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Chapter 2: Wrong Side of the Bed

Naruto slowly started to drift back into reality, due to the spears of sunlight stabbing through his eyelids. He woke up with a low groan, seeing as his head pulsing was not particularly the best thing he wanted to wake up to.

He opened his eyes and tried to lift his left arm to raise it and rub his head, but he found that he couldn't. This caused him to look down, only to see wild strands of violet hair covering his chest.

Confused, Naruto decided to actually take note of his surroundings. He felt a weight on the left side of his body, which was the cause of him being unable to use his arm. He was also in what he could remember to be Anko's home, despite his hangover making it difficult to even put the pieces of last nights events together to help him figure out how he got there. All these speculations helped Naruto realize the situation he was in:

He was in Anko's bed, and Anko herself was asleep, nuzzled up against his left side like a little girl cuddling an oversized teddy bear.

Naruto was wide awake upon fully realizing this. He started freaking out internally, seeing as he could recall her literally telling him last night that they weren't engaging in sexual relations. But upon further investigation, he saw that he was still clothed from the waist down. And Anko was still wearing her clothes from last night, despite how it made Naruto blush again, just as it did the night prior.

What caused him to blush even harder than last night, though, was the fact that Anko's breasts were squished against the left side of his upper torso, giving him a phenomenal view of her cleavage. Not only that, but Anko's bra seemed to have shifted a bit, and Naruto was sure that if she turned even the slightest bit in the wrong direction, a portion of her areola would be exposed.

This caused blood to rush to his lower body parts.

As if that were not enough, Naruto started realizing how good it felt to have Anko's weight on top of him. Her arm was wrapped around his body, and one of her legs was resting on top of his left leg. She was still wearing her sweatpants, thankfully, but his blood flow situation was worsened when Anko adjusted in her sleep, in a way that almost felt as though she slowly humped his leg, as it was between both of hers.

Poor Naruto didn't know what to do.

A part of him wanted to move, but the other part of him was... shockingly comfortable. Anko was not heavy nor too boney, as she was the ideal weight for someone of her height and age. And seeing as he was resting on his back, Anko was pretty much traping him, so he couldn't move much without disturbing her sleep. But he could not find a reason to want to complain.

He had even noted that Anko herself looked extremely comfortable. Anyone could tell that she was in a very deep sleep, especially with him hearing a slight snore from her with every few passing seconds. She seemed peaceful, unbothered, and looked as though she were sleeping on the most comfortable cloud in the sky. The blonde thought she looked oddly adorable, despite her messy hair, quiet snoring, and the small stream of drool leaking out of her slightly open mouth, onto his chest. She wasn't exactly in her most graceful position, but Naruto still thought she looked pretty nonetheless.

Naruto lied there for at least ten minutes, being sure not to make any sudden movements. He admired her beauty, almost like how he'd admire a sleeping puppy. Or rather like a sleeping wolf. He could tell that she probably wouldn't be the most cheery person if her sleep was disturbed, and the thought of it alone intimidated him ever so slightly.

Unluckily, Anko then started stirring in her sleep just as his mind started to wander over to what he'd be able to see if Anko's bra shifted in a way to his liking.

Her eyes fluttered open, and she winced as the sunlight stabbed through her corneas, just as it did to him earlier.

"Mmngh... dammit..." Anko groaned lowly, holding her head, "Can someone turn off the freakin' sun...?"

Naruto wasn't sure if he should have responded to that, but he decided not to. After Anko was finished spewing profanities at the early morning sunlight, she took a minute to look at her surroundings.

She was still holding her head and looked up at Naruto with squinted eyes, who had already been looking down at her, "Naruto...?"

Naruto smiled awkwardly, "Uh, hi."

She heard his voice and that caused her to open her eyes more. A lot more, actually.

"Naruto?! What the hell are you—?!" The Jounin cut herself off as she remembered the events of last night, "Ah, shit... I must've drunk too much sake last night..."

"I think we both did." Naruto responded, glad that she remembered what happened last night, too. It wouldn't have been the most pleasant thing for him to have to explain it to her himself.

"I am way too comfortable." She complained, "Is me laying like this bothering you? I know that me being this close to you is not something you'd probably expect, cuz it definitely ain't something I expected. But hey, I'm already here and moving right now is gonna be a lot for me."

Naruto wasn't sure how to answer that initially. However, before Naruto could come up with anything to say, Anko tried to adjust her leg and noted that something was... off.

"And just what the heck is this?" She mumbled to herself, moving her leg in the same way again, noting that her thigh was bumping into something unusually... firm.

