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Healing Hands & Harry's luck is what?

The Lost Bloodlines

Chapter 3: Healing hands & Harry's luck is what?

(AN: In second year the Horcrux Harry dealt with was the locket not the diary. It always seemed so foolish that a mother as flipping nosy as Molly Weasley wouldn't have found that book. However a locket that a girl could wear all the time and keep on her, is much harder to trace and is more insidious to the plot. Plus as a child it seemed rather stupid to write down what you were doing and leave behind evidence you were going to do it at all.. But that's me. There are warnings in this chapter, for the crap Harry and Hermione have gone through. It is not explicitly delved into as for myself it is a sensitive subject. So, into our story we go!)

Harry after a nap was given the same potion Hermione was as the scroll was set before him. To him it tasted like strawberries. "That tasted really good but like strawberries not blueberries." Fleshrend chuckled. "It is different for every person." As they waited for it to settle Harry felt it settle in the thumb of his right hand. "Its in my thumb." As he held it out. The painless cut was given and Harry was warned as Hermione had been not to lift his finger until it was finished. His finger was set on the paper and then his name formed Hadrian James Potter. The lines sprouted and curled until the name Ignotus Peverell popped onto it then it kept winding up until it stopped at a very familiar name Godric Gryffindor. With a yelp Harry yanked his finger away and popped it into his mouth. "It bit me!" he mumbled around his finger. Snickers from outside the door told him that Astra had heard him.

Fleshrend rolled the scroll up. "Lord Gryffindor-Potter, it seems you are in need of some advice as we make our way down to the main vault." They left the room to find Astra and the two Weasley brothers. "So Hermes?" Hermione could only laugh. "He seems happier that he's not the actual heir of Slytherin, but were going down to the main vault." A look of interest. "Wonder if his ancestor left him a familiar? And yours were a gift from his to yours for getting his sword back from my ancestor after a duel." A sigh. "Journal?" A slim book was handed over.

"I am so looking forward to reading all the good parts, you always leave so much out." They made for the carts as Harry looked at Bill and Charlie. "How do they know their way around here?" Bill clapped him on the shoulder, as they turned a corner to see Astra sitting on a decently sized Baran. "Been here a lot the last couple of days. The Healer will see you as soon as we get back from your vault. They are still setting up their instruments and recording parchments." He and Bill climbed into the cart with Hermione and Fleshrend. Her lions would remain and guard their way back up.

They rode much further than Harry remembered going the first time. "Wow this is much farther." When the cart finally stopped they heard the dragons landing and saw the watch dragon coming out but Charlie conjured the bag and brush and soon contentedly it lay aside to be brushed as they passed it. The door stood there then Fleshrend pulled a key from his pocket and turned it in the lock, the door swinging open. "My father was entrusted with the key, and even with what happened to him he wouldn't give away its location." Harry nodded and he and Hermione went inside only to stop at the display of weaponry and armor that was on display before her. "Wow."

"Yeah." Harry said. "So Harry have you decided weather you are going to go by Harry or Hadrian yet?" Harry sighed. "I don't even know who it was who named me." A new voice spoke. "Lilly named you little Hadrian." It was a goblin who seemed as if he had been wrung through. "Kniferend?" The goblin smiled. "You know me?" "My father mentioned you in his part of the will, I was supposed to come see you but I didn't know.. No one told me anything.." The goblin sat on a chair that seemed to be made for him. "That is not right. I had wondered why it seemed to long. How old are you now Hadrian?" Harry blinked back tears. "Almost thirteen sir." The goblin made a face. "We need time to hide you from that goat as Lilly wished it so. But, you would need a relative above the age of thirteen." Hermione smiled. "Harry is related to the Peverell family isn't he?" Kniferend's eyes focused on her. "Indeed my dear, third cousins. Why?" Her smile brightened. "Because my best friend is Romanastra Peverell-Slytherin." Kniferend stood immediately. "When is her birthday?" A voice answered from the door surprising them all. "According to my Grandmother I was born when Walpurgis night and Beltane merged together. But its officially recorded as Beltane 12:01 am." The young Duarti flicked her tail as she stood near the former account manager's son.

