered a bowl of the lobster and noodle dish. "Oh that sounds delicious, I'll have some too." Bill said rubbing his stomach. Charlie piped in he wanted some too, Draco decided to try it. They all wound up ordering the same thing and the elf bowed an popped away. A elaborate tea tray appeared on the table and everyone served themselves. Astra sighed contentedly. "Well, we are ready once the final bags are loaded and put away. Then its just waiting for sun down and departing for vacation." Draco raised his hand. "Should I contact my mother and ask if I can go as well?" Astra nodded. "It will give us the cover of being out of the country when the heist takes place. I have talked to Tom more and he agrees this is the best way of keeping anyone from knowing a group of kids broke into Azkaban to free people inside."

Bill sighed. "I can't believe you talked me into this." Astra smiled at him. "Will its not that bad we are just going to get back people who swore an oath. And I will be ever so nice as to hand Tom's book to Bitchtrix." Bill nodded. "Yeah, I read the case file Hermione got from the DMLE, there is no way she can ever be allowed to leave that place." Astra held up the old journal. "Don't worry its been handled." Astra flipped open the book and taking her rather elegant pen she wrote a message in the diary. Words appeared a few moments. Yes, I do believe your correct my original name is to dangerous to use. What did you have in mind? Astra smiled. What about Ravus? Ravus Marvolo Gaunt? A few minutes passed then the words appeared. Yes I rather like the sound of that. Are you heading the Gaunt family? No its paternal, men only. Sexist bastards. The words written were shaky as if he was trembling as he wrote them. That is so funny its hurts to laugh. Astra made a face. Hermione is laughing too because she is reading the conversation. She pouted at the page but nothing more appeared.

Soon it was time as the last light of the sun was fading away Draco and Harry climbed into the carriage. Bill and Regulus were mounted on the two single horses. Charlie and Hermione were in the driver seat for the carriage. Hermione put a warming blanket over their laps and Astra was still on the ground. Bill turned his horse down the drive and started off, the horses wings spread and they took to the sky. Regulus followed with a steadier hand. Charlie got the horses moving and soon the carriage was seeming to follow an unseen road in the sky. Harry looked back to see a huge shadow fly over the moon. The flight took a few hours and they noticed as they passed through the wards they went undetected. Landing was tricky but a few extension charms on the pier allowed the carriage to land smoothly. Bill and Regulus landed and Bill opened the door. "I used a type of notice me not spell that will only affect the guards since they are drinking and playing cards it will be much easier. The spell won't affect us and anyone we are touching." Nods and they noticed Astra seem to appear out of nowhere. "Here put these on." They were quartz crystals strung on lovely silver chains.

Hermione sighed. "You brought them didn't you?" Astra grinned. "I left Reg at home. No dying tonight." They made their way inside and carefully through the various wings to maximum security. A guard was teasing one of the prisoners and found himself disarmed, bound and gagged. The Death Eaters and a very pissed Black were more than a little shocked. To see a child walk in and sigh at the bound guard. "It is not nice to tease people." Hermione was angry. She hated bullies and the poor man was tied to his cell door looking pathetic. They saw another two kids emerge from the hall and to their surprise one was a Malfoy. Sirius was stunned to see a miniature James standing next to him. "How's it going Hermione?" The mini Malfoy asked. "He was being mean! Teasing that poor man." The bound man pulled his second wand and got free only to be blasted clear across the cell block to slide down the wall like a wet rag. The caster advanced not realizing how many eyes were watching her every move, her tail flicked with annoyance. "Astra!" She sighed. "Fucking cock sucking bastards.. Remind me a few need scenic tours of outside.." Harry snickered. "Hurling people out windows is frowned upon and very messy.."

