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Hermione, Harry & WHAT!

The Lost Bloodlines

Chapter 2: Hermione, Harry & …. WHAT?!

Hermione's morning was off to a rather unwanted start, she would be spending the summer working out so she didn't get fat and hardly getting food it was no wonder she was so short. Suddenly, she heard a tapping noise. Hoping the letter would be would be from Harry rather then from Ronald. The red head hardly wrote anything unless it was about food or complaining about Harry's fame. Instead when the window opened a beautiful eagle perched on her window sill. "A magus eagle, one of the only magical birds of the Americas." She gently took the letter recognizing the script immediately. "Oh dear." She sat at her desk and opened the letter.

Dear Hermione,

Today has started out so fucked up but ended so well. It all started when the Old hag died... Hermione's eyes darted through page after page, giggling when she met the oldest of the Weasley brothers. How in the name of magic do you put up with the Pissant when I've seen the best of his brothers to date? Uproarious laughter. How would you like to spend oh say eternity at my house? I live in England now, I have a cozy hideaway with a whole library all my own! Better then Beauty ever got. Hermione stuck her tongue out, not very lady like but made her feel better. But I have even more news.. How in the hell did you not tell me you were magical!? Not cool, really and totally not cool. But guess what? I am too! So Hogwarts bound am I.. Or is it are we? Hermione laughed at the doodle of an evil face. Hermione got a thought about the twins and her best friend crossing paths and chills crawled up her spine. I could use a friend about now. And there are some things I can't put to paper that I want to tell you. Somethings you can only say in person. That did it for Hermione, something was wrong, beyond the obvious. Even she knew Ruby well she guessed it was Astra, disliked her grandmother because the old woman hadn't ever allowed her to do anything but study.

Hermione's parents were similar in demanding academic perfection, being second best was never pleasing or pleasant for her. If she hadn't been magic she would have gone to Eton on scholarship. They had been very displeased when she had wanted to go to magic school instead. Though they hadn't said so in front of the Professor. Hermione kept the top scores because it had been painfully etched into her early on to do so. She sighed and quickly began to write a reply before going and getting a special dish she used for water for the birds. The bird seemed content to sit on her sill and wait. "Thank you for waiting. I'll try and hurry." She went downstairs and used the phone to call her parents office.

"Hello, Granger Dental offices, how may I help you?" It was Donna, their secretary, she was very nice. "Hello Donna its Hermione." The woman's voice dropped to a lower tone. "Hermione, I hope your not spending all summer at home today's been an awful one." Hermione winced. "A friend offered me a spot at her place." The woman sighed in relief. "That's good. Who would you like?" Hermione figured her father would be easier. "Him."

After a few moments the line picked up. "Hello Hermione."He was a little easier. "Dad, a spot at a summer study group I applied to has opened up." The man hummed. "How exclusive is this study group?" She sighed silently. "Eight in my whole school are selected. Two per year, except on special exceptions." He hummed again this time approvingly. "There will be adults there then?" She scoffed. "Of course! We have to have Professors on site." the man chuckled at himself. "That was a rather foolish question wasn't it? Will this camp last all summer?" Hermione kept the happiness out of her voice. "Yes. We will all get on the express together and probably spend most of the next year working hard, with various teachers. I may not even be back next summer if I impress a professor enough. I will be invited back for next summers group." Dan Granger thought about it. "Alright Hermione, You may go. Pack whatever you need depending on when you need to leave we can work it out. If they send someone before we get home just leave a note." Hermione nodded before replying. "Yes dad. I will." They exchanged goodbyes and hung up. Hermione raced upstairs and to her desk. She wrote quickly before handing the letter back. "Please take this back to Astra. Its really important." The eagle took the letter turned in the sill and launched off flapping hard to get aloft. Hermione watched for a moment before she started rushing around packing.

Astra and the two Weasleys were in the middle of a early dinner when Bloodydawn soared into the dining room. As the bird landed on the back of her chair Astra got the letter she was holding she opened it.

That is a world class nightmare for anyone! I managed to convince the tyrana-rents that there is a exclusive study group I got invited to for the rest of summer with the possibility of lasting longer. How fast do you think you can spring me? I included a photograph of my house from out back so if you have anyone who can apparate we can do that.

Your Best friend,


Astra set down her utensils. The guys looked at her with curious expressions. "I wrote to Hermione. I needed to rant and curse, without taking out my temper on you two who did nothing to deserve it. Needless to say Hermione and I go back to us both being 8 years old. Can either of you do this apparate thing she mentions?" Both chuckle. "We both can." Charlie says. "Why not mention it to her parents?" She looked at him like he had said Voldemort. "Are you trying to get her killed?! You have no idea what they would do to her if she ever lost first place in school.. Her mother doesn't allow her to buy any girly shit because she doesn't want Hermes to get any confidence. If they get home before we get there they will do their best to make her miserable. I'm already going to throw away most of her clothes. Her mother buys all her skirts and shirts and its those that make it the worst. And I don't have to be hidden since Europe and the English are the ones who wrote Duarti are light creatures." She handed them the picture. Both guys looked at each other. "I can't believe that Harry and Ron don't know." Astra scoffed. "Harry might have an idea.. Your brother no offense guys thinks with his stomach." They only nodded knowing it was in fact the honest truth.

Soon the four were ready to leave as Baran wouldn't allow her to leave without him. Sakura was content to stay and guard the house. With a POP they vanished reappearing in the Granger back garden. "Hermione." She knocked on the back door, which flew open Astra barely dodged it leaving the girl behind it rather shocked. "Astra?" She made a face. "Who they hell were you expecting? Merlin? After all the shit that has gone on today do not answer that." Hermione just laughed. "Yeah that's you. I can always find you by two things, Pranks and foul language." "Oi, I resemble that ya know!" The Weasley brothers looked back and forth rather like their younger brothers. "This is not a game ladies." The pair looked at him and he stepped back. "This is our security measure, no one else would now those questions and answers as they change every time. In every letter, so if ever intercepted we were secure in communication."

Charlie rubbed his neck. "Well that sounds rather like this old auror I know of. Paranoid bastard." Astra snickered. "Yet he's alive." Charlie stopped and thought about it. "Ok that makes more sense then I ever thought." Quickly they carefully shrank Hermione's bags as she wrote the note about a professor picking her up. She locked up with her keys. Astra pointed at Charlie's necklace, he leaned down and she touched it. "Two people." It glowed green. Astra walked over as Baran swooped over and landed on her shoulder. Hurry two humans are riding in a machine into the house. "Shit." She got two raised eyebrows and a "What?" "Hey Hermes want to see how much more adorable the older ones are then the Pissant?" Hermione flushed. "Fucking hot Redheaded Wizards!" Then the colors sucked them up before Hermione or the brothers could die of embarrassment.

Astra wound up this time laughing on the lawn, when some thing landed on her stomach. It was then she realized the object was muttering. "This is the gods being cruel to a wizard. I am not lifting my head because I have no idea where it is.." She tried not to laugh but noticed his hair tie had snapped and spread the crimson strands all over her black clothing. She started stroking his hair when he turned his head and one blue eye looked at her. "I don't bite, you at least." That earned her muffled chuckles. She pulled another hair band out of her pocket and carefully she gathered his hair and pulled it from his face to sit at the top of his neck. "Your lucky because I carry multiple hair pieces in case one snaps." They heard a loud UM-HM. "More like you carry so many is that you get into fisticuffs when people rile your draconian temper." Astra flushed rubbing her nose with her pointer finger as Bill got up then helped her up. "Am I really that bad?"

