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Chapter 5: Decadence

A waning crescent moon loomed over the village of Konohagakure, partially illuminating the village with it's translucent light. Inside one of the apartment buildings on the farther side of the village, snoring could be heard. After a deep inhale of breath, the snoring then came to a temporary halt, before resuming again.

Beside the snoring man was a fully nude woman sitting in the bed to his right. The room they were in was smoky, as clouds hovered around the furniture, decorations, and plants that were stationed throughout the space.

Kurenai Yuuhi took another pull of the cigarette between her fingers and blew another cloud into the air. She knew her plants would be mad at her for this, but they'll just have to forgive her. The cigarette was helping her anxiety, or at least that's what it felt like. No wonder Asuma loved this crap.

As she watched the smoke clouds go by with her thoughts traveling on top of them, she jumped when she felt sudden movement behind her. She turned around and saw Naruto looking at her with tired, but concerned eyes.

"I know this is your home, not mine, but... is smoking indoors really a good idea?" He asked innocently. Kurenai looked away for a second before staring at the burning cigarette in her hands.

She sighed, "You're right." The cigarette was put out in a nearby ashtray, and Kurenai fanned her hand around to clear some of the smoke.

"Sorry." He apologized, rubbing his eye, "I didn't know that you smoke."

"I don't." Kurenai responded, "I'm sorry if it was bothering you. Asuma always used to say that a cigarette after great sex really hits the spot. But all it's making me do is feel bad."

Naruto reached a hand out and caressed Kurenai's shoulder. He knew she was going through a lot mentally. The best he could do was just be there for her.

"I'm here if you ever want to talk about anything."

Kurenai looked at the younger man in the eyes. This boy... he wasn't like many men out there. He could tell he really cared for her, and that's what was part of the problem for her. It wasn't just the mind-blowing sex, his overall company was something she was growing attached to. He was easy to talk to, a great listener, and did what he could to console and remedy her pains from the events that had transpired earlier that week. She could tell it was genuine, and Kurenai wasn't exactly in her right frame of mind to just push him away. She knew she had to consider his feelings too, but it's not like he has any complaints. It seemed as though the same feelings had applied to him as well.

"Thank you, Naruto." She sighed, turning her head back around, "Let's just head to sleep. It's late."

The blonde brought his hand back and continued staring at the fair-skinned woman. He then looked away and rolled over.


The older adult in the room soon tucked her body back into the bed, as both occupants faced away from the other. The snoring, although quieter this time, from Naruto soon resumed, while Kurenai continued laying there in silence. She knew it was going to be tough for her to sleep. Just what exactly is going on in her life? How did things get so strange so quickly? The woman tossed and turned for the remainder of the night, driving herself mad with a way to come to a proper solution on what to do with this situation she found herself in.

Once dawn arrived, Naruto was the first to wake up. Kurenai was wrapped up in his arms. She had started crying in the middle of the night, which woke him up again. Obviously, Naruto's only reaction was to console her. She welcomed his comforting gestures without hesitation and continued to let out her bottled emotions. It made things feel bittersweet for him since he was glad he could be there emotionally for her, but on the other hand, Kurenai seemed very intent on not letting things get serious between them. And given how things have started, he couldn't find much room to disagree with her about it. But they just seemed to be getting closer and closer, whether they wanted it to happen or not. Was something wrong with them? Why was is it so hard to set out these guidelines and boundaries and stick by them? A genin and a jounin have no business being together like this, so why on earth is it getting this complicated?

A big part of Naruto wanted to just lay there, enjoying the comfort of being in bed with her. She was so warm, the skin on skin contact was almost addicting. She was curled up into his arms, her back to him while her head laid on the pillow his arm was resting under. She held his hand as his arm wrapped over her protectively, breathing silently and calmly while she slept. He was comforting her the way that was coming naturally to him, and the fact that it felt wrong was really confusing to him.

Eventually, though, Naruto managed to rip himself away from Kurenai and the bed. The woman let out what sounded like a complaint, but let Naruto go before continuing her rest. Naruto had managed to find all of his discarded clothes (again), and exit out of Kurenai's apartment without making a sound.

Once stepping out into the morning sun's rays, Naruto made an educated decision to head to his home and shower before resuming with today's tasks. In between rounds of love making with Kurenai, Naruto's memories was constantly reminded of his situation involving Sakura. In fact, one of the biggest reasons he enjoyed sex with Kurenai so much was because it allowed him to forget about it temporarily. But every time they finished, his persistent thoughts resumed. Naruto could only assume that Kurenai was in a very similar situation.