Astra raised one eyebrow. "I never said they'd reach the bottom." Draco was only partly confused. Hermione's eyes rolled and she caught sight of a hulking blond in one of the corner cells. "Kitten?" He rasped. "Thorfinn, is that you?" He reached out and she walked over to grab his hand. "Kitten why are you here?" Hermione was lost in his pained blue eyes. "Coming to get you Thorfinn." He smiled. "I must have died last night.. This is to good to be true." Astra moved about her tail flicking annoyed as she crouched down in front of the man tied to his door. She lifted her hand palm up and Draco set an apple there. With a flick of her wand the fruit was cut into slices. "You look very hungry." Barty was astounded this gentle woman cared about his grumbling belly, he could see the concern in her eyes. Those pretty ears atop her head told him much, she would save him. She held a slice to his lips and he munched gratefully. His purple hued blue eyes gleamed as he received bite after bite until the fruit was gone. Then to his surprise she freed him and caught his exhausted body in her arms.

He clung to her grateful for the warmth and the feeling of safety she exuded.

He could feel fingers stroking his matted pale hair. "Hadrian, Draco get those blankets set up." The boys laid a large thick blanket on the floor in the middle of the room, they all felt it radiate warmth. Barty whimpered when she moved. "Shhh, its alright. Can I ask you a few questions before you get more food and hot broth?" He nodded eager to answer and be fed and on that really warm blanket. "Do you know Bartemius Crouch?" Barty nodded. "Its me." She smiled and he felt warmth seep into him. "You mother is a very kind woman." He blinked and she held a letter in front of his face. He recognized at once his mother's delicate script. "Can I read it?" She handed it to him. "Its yours, of course you can read it." She motioned to the Malfoy boy. "Here Draco, make sure you clean him up and let him change. Don't touch his letter." The Malfoy was carrying a wrapped parcel and she let him go, Barty whimpered before he could stop himself. "Its ok Bartemius." He blinked. "Barty." She smiled wider. "Barty. Draco will help get rid of the nasty things then you can change into some clean clothes." He nodded eagerly looking at the blonde.

Astra moved on noticing a riot of black curls in one cell. "Yo Bitchtrix. I got someone who wants to talk to you." The Black haired witch screeched and threw herself at the bars. Astra pulled out the diary. Yo Tom, found Bitchtrix.. She hates me already XD I love it. Turning the diary to face her. A moment later words appeared on the page in response. Hello Bellatrix, its Lord Voldemort. This is my companion, her and her friends are not to be harmed. If you would like to speak to me ask my companion for a quill. Bella reached out for the book eagerly. "Master, I want to talk to Master." She mumbled pleadingly. Astra grinned. "This is my eagle self inking quill it was a gift." She nodded and Astra handed over the book and quill. The rest blinked at her now that Bella was quiet and scribbling in the book eagerly. Astra flicked her tail and a sheet covered the cell. "Now boys, I am Romanastra Peverell-Slytherin. You may address me as Astra." One by one the men were released from their cells and were cleaned up allowed to change clothes and sat on the blanket. Thick mugs of broth were liberally passed about. Hermione stayed near Rowle. She used a couple of charms to trim and untangle his now waist length blonde mane. She conjured a brush and put braids at his temples then braided the rest to hang down his back neatly. "Hey Hermione, how do you know him?" Hermione smiled. "He was a seventh year when we were first years. He stopped some of the other seventh year Slytherins from tormenting me when I was correcting his essays. You'll love him Harry. He played professional Quidditch." The Potter boy blinked. "When, what position and what team?"

Rowle grinned. "Up until I was 19 I played for the Ballycastle Bats as a beater. I have been here for a couple of years now." Harry grinned. "I still play for my house team." Astra was looking at the annoyed Black in his corner of the blanket. A soft tapping could be heard and Draco moved the sheet slightly to look in. He passed in a parcel like the others and opened the door. A older teen came out and with his deeper green eyes grinned at him. He came over to Astra and both bowed slightly. "My dear Lady Peverell-Slytherin." She smiled a light flush on her cheek bones. "Lord Gaunt." He joined the others on the blanket and was given two apples and a mug of broth. The sound of running steps startled them and they all watched the door when Charlie popped in panting. "Holy crap that's a lot of stairs." Astra snickered. Most of the Death Eaters were stunned at the appearance of a Weasley. "Better hurry it up Astra. The guys downstairs are getting noisy." A threatening sound and the Duarti whirled around to face the other door and another guard started firing curses. She set a shield around the blanket and using the enhanced agility avoided the flying spells. She cast a powerful hex. They saw a flash of white and the bone colored wand held in her tail sent shock waves through the men.