"So much worse. You were threatening to cross the pond to wallop my bullies. Oh Merlin, I almost feel sorry for whoever teases me first next year." Snicker. "Almost?" Evil smile. "Almost." Sing-song voice. "And for the love of red heads do not sing any dirty songs on the express. You wrote those and no..." Astra was pouting at Hermione. "Why?" "A simply saying says it all. Three words really." Head tilted side ways with the triangular ears perked. "Gred and Forge." Bill and Charlie grinned. Astra chuckled. "That kinda sounds kinky.." A squeal and Hermione was chasing the older witch around the yard. "But Hermes!?" Came from one. "Its worse then when Destruction & Chaos go pranking alone! It would be Destruction & Chaos meet Calamity! You passed Havoc at age nine!" Astra laughed. The elf popped in and Hermione jumped side ways and fell into the grass. "Wow who is that?"

"He's a house elf named Pooka. He has been with my family for a long time. His family has worked along side mine for hundreds and hundreds of years. House elves are like magical butlers and maids. But, they need to bond with a magical type or die." Hermione was aghast at first thinking it like slavery but as she heard the explanation but as Astra continued she understood a bit more. "But what about those who are mean or evil?" Astra said something she didn't expect. "There are actually punishments for them but not among the government of people. Magic itself will punish those who do awful things to its children." She looked at the elf and the elf nodded. "That makes me feel so much better. Nice to meet you Pooka." The elf seemed to giggle. "Pooka will be your elf while your here, he will be accompanying us to school as will Tali my elf. I know there is still something on your mind your biting your lip." Hermione laughed being caught in her nervous habit.

They went and sat back down to continue dinner, which Hermione and the boys were grateful, the men were starving after a hard days work. She watched Astra eat after filling her plate and thinking as she ate slowly. Trying to put her thoughts in order. Astra isn't unreasonable and if I explain my reasons I am sure she will understand what is bothering me. They were each having a different desert when Hermione finally got the nerve up the say something. "You were right that I have something on my mind.. Its Harry. I think his aunt is after him again. In his letter last time he mentioned in the future is uncles sister would be coming to stay there for a bit.. His uncles sister is awful to him Astra.. She says the most foul things about his Mum and Dad. They were heroes. And they treat Harry like trash.. I know his address and was able to look it up in the library."

Astra thought about it. "Hermione, you know that these bigoted asshats have been running their own kin out if they don't have magic for a good long while. I think you need to have an inheritance test done. See if you don't belong to old line like me, so I don't feel like the only one gonna be whooping ass come September." Hermione looked at her friend for a minute as her English mind tried to decode her yank friend's words.

Then it hit her. She wanted her to get tested to see if she was the result of squibs chased out of magical lines. Suddenly her head hurt and she grasped it and cried out. "Will!?" Astra cried. The curse breaker was at Hermione's side carefully waiving his wand. "She's under compulsion charms. Your words inspired her to start thinking and her thoughts triggered the charms, she's fighting it and that's why she's in pain. I will unravel them but give me a few minutes." For what seemed like hours he kept muttering and weaving his wand in complex patterns until Hermione relaxed and sat up, looking much more tired. "My brain feels sticky" Bill patted her shoulder. "You need to go to bed early, when you wake your mind will be clear."

Astra called Pooka to take Hermione to her room and help her get ready for bed. "Pooka will take good care of Miss Hermes." Her tail lashed in her anger and she looked at Bill who was writing several sheets of parchment worth of a letter. Finally he finished it with a seal and asked to borrow Bloodydawn who was still on her chair. "If she agrees to take it, sure." Bill approached the eagle. "Are you willing to take this message to Swiftblade?" Bloodydawn leaned down and took the letter. She could feel his concern for the little nestling that she had visited. She left with the missive and would rest at Gringotts not knowing it would be a full night before she could return to the hidden home. Astra looked at both men and they seemed a bit worn but not ready for bed yet.

"Care just to sit in front of the fire with me? I will ask Tali to put on some soft music." Piled on the table next to the couch were Hermione's first year books. "Tali?" The elf appeared. "How about some soft music. And light to read by." Bill sat on the opposite side of the couch while Charlie took a chair with a foot stool. "What do you think about Harry? What are the chances he has spells on him and his belongings also?" Charlie asked as Astra cracked the transfiguration book and started reading. "Highly probable. Look at the shit we've already had with the bearded bastard." Charlie blinked in shock, but Bills hand stopped him. "Charlie, he wiped out her entire family when she was four." He looked appalled. "All my grandmother would say was: Slytherin. I think it refers to the fact I am his direct descendant. His only pure one according to the goblin hereditary test. But I don't know enough yet to say more." Bill spoke up, his voice soft.

"Dumbledore was a Gryffindor he was always getting us out of trouble or helping us in little ways. His is biased in his own way. There was a war going on up until Halloween 1980." And Bill explained Voldemort to Astra as much as he knew. "His tactics as you described them. They are from the muggle world. Our second world war. Or here in England the Great war this guy is smart. And he isn't pure-blooded, those kind of tactics speak of someone who knew and lived and breathed it. Hermione will understand it a hell of a lot better then me once you explain it to her and stop with the she's to young pansy shit. Suck it up blue-eyes, someone's using people like chess pawns." Charlie was pink eared but sure he liked this kid. It took a set of brass to stand up to someone who did what he did and she just told him to suck it up because his life meant to much to be used as someones pawn.

Astra read through the transfiguration book, then used it to practice the spells. Transfiguring it into a teapot, a water goblet, a jewelry box, slowly working through the book until she finished the last spell then transfigured the book back to its original form and set it aside. She read a slim book on the preparation of ingredients and of calderon care and how to read the temperature on your burner. When she finished it she opened the first year potions book and went through it. "Are you actually able to read that fast?" A chuckle. "Yes. It annoys people. What's worse is I have an eidetic memory." They gave each other confused looks. "A what?" "Huh?" She giggled. "I never forget anything I read. Hermione has one too. Its one of the reasons we get along so well we read at just about the same speed and both have eidetic memories. Works great for tests." She closed the book and picked up the Defense book. "You mean you and Hermione are bored in class." "Oh so much more then that. It means we are weeks if not months ahead so that we have time to completely turn to pranking people such as the bearded bastard." Charlie shook his head. "Oh boy.. You need to go to Diagon alley for more books." She laughed. "I have my own library. But I will need the course books for the year as will Hermione. I'm four months and eighteen days older but with all that we've gone through together. I don't know if I will ever find any person I will trust as much as I do her. If and I mean if I ever attract attention from men, they have to get passed Hermione before I will give them a shot."