It'd been two days since Naruto had first been occupied with his distractions. He no longer had an excuse not to face his problems, he realized as he left his house and continued walking down Konoha's streets. The people around him were walking to their own destinations, probably getting ready for work. Naruto, on the other hand, was set on facing his problems before they got too out of hand. Today, he was going to tell Tsunade the truth.

He would be lying if he said that he wasn't extremely nervous about it, however. He's aware of the consequences for providing invalid information regarding a high-ranking mission, as well as the consequences of assaulting a fellow shinobi of Konoha. It could turn out ugly, but Naruto knew that it could only get uglier the longer he draws it out. The feeling of lying was something that ate away at him like an infection, and knew that telling the truth was the only remedy for it. He and Kurenai had talked about it in between rounds, and even she had agreed that keeping it a secret was going to be more damaging in the long run. It was time to come clean, and Naruto figured it'd be better to do it now than to procrastinate and talk himself out of it any more than he had already.

As he stood in the middle of the walkway to map out how he was going to go about this, he randomly felt eyes watching him. He rose and eyebrow and looked around to find where the onlooker was located. He managed to see someone retreat around a corner, and everyone knows that Naruto was not the type to just ignore something.

"Hello?" He called out, "If you're trying to spy on me, you're not really doing a great job."

Hinata Hyuuga, the female member of Team Kurenai, felt her heart jump in her chest. She scolded herself for her sloppy surveillance skills. How could she, a holder of the Byakugan, manage to fumble this kind of spy attempt? If it were a mission she definitely would have failed. Today was the first day she'd spotted him since she heard of his arrival back to the village, so obviously Hinata had wanted to see exactly how much he changed over the years. From what she saw, he looked even better than she had anticipated. He was taller, seemed more muscularly developed, and even seemed to have a more mature demeanor than before. When she sensed his chakra, her heart almost plopped out onto the dirt-filled terrain she stood on. And once she managed to actually see him, it was very hard to look away.

However, her drawn out stare had attracted his attention and now things were awkward. For her, at least.

Seeing as the cat was out of the bag, Hinata took a deep breath and decided to just go out and say something. With a blush filled with nothing but the blood of embarrassment, she exposed herself slowly from around the corner, hands held up close to her face as always.

"Um... Hello, Naruto. Sorry, I-I wasn't trying to spy on you, I just, um..."

"Oh, hey, Hinata!" Naruto greeted with a smile, walking up to her. This only made the young Hyuuga's blush grow to be more pronounced, "I should have known it was you. How are you? It's been a while hasn't it?"

Hinata swore she could faint any second now. But she had used these three years to be a little more bolder. She vowed that she would always stand her ground, even when it came to her Naruto-kun.

"Um, y-yes it has. I heard you were back and I, um, just wanted to welcome you back home." She then decided to go ahead and kick it up a notch, which was one of the hardest things she had to learn how to do, "We... missed you."

Naruto smiled and, to Hinata's surprise, hugged her.

All of the air had been stolen from her lungs. Her eyes fluttered in a struggle to stay open as she was only a moment away from passing out in his hold. Naruto didn't let the hug linger, especially since she was too shocked to hug him back; to her disappointment or relief, she wasn't sure.

Naruto held her by the shoulders as he reclined back, giving her a flashy grin, "I missed you too, Hinata. It's good to be back!"

Hinata could only stand there and blink twice as she tried not to break eye contact. Naruto released her and sighed to himself, looking down at the ground, "You know... I noticed that whenever I see you, something good happens right after." He chuckled a bit before smiling at her again, "It's kind of like you're my good luck charm!"

Hinata's whole world stopped for her as she thought one final thought, "I'm his... good luck charm?"

No amount of mental training could prepare Hinata for those words. She was down for the count almost instantly.

"Ah geez!" Naruto cried out as she saw Hinata's knees buckle. He quickly reached his arms out behind her to catch her before she fell back. Hinata's eyes were closed, her violet locks sprawled out all across her face.

"Man! Hinata, do you have some kind of iron deficiency or something?!" He asked her, only to get no response. He sighed to himself, "You should really get it checked..."

As Naruto gathered her in her arms to drop her off at a bench near her home, unbeknownst to Naruto, a small smile grew on the Hyuuga's face.

"Holy shit. The kid must be blessed."

"He is... and that's the biggest problem."


"Now isn't the time for jokes, Anko." Kurenai sighed, "What should I do?"

Anko shrugged her shoulders, "I'd personally start with developing some self-restraint."

Kurenai stopped walking, while Anko continued her stride. She lifted her hands to the back of her head in a carefree position and looked back at her offended friend, "You wanted honesty, Kurenai. Don't get mad when I give it to ya."