It was their master's wand and in ones mind his wand. Astra used her wand to cast a shield and then using Tom's wand blasted the guard closer and closer to the window. It took a few engorigo to make it big enough then they heard it. The hissing language of the parselmouth and then the guard was hurled backwards out the window. She shrank it again and her tail was still bristled. "I can't believe you actually tossed some idiot out a window." Astra looked at Hermione. "Hermes! He invaded my conversation.." The chocolate eyes rolled. "You need another hobby that doesn't include violence.." Charlie blinked. "Well, you think he made it?" Astra smiled at him. "Ambrose got him." Charlie winced. "Come on lets pack it up." Soon the weary men were moving down the stairs. "I'm going another way." They saw her dart out the door the guard had come in then they heard a gleeful whoop. Hermione groaned. "Great she's loose and in a fighting mood." They made their way down finding another Weasley. "Got them Bill." The older one sighed. "Come on lets get moving." Near the bottom floor they found Regulus fighting off several guards alone. The Death Eaters felt useless. Then a for lack of a better word calamity happened. A pair of nundu came through tearing and thrashing, opening a corridor. Hermione ran between them. "Thanks Bastian, Dolph!" The men followed her more than a little nervous. "What was that Kitten?!" Thorfinn exclaimed.

Hermione surprised him by laughing. "They belong to Astra, house guards she said. She also brought Toshka." As if summoned by his name the huge nundu ran passed down a connecting corridor Astra being pulled on a floating sled behind him. "Whoo! This is great!" She vanished into the dark again. "My best friend is totally psycho." They made it outside and Hermione held out a rope. "Grab on and don't let go." They all did. And then they saw the carriage and horses. They made their way to it slowly, Hermione leading them straight to the door. They climbed in then Draco popped back out. "Tell uncle that his brother needs to see him. I'll ride his horse so that he can talk to him." Hermione went and grabbed Regulus and the man and boy traded places. Astra had shrunk the nundu to house cat size and loaded them into the carriage. Once the carriage door was closed and they took to the sky Draco and Charlie rode out behind them. Astra checked over everything made sure no traces were left then took to the air with Baran.

The death eaters were gloriously happy as they left the isle and slowly the chill of the dementors left them. A couple of hours into the flight Harry was looking outside trying to find the shape on the moon. "What are you doing Harry?" Hermione asked getting the attention of all those in the carriage. "On our way to the isle I saw a huge shadow cross the moon... I'm looking to see if its following us.." Hermione sighed and moved over to the side of the carriage to press a button. The entire side of the carriage seemed to become transparent. Sure enough they saw something moving through the clouds. "Holy shit he wasn't dreaming!" Rabastian Lestrange said. Then the shape emerged from the clouds and it went silent as the grave. A huge black dragon with crimson eyes was flying along side them, atop its horned head stood a single figure with a flowing white braid. "Oh geeze Harry! You scared me, its just Astra and Baran." Another dragon with blue eyes rolled over the carriage to catch a wind. The black with pale eyes came from below then, as if to spite the watchers Astra laughed as the dragon barrel rolled. They could hear her laughing. "Astra your crazy."
Hermione sighed amused. Tom's eyes were locked on the woman-child flying so free.