The boys felt like the twins would have a better shot with the mouthy bombshell. Something about her had their magic pulling at them to keep her for their family. Like dragons hording its gold. They had exchanged a silent conversation about her while she was reading and were looking forward to the meeting on the Hogwarts express. The defense book hit the table, and the Herbology went up. "Remind me tomorrow to look up hexes and jinxes.. As well as shield charms." She made her way into the 1001 herbs and fungi. Soon it wound up on the table. "Hm, that had lots of fun interesting tid-bits. Fuck even trying divination. The book store owner said its only for seers and I don't think I am one. Runes maybe its got warding applications.. Maybe Arythmancy? I suck at math royally. Fuck it all! Creatures it is. After all, I have dragons. Barbecuing someones balls is not against any rules, according to the rule book Hermione left me." Evil giggle as pages turned. "Plus I have Tut." Bill whined and Astra closed her finished book. "What's wrong Will?" He tried to swallow his suddenly dry throat. "Tut wouldn't be the asp that we brought with us is he?" She nodded. "Master Bladebreaker took the basket. I think he took it to the Serpent quarter where all the snakes are kept. But I will have to get him back for you."

She nodded making a pouty face at him. He felt horrible he hoped no one ate or skinned her snake. She might never forgive him for that. Astra yawned as she finally finished the last of the History book. "You know.. I don't think I will take History of magic. The books here are shit compared to the ones we got in America, they only cover the last hundred years and it doesn't cover the Grindelwald war or anything not from a pure blood stand point. To hell with it.. I'm going to bed. I'll ask Hermione in the morning." After hugging both of the still shocked Weasley boys good night she went up to bed. Charlie looked at Bill. "Did that just happen? Like all of today?" Bill reached over and pinched his brother's cheek hard. "Yup, felt that." Bill chuckled. "Come on we better get some shut eye or we might get blind sided by them in the morning.."

They made their way up to their rooms and as they relaxed in what they feel like kingly opulence, neither noticed they fell into slumber. Early the next morning Hermione woke up and as she was stretching from her more comfortable than usual bed when it popped into her mind. "Oh fudge!" She pulled out parchment and instead of a quill she found a rather ornate fountain pen. She wrote her thoughts down until the pen was empty but then she saw and ink well, after carefully refilling the pen and cleaning the nib. She continued writing until Pooka popped it awhile later. "Missy Hermes its time for breakfast." She smiled at the elf. "Thank you Pooka, I wouldn't wake Astra just yet she would be in a terrible temper." He popped out and she gathered all her notes and more spare parchment and left the room. She entered the hell to find the Weasley brothers nursing coffee. "Why didn't you just have a lie-in?" They looked at her. "Astra hopefully won't be woken up for another hour or two at the earliest so I can plan." Bill smiled. "We wanted to mention some things to you about the last war no one else will tell you." She made a cup of tea and waited.

"Last night it was mentioned to us that the tactics that you-know-who used were from the muggle world. Astra said it had to do with something called the Great war here in England. She said you would understand." Hermione's eyes were moving back and forth. "Holy shit-ake mushrooms! I get it! Voldemort used Hitler and his third Reich as a model and built himself a propaganda and recruitment forum. He can't be pure-blood. This would take some one intimately familiar with muggle history. I'll get you both books on the subject. Astra and I studied world history years before we went to magic school. Reading and other skills as well. Why doesn't the wizarding world have that?"

Bill blinked. "Most families home educate their children." Hermione shook her head. "What if the muggles react badly to magic or the child has no family? There needs to be something. How did Voldemort get his followers? There has to be a reason. I know it wasn't a Death Eater who put those charms on me. I pulled lots of the trials from around 1980. We need to read through them. Perhaps have Astra ask for more if it turns out I'm not from any special family." Hermione ate her breakfast and was just finishing when Charlie asked her a question. "So you and Astra have eidetic memories? Bill and I had no idea what it even was until Astra went through all your first year course books in a few hours." Hermione blushed rather darkly. "Not even Harry and Ron know. Harry would understand, Ron would not. He gets jealous over Harry's fame and money, when Harry would happily give it all away for his parents back." Both winced.

"Sorry Hermione." They echoed. "Why are you apologizing? Its not you doing it and now that your in country hopefully you can put your heads together with his brothers that go to Hogwarts and fix this." Hermione paled. "I just realized that I never told Astra it was Ronald making me cry being the reason I nearly got smeared by the troll in first year." They heard a pop and Pooka popped in. "The mistress still sleeps miss Hermes." Hermione relaxed. "Pooka will you bring all the books on my desk down here takes as many trips as you need to so you don't over tax yourself. I have no idea what to do with my first year books." Bill popped in. "Do you want to sell them so other students can use them?" Hermione nodded. "Then do you mind if we have your second year texts? When Astra is done with them?" Hermione smiled. "Sure." They grinned thinking how much trouble it was going to get them out of with their mother. Two hours later Astra came downstairs and sat at the table a cup of tea appearing before her which she sipped, oatmeal with brown sugar, milk and butter followed.

"Have never met a yank who enjoyed English tea before." Bill mumbled Hermione shook her head. "I would lose that word out of your vocabulary concerning her. You never know how she'll take to being called something. She's rather a loose canon that way. And Astra loves tea, I sent her boxes every year for part of her Christmas gift. She sent me back some beautiful stones I used to make a rune set that even Professor Babbling envies." When she showed him the set he pouted. "Now I want one." Hermione laughed. "You'd have to see if she brought back any stones for you to choose some out." they got into talking about Arythmancy and Bill forgot about the stones for a little bit until a pile of books landed on the table gently. "Well, that's done." Hermione watched her settle into the chair today she was wearing pants without chains and those boots and a emerald green top. "So last night we started on the topic of Harry."

Hermione's eyes went wide and she nodded. "Yes. I think we need to get him out of there if possible." Astra thought it over. "First you take the inheritance test. Its really early so there shouldn't be that many people in Gringotts or the alley. From there we can move as necessary?" Hermione nodded. "But you bring all those damn clothes with you they go to the shop. I'm going to have my port keys adjusted. Then I will take you to Moro. The woman is the best at her craft." Hermione quickly called Pooka and had the first year texts and all her clothing except what she was wearing packed into a feather light bag with expansion charms on the inside. Astra held her hand out and set something on the table. Then she tapped it with her wand. It turned into the most beautiful trunk Hermione had ever seen. "Astra what is this?"

"Your new trunk. It has a full apartment inside it in case you need me time while at school. You can have protections and things placed on it once the test is complete. Mine is a movable fortress, since my account manager warded it. I'm pretty sure it could function as a bolt hole if need be. Plus always a good idea to take your trunk when shopping. No bags to carry." Hermione could only laugh. "Does that include the book store?" Astra looked at Tali and Pooka. "They will be sad if they have nothing to do."

Hermione shrunk her trunk with a tap and the two tiny dragons appeared one carrying Astra's leather vest. "Thanks Baran." She put it on. "Sakura would you accompany Charlie and Hermione?" The blue eyes dragon settled on Charlie's shoulder and rubbed her head against his. He leaned down and Astra touched his necklace. "Two people and one dragon." it glowed green. Astra grabbed Bill. Hermione laughed remembering the password for the port keys. "Are you going to change the password?" "Nah, still need it until I meet these twins you lot keep talking about." Laughter was all she got in reply. "What did I say?" "Gringotts!" The colors sucked them up and spat them out in the front lobby. "Fucking Hell, I am having the worst time with port keys..." Astra snapped and a teller chuckled.

