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Chapter 3: Snake In The Grass

"Oh, God... I can't get enough of it..."

She grunted and growled as he slowed down his pace, but reached deeper into her with each stroke.

"We... really shouldn't be doing this... but..."

Her breathing started to hitch when he grabbed both of her hips, pounding into her harder and harder each time he pulled her onto him.

"It's as though he gets better... and better... each time..."

She could hear him grunting and growling at this point, and she was loving every sound he made. She wasn't afraid to engage in this heated and carnal exchange with a man that could get aggressive. But even when he was more gentle and delicate, she loved it just as much.

"This is unlike anything that I've ever experienced before... And it's just... so addicting..." Kurenai Yuuhi thought to her self as she could feel her countdown ticking yet again, "But it's wrong. And... it has to stop..."

"Don't stop, Naruto-kun..." She whimpered, laying her head down onto the mattress to increase the arch in her back, "I'm going to cum again... Please, don't stop..."

"I'm gonna cum, too..." Grunted Naruto, holding tighter onto her hips. This made Kurenai want to bite the sheets below her. Her voice was hoarse from all the moaning and screaming. Naruto's stamina left Kurenai feeling physically exhausted, but she was always game to come back for more.

Naruto continued pounding into her harder and faster, entranced by the waves of jiggling flesh from Kurenai's ass cheeks each time his hips collided with them. Kurenai could have sworn she was going cross-eyed at this point. She was drunk off of lust and desire, not having a care in the world about anything else in particular. All she knew was that she wanted him to fill her up. Over and over again.

"Oh, God... Here it comes...!" Naruto huffed, having similar breathing symptoms of someone who was close to reaching the top of a giant rollercoaster. Kurenai let out a very loud exhale upon hearing this, whimpering as he physically dominated her in the best way possible. Then, with a loud roar, Naruto slammed his hips into her ass one final time, sheathing his erupting manhood into her pussy completely.

"Mmnngghhh, oh shit... Oh shit!" Kurenai exclaimed as she reached her peak as well. The feeling of Naruto emptying himself into her had sent her over, and her toes curled painfully in response. All sense of time and awareness was minimal for the pair as they finished together, gripping tighter at anything they were touching. Naruto had filled her up so much already that another load of his thick hot semen had begun to overfill her, seeping and dripping out what little space existed between Naruto's shaft and her labia.

Once the high died down, Kurenai and Naruto huffed exhaustedly, with a large wet spot formed on the sheets below them. Kurenai herself was in a dazed state, unable to form words for a short while.

"Man... it gets better and better every time..." Naruto sighed, trying his best not to collapse on top of the Jounin in front of him.

"Yeah..." Was all Kurenai could respond with, still very much on Cloud Nine. She then whimpered lowly as Naruto slowly pulled his semi-flaccid dick out of her. More of his white thick fluid dripped down onto the sheets below as he did this.

The blonde Jinchuuriki then collapsed on the bed beside her, still attempting to catch his breath. Kurenai smiled weakly and crawled on top of him, using him as a body pillow.

She giggled lustily, "You owe me for making me have to wash my sheets tonight."

"You owe me for almost giving me a heart attack..." Naruto shot back, making Kurenai giggle again.

"I could say the same for myself. This time was definitely one of the top three." She replied lustily. Before Naruto could give a suggestive response, Kurenai then frowned slightly, "I mean it when I say it this time. No more after this."

Naruto frowned, but nodded in agreement, "Yeah, you're right... I-"

"Ow... shit..."

Naruto and Kurenai both froze in place as they heard a small banging noise, followed by the voice of someone whispering a word of profanity. Things were deathly silent in the room for a good three seconds before Kurenai turned her head to look at her front door, where she heard the source of the noise.

In the doorway revealed none other than Anko Mitarashi, the Tokubetsu Jounin of Konoha, who was also one of Kurenai's closest friends. She was wincing, looking down at the ground before Anko's gaze met Kurenai's, where there was another brief silence in the room.