"My son, there is a way to permanently sever the goat's hold over Hadrian. If his cousin agrees to govern his interests and they have an escort until the reach majority." The goblin's eyes seemed frantic. "Master Kniferend." Her voice was calm. "If you will help us fill out the paperwork it will be done. I already have an escort appointed by Gringotts herself, Curse Breaker Weasley. Though I will owe Overseer Bladebreaker an apology for my keeping his Curse Breaker." She heard a mellower chuckle to her left. "That is unseeingly polite Young Dragon. My son and grandson inside then?" The Duarti stepped aside. "Yes Elder Bonerend." The elder goblin passed her a bulky goblin remaining outside with her.

"You both have done very well, goblets if you would finish gathering what you need Healer Silverfang is ready for you." Harry was going to pick up coins but Hermione shook her head and smiled. She mouthed 'Later' and they gathered books and noticed a medium cushion with a sleeping figure upon it. Hermione noticed the band and smiled. "Pet it Harry." He did and it moved the eagle shaped head lifting from the front claws and its regal golden eyes met his.

"Harry cut your finger and offer it." He did and the blood dropped to land on the beast's tongue which came up to clean his finger. You certainly are no coward boy, I am Courage the golden Griffin. Harry bowed slightly. "Nice to meet you Courage. I'm Hadrian Gryffindor-Potter. Harry for my friends and you are my friend now too if you like." After the band was placed on surprisingly a hind leg a gold and ruby encrusted necklace was given to Courage. The griffin became much larger and he sighed in relaxation. Being forced to stay in hatchling form for too long is almost painful.. Will I have to stay that way a lot? Harry shook his head. "Astra's place is huge, and she has dragons." The Duarti cub? Ah makes sense.. I am grateful. They made it back up to where the lions were waiting and it was a short trip to the healer's room.

When the group arrived a pair of female goblins awaited them. Harry seeing they were female and looked more concerned with them than anything else for some reason relaxed. "Hello goblets I am Silverfang. This is my sister Whitefang, we will each be taking one of you to cut down on the time you are here without cutting down on your quality of care." Hermione liked the no nonsense healer. Whitefang came forward. "I will be taking the little Ravenclaw-Morrigan, while Silverfang gets you little Hadrian." They separated and were each taken into a room and handed a simple white robe and told to change into that and nothing else. "It is so I can preform magic and record the response without anything interfering." They went into the little changing rooms and changed leaving their clothing on the little shelves folded up shoes underneath. Hermione even left her wand atop it all.

*WARNING* ~Hermione's exam~ *WARNING*

Hermione was told to lay on a table that she found was surprisingly warm and she relaxed further. The healer cast charms for her height and weight. "You are far to short and underweight for a goblet your age.." Hermione was surprised she didn't feel embarrassed or ashamed. "My mother didn't want me to get fat so she only let me have very small amounts of food and I was forced to exercise." Whitefang hummed soothingly. "I will create a diet for you to give to the kitchen elf, exercise is good in measured amounts. You are nearly 3o jewels underweight." Hermione blinked questioningly. "Each jewel is roughly the measurement of a pound in human terms." More blinking. "Oh, that's a lot." The quills were scratching away on parchment. Whitefang did a few more spells. "You have been subjected to compulsion and other magic of that type." Hermione only nodded. "it hurt so bad when Bill had to remove it.. He made lots of notes and send it to someone.. Swiftblade I think." Whitefang patted her hands. "Good and brave little goblet. You've tried hard to fight things no goblet should have to. I have some potions and things you will need to take for the rest of summer but by the time you start this up coming year you'll be far healthier." Hermione had tears in her eyes. "Thank you Healer Whitefang."