"How can Gringotts help you this morning Young Dragon?" Astra pointed to Hermione who was nervous. "My best friend needs an inheritance test." Astra looked at Bill pointedly, he raised his hands and walked down the halls towards the hidden Serpent houses. The teller was slightly surprised. "Some young ones find that they had family they never knew during these tests." Soon they were seated around a think oak table in a private room as Charlie sat at the door. The goblin brought in a scroll, a set of potions bottles and a silver knife. He unrolled a little of the scroll and set the purple bottle in front of Hermione. "Best drink this all at once." Hermione looked at Astra and found steady reassurance in her friends eyes. She downed the potion only to be surprised by its taste of fresh strawberries. Then she felt the warmth spreading through her until it focused it her right pointer finger. "Where did it focus young lady?" She gave the goblin her right hand the extended her pointer finger. "Excellent."

He brought her finger to just above the scroll and turn her hand upwards. "Now once this starts you must not lift your finger until it is complete. And you will know when it is so. Do you understand?" Hermione nodded and he gently cut her finger and to her surprise it was painless then he pressed it gently to the unblemished scroll. It began with her name. Hermione Rayne Ravenclaw-Morrigan. She fought hard to keep her hand on the scroll as it went back further to her great uncle Hector Dagworth-Granger. Then further and further back the crests got more and more prevalent the crow then Isolt Morrigan. The crest of a great black crow with gray eyes entranced her. Further and higher it went until a shock when through her as the last name was revealed her finger was nipped by the parchment and she pulled it away. Helena Ravenclaw. Astra only smiled.

"I will have the account managers be made away there is an Heiress immanently. Lady Ravenclaw-Morrigan." Hermione waved her hand. "Please call me Hermione." Hermione looked at her friend. "I'm heir to Ravenclaw? What does that mean?" Astra shrugged. "Fuck if I know my last name is Peverell-Slytherin." Hermione blinked. "Your the real heir of Slytherin!" Astra was totally confused. "I'll tell you the story at home. But I don't thin your a parselmouth." Astra laughed. "You mean can I talk to snakes? Yeah, I had to keep Tut from eating Will when we went and packed up my grandmother's house." Charlie came over. "You literally saved my brothers life?" "You might be better getting the story out of him." "He kinda glossed over that."

The door opened and Swiftblade entered. "Lady.. Young Dragon?" Astra grinned. "Hermione if he's your account manager your good. He's pretty cool. He set me up with having Will for an escort." Hermione waived. "Hi, please call me Hermione. You already know my best friend." the goblin chuckled. "Indeed. I will be your account manager Swiftblade is my name. Would you like to visit your vault?" Hermione nodded and the proceeded to the carts.

Baran made himself bigger and Astra made it up there just as the cart zoomed away. Hermione realized she wasn't as scared of heights now, and she did used to love roller coasters. They finally stopped at the bottom and Astra landed near by. A dragon came over and Astra looked at it slowly walking over to pet it. "Charlie do you have a scale brush?" He conjured one and pulled a bag from his pocket that he linked to the brush. "Here." He opened the bag and set it on the ground. Swiftblade watched as she started grooming away scales and he saw them appear in the bag. He shook his head and came to the door. "Rest your hand on it." She did and a gentle voice began to speak. "Heir, you must answer my riddle to gain entry this one time. Fail and all is forfeit. Will you try?" Hermione thought about it. "Yes." The voice spoke again.

"Though fleeting or mighty am I. I am thought of as tears of the gods and a gift of the sky. What am I?" Hermione thought about it, wracking her mind for mythology and lore when suddenly the name that appeared on the parchment popped into her head. She smiled. "You are the rain!" Silence for what felt like forever, then. "Correct. Rain is the gift of the sky that renews the earth. My fledgling though I am long gone, I ask you to become the rain and renew our connection to magic once more. Find those of like mind and prevail." Then the voice vanished and the door opened. Inside shelves of books and piles upon piles of treasures. But a small stack of books two bands and what looked like two curled up cats asleep. Hermione couldn't help petting the cats only for them to awaken and blink at her. Ones eyes were harlequin green, the second a mix between gray and blue. She found a small scrap of parchment that read to bond with them she had to cut a finger on her wand hand and let them taste the blood.

She looked at Swiftblade. "I don't suppose I could borrow that silver knife?" He handed it to her and she lightly cut her finger again. She didn't expect the green eyed one to open his mouth and let her put her finger on his tongue. Suddenly she heard it. That was very brave of you. Sticking your hand in a lions mouth. I am Scar. She noticed her finger had healed from bonding with Scar so she cut it again and then the second cat opened her mouth and she touched her rough tongue. I have to agree with Scar. You are a brave Lioness. You will be worthy to walk alongside. I am Noctua. The pair no longer looked like helpless little kitties but like miniature lions about the size of a puppy. Astra came inside then. "Wow! You got familiars too! Are you going to band them Make sure which ever band you pick up you put on what ever one you bonded with first. And fast tip don't tighten the strap just close it enough for the buckle to latch. They self size. If your can change size like mine do and you pull it tight you might hurt them on accident."

Hermione picked up one of the bands noting they were practically dripping in jewels and noticed the necklaces-collars under them but took it over to Scar. "Which leg would you like it on?" Well that's very polite of you if you wouldn't mind, I'd like it on my right foreleg. She smiled "That perfectly fine. I don't want you to be uncomfortable." She remembered what Astra said and carefully pulled only enough to close the buckle and sure enough it resized itself but so did Scar. Suddenly he was huge! Now I can be a decent size again. You won't make me suffer the indignity of being kitten size for much will you? Hermione shook her head. "Hopefully only for the train ride but you look gorgeous like this." He was a beautiful lion with deep crimson fur and a black main and tail tuft. She quickly went and got the necklace and settled it around his neck carefully rearranging his mane over it. "I can see I'm going to need to get you a proper brush." Oh! I love being brushed. Hermione went and got the other band and looked at Noctua. "Where would you like yours?" Her soft voice replied a moment later. I think I also would like mine on the right. Hermione carefully settled it and soon the massive silver lioness stood before her. "You are stunning. I am going to be the envy of Gryffindor." Noctua snorted as Hermione settled her necklace. So you should be, you are a lioness you must be proud and ready to lead the pride. Hermione smiled Noctua was great at pep talks.

Astra looked at Hermione and the jewels. "Hey Hermes." the brown eyed girl looked at her. "You should ask Swiftblade for one of these awesome pouches. They come with your crest on them and you don't have to carry money anymore. Even muggle money. It all comes from your Gringotts vault. And if someone ever gets up the balls to steal them and manages to live passed the lion claws.. The pouches return themselves to your account manager." Hermione looked at Swiftblade in awe. "Can they really do that Sir?" The goblin felt today would become extremely profitable. "Indeed Lady Hermione they do. For 30 gallons they are a very secure way of carrying money anywhere in the world." Hermione bounced excitedly. "Can I have one please and I'd like to have something warded." She handed her miniaturized trunk to Swiftblade. The goblin nodded. "You collect the items you wish to take with you and I will return with your pouch and trunk."