They heard Bill shouting something then Astra and the dragons dove out of sight. The carriage followed and they saw the estate up ahead. After they managed to land the men heard Astra's throaty voice giving orders. "Change the team. I need the puddle jumpers for this section." House elves were hitching up the new team and luggage was being loaded on top of the carriage. Three house elves popped into the carriage. Kreacher bowed. "Master, your luggage is loaded. I also brought some of your brothers clothing." Regulus nodded. Antonin was surprised by the second elf. "Lev?" The little elf seemed to dance in place. "Little Master, you is free again. Lev packed you some clothes and things for the trip." A small dragon flew into the cabin and they all watched it. The Duarti climbed in and she grumbled. "Great mistress is tired, should rest so yous don't get sick!" The elderly elf squeaked. "I will rest shortly Grandmother." The elf wore the Lestrange coat of arms. Hermione sighed. "Go to bed Astra, you have been awake since yesterday." More grumbles. "I can finish making sure everything is done before we leave. And anything I forget Poodle will remember." The old elf nodded when the Duarti set her eyes on her. "Missy Hermes is correct. Great mistress needs rest. Poodle will make sure nothing is forgotten." She nodded. "You two win. I'm going to lay down." She stalked through a door they hadn't noticed and they heard a door open and two more dragons came in the other taking off out the open carriage door. Hermione looked to see the questioning eyes. "We are going to my home in Italy until the end of August. There it will be easier for you all to recover and build yourselves back up."

Bill came in a few minutes later looking about. "I made her go to bed. She's only going to get snappy and cheeky by staying up longer." Bill nodded yawning. "You go to bed too, you woke up before dawn to help Astra get things finished." With a tired wave he strode off down the corridor. Bill found a room at the far end of the hall and closing the door he stripped down to his boxers, put on his sleeping pants, crawled into the huge soft bed. He was totally unaware of the second body in the bed. Both were far to tired to even realize the other was there.

~September 1st~

Hermione couldn't believe what a difference four months abroad could make. She gained some weight and height but nothing compared to Harry and Astra. Her hair was now resting on her bum when totally down in gentle banana curls. Noctua was walking alongside her. She bumped into someone and blinked looking into blue eyes. "Hello Percival." The man in question blinked his shock away. "Hermione?" She nodded smiling. "Its nice to see you, oh congratulations on becoming a prefect!" He smiled it was nice to be praised. Hermione had always been honest with him. "How was your summer?" She smiled. "I loved it. Spent most of it in Italy." He could see how much brighter she sparkled. "It looks like the sun did you good." She smiled at him. "Hermione!" Both turned to see two boys approaching, different lengths of hair but the slight wave to the taller ones hair and a familiar scar told who one was. The taller one's brilliant red eyes were vibrant and gleamed. "Ravus! Harry! How was the trip to get a good wand?" Percy was astonished to see Harry had filled out so much.

"Hey Percy." They shook hands. "Your nearly as tall as me now Harry." The Potter lord grinned. "That's nice to hear. My cousin is still taller then me." Percy turned to see the other man and was surprised by the soft smirk he wore. "Percival Weasley." "Ravus Gaunt." At seeing the ring on his hand Percy bowed his head slightly. "Lord Gaunt." "Call me Ravus. Hermione and Harry have told me you have been good to them. Makes you an ally." A smile crossed Percy's face. "Hello little brother." Percy turned to see Charlie with trunks following him. "Charlie!" Weasley hugs were a powerful experience. "Did you get your gift from me?" Percy nodded his brother had bought him brand new school clothes for making prefect. Bill had gotten him a new wand. His parents had bought him an owl and new reading glasses. Hermione spoke and shocked him. "Hey Charlie, where are they?" The dragonman snickered. "You know it was a war on who got to come." And to his amazement he saw the Malfoy boy coming towards them at full stride. "Harry!" The man turned and snickered. "Holy hell Draco, what happened to you?" The blond was mussed, a very strange sight for the Malfoy. "My father." Groans could be heard. "Here Draco stand still." Hermione said and with a few flicks of her wand he looked pressed and polished save his tie. She went over herself and tied his Slytherin tie. "Not to tight?" He shook his fluffy blond hair. "Did I miss something?" Hermione smiled. "Draco went on vacation with us. Without his father around he's a decent bloke." Smug smirk from the Malfoy in question. They heard a familiar laugh and Percy's eyes watered. Bill was walking towards him, a huge grin on his face. "Hey Perce."

