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The Lost Bloodlines

The Day that started as a Nightmare

Hermione Granger was a rather practical girl, she at her mother's wish at primary school had signed up for the international pen-pal program. She had been excited for someone to talk to. Hopefully someone who wouldn't judge her love of books, she got a yank but she never judged Hermione for loving books. In fact she would read books she had no interest in so Hermione would have someone to discuss it with. Hermione was very grateful to Ruby. It seemed that a person half a world away was going to be her only friend until she found out she was a witch and was going to go to Hogwarts. Oh how she wished to tell Ruby all that had happened in her first year but she could only tell her she was going to a boarding school in Scotland for the gifted. Ruby and she had formed a good solid friendship on mutual likes and puzzles they sent each other. The letter she got this morning bothered her rather a lot. Ruby seemed to be rambling and not all there, that was so unlike her. She wished she could ring her and ask what was wrong.

~Across the Pond, with Ruby~

Ruby was bored as hell Hermione was at her boarding school and it took twice as long to get letters there. If that wasn't bad enough her Grandmother had passed away last night leaving her alone. She was 13 for Magic's sake. What was she to do? A man stepped into the police office where she was sitting. "Ruby Gaunt?" She blinked. "Gaunt was my granny's last name. I don't actually know if its mine too. My parents died when I was very small." The man winced. "You've been released to me. I'm to take you to your grandmother's solicitor and work some things out." They left the station and she noticed they were walking down a nearly deserted alley. She was just about to turn and run when they turned a corner ans a beautiful obsidian building seemed to appear before her. "How beautiful." He looked at her strangely. "You see the bank?" She looked at him. "You stupid or something? Of course I can see the building."

They entered and she stopped cold what stood behind the counters were not human but according to the descriptions she had been given were goblins. She blinked and subtly pinched herself. 'Oh Shit' She thought to herself. She tried to remember the lessons the old hag had mentioned to her when she was little. "Come along young lady." The man walked her to a teller and when they got up to the counter, she spoke before he could. "Master teller, my grandmother passed away this morning. I don't know if she left me anything but I was given no key or documentation to give you." The goblin blinked and his lip uncurled slightly. "Child, hand me your finger. A drop of blood will tell me much. And many thanks for your politeness. I am teller Ripclaw." She held out her hand to the goblin and he poked one finger with a quill catching the blood in its tip then setting it on a piece of parchment. It began to move spelling out a name than a few more pieces of information. "Ah I see. Do you have things you need to collect?" She nodded. "You may leave her Ladyship here, Officer Whitefield. Gorechunks will see to the rest." The officer signed a few things and she waived as he left.

"You look so very odd like that." She looked down at her clothes. "You have been wearing a very complex glamour for a long time. And I can see the aura of the magic suppression on your bracelet." She hurriedly yanked off the bracelet. "You mean I'm magic too?" The goblin looked sadly at the child. "Come we must contact someone and arrange your protective escort so that you can gather your belongings. As the last of your line you could file for full usage of your wand rights." She smiled. "If you would be so kind Teller Ripclaw." The two proceeded down into the lower halls of the bank and Ruby sat in the cart next to Ripclaw before they shot off into the darkness and traveled for sometime. "I noticed that Officer Whitefield had you written down as Ruby Gaunt. That is not your name." She looked at him in shock.

"Your name is Lady Romanastra Ankaa Peverell-Slytherin. You are the last direct pure descendant of Antioch Peverell and Salazar Slytherin. I'm sure because of the glamour, you constantly trip over your feet or over air?" She nodded. "It feels that way. And my body seems to be fighting itself.." The goblin nodded. "This is all normal since your starting to go from goblet to adult." She only nodded worried what it meant for her. At last they came to a large platform like structure with a set of double doors. They entered the double doors to find that there were three figures already inside, a tall redheaded man, a husky broad shouldered goblin and a thinner goblin wearing a nicer suit. Astra shivered but screwed up her courage and followed Ripclaw to his side of the table and sat lightly.

"What is the meaning of needing a Curse breaker Teller Ripclaw? And who is this child?" The Broad goblin growled sharply. "Overseer Bladebreaker, I have need of your curse breaker as an escort for her. As her account is not managed by Gorechunks but by Gringotts." A sharp intake of breath and the thin goblin looked at the slightly shivering goblet before him, how foolish he felt goblets were precious and here he was watching one be frightened by his own companion. "Who are you." The double aura he saw told him a lot. "My name is Romanastra Ankaa Peverell-Slytherin. You can call me Astra, Master Goblin." He held his hand out her shaking ones gently grasped his clawed fingers. "You are cold Little one." She smiled. "It hasn't been a very good day." She turned slightly to face Bladebreaker.

"Overseer I apologize for needing to borrow your curse breaker, but I have no family left in America and I overheard one of the officers saying my grandmothers death being unnatural. I do not know how it happened, but my only friend is across the pond as she says." Bladebreaker snorted. "I am pleased you are polite child. Swiftblade, I will speak to accounting so that when they return via his port key she can speak with her account manager." The thin goblin nodded. "Thank you brother. I will return your very profitable curse breaker as swiftly as is safe." She waived farewell to the Overseer as a few more documents were signed. "How old are you Lady Astra?" She flushed. "I'm fourteen. Today is my birthday." Surprise crossed the three faces. "Today is Beltane." Came the curse breakers voice. "Yeah, my granny used to say I was born at the moment Walpurgis night and Beltane crossed into one another. But I have no idea."

"Curse breaker Weasley will be your escort as you pack your belongings, once you have finished that task return to Dragon's path and look for The Gregorovich's wand shop. Dragomir usually runs the counter. Ask for Valadain. Mykew is his apprentice." Swiftblade held out a black pouch to Astra, she took it and she looked at him gently fiddling the embossed design. "That pouch is linked to your vault at Gringotts. So you can buy your wand and a few books." "Thank you Account Manager Swiftblade." Astra nodded taking the redheads hand his thumb brushed her knuckles soothingly. "Your hands are like ice." "Sorry." He smiled and she decided she really liked his blue eyes. "Not your fault we're all used to the cold your not. My name is William, my family calls me Bill." She scrunched up her nose. "I don't think I could call you that.." He raised one red eyebrow. "Bil one l is old Norse for weakness. And your a curse breaker.. That's really rude.. Especially to say to a man's face." The goblins were snickering. "Well, Lady Astra I now dislike the name Bill." She looked up at him.

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