Sometime later he returned to find the two had piled some more books up around the pile of journals. Lady Astra had a few more in her arms as Lady Hermione was sorting them into piles. "Defense, Transfiguration, Animagi, Charms, History and Battle Magic." A book toppled and Lady Astra's tail caught it. "Potions." He cleared his throat and they both looked at him. "Your pouch and trunk are ready Lady Hermione." The young woman got up and came over to him. "Thank you for working on it so quickly." "Do you have the silver knife?" She handed it to him and he gently pricked her finger and dropped a drop of blood on the crest of a raven and crow resting on crossed wands. He noticed she was wearing her rings on her pointer fingers. "Not as fond of hand gestures as Lady Astra?" Hermione giggled. "I tend to shake my finger at people. So this placement is best for me. Astra made a point while you were gone. Should I get looked at by a healer or curse breaker?" The goblin was slightly confused until she told him about the compulsion charms.

"Being examined by a healer is recommended. Curse breaker Weasley is one of our best, I will arrange you to see a healer soon. Are you having any more tasks today?" Hermione told him about them going to visit Harry and if necessary rescue him and about Astra wanting one of her port keys adjusted. "Ah her trouble with port keys is no joke." Hermione looked at him slightly afraid. "We are perusing who in our port key office is working for Dumbledore. But its slow going. For now all her port keys are being adjusted by Ragnok himself. Dummies are being sent into the office to be tracked." Hermione nodded. "Do I have a house too?" Swiftblade chuckled. "Ravenclaw Tower. Its in Italy near the beach a perfect place for young ladies to spend their summer vacations." She smiled. "She said we were going to a lady named Moro for me to get clothing since all mine is really awful. And I need to see if I can arrange an escort like she has. I don't want to go back to my parents ever." The way she said it tripped the warning in his father's heart.

"Do not worry little goblet, I am sure Curse Breaker Weasley won't mind being responsible for three charges should you need to rescue young Lord Potter." Hermione's eyes narrowed. "Lord Potter? I don't think Harry knows about that Swiftblade. We get to Harry he needs to see his account manager." The smile that crossed his face was one few saw, a goblin full of blood lust. "Good goblet. Your thinking right. I will make the arrangements on this end. I see young dragon is packing your books away for you." Hermione turned to see her trunk open and Noctua watching Astra put books of different shelves that had popped up. When she was finished she tapped it with her wand and it closed itself and shrunk to a small jewel case. She picked it up and brought it over. "So other then having Will and getting the port keys adjusted we good to go chase down Harry?"

Swiftblade smiled again. "Good hunting goblets. Hand me your port keys." Astra took hers off and handed it over. "Charlie's got the other. We need to get to Dragon's path market and is there anyway to get around besides apparating?" Swiftblade nodded, taking the necklace and summoning the two that belonged to Hermione. "There is a thing called the Knight bus. Do not eat or drink on it. And another thing I should mention Heirs of Hogwarts have control on the castle and those who dwell within." Hermione and Astra looked at one another and nodded. "So we could evict bad teachers?" The goblin nodded. "And appoint new ones. Command a new class be started or one be fixed and updated and the professors must comply." Hermione smiled. "I think we can write to Professor McGonagall nearer to the start of school when we make our class selections and ask her to sort you before the feast."

Astra nodded Hermione knew the Professor better. "Well lets let Swiftblade settle our port keys and hopefully William will be in the lobby waiting for us." Swiftblade left them again with an attendant after acquiring the last port key from the dragon tamer. By the time he returned he noticed the vault door was closed and the two were gently brushing the guard dragon gently another bag collecting the loose scales, Swiftblade silently wept at all that lost profit. "I have returned ladies." He kept his voice soft so as not to startle the dragon into frying him. He didn't wish to be cooked goblin. "Hey Swiftblade is it true goblins can make armor from dragon-scales?" Swiftblade's eyes widened, he smelled profit again. "It is true young dragon. What are you proposing?" Astra turned at looked at him. "Well I have two dragons and they are growing and Charlie needs to see them interact with others and do normal dragon things, and that includes setting things on fire. So I'm proposing a summer job. Me, Hermione, Charlie, Will and Harry will collect scales and help do other chores. Since Baran said the forge dragon passed away a few weeks ago. He is willing to lend you flame as is Sakura, while we learn magic and try not to be horribly bored this summer." Hermione's eyes widened. "Harry's also a parselmouth." Swiftblade grinned. "I will check with the account managers and the Director. Back to the lobby with you."

Astra had both dragons get bigger and Charlie got to fly with Sakura all the way back up. The whooping of joy made Hermione laugh. Dragons, by Bast herself least they are intelligent and not those foolish arrogant Ravens. I would be honor bound to eat one. Scar grumbled as they got out. Noctua gave her the answer as they entered the lobby. A woman with a monocle noticed their familiars and then focused on the bands her light hazel eyes widening. She approached slowly but with a steady stride. Her deep auburn hair was different from the Weasleys. "Lady Ravenclaw-Morrigan?" Hermione turned to her. "Yes?" Astra stopped and approached with Baran and Sakura at the same size as Scar and Noctua. "I am Lady Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. DMLE for short." Hermione thought about it for a moment. "Are you related to Susan Bones?" The woman smiled much warmer. "My niece, are you familiar with her?"

Hermione nodded, carefully trying to keep who she had been quiet. "I am in her year. I was attending under another name not of my own will. But if you can find a private place for a conversation my best friend and I will be happy to join you." Amelia noticed the dragon guarded witch had her covered and was watching the crowd rather then her. The blue eyed dragon was doing that. "Your friend reminds me of my Mentor. People called him Mad-eye." The girl snickered. "Is that the auror that survived when all the others got brought down? I think I might like him." A Weasley charged into the space. "Astra, I'm so sorry. They introduced Tut to a lot of female asps and he's happy as a clam making lots of little hatchlings. I didn't know black asps were that rare, least in the magical ones. The Serpent master apologized several times for not checking the crest on his basket. But he did give you something he would have had to kill but your unique and it will be very profitable for you to have him."

The basket in his hand hissed and shook. "What is it Will?" He pointed to her right hand. "hiss hiss?" He said playfully. She made a shocked face. "No shit?!" He laughed. "Nope he's 100% the real deal." Hermione looked at her friend. "What is it?" Astra grinned an unholy smile. "A basilisk. A male basilisk So much more awesome then a female. Males shed fangs and are really good at finding hidden things." Amelia saw the tail and ears, Hermione smiled and pointed to her friend who was now to involved with her new snake to care about the lady. "My best friend. Astra Peverell-Slytherin." The tiny head poked out of the basket eyes closed to soft hissing and she was petting it. "I will name you Kismet!" A forked tongue liked her fingers. "Yes, I am not the only one you will be able to talk to according to Hermes. We'll have to get you food."