Anko quickly put the pieces together and deadpanned.

She sighed, "Naruto... please tell me that you don't have an erection in my bed right now."

Naruto blushed so hard, one would assume that all the blood in his body was sent straight to his head.

Or rather both of his heads, apparently.

Naruto didn't say a thing. What could he say? The proof was right there below the sheets. Anko looked at him and the look on his face provided all the answers she needed.

"God, Naruto. Do you have any self-restraint at all?" She asked him in a disappointed tone. Her eyes shot back downwards for just a second, and the tent that she saw under the sheets was something that shockingly made the Mitarashi raise an eyebrow.

"Wow... not bad, actually."

Anko had to scold herself for even looking, but she had to admit, the gaki was blessed.

"Sorry! I can't really control something like this!" Naruto quickly defended.

Anko rolled her eyes, "Freakin' virgin." She scoffed, removing herself from him. As soon as she moved, Naruto got up and faced his front side away from her to hide his 'dilemma'.

"I'm sorry!" Naruto apologized again, "I really wasn't trying to be disrespectful..."

Anko got up shrugged, readjusting her crooked bra, "It's no biggie. I'm making an effort to try to feel flattered over it rather than creeped out." She then grinned, "I'm sure that sleeping with a purple-haired bombshell wearing nothing but a bra and sweatpants definitely wasn't helping."

"Didn't you mention something about being humble last night?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Uh-huh." Naruto shook his head, "Why do you dress like that, anyway?"

"Pardon?" Anko asked with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto scratched his head nervously, "I mean... Respectfully speaking, you do dress a little more... revealing than most girls. I was just curious as to why that was."

Anko rolled her eyes, "I dress like this to give men like you a boner at any given moments notice."



Naruto deadpanned.

Anko got up and started walking to her kitchen, "I dress like this because I feel most comfortable like this. That, and I know I have sex appeal. And it makes weaker men easier to manipulate when they think that you're easy."

Naruto rubbed his chin, "I guess... but doesn't the looks and attention bother you?"

Anko grabbed a few pans from her cabinet, as well as a few ingredients from the fridge, "It can be annoying, sure. But, as I'm sure you well know, I make sure that men don't get out of hand without punishment. Besides, I like the way I dress. I'm not walking out on the streets naked, and I do wear my trench coat most of the time, which covers eighty percent of my body." She sent him a look out the corner of her eyes, "Does the way I dress bother you?"

"No, not really. I was just curious."

Anko proceeded to cook, not without giving him a slight eye roll beforehand, "I think it bothers you more than you think, considering how it ended up causing you to grab my ass and give you an erection all within a span of twelve hours."

Naruto said nothing. She had him cornered.

Anko noted this gave a low chuckle as she began preparing breakfast, "Look, I'm just giving you shit. I know you're obviously attracted to me, and that's fine. Just do your best not to end up on the other side of my kunai again and we'll be alright."

Naruto nodded his head, "Deal."

Anko took a pause for a second, "...How old are you, again?" She asked.


"Huh." Anko mumbled, "Wouldn't have been able to guess that based off your..."

She cut herself off with a shake of her head.


"Nothing." Anko quickly changed the subject, "Do you like your eggs sunny-side up, or scrambled?"

Naruto couldn't hide his shock, "You're making me breakfast?"

"I'm making us breakfast, yes." She nodded, "Sunny-side up, or scrambled?"

"Uh, scrambled please." He answered, "Thank you."

"Don't sweat it. Just know that I expect to be treated to some food sometime in the near future, as well."

"It's a deal." Naruto said with a smile, "Also, may I use your bathroom?"

"Are you gonna jerk off in there?"


"Then you may."

Naruto got up and went into his superior's bathroom to handle nature's call. After taking care of his business and washing his hands, he decided to look in the mirror. The first thing he noticed was the bandage still on his face. The next thing he noted was the slight bags under his eyes. This made him sigh. He never really had time to self-reflect about his actions in the past few days. However, thanks to Anko, he felt more hopeful. Of course, he still felt like shit due to his last mission, but he made a vow to do everything he could to try to make up for it. He wanted to make Sakura proud from wherever she was watching him from.

Before Naruto got too into his own head, the smell of seasoned eggs and pancakes was immediately brought to his attention. His stomach howled as a result, and Naruto knew that he was rather ravenous. He hadn't eaten a proper meal since before he went on his last mission.

Naruto peeled off his bandage and threw it away, and was happy to see that his wound inflicted by Anko had healed completely. There was a very faint scar there, though. Not subtle enough to be unnoticeable, but not prominent enough to be seen across a room.