Anko looked around the room innocently, avoiding eye contact with the red-eyed woman, "Ah... Whoops?"

Naruto looked at Anko as well, and his heart almost launched itself out of his chest.

"Anko?! What the hell?!" Kurenai shouted while Naruto panicked to cover his 'manly' parts from view. He performed this task a bit too hastily, however, as a major misplacement of his hand and weight caused him to land headfirst onto the floorboards below. Kurenai had struggled to cover herself as well, ultimately deciding to use a pillow to cover her most intimate body parts.

"Sorry!" Anko apologized, stepping more into the room, "I was just gonna watch quietly until I banged my toe against the door frame. Y'know, wearing open-toed sandals on a day to day basis seems kind of impractical for us ninja..."

"Get out, you sicko!" Kurenai screeched, eyeing Anko down as if she wanted to murder her. Naruto was still on the floor, barely even conscious.

"Hey, hey! Watch the namecalling! I just happened to peek because I had important information to tell you, but... when I saw what was going on in here, it was kinda hard to look away..." Anko admitted while placing her hands on her hips, smirking slightly.

"Anko, get the HELL out of here! Can't you see we're naked?!" Kurenai repeated, beaming a different pillow at her at remarkable speeds. Anko caught the pillow with ease and scoffed.

"As if I haven't seen you naked before, Kurenai." She said with an eye roll, "Besides, I was watching for quite a while. There aren't any body parts from you both that you can hide from me that I haven't seen already."

Kurenai closed her eyes, taking a very deep breath.

"Anko Mitarashi, if you don't get the hell out of this room in the next five seconds, you will be placed in the most painful, most inescapable genjutsu I know."

Anko smiled at her, "Aww c'mon, Nai-chan! You know you'd never-"

"Five... four... three... two..."

"Okay, okay, I'm going!"

Anko quickly left the room.

By this time, Naruto had already gotten back up, rubbing his head. Kurenai saw this and frowned, "Are you okay, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto nodded, "Yeah... Maybe now would be a good time for me to go?" Naruto offered, clearly embarrassed. Kurenai frowned, but figured that would be best and nodded.

"Come back later tonight, if you can..." She said. However, when Kurenai saw the look on his face, she felt it was necessary to elaborate to prevent any miscommunication, "I-I just want to clear up a few more things that need to be discussed between us... I meant what I said earlier."

Naruto's expression dropped when he heard the seriousness in her voice, but agreed nonetheless, "Okay, sure."

Naruto then searched for his scattered clothing resting in random areas of the apartment. After a few seconds, he found them and got dressed in record time. During this time, Kurenai had found a wine-red robe to cover herself up with. Naruto and Kurenai both walked toward the bedroom window on the side of the bed. They both figured it would be best for him to exiting that way, rather than risking the possibility of Naruto running into Anko, who was likely still outside of the front door.

"I'll see you later, Kurenai-chan." Naruto waved, stepping his leg out of the window. He had unconsciously added the '-chan' suffix to her name, which was something she noticed. It caught her off-guard, even though he had said it a few times while in the heat of the moment their sexual endeavors, but she smiled nonetheless.

She gave him a small but friendly goodbye wave and Naruto exited out the window.

Both of them both began to blush, however, considering they both denied to follow their urges in giving each other a goodbye kiss.

Kurenai stood there for a few more seconds, day-dreaming as she looked at the setting sun. Once coming back to reality, Kurenai had suddenly noticed what she was actually looking at.

"It's sunset?!" She thought incredulously, "How long have we...? How many times did we actually...?!" Kurenai cut off her thoughts with a face-palm, "Kurenai, after today, you're gonna have to learn what it means to have self-restraint."

The red-eyed Jounin shook her head and walked towards her front door. Not giving her any time to react, Kurenai yanked the ear-hustling Jounin on the other side of the door by her arm, into the apartment.