Even though the girl was seemingly enthralled She noticed the dragons were watchful and the Weasley son had his wand at the ready. "He's our escort." Amelia relaxed, escorts were an old custom. They took special oaths that prevented anything untoward happening. She handed them a folded parchment. "That is my floo address and you both can feel free to send me an owl if something is amiss with anything." They both thanked her and departed. Hermione looked at the back of the woman for a second as they stood in the corner. "She could be very helpful for getting transcripts of the Death Eater trials. As well as help with Harry." They left the building and descended into the alley. People stopped and stared or moved aside. Hermione and Astra dove into the bookstore but only to get their course books. "Excuse me?" Hermione stopped Mr. Flourish for a moment. The tall thin man turned and looked at her and noticed her leonine familiars and bowed at the waist slightly. "My Lady, how can I assist you." "My friend and I need all the year three texts. And do you have any you would recommend?" He went to the potions section and got two small pricey but invaluable books the year three books and shortly assembled all the texts save the Monster book. "Bloody book." The second child approached him. "If you like I will retrieve my own text?" She was accompanied by dragons. "Be weary and you'll need gloves.." She reached into the cage and grasped a book growling threateningly. She hissed at it and it scurried into her hand. She grasped a second and pulled it from the cage before slamming the door.

"Here Hermes." Hermione snickered quietly as she softly petted the shaking book. "Poor book, don't worry if your good you can hide in my bag and she won't get you." It seemed very eager to be a good book then. Astra looked at the soft fur. "I'll let you bite peoples fingers if you behave." The book quivered in delight at biting unwary fingers. They paid for their books and put them away before they left. They stopped at the Apothecary. "Pardon us Mr. Jigger, We need third year expanded potions sets." Mr. Jigger was happy to make such good sale but he didn't expect the white haired one to buy an additional hundred and fifty crystal unbreakable charmed vials and corks. She also bought a titanium knife as did her friend. He threw in a pair of crystal scales which were more accurate than brass. They left there and headed for the calderon shop. "Mrs. Potage? I need a standard pewter size two and a size four in bronze." The woman got what they asked for and they paid her putting them away. Hermione asked her questions after they left the shop. "Why the different calderon?" Astra smiled. "I read a book on healing before you arrived and all the vitamin and nutrition potions all required that type of cauldron." Hermione grinned.

They hit the Ink and parchment shop, Astra heading right for the highest quality parchment. Feeling it Before using the test quill to write on it. "Sir?" The proprietor ironically named Mr. Valentine Quill came over at once. "Yes my dear?" "Is this your highest quality available?" The man smiled he adored children who knew quality vellum. "No, but most children don't appreciate it." Astra smiled. "I can show you I would." He walked her over to the counter and pulled a test piece out. She called for her elf. "Tali fetch my Dragon pen." The elf returned with Astra's beautiful fountain pen. Astra wrote The entire alphabet in calligraphy. "Is that sufficient Sir?" Mr. Quill picked up the piece and smiled. "I will sell you what ever you choose. This is a lost art." Hermione tried not to grin. "We need enough for two for a year at Hogwarts. And where do you keep your inks?" He pointed to a shelf and after capping her pen she quietly spelled it not to leak and picked up a basket. She chose black, blue, emerald and a beautiful ink that changed color as you wrote. "Mr. Quill you wouldn't happen to have black vellum would you?" He was surprised not many wanted it. "I have a great deal. Not many want it." Astra grinned. "I do and I would like my house crest printed on it. And privacy and anti snooping charms in the ink to ensure only the one I address it to reads it." Mr. Quill never got orders from old bloodlines they all went to Scrivenshaft. "What crest My lady?" Astra smiled. "Peverell-Slytherin." Hermione tapped some of the really nice white vellum he'd brought out of the back. "I'd like mine on the white, please. Ravenclaw-Morrigan." Mr. Quill almost swooned in his spot. "Bless you ladies, your helping an old man keep his store open. Scrivenshaft has been trying to run me out for awhile now." Hermione patted his hand. "I'll talk to my friend Harry and tell him you sell much nicer things for a better price." By the time they left the shop old Mr. Quill was trying to jump and click his heels. Bill and Charlie were waiting outside. "What was going on in here I could hear the old guy cheering at the end?"

"I don't think he's pure blooded and they are trying to run the old guy out of business." Hermione looked at her watch. Just after nine in the morning. They made a stop to get Astra a telescope then slipped out of the leaky calderon. "Lets see." Bill said as he stuck his wand out and then with a bang the bus appeared. The dragons has shrunk down to tiny size as had the lions. They had been told the collars had notice me not charms and muggle repelling charms woven onto their crafting so they wouldn't be noticed at any size. Stan stepped out and pulled out his piece of paper and began to read. "We are going to Little winging, Surrey if you please." Hermione said. He smiled at her and the eight got onto the bus and then they settled themselves in chairs. "Little winging, that's in Surrey Ern! Take her away!" Astra was suddenly glad she had to share a big chair with Will. Because when that bus darted away she clung onto him for all she was worth.

"Shit! I should have flown! Hermes we are never riding this death trap again unless its an emergency!" She heard an agreeing squeak as their chair smashed into Charlie and Hermione's. She heard Charlie yell in pain once as they made a corner. This is the worst way of traveling any creature could think of! I agree! Astra felt bad for the dragon's clinging on the back of her seat. "I promise we will fly home!" Thank Bahamut's egg you see sense! They stopped and Stan announced they were around the corner from Little Winging. On magnolia crescent, they paid their fare and got off the bus making sure they had everything including Kismet.

They started walking down the street the dragons and lions returning to a more comfortable size, when Hermione heard it. "Potter! Get him!" Astra had put on Will's bracelet so she looked normal-ish. "Tali" The elf appeared. "Take Kismet home and drop meat into his basket but keep your eyes closed. He's a basilisk." The elf and basket vanished and the four took off at a jog with the familiars keeping up easily. They arrived at the park to find six boys surrounding one lanky one. "Harry." Hermione said. "Come on Hermes. I got me some ass whoopin to do." She smiled. "If someone sneaks up on me you can help but no killing." Astra didn't restrict her familiars. "All is fair in love and war. And this is war." She ran down the slope making for the biggest one who was huffing and puffing.

Pierce thought today was going to be the greatest day ever he was finally going to upstage Dudley as leader of the gang and be Big P. But he caught sight of a really pretty girls coming down the hill, one far ahead of the other before he could say a word she was in the air and her fist broke his nose as her boot connected with his bits. Astra turned and nailed the weasel looking guy in the stomach then a boot to the kidneys would make it hurt to pee for a few days. As she continued her ass whooping spree. Hermione arrived "HARRY!" One of the only two boys still standing turned to see his best female friend coming in for her famous flying hug attack. "Hermione?! Your really here." She looked at him with her examining amber brown eyes. "Oh Harry, what have they done to you?" He flushed and went to say something but one of his cousin's friends yelled his cousins name. "Dudley help us!" His large cousin took one look at the bloody knuckled girl and shook his head. "Nope."

"Dudley?" He turned to see the girl clinging to his scrawny cousin. "Yeah?" "That was probably the smarter move.. Astra doesn't really play by the rules of mercy." They heard a yell. "Ok." She looked at the two red heads that had slowly walked up. "Play rock, paper, scissors and see who gets to go peel her off." Harry looked at Hermione then he noticed the lions and his eyes widened. "They look awesome." "Thank you Harry." He say the shorter, more brawny of the two wade in and come out with the hissing white haired girl. "Charlie!" He looked over his shoulder. "Behave or I'll hide the defense books." Grumbling. "If it wasn't for those blue eyes dragon boy.. I'd give you what for." He had a grin on his face.