"Bill.." Two slightly frightening wizards shadowed his brother. "Who are they?" A throaty feminine voice replied to his question. "Alas they are with me." His brother moved and Percy was not ashamed to admit his brain stopped. It wasn't that he had been over powered by beauty like a veela. But she was interesting to look at. Perky triangular ears, silvery-white hair, and her eyes were both spectral blue and luminous purple. Yet the colors seemed to swirl together yet remain apart.. "Hey Cousin." He heard Harry say. "So, I assume this is Percival, Will?" He saw Bill nod. "Yup." She extended one hand and he grasped her clawed fingers gently. "I am Romanastra Peverell." He bowed. "Lady Peverell." She smiled. "Shall we? I would like to find a compartment." They boarded the train and Astra noticed a ebony and frosted glass door with the Hogwarts crest on it. "Wow." She opened it and found an empty car that seemed to be dedicated to a large group. "Oh! In here!" They entered and Bill and Charlie loaded the trunks into the racks. The lions settled themselves on plush pillows and Percy noticed the presence of a small gryphon. The beautiful creature was gold but the primary feathers were a vibrant crimson. "Oh that is Courage." Harry said as he helped the creature onto a raised pillow. Percy saw three shapes the same size as the gryphon lift from Bill's and the other two's shoulders to settle on the back of Lady Peverell's chair.

"How?" He breathed and Charlie chuckled. "The Peverell's familiars are dragons. I actually work for her now, caring for her dragons as I write my theses." He smiled that his brother was now in the country. He heard a soft mumble and realized he was outside a privacy charm as one of the guards was on one knee before the Lady. She reached out and pet his hair fondly. "Don't mind him little brother he's very devoted to her." Percy sat down in a very comfortable chair and pulled out a book. He watched the two guards depart but his brothers remained on the train. "Are you coming to Hogwarts?" Both nodded. "Hagrid is going to love me because I will be able to help him teach about his favorite animal of all." He heard Hermione reading aloud softly. "She's reading to Scar and Noctua." Percy blinked in understanding. He saw Ravus expand the chair and noticed he settled himself next to the girl who leaned on him and snuggled in to nap.

As they sped towards the Scottish highlands, the talk turned to the upcoming year and classes. When the train suddenly ground to a halt Astra and Ravus were tossed to the floor along with Bill. "Fuck!" Astra snarled. She had landed on Bill with Ravus' head landing on her belly. "Everyone alright?" Charlie said helping Hermione up from the floor. Draco was looking out the window and his eyes widened. "The window is freezing!" They all looked over and then they saw their breath. "Dementors." They carefully settled themselves in a circle facing outward wands at the ready. Bill groaned. "If there are dementors on the train the younger years may be in danger." Charlie went to leave the carriage. "Sakura will go with you Charlie." They saw the blue eyed dragon fly to Charlie and rest on his shoulder. He left the carriage and moved forwards slowly checking each compartment. He opened one door and found Ron and the twins. "Charlie!" He grinned as he got more hugs but his body froze when he saw the thing gliding towards him. He summoned his ridge-back patronus and sent it at the dementor. "Go away! None of us are hiding anyone!" The twins were astonished when they saw another dementor try to sneak up behind Charlie before purple-black flame poured over it. The thing screamed and floated away before sinking into a smoldering pile at the end of the carriage. "Thanks Sakura."