"H-Hey, take it easy!" Anko exclaimed, not expecting Kurenai to do that. Kurenai shut the door and turned to face Anko.

Anko did not have a very long list for the number of people she feared. However, Kurenai made it on that list sometimes, as her best friend was the only person that could strike fear into her heart by giving her a glare like the one Kurenai was currently giving her.

"I'm only going to ask you this once." Kurenai started darkly, "What should stop me from putting you in a genjutsu so powerful that no amount of psychotherapy would be able to repair your whole outlook on reality when I'm done with you?"

Anko gulped and tried her best to charm her way out of this, "Ahaha... Well, for starters, you love me!" Kurenai's glare hardened and she pressed her up against the wall by her neck, making Anko gulp again, "Right...?"

Kurenai snarled, but then huffed. Despite her being a deadly kunoichi while on duty, she couldn't hurt her friends no matter how much they may ask for it.

"Anko, what are you doing here?" Kurenai asked, sighing and letting go of her, "And why would you just barge in here without knocking?"

"Who says I didn't knock?" Anko answered her question with another question, "You two were knocking boots louder than I could knock on this door."

Kurenai blushed and grit her teeth, "That's not an excuse to just come in without my approval, Anko!"

Anko lifted her hands defensively, "Hey, I said sorry! I just had important information I had to tell you!"

"Really?" Kurenai asked in a questioning tone, crossing her arms, "And exactly what is it that's so important for me to know?"

"Ah... I forgot."

Kurenai closed her eyes, wishing she had more arms to facepalm herself with.

"In any case, I gotta be honest Nai-chan, I'm pretty jealous!" Anko stated with a bright smile, "I wish I could find someone that could pound me eight ways from Sunday like that..."

Anko began to fan herself as she thought about it, while Kurenai's blush reddened.

"You weren't supposed to find out about this!" Kurenai grunted, crossing her arms.

"To be fair, you weren't supposed to find out that I was watching you."

"How is that fair?"

Anko changed the subject, "Look, this can be our little secret. I just gotta say that I'm shocked at you... I never thought you'd be the type to find a side-piece, especially not one so young!" She then shrugged, "But hey, given what I just saw, maybe the younger ones are the way to go..."

Kurenai was about to yell at Anko some more, until she looked at the floor sadly, "I didn't find a... 'side-piece'. I'm not the type to cheat."

Anko rose an eyebrow, "Unless somehow you and Asuma broke up, I'm pretty sure that was a textbook example of cheating. I'm not going to shame you about it, all I'm saying is that from what I saw, Naruto was really giving it to you."

Kurenai did not give a physical reaction. Anko only stared until she realized what her silence meant.

"Wait... you and Asuma actually broke up?"

Kurenai slowly nodded.

"Why is that?" Anko asked, mildly surprised, "I thought you two were head-over-heels for each other."

"Asuma dumped me." Said Kurenai sourly, "I assume he did it to be with someone else, seeing as he didn't offer me much explanation as to why."

"Oh." Anko responded, "I can kill him if you want."

Kurenai looked at her friend questioningly. It was eerie how casually she offered to just kill someone on her behalf, "Anko, no. I don't want him dead."

"I can torture him." She offered, "Or I can find out who the other woman is and torture her. Or I can just torture them both."

Kurenai wondered why murder and torture was the first thing Anko offered to do to ease Kurenai's pain. Most normal people would just invite them out to eat, or have fun.

But, of course, Anko was very far from being a 'normal' person.

"Anko, I don't want revenge of any kind. Especially not in a way that can land either of us in a jail cell."

"Who says we'll end up in a jail cell?" Asked Anko, "Have you forgot who you're talking to? I know enough to know how to literally get away with murder. Being in the TI department has its perks, I assure you."

Kurenai shook her head, "That's not the point. Asuma can go about his business as he pleases. He's done with me, and I'm done with him. I think it'd be best if we just stay out of each other's way at this point."