As Harry left the changing room all he had with him were his glasses and at he was guided onto a gently warm table he sank into a relative state. Silverfang removed his glasses and he didn't notice they were glowing as were a few parts of his body. The glasses were dealt with then one by one were the glowing spots. "Hadrian?" He hummed nearly asleep. "When were you last given a new pair of glasses?" He scoffed lightly. "Aunt Petunia never got me anything new. She picked those out of a bin. They haven't worked right for a good long while now." Hands patted his. "Your vastly undersized for a goblet of your age, your bones show the strain of being broken but never set and there's trace of you being bitten by something highly toxic." Harry chuckled sleepily. "Last year at school I fought Astra's Grandad's Basilisk. She's not mad but I killed it but not before it got me with a tooth. Dumbledore's phoenix Fawkes cried into it and it healed. I wonder if we could salvage the basilisk parts?" Silverfang paled as much as a goblin could and she ran more scans. Finding traces of the phoenix healing. She found a dark and insidious evil hiding behind the boys scar but didn't ask about that. She got more and more seeing how thick the scroll was getting she finally began to wrap up her session. "There will potions you will need to take for the rest of the summer, but you will be much better off." Harry chuckled again. "The potions you guys give taste so much better then the hospital wing's." she patted his head. "That's a good goblet. And I will give you a special menu to give to your kitchen elf you need a special diet for awhile to put on some muscle."

Shortly both seemed to wake up enough to go and get dressed and come out. Finding Charlie and Sakura waiting was not what they were expecting. "What's happened?" Charlie grinned. "Dragonfire is missing again. Lady Tala asked Astra to go looking for her. Since she found her last time. Bill went with her to sooth any toes she steps on in her search." Bill was chasing after the younger Duarti and he was surprised she wasn't waiting for him as her dragon was on four legs carrying her following Dragonfire's scent. What worried him was how very close to the dragon pits they were. The pair disappeared around a corner ahead and when he turned it a few minutes later it was empty he kept running only to run into the forge. The forge master came over to him. "What are you doing here Curse Breaker?" He bowed. "My apologies Forge Master Goldscales, but I was perusing my charge who was tasked by Lady Tala to try and find Lady Dragonfire who is missing." The forge master hissed out something. "Are you speaking of the Young Dragon Elder Bonerend was harping about in the hall?" Bill went to reply when a shriek that had defiantly come from a dragon echoed through the forge.

They ran and soon they could see a rather beaten looking dragon facing off against Astra who was holding Dragonfire to her back with her tail. The dragon cried out again and she approached it a hand out then an arrow narrowly missed her, a second however would have struck the young goblet but Astra turned the arrow tearing through her thigh. Both Astra and Dragonfire fell over the ledge into the dragon pits. The unchained dragon lept from the ledge its radiant eyes a glow as he focused on the falling pair. He caught them in his talon-ed fore-claws and used the width of the pits to gain the height he needed to rise back to the ledge. Baran had flattened the bow wielding goblin to the ground and held him there. You attacked my mistress! The dragon landed and Astra rested against him holding Dragonfire. "Will.." He approached slowly. The dragon eyed him with white eyes, its slit pupil making it all the more frightening. Astra's hand was bleeding as she held it out to the dragon. He licked it and then she heard his soft baritone in her mind. I am Ambrose, I am sorry I could not carry you higher but I am to weak. Astra petted the weakened dragon her belly knotting with his hunger. Worry not brother. I am here to help you. I am Baran. "He's starving. And can you call for the Director or Lady Tala? I can't move.. I can't bend my leg." Bill turned and saw that the forge goblins were surrounding the dragon but swords were pointing away. "Worry not Curse Breaker, Young Dragon. I heard you ask for the Director. My son is running for him now."