They saw the beautiful tiny dragon open her wings and mantle them over Charlie's head. "Wow brother you brought a dragon?" Charlie snickered. "She belongs to my new employer who was concerned about my safety roaming the train with these monsters." A moment later the train jerked forward and resumed its journey. It wasn't to much longer that they arrived at Hogsmeade station. Charlie got off the train with his brothers and found his former head of house. "Messers Weasley." Charlie grinned. "Hello Professor McGonagall." They chorused the greeting. "Charlie!" Hermione burst into the conversation. "Charlie one of those things tried to get the boys.. They are out cold." Minerva was in shock to see how much healthier her favorite lion looked. "Miss Granger." The smile that crossed the girls face warmed Minerva's heart. "Hello Professor! Its Harry again." Minerva, Charlie and the other three surged after her and they saw a rather amazing sight. Harry was on a floating stretcher pulled by Courage. Ravus was being pulled by Ambrose. Percy was following Scar. Bill was laying behind Baran. Draco was lead by Noctua. "Oh!" Astra whipped around with a very hostile look until her eyes fell on Charlie and she relaxed. "Charlie, those fucking dementors tried eating the boys.."

Charlie snickered. "What did you do?" Loud scoff. "I ashed that thing.." Sakura twitched and Astra turned her head back to face him slowly. "She had to ash a dementor to protect you? Why the fuck are they even allowed near the school?" Minerva was stunned. Here was one of her two new students and what a foul mouth but she did make good points. "Young Lady your language is most foul." Astra grinned. "And I'm not even pissed off yet." Hermione sighed amused. "Remember pissed in brit is drunk." Astra cocked her head as her ears flicked. "Fuckage.. I'm totally going to be lost word wise."

They heard a groan and Astra was at Bills side. "Hey are you alright?" Her fingers fluffed his bangs away from his face. "Need more chocolate and did we make it to Hogsmeade yet?" She nodded. "Yeah, Charlie is back and he brought the Head Lioness if my mental picture of Hermione's descriptions are right." Bill gently tapped her side and she moved to let him see Minerva. "Hey Professor." Minerva came over and her lips crooked at him. "William Weasley, what happened?" As Bill explained Fred and George noticed the girls head moving on a swivel. She was on guard. Another groan. "Percival?" His glasses had been removed. "I'm up.." She lightly popped a piece of chocolate in his mouth. Hermione gently woke Harry and did the same. Astra broke off a few more pieces and handed them out. Ron was going to explode but with the professor here it wasn't a good idea. "Astra?" She turned to look at Charlie. "Yeah?" "Can the others pull them to the castle?" She smiled. "Course."

A carriage sat waiting for the group those not pulled on stretchers settled inside. Astra left the door open so she could watch what was going on. When they arrived the healer was waiting. "How dare they place those abominations near the school!" Astra grinned. "Here here!" Hermione snickered. "Astra, no rioting." She pouted. "Shit.. You ruin all my fun Hermes.." Ravus coughed. "For now my Lady. Give a few days grace before giving them what for." Astra brushed his hair out of his eyes and popped the last piece of chocolate she had at the moment in his mouth. He hummed in gratitude. "Young Lady." Astra turned to face the healer. "Yes Madam?" "Where did you learn chocolate helped against dementors?" Astra grinned. "I buried myself in books until I knew the depth of the shit I might be getting into coming from America.." Pomfrey nodded. "Excellent. Come see me tomorrow I owe your house five points." She grinned. "Thank you!"

Once all the boys were moving Bloodydawn descended and was given a hastily written letter for the knights. "Who was that for?" Astra grinned. "The boys." Harry snickered. He had finally gotten to connect with Sirius once a fair bit of the exposure to the dementors was gone. The duo was often found wandering the beach talking as Sirius built himself back up. Now they were pranking each other fairly equally. Sirius swore to leave Astra well alone after he pranked her and she stuck him as a cat for a few days. Soon once Madam Pomfrey said they were to have at least two cups of cocoa with dinner the group headed inside. Minerva stopped the Duarti pair. "You two come with me more a moment." Both followed her and a few moments later the little side hall was holding the sorting hat. Astra looked at Ravus. "You first." He grinned but sat before the professor and the hat was placed on his head.