"Harry meet Bill and Charlie Weasley." Brilliant green eyes met both men's faces. "Ron's oldest brothers?" "That's right Harry." "Oi, you know as nice as your ass is Charlie.. I'm getting rather tired of looking at it." He turned red and set Astra down. Hermione was giggling. "Harry this is Astra. My best mate and don't mind the foul mouth, she's American and doesn't really care about what people think." "Hey Harry. Heard loads about you in letters. You got shit-tastic luck dude." Harry laughed actually full out laughed from the gut. "No one will ever say anything strait out." Astra raised her had. "I have no filter. You ask for something and I will you tell you to your face.. No matter how perverted or twisted it comes out sounding." He looked at Hermione. "She does. And Harry she's a parselmouth too.." He looked at her and hissed. Are you really? She grinned at him. No shit, dumb-ass. I own a Basilisk. He's cute and tiny. Harry's expression went slack as his jaw dropped. "A basilisk but no way that means?!" She grinned. "Yeah Potter, I'm the real Heir of Slytherin. I'm Romanastra Peverell-Slytherin. Astra if you would." Harry winced. "I killed your granddad's Basilisk. Voldemort was using her to terrorize the school." She sighed. "At least you did it with out being vindictive. And thank you for not letting my Grandfather's name be ruined any further. Come on Potter we've come to get you." Harry looked at Hermione. "I live with Astra now."

"Were going to take a vacation later on but first lets go see your Aunt." The group left the boys in the park and Bill fixed Astra's hands easily. Dudley was surprised that he was allowed to walk with his cousin's group of friends. "Harry what are you wearing?" Astra picked at it, finding it rather over sized. Dudley flinched and a nearby hedge suddenly bloomed. "Dudley, you have magic?" He looked at his hands. "I what?" Hermione's mind caught up quickly. "Come on it might be what it was like with me. Hurry!" They got to number four privet drive and Astra stopped. "I feel wards. It feels so oppressive and suffocating. Dudley and Harry led them inside and shortly his aunt Petunia appeared. "Yes?" "Ma'am I would like to speak to you about Harry. If you are willing to sign a few documents he can leave with us and not return." The woman drew back stunned.

"You would really take him with you forever? And not ask for any money?" Bill shook his head. "We would require no monetary support from your family only some signatures. If you have his legal documentation I would of course require that as well." Petunia nodded. "I also have the letter that I was given the night he was left here." Bill moved forward. "I would like to see it and make sure it has not been tampered with magically to prevent you from signing him over." Petunia allowed Bill to follow her to the cabinet where all the papers were kept and he carefully used a tool to poke the papers one by one. When he got to the letter left with baby Harry it glowed a brilliant gold. He carefully put the whole folder in his bag. "That letter has indeed been tampered with, every time you thought about giving him up you would be drawn back to the letter, yes?" She only nodded. "There is a clinic that can remove those kind of charms from you forever. It is illegal to charm some one this way. Your own son has magic but was repressed. It is possible he too was charmed. Will your husband be able to cope with this?" She shook her head frantically. "Go to this address and tell them all that has happened. Do not pack just go." They quickly signed the papers as Harry got his trunk and broom.

Charlie shrunk his trunk and Harry loosed Hedwig to fly, leaving the cage behind. Astra was watching the wards. "Hurry Will!" The last document had been signed and the two groups went their separate ways just as the Dursley car turned one way and the now nine turned the opposite a tall old man had appeared on the street in very vibrant robes. "The wards have completely collapsed." Albus looked around and carefully cast a few charms but no active magic registered. He needed to get back to Hogwarts and start tracking Harry. The nine were in an out of the way notch in the

block. "Alright we need to get back to Gringotts." She looked at the others. "We got our port keys lets get going." Harry was given Hermione's second port key and told how to use it. Astra grabbed Bill's hand. And the dragon's picked their preferred ride. Harry and Hermione's each had to carry a lion. "Gringotts!" Four voices said and the colors whipped them up.

A moment later the old man appeared where they had been. "Hm? Where did you get to Harry?" He apparated back to Hogwarts to try again.

The group landed this time in the private portkey lounge and Harry was treated to his first landing rant. "What in the mother of all fucks is taking so long to find that scum sucking ass wipe! Its really bad when I keep landing on my poor escort or his iron stomached brother." Hermione laughed "How do you know Charlie has an iron stomach?" "I smacked my face into it! He didn't even budge." That was Harry's limit. "You two are wore then the twins." He said between breaths. "Still haven't met Gred and Forge. We'll see, they prank me and I will have vengeance.." A booming laugh broke the rant as three suited goblins stood there. "I see your asset holders can summon Lord Potter when all my letter could not." Harry climbed his way out of the pile. "Um, sir. I never got any letters from Gringotts. I never have to this day."

The goblins face went stone like. Astra settled into a chair on one side of him, Hermione comfortingly on the closer one. "Lady Peverell-Slytherin, you saw the state of his living what would you call it?" She snarled. "Not fit for a Pig. I noticed his first Hogwarts letter was addressed to the shitty little crawlspace under the stairs. He has not a single scrap of clothing that was bought for him. His glasses are held together by spell and tape, His shoes are more tape and holes then anythin. And atop all of that I think someone's cast spells on him and maybe some of his stuff. His aura isn't right." The potter account Manager looked to Hermione. "Lady Ravenclaw-Morrigan?" She held his hand. "When we arrived a group of bullies were chasing him and were going to beat him up but it didn't look like this was the first time it happened. They roused Astra's temper.." Dragonscale snickered. "Bill got her to sign the papers and there were wards, wards that didn't feel good or protective. Not like here. I agree with Astra about the spells. After all they charmed me." Growls and words in the goblin language.

Soon the three returned to facing the three children. "Mr. Potter, It is our findings that you were not placed with the appropriate people after the deaths of your parents. We have wondered why you have not read their will or assumed your role as Lord Potter." Hermione raised a hand. "Should he take an inheritance test like I did?" The goblin chuckled. "He may need to now." Harry finally spoke through the shock. "So, I never have to go back to the Dursley's and my parents left a will can we read it?" The goblin smiled a most evil smile. "That we can but we were forbidden from opening unless directly asked by you." "What about Harry's stuff?" His account manager smiled again. "Its being checked over by Curse Breaker Weasley as we speak."

Harry sank into the chair, it was really happening. "Both Lord Potter and Lady Ravenclaw-Morrigan will see a healer once this meeting his concluded to be checked over for charms and the like. And Lord Potter I am Fleshrend your account manager." Astra smiled. "Are you related to Elder Bonerend?" The goblin raised his eyebrow ridge. "He is my Grandfather." The girl grinned. "He is very nice. I met him yesterday." The goblin shook his head. "I have the will and we will take you down to the main Potter vault." He handed over a small scroll and Harry touched it and it unrolled itself and two vials popped out of it. "Ah, even better than just a written will, Memories. And, it seems a written version." He reads the small words inscribed on the vial and then pours one in the large silver bowl with runes he had brought with him.