After a sharp inhale of breath, Kurenai had to convince herself that she was right. She let out a slow exhale and resumed walking to catch up to her.

"Boy, you really don't hold back, do you?" Kurenai asked.

"Never." Anko giggled, "It ain't my style. You know that."

The red eyed woman stepped back to Anko's side and sighed. She was right, after all.

"I understand my self-restraint needs work. It's not like I haven't tried to end things with us, but... somehow I find myself going back for more. Naruto seemed so understanding when we talked about ending it, and then we just... did it again. And again. "

"I'm jealous, so it's a bit hard for me to find some empathy for you, Kurenai." Said Anko with an envious pout, "If I had someone who could keep me coming back like that, you best believe I'm going to ride that train until the wheels fall off."

"Oh God." Kurenai facepalmed herself, "So you're saying I should indulge myself? With a boy almost half my age? While we're both healing from freshly given trauma?"

Anko cut her eyes at her friend, "Well, when you put it that way..."

"It's the reality of the situation. And I don't think it's worth prolonging just because the sex is good."

"It's obviously better than 'good' if we're having this discussion."

Kurenai closed her eyes and huffed.

"Do you have any ideas for a solution or not?"

Anko and Kurenai both arrived to their destination, Training Grounds 45. Anko sat on a log in the middle of the open area and Kurenai sat on the on across from her.

"Well, if fantastic sex is really that problematic for you, I guess you could just find a way to sabotage the relationship between you both. Just ruin the way he sees you and you won't have to worry about him coming back."

Kurenai did not enjoy the sound of this idea, but she was not going to dismiss it so easily, "And how exactly am I expected to do that?"

"Just break his poor little heart. It doesn't take much to do that to a man. Bruise his ego enough and he won't want to be anywhere near you." The Tokubetsu Jounin explained. Kurenai shook her head.

"I don't know if I can do that, Anko. I can't just be mean to him for no reason."

Anko rolled her eyes, "God, Nai-chan. You can't stop screwing him and you can't be mean to him to make him not want to screw you. Those were two very simple solutions that you claim you are incapable of performing."

Kurenai had to remind herself that she intentionally sought Anko out for her brutal honesty for a reason. The violet haired kunoichi noted Kurenai's silence and sighed.

"Well, maybe I can just screw him a few times so he ends up falling for me instead of you." She murmured, looking off on the distance with a grin. Kurenai frowned.

"Not funny, Anko."

"I'm just offering ideas as they come to mind, Kurenai. You're the one not taking them seriously."

Kurenai stood up, "Let's just spar like we planned and continue this conversation another time."

Anko grinned, stood up, and began stretching her limbs, "Whatever you say, Nai-chan. You'll have plenty of time to brainstorm once I put you on your ass."

"Screw you."

Anko innocently made a heart symbol with her hands, before cracking her knuckles, "I love you too, hot stuff."

Somewhere on the outskirts of the village, the setting sun loomed over a lone cabin in the middle of a forest. It was an all wooden cabin created by Yamato, seeing as a certain ruler of said village had asked him to make it for her. It was her 'escape' from her duties without having to run too far. No one knew about it, save for Yamato, Shizune, and one other person. She didn't want just anybody to swing by and pester her while she was off the clock, and made it very well hidden and difficult to find.

Tsunade laid in her bed, turning over as she wiped the sweat from her forehead. Her bare chest rose with each inhale of breath, lying there as she recovered from coming down from her high.

The bathroom door that connected to the bedroom had opened, and Tsunade glimpsed at the dangling body part of the man that re-entered the room.

"I still got it, don't I?" The man asked her smugly with a pair of crossed arms.

Tsunade chuckled tiredly, "Yeah, yeah, whatever strokes your ego."

"I'd rather you stroke something else, if we're being honest."

"Hm, maybe tomorrow. You did too good of a job today."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Jiraiya of the Sannin grinned as he sat next to the naked woman hiding her form under the bed covers.

The other Sannin member scoffed, "Well, I can only hope that after three years I can still please you better than those whores you've been dealing with on the road."

"They only keep me satisfied when I'm not near you."

Tsunade shook her head, "I'm sure that's what you say to them, too."

"Hime." Jiraiya called her name smoothly, running a hand across her thigh, "You know I have something special for you. You're the one who doesn't want the full Jiraiya package."

"And I explained why many times." Tsunade said, swatting his hand away, "Just don't act like this isn't what it actually is. We're both getting something out of it, and nothing more."

Tsunade rolled over, making Jiraiya sigh. He then stood up and tried to find his clothes to take his leave. He could take a hint.

"Right. If you insist."

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