The Hat Spoke in his head. Well, Well, Well, It seems you've come back without Albus' alterations. Ravus smiled slightly. I've made far more worthy alliances this time around and why couldn't you tell me last time? The hat seemed to sigh. I'm cursed never to reveal what Albus has done to the students who do not know. Now I can tell you because you DO know. Ravus smirked. Your correct of course now where do I belong? The hat finally spoke out a word. "Slytherin!" His robes took on a emerald trim. Minerva removed the hat and he stood and watched. Astra sat and the hat was dropped on her head. Welcome home My lady. Astra twitched Holy shit! Your in my head.. So you got a name? I am Terrence. Your grandfather would weep at what you have been through. Despite all history has said of him he was always fiercely loyal to family. Oh, that's nice to know so do I get to be in his house? More then that my lady, you must save your house from despair and darkness. They need you and the new Lord Gaunt and as many Knights as you can call to your side. Right. So do you think I get get out of here and get to the hall? I'm starving. The hat laughed. "Slytherin!"

Ravus snickered and Astra looked up at him as the hat was removed. "What?!" He pointed at the top of her head and Minerva conjured a mirror. She was astonished to see a beautiful crown atop her head. It bore the shape of a dragon wings spread in flight. The central stone was a huge Tanzanite. The small head of the dragon was laying atop the jewel. The magnificent wings were splayed on the sides of her head each stone no bigger then a thumbnail were stones of Benitoite and Blue diamonds. "What in the world?" She turned to the hat. "Terrence! What is this?" The hat laughed. "Your birthright my lady. The Dragon crown of the Slytherin family." Astra groaned. "Come on Terrence.. Give me a little break? How the hell am I going to not have it ripped off my head by a bunch of jealous little snobs?" The hat laughed again. "I suppose I can convince Hogwarts to place the crown in your quarters.. Provided you wear the other part." Astra examined herself only to notice the vest she was wearing was old and it smelled different. A musky smell. It smelled like home. "Was this..?" The hat bowed. "That jacket was your Grandfather's prized possession." Minerva was treated to a rare sighting of the Slytherin family personal sigil and crest. "Um Terrance?" "Yes My lady?" "Can you hide the seal? I don't want to be targeted for who my grandfather was."

A very old elf appeared. "Lady Slytherin wants something?" She smiled at the elf. "Grandmother I must conceal my family's sigil because there is someone who would do me great harm if they knew." The elf made a face of true rage. "Great Lady will not be harmed in her home! We elves will protect you." Astra smiled. "Thank you grandmother. Can you make sure no one can see the seal until I'm ready?" The elf snapped her fingers and the seal melted into the vest. "What does Great Lady want done with her crown?" She squeaked. "Can you put it in my dorm?" The elf squeaked. "Great Lady doesn't sleep in dorm. Great Lady sleeps in founders tower. Vesper will await the Great Lady outside of the hall so he can guide Great Lady to her rooms." With another snap of her fingers the jeweled pins let go and the crown was floating above a emerald satin pillow. "Thank you!" The elf departed with a crack. Astra turned to look at the Head Lioness. "So, am I in deep shit?" Minerva snorted. "No. I believe you were very wise to conceal yourself. Do your best to maintain things while I speak to the headmaster." Astra moved like a lightening strike. The blast of the finite in parseltongue was powerful. Minerva dropped into a chair behind her. "What happened?"