"This goblets, is a pensieve. They are very rare magical items outside the bank as we goblins craft them. They show us memories. It will allow us to see your parents as they made the will Lord Potter." Fleshrend told them to stick a finger in and soon they were all standing in a large comfortable office. A tall lanky man with the same crazy hair as Harry but blue eyes stood there leaning against the couch. Harry didn't hear most of the first couple of sentences, until Hermione elbowed him. He realized he was crying and she grabbed his hand. "If your seeing this then I didn't make it. Lilly love, I love you forever. If Lilly and I have left together to see my parents. Then Padfoot my friend you get Harry. To make it official I leave guardianship of one Hadrian James Potter to his godfather, Sirius Black. Sirius please don't blame yourself for our loss. It was my decision to listen to Albus about secret keepers and not tell you where we lived. If someone found out about where we lived in Godric's hollow, then Peter Pettigrew is responsible. So I swear it, so mote it be." There was a flash of light. Then James lit the tip of his wand. "Still got my magic.. All properties, titles, monies etc go to Harry. Harry I need you to stand tall, don't bow to the pressure and manipulation of others. You are a descendant of the house of lions. Ask Kniferend for a inheritance test then walk proud my son. I will always stand beside you." Eyes were cleared save one set. Astra blinked her eyes being the only dry ones.

Gently James' memory was retrieved. But before Lilly's could be poured into the bowl Hermione looked at her Account Manager. "What is it?" He asked her and the others at the table all looked at her. "Where is Sirius if he was supposed to raise Harry and why did he wind up with the Dursleys?" She asked. "Sirius was charged with their murder as well as Pettigrew's and thrown in Azkaban without an official trial." The second vial was poured in and they poked in their fingers once more. The figure waiting for them was seated in a library in a nice cozy chair. They could see a large black dog and a toddler snuggled together on a rug nearby. "My dear sweet Harry. If your watching this the spell I researched and dug up from ancient mothers magic worked and has bought you protection, even if I am not where you can see me, I am with you. I am the magic that prevents Voldemort from touching you. Regardless of Albus' platitudes I know we will not be safe here. I should have asked Severus to hide us.. He I know never would betray me. James was absolutely retched to Severus and he had help where Severus only had me. It took so long for me to break the compulsion charm. James' taste in friends is mostly atrocious. And he wouldn't allow me to have my best friend be godfather? He's still sleeping on the couch for it. Harry you love Sirius. Your very first word was 'pa'foo'. It annoyed your father greatly. I laughed myself silly suddenly I had a huge stag chasing a grim around my back yard and you thought it was the greatest thing ever.. Now as for the list of people you are to be raised by. Sirius Black, Minerva McGonagall, Alice & Frank Longbottom. Who made me godmother for tiny Neville.. Amelia Bones or Pomona Sprout. Never ever ever! Are you to go to Petunia or her grotesque husband Vernon Dursley. Or Are you to be left in the charge of Albus Dumbledore! No N-O NO! I don't trust that' wrinkly old fiend as far as I could throw Hagrid without magic! He's too covetous of James' Cloak. He is desperate to acquire it. I told him no. Strange that a few months later my parents die in an accident."

"There is a prophecy Harry. One that Albus is trying to force to suit him. For the love of all that is.. Don't let Dumbledore know or control anything about you. If you do you will never get it back. And especially your father's cloak if you have it take it to Gringotts and have it checked for tampering. They will understand, they have seen it before. I have some letters for Severus I need you to get to him secretly along with a couple of journals. Please Harry I have no idea what Albus has done to him. He was once my friend. Back on the Dumbledore note.. I have done a great deal of research into him too. And what I discovered was both horrifying and disturbing. But there are journals in my chest for you to read what I discovered. I don't know if James ever got around to telling you but, you are loved and after you have lived a long glorious life my son we will be waiting for you to join us." They were all suddenly back around the table and Astra smiled. "I like your mother Harry. She sounded like someone who would have been awesome to know."

The three account managers sighed. But Fleshrend sighed. "My father Kniferend has been cursed by something we have been unable to undo in the long years since 1980. It gladdens my heart to know your father thought so well of mine." Hermione and Astra seemed to be having a conversation without words. Until Harry couldn't take it any more and but into the silent exchange. "What are you two doing?" Hermione laughed and Astra snickered. "We both find it rather fucking convenient, that this prophecy horseshit pops up your parents are killed and then as if buy act of Merlin and don't fucking answer that Potter! Your Godfather who has the most legal rights to you is tossed into a cage with no trial? Even most of the fucking Death Eaters got trials.. Yet, the supposed only surviving son of the Black family doesn't get one? Who was afraid of what he would have said? Some asshole with an ego the size of the bleedin' Mariana trench set that one up." Hemione nodded. "Without all the foul language but yes."

A scoff. Harry opened and closed his mouth for a couple of times then PAIN. "Will, holy mother of fuck me!" She lept out of the way as the Curse breaker needed her spot. She grumbled more expletives. "How can you physically accomplish that?" An evil smile. "Remove the offending organ use a inflation and freezing charm to make sure it doesn't grow limp then after strapping your screaming victim down shove the removed organ up their ass and seal it off with lots of royal fucking hot super glue." Hermione shook her head before sighing.. "Did you test that one yet?" If every conscious males legs closed silently right then neither seemed to notice. "I'll wait for Hogwarts... You did say.." Hermione's head hit the table.. "No! You can not do that to Ronald no matter how much my feminine hormones applaud you. Think of Bill and Charlie." A snarl. "Why'd you have to mention Will & Charlie for?" Hermione raised one eyebrow. "Because if not for your extreme fondness for Bill. And Charlie's sheer bloody guts... Ronald won't survive the year, although... Ah never mind.." Growl. "Hermes..." The word was elongated. "No, I already know Percy's getting his nose broke at least once. And I'm not even starting on the dirty little songs down the halls." A snicker.

Astra looked at him and noticed his legs were practically clamped together. "Charlie, I promise I will never attack your balls in aggression." He relaxed and covertly as he could wiggled on his seat. The goblins thought it was the height of amusement. "The ladies are unfortunately correct in this matter. The chances of Sirius Black getting out without dying legally are like a droplet in a midst of a direct flame burst." Bill started to collapse but there were two thin but muscled arms and a rather soft something that kept his hand from hitting the table. Hermione saw those 4" curved claws biting into the wood of the table and the chair she had been sitting in as she helped him gently land in it. She moved his arm to his lap catching his wand and returning it to the holster on his arm. Sitting on the table she put her paws on the chair arms the claws now retracted. She pulled her wand and aimed at the table. "Reparo" the table was rendered to a brand new state as if it had just been polished a moment before.

"How are you able to do that without?" "The little piss-worms coming to wibble at me? Simple I have a damn fine wand, and since I am the last of my house, no fucking asswhipe in a noose is going to tell me I can't use my wand according to the law. And Hermes.." "huh?" "IF you ask really nicely since your the last of your house after you get a new wand they can fix this whole fuck-shit with yours so you can do your school work. Who the hell am I going to hex if not you and Potter? Will pouts and I can't keep my wand on him any longer. Sakura would be upset if I hexed Charlie. And I rather like the guy.. So?" Hermione nodded. "Point taken."

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