Both parents burst in at the same time to see the dragons and the entirety of the forge awaiting them. A path was cleared for Tala to the dragon laying on the edge and she saw her goblet clutching Young Dragon for all she could. Ma, she got hurt for me! The arrow was for me, but she saw it and threw us off the ledge and it hit her! Fix it! Fix it! The goblet yelled in their own language. The Duarti's black blood ran from a five inch gash across one muscled thigh. "I need Whitefang." She said and another goblin ran up the tunnels. Ragnok came forward noticing the one that was pinned down. "Young Dragon, why have you not killed him?" Her eyes opened and she looked at him dazed from blood loss. "He tried to hit Dragonfire with an arrow.. His life isn't mine to take.. Will was teaching me goblin customs.. By all rights and law his life is yours to do what you will.. But will you ask someone to bring Ambrose some food please? He's starving.." She closed her eyes and relaxed into sleep. They heard Whitefang. "Out of the way, Shoo!" Being one of Ragnok's sisters had allowed her much more freedom than most. She settled herself and got to work. Tala and Whitefang spoke back and forth as the tiny goblet refused to let go of the Duarti until it would be all better.

Ragnok had a tough time containing his temper as he walked over to the traitor that was rather uncomfortably pinned by the dragon's claws. "You attacked my goblet, invoked the protection of Gringotts own dragon allies. And rather then simply kill you themselves they return you to me, to render a father's wrath upon you. My sister is tending to Young Dragon now. And I think I will take the immense pleasure in letting you spend the rest of your days cleaning dragon shit in the deepest part of the pits." Soon the goblin was stripped of anything but clothing then taken to the farthest part of the pits and his Overseer only smiled.

No one ever lasted here long. But Baran flew over to speak with the dragons. Do not eat that thing, it is bad for you and it is here to clean the pens and serve you. Think of it as a toy but do not kill it and feel free to scare it and play with it. Once they were contemplating different games he returned to the forge ledge to find meat had been brought and the others had arrived. What happened winged one? The maned cat said. A hatchling thief attacked my Mistress when she wouldn't give him the little nestling. Noctua hissed and settled herself down where Dragonfire could see her. "Pretty." Loud purring. Hermione smiled. "Isn't she? I think they are both gorgeous. And I promised Scar I would buy brushes. And I would guess large beds for them to rest on." Contented purrs. As they were patching Astra up she looked at Bill. "Will?" He came closer. "Yes?" She smiled at him. "This you could ask the forge master for a moment of his very valuable time for me?" He nodded and walked over to Goldscales. "Master Goldscales. Young Dragon would like a moment of your time if you could spare it."

The forge master didn't climb that high by being a fool, he walked over to the now much healthier looking dragon and his mistress. "You inquired after my time Young Dragon?" She smiled at him tiredly. "Yes, I was wondering if you would be willing to forge another Band set for Ambrose." The master was rather surprised but very pleased. "Indeed I can. I will need a dragon to heat the metals though. From the lore handed down that's dragon melted mitheril. Among multiple jewels and have you decided the coloring for the necklace?" She looked at Ambrose. What color would you like for a necklace? The dragon thought. What would look most fierce? She looked at him seeing his black base color, white eyes and the pearl-ascent sheen on his talons, horns and fangs. How about fire opal set in black platinum? The dragon nodded happily. "Fire opals set in Black platinum." Baran popped in then. I shall do the flaming. I have aggression to get out. She smiles at him. "Baran has said he will melt it all down. He needs to let off some steam."

"I will have the required materials gathered from your vault." Hermione waited until the forge master had departed before coming close to her friend. "What in the hell happened?" "Harry's shitty luck is contagious." Hermione couldn't help but laugh. "Why does that actually make sense?" A few more jokes passed back and forth as the healer finished fixing the Duarti's leg and then her pants and Hermione noticed Harry wasn't among them. "Where is Harry?" "Lord Hadrian needs to have a cleansing done on his scar and he will feel much better." Hermione nodded relaxing more.

An hour or so later and Goldscales had returned with Baran who looked very smug. Astra carefully settled the band in place and though he didn't grow he seemed to become less agitated even more so after she set the necklace around his neck. I am not as old as Baran so getting larger is out of reach for the moment until I heal all the way. But I can become smaller if need be. Harry finally rejoined them looking much better as Ragnok came close and collected his wayward goblet.

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