"Professor McGonagall you were hexed. Very very badly." Minerva went to say something but the hat spoke first. "Its true Minerva. You very nearly destroyed a student's life by outing them to the person who cursed you." She blinked. "I see. Lady Peverell, Lord Gaunt both of you follow me to the dining hall." They were lead to the elaborate hall and Astra smiled. "Must you cause calamity wherever you go?" She grinned at his words. "Yes. Its just my nature." They made their way down the side of the Slytherin table towards a head of brilliant blond hair. "Hey, got you all sorted then?" Ravus ensured Astra was settled between himself and Draco. "So Malfoy who are they?" Draco looked down to see Flint. "May I present Lord Gaunt and Lady Peverell." Some eyes blinked. "What got a problem?" She growled. "No, I didn't know the Peverell line was still alive." She scoffed. "Because I'm American." They watched the sorting with amusement and gentle claps. Albus stood up and Astra's eyes narrowed slightly. "Tonight students we welcome back three of our own as professors. Professor Charles Weasley will be teaming up with our very own Hagrid to teach Care for magical creatures. We wish Professor Grubbly-plank all the best. Next we welcome Professor Remus Lupin and Professor William Weasley into teaching Defense against the dark arts." Astra clapped and some of the Slytherins looked at her oddly. "I know the man will treat us fairly despite being a Weasley." Eyebrows were raised but no one said anything.

"Now, I have been told that there was an incident on the train here. I'm sad to say that Hogwarts will play host to the Dementors of Azkaban until further notice." Astra muttered some foul insults. Ravus snickered. Dumbledore ended the announcements and suddenly the tables were filled with food. When Astra reached out for her goblet it changed from gold to a magnificent silver with the crest of her house. All her dinnerware took on the same appearance and she served herself a solid meal and began eating. Pansy was so angry she could barely see that that creature was sitting next to HER Draco and making him laugh. "Are you not worried about getting fat eating that much?" Astra's eyes focused on Pansy's. "Fuck no. I'm a Duarti I don't really gain weight unless its muscle. Besides skanky bitch, I'm a real woman men will love me for me or I'll beat the shit out of them for being douche-bags. Why got a bone to pick with me?" Pansy's face was red as some of the boys laughed at her. Why, why did that beast have to come to Hogwarts. "And Pansy my family would never even hear of an alliance with yours. Give up and find someone else." The trio spoke to other older Slytherins and everything was fine until the end of dinner. Albus stood and wished them all goodnight and they stood to leave.

When Astra left the great hall a small elf was waiting. "This way Great Lady. I be Vesper." She waived and set off after the elf and came to a beautiful portrait of Hogwarts during its construction. A huge red dragon stood on a high tower. "Password?" It said. Vesper looked at Astra. "Great Lady need to speak to him so he can know you." Astra smiled at the dragon. "Hello great protector of Hogwarts, I seek safety under your wings." The dragon flared his wings in shock. Daughter of my Master. Come I will shelter your rest. Think of a password that only you may speak. Astra smiled. "Lyon's Pride." The dragon folded his wings and the portrait opened and she stepped through.

"Holy shit this is awesome!" She wound her way through a good sized common room then up the stairs to a seemingly larger bedroom that compared to hers from home. It was decorated similar to her home so she wondered if her grandfather had decorated it. "These be Master Slytherin's quarters. There be bigger meeting area all founder's children can access. Great Ladies things have been brought up and put away." Astra noticed a perch waited for Bloodydawn's return. "Excellent. Thank you Vesper. I only ask for a cup of warm milk with some honey to go to bed with. I must change and get my ass to sleep." The elf giggled and popped away returning with a gently steaming cup of milk and the pot of more and the honey jar. Astra called Tali who popped in and helped her take her hair down and brush it before leaving it in a gentle braid for bed.

She changed into her preferred pjs and settled in making up the cup how she liked it the young elf watching closely. She drank it while they set the fire and placed the pot on her night stand. Her dragons came in through the huge glass doors that were open. They grew to the size of Charlie and settled themselves on thick pillows. Vesper squeaked in joy. "Great Lady has dragons like Master Slytherin did!" They snorted in amusement. She snuggled under the blanket wishing the elves and dragon duo good night. She had asked Sakura to protect Charlie.

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