Naruto shrugged. He deserved it. If anything, it was now a reminder of how it doesn't help anyone, including himself, to act like a jackass.

He then left the bathroom, to see Anko finishing up her cooking, "Hey Anko, I have a question."

"Fire away." She stated, not breaking her concentration on finishing up her cooking and cleaning.

"You mentioned that you think you knew my mother... What was she like?"

Anko sighed, "If I'm going to be honest with you, Naruto, I'm unsure if I should answer that. I shouldn't have even told you about your parents in the first place. I was drunk, and that probably wasn't the wisest decision on my end."

Naruto frowned, "Well, you already told me that you think my dad was the Yondaime and that you knew my mom." He stated, "And you even said that they were two people that you looked up to. So what difference would it make if you told me more about them? I promise I won't tell anyone what you told me."

Anko was about to protest, but he did have a fair argument. Not only that, but as she looked over at him, she saw him giving her the infamous puppy dog eyes.

"Bastard doesn't like to play fair." Grumbled Anko internally, "Fine, Naruto. I'll tell you what I know about your parents under one circumstance."

"Which is?" The blonde inquired, clearly perked up.

Anko looked at him with a smirk, "Fight me."

"Huh?!" Naruto yelped, not expecting that proposal.

"You heard me." Said Anko, crossing her arms, "Have a spar with me. I'm interested in seeing what you can do."

"... Like right now?"

"Like after we eat, yes."

Naruto frowned. He looked at the ground and sighed, which was not the reaction Anko was expecting, "Normally I would, but... I'm kind of not in the mood to spar, considering..."

Anko frowned as well. She knew where he was going with that.

"I get that fighting may have lost its pizzazz considering what you're going through. But fighting is a large part of your job description, Naruto." She said to him, placing two plates of pancakes and eggs on her dining table, waving him over to eat.

"I know, I know. It's just that... I'm afraid to even get upset over anything at this point. I'm noticing that the seal isn't doing as good a job at holding back the Kyuubi's chakra and influence as it used to. I think that it weakens any time I use the Kyuubi's chakra. And since this most recent time was a time I ended up using more of it than I ever have, I'm afraid to do anything that can provoke it until I can get the seal checked and fixed." He explained, sitting at the other end of the table. The food smelled delectable.

"I understand." Anko nodded, "I won't pressure you to fight if you don't want to. But I think you should do something about your seal soon since you can't run away from fighting for long." She then grinned, "Besides, I really want to fight you."

Naruto couldn't help but grin himself. He loved being challenged, "I'd love to fight you, too. I'm stronger than I look, and I want to show you what I can do when I'm not drunk in a bar."

"You're still just a genin. I have no doubts your strong for a genin, but don't get your hopes up if you think you can give me a serious run for my money." Said Anko as she shoved almost half a whole pancake in her mouth.

"Wanna bet?" Asked Naruto with a smirk and crossed arms.

"Sure. Just keep the stakes light for your sake." She responded dismissively, eating her eggs.

Naruto started eating as well, "If I win, you have to cook for me for two weeks!" He said with a wide grin, "The food is really good, by the way."

"I know, thanks." Anko smirked, "And if I win, you have to clean my apartment for two weeks."

Naruto rubbed his chin before giving Anko a toothy grin, "You're on." He declared, extending his hand across the table for Anko to shake. Anko returned his grin and shook his hand firmly.

"Poor kid." Anko playfully sighed, "You have no idea what you're getting yourself into."

"Don't underestimate me." Naruto responded boldly, "I don't have a bad track record, even against people that outranked me."

"We'll see." Was all Anko said, "Now shut up so we can eat."

The pair continued eating in silence for a few seconds, until...

"So... are you gonna tell me about my mom?" He inquired between bites.


Naruto threw a small fit, "C'mon! Why not?!"

"I told you already, gaki." Said Anko after taking a sip of orange juice, "I'll tell you after you fight me."

"I already told you I would!" Naruto exclaimed, "So why not tell me now?! You'll get your fight regardless!"

"Because I said so." Anko responded firmly, "Besides, once your secret goes out, I want to be able to say I kicked the Fourth Hokage's son's ass." She ended with a smirk.

"First of all, you're not gonna kick my ass!" Said Naruto, standing up, "Second of all, what do you mean 'once my secret goes out'? Do you think I'm gonna tell someone?"

"Don't know." Anko said honestly with yet another shrug, "I just know it's going to come out somehow, one way or another. I can't be the only person that knows."