"Alright." Anko shrugged, "But if you change your mind, just know that I got your back."

Kurenai smiled, touched that her friend was there for her enough to hunt down anyone that may have done her wrong, despite how unethical the methods may have been.

"So when did the asshole decide to dump you?" Anko asked, sitting on her bed, making sure to avoid any fresh 'stains' lingering about.

"A few days ago."

Anko nodded, giving her an impressed expression, "Well, shit, you did a good job at finding a rebound. Not only does he seem godly in bed, but you found him in only a few days? You're my hero, Kurenai."

"Naruto isn't a rebound." Kurenai responded quickly, "We weren't even supposed to do what we did... We had met up in a bar and we just started talking, and then... I don't really remember much after that up until we woke up."

Anko blinked, "Not gonna lie, Kurenai, that sounds a lot like you were looking for a rebound." She stated bluntly, "I mean, meeting in a bar, getting drunk, and then screwing? People tend to go to bars just to find someone to romp after a bad break up."

One of the few things that Kurenai disliked about Anko was how often she called her out on things, "Yes, but... I didn't plan for it to happen like that. It just... happened."

Anko's eyebrow was still raised, "Wait, so you two screwed last night, and then again today? Was he really that good?"

"Saying he was just 'good' would be an insult to him..." Kurenai responded with a slightly dazed expression, before shaking her head to realize what she was even saying, "I-I mean... it wasn't really something I planned to happen today, either..."

Anko's smirk was as wide as its ever been all day, "Nai-chan, we're friends. You can be honest with me. You wanted to screw him again and again because you have needs. Needs that Asuma probably wasn't able to tend to properly."

Kurenai said nothing, only blushing again.

Anko began to chuckle, "It's alright, I assure you. As long as nobody is getting hurt, you can do whatever it is your horny little mind tells you to do."

Kurenai looked at her and sneered slightly, but looked down immediately after, "It's just that... Naruto and I both are going through a lot right now. Maybe I'll tell you more at some point, but right now I think I'd like to have some time with myself to think." Kurenai insisted, trying not to think about Naruto's situation nor her own. Eventually, Kurenai would tell her more in depth in regards to what was going on, but there was currently too much happening right now for her to try and make sense of it all enough to explain it to someone else.

"You're gonna rub one more out, aren't you?" Anko accused with a childish grin, "You lusty ol' gal, you. I don't know how many times you both screwed prior to me arriving, but if you keep going at this rate, you're gonna desensitize yourself eventually."

"Get the hell out of here." Kurenai said flatly, pushing her friend towards the door. Anko only laughed, not fighting against her.

"I understand, Kurenai. I'm probably gonna go home and flick the bean myself. I'm not gonna lie, I almost started to do it before you guys caught me."

Kurenai began to question exactly how she and Anko ever became friends, "You were going to masturbate to us?" Kurenai asked incredulously.

"I'm just sayin'... What you both did was hotter than any porn video in my collection. I definitely have some good spank bank material for later, that's for sure."

"You're such a perv!"

"Hey, you're the one who got screwed in, like, seven different positions today. I didn't even know you were that flexible."

"Goodbye, Anko." Kurenai reached the door and pushed her friend out of it. Anko turned around and placed her foot in the door before Kurenai could close it, still grinning.

"And hey, you really did hit the jackpot, by the way. Naruto has a really big dick for someone his age, and Konoha isn't exactly known for having the most 'gifted' men. I meant it when I said I was jealous."

"GET OUT." Kurenai grunted firmly, pushing Anko away from the door, then slamming it.

Anko only began laughing to herself, "I knew she wasn't as innocent as she let on. That girl is a freak."

The purple-haired tomboy then placed her hands in her trench coat pockets and began to whistle a tune as she left Kurenai's apartment, wondering what she wanted to eat for lunch.

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