Naruto didn't have a response. It made him wonder just how many people were keeping this secret from him. Like Tsunade. Or Kakashi. Or Jiraiya.

Anko saw the look on his face and wanted to put her foot in her mouth, "Ugh, Naruto, don't think too much about it. And don't do anything crazy like confront someone about it. You promised me you'd keep things between us."

Naruto wanted to say that the thought of confronting someone didn't even cross his mind, but he knew that would be a downright lie.

"I-I know... But I deserved to know a long time ago." Naruto clenched his fist, "I just don't know why these secrets are being kept from me like this. From people I really look up to."

"I'm sure it's for a reason, Naruto." Anko responded, finishing up her plate, "But as I said, don't think too much about it. It's only gonna frustrate you more and more. And if you want me around and not beheaded for telling you a village-wide secret where death is a punishment by law, you'd work on keeping what you know between us until further notice."

This made Naruto back down a bit and caused him to think for a second.

"What if I just don't tell them that you told me?" Naruto asked.

To his shock, Anko shook her head.

"Look, Naruto, I work in the Torture and Interrogation portion of our ranks, and a lot of that deals with criminals and people that break laws. I also deal closely with the council and government of our village, and I know for a solid fact that if you were to even mention that you know anything of your parents to the wrong person, the ANBU will send you off to Inoichi, who is tied closely with my department, and have him search through your memory banks to find out how exactly the information got brought about to you." Anko explained, shocking the blonde before her.

"Bullshit!" Naruto crossed his arms, "Baa-chan wouldn't let that happen!"

"If you're referring to our lovely big-boobed Hokage, then you're sadly mistaken." Anko sighed, "I know you're close with the Hokage. And she likely wouldn't approve of the ANBU doing what I just told you." She looked him dead in the eyes, "But trust me, Naruto. The Hokage is not the only person who contributes to how the village runs. A Hokage does not and cannot run a village on their own."

Naruto looked down at the ground, silent. After a suspenseful pause, Naruto sighed.

"Alright. I'll try not to think about it."

"And you won't tell anyone, right?"


"Let me hear you say it."

Naruto sighed again, "I won't tell anyone."


"Yes!" Naruto said, irritated, "I promise I won't tell anyone!"

"He's gonna tell someone." Anko sighed internally, "Good."

An hour or so later, Naruto left Anko's house. He thanked her for her hospitality and everything she'd done for him between that day and the night prior. Anko responded... as she usually would, and told him to not think much of it. He vowed to show appreciation towards her actions nonetheless, and made a mental note to treat Anko out to a bowl of Ichiraku's sometime in the near future.

After leaving the Jounin's home, Naruto tried to figure out what to do to occupy his time. He usually would decided to either stop by Ichiraku's or train at a time like this. However, Naruto was stuffed after eating Anko's food, and for some reason, he just didn't feel like training. He thought about managing to find Jiraiya and get him to do something about his weakening seal, however, the only person that would know of his location is Tsunade. Naruto decided against this for now, simply because he hadn't spoken to Tsunade since she assigned him to his most recent mission. Even when he returned, he made enough of an effort to avoid her presence, as he was not sure how to bring about the news to her in regards to how Sakura actually died. Yamato had reluctantly agreed to keep what happened on that mission between each other, and went ahead to report to Tsunade that Sakura had perished at the hands of Orochimaru. With all that said and done, Naruto found it hard to even put himself in her presence. Eventually she would find out the truth, whether he'd tell her or if she found out through another source somehow, but Naruto did not feel ready to face that obstacle just yet.

After thinking about this, Naruto noted his stress levels increasing rapidly. As a result, Naruto decided what he wanted to do with his day; visit the local hot springs and just relax. It was a healthy way to work out his stress, as opposed to drinking like he had the night prior.

The Jinchuuriki made his way over to the hot springs and paid the fee for a two-hour dip. He showered prior in a room by the entrance to the springs and then made his way over to the steamy area. The area was empty, just as Naruto wanted it to be. Smiling to himself, he took a dip into the hot spring, allowing the hot water to melt away his stresses and anxieties. He sighed once he was shoulder-deep in the water, leaning up against the edge of the spring and closed his eyes to allow his body to take a break from his daily activities.

Soon enough, Naruto ended up getting so immersed in his meditation, eventually he was no longer fully conscious. Despite him waking up just a few hours prior, he gave in to the thought of taking a quick relaxing nap. With only his head outside of the water, Naruto was lightly snoring, as if the hot springs had rocked him to sleep like a toddler.

By the time thirty minutes had passed after he had drifted off, however, a certain character appeared behind his sleeping form.

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