Brotherhood of E-Class Assassins @crusherboy93
Chapter 1

It was a normal day for Nagisa Shiota in the City of Kyoto, if normal was being held against his will at a Facility full of people trying to access the Memories of his Ancestors. He, along with Isogai, Megu, Toka, Kayano, Fuwa, Sugino, Maehara, Takebayashi, and Kanazki, were taken by this company called Abstergo Industries to be put into a device called the Animus. The People who ran the Facility had them run through different eras in time, Nagisa saw a lot of ancient Japan, but he also did some time in the Wild west, and the American Revolutionary war fighting as an Assassin under Connor Kenway. When Morning came, a Guard banged on Nagisa's Door and said, "Breakfast time Subject NS0720." Nagisa groaned as he got up and followed the Guard. In the mess hall, Nagisa sat with his friends that Abstergo also kidnapped as well after he got his food.

"So does anyone know where they'll be sent today?" Yuma asked the Group. but no one could give an answer, it was just the beginning of another Day in Abstergo. That was when Yada said, "Yesterday they had me go to France during Napoleon's time as Emperor." Then Megu said, "I was in Britain during the time of the seven years war." That was when Nagisa said, "Well I was in Feudal Japan tracking down a Templar Agent." That was when someone said through the intercom, "Will Subject NS0720 report to Animus station 3." Nagisa placed his fork down and said, "Can't a guy get a decent meal before being forced to do work." Then a guard shoved Nagisa and said, "Move it Subject NS0720." Nagisa growled as he walked away from his friends that to the Abstergo staff were the following, Yuma Isogai was subject YI1113. Megu Kataoka was Subject MK0615. Toka Yada was TY0801. Kaede Kayano was Subject KK1109, and despite being the sister to Aguri, she was still subject to Being a Subject. Yuzuki Fuwa was Subject YK0209. Tomohito Sugino was Subject TH0823. Hiroto Maehara was Subject HM1206. Kotaro Takebayashi was Subject KT0129. Last but not least, Yukiko Kanzaki was YK0303. All of them were being held prisoner by Abstergo Industries.

Nagisa Shiota was led into a Room where a bed like Device with the outline of a person was in it. There was also a woman wearing a Lab Coat holding a clipboard and she said, "Hello Nagisa, are you ready to begin?" Nagisa nodded his head and said, "Yes Miss. Yukimura. But what I'm still trying to figure out is why they have your sister as a Subject here? Couldn't you have tried to stop it." Aguri Yukimura sighed and said, "Believe Nagisa when I say that I've tried to make them release Kayano. But enough talk, they're sending you to Japan at the time of America's first arrival." Nagisa nodded his head and laid down in the Animus as Aguri said, "Sequencing in 3...2...1… Initiating sequencing." Nagisa was then plunged into the waiting world of the Animus and was there for a minute before the world Materialized.

Nagisa saw that he was in Japan, at his guess the mid 1830's. He looked like a more rough older version of himself and was sitting in an Inn at the bar when a American walked in and sat down next to him. The American said to the innkeeper, "Sake please." The Innkeeper nodded his head and poured the American a cup of Sake. After taking a sip, the American said, "You Goto Tadahisa?" as Nagisa got a piece of data on the person he was reliving the memory of, he nodded his head and asked "Are you John?" Nagisa got a piece of Information ong John as The American nodded his head and said, "I am. Pleasure to meet you brother." John then extended his head and Tadahisa shook it. John then said, "I must speak with your Master, I have information we need to act on immediately." Tadahisa nodded his head and the two assassins walked out.

Along the way, Tadahisa asked John, "what is the information?" John told him, "With the Templars nearly defeated in America, they've sent people here to try and start a rite here. My master has sent me here to get help from the Japanese brotherhood to stop them." Tadahisa asked how many Templars were they dealing with and John said, "About a Dozen. These Templars are the deadliest Templars, we call them the twelve Noosemen. They like lynching Assassins and suspected assassins for fun." Then Aguri's voice came in and she said, "The twelve Noosemen were deadly Templar Agents, records did show that they traveled to Japan disguised as Union Soldiers and snuck off to form the Japanese Rite of the Templar Order, they lost all but two members since arriving in Japan." Tadahisa then said, "These twelve noosemen sound like they like to hang people." John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, they are mostly from the south and they've hung a lot of blacks who they suspected to be Assassins and no one but the Assassins care for them. We've tried to make sure that the Templars were all defeated in America, but when we found out that the twelve Noosemen were coming to Japan to start the Japanese Rite of the Templar Order, I was sent here to ask the Japanese Brotherhood for assistance."

"I see, will, we'll help in any way we can, but right now we're close on finding a piece of Eden." Tadahisa told John. They then walked a little bit more before arriving at an ancient Castle that had the banners of the Assassins on the inner walls. Tadahisa and John looked around and saw Assassin Initiates training as John said, "Seems you are in the light then most brotherhoods." That was when Tadahisa said, "Well the Emperor is Sympathetic to our cause so we're more open about our presence. We have some of our best assassin's protecting the Emperor, so as long as he's alive, we can be in the light." John nodded his head as he and Tadahisa walked into the main building. Inside, Tadahisa and John were about to speak to the Master Assassin on the Japanese Brotherhood when something happened and Nagisa was in the wild west looking through at the memory of Joe MacDonald, an American Cowboy Assassin in the midwest a year after the Civil war ended as he was getting thrown out of a Saloon.

"What just happened?" asked a voice Nagisa didn't recognize. Then Aguri's voice came through and she said, "I don't know, some kind of glitch caused the scenario to change." Then the first voice said, "Well, let's see where this leads us." Joe MacDonald got up and wiped his lower lip as another Cowboy walked out and said, "Shouldn't have played Cards pal." Then Joe MacDonald said, "Shouldn't have cheated… pal." The other Cowboy growled as he threw another punch, but Joe dodged it and placed the Cowboy on his ass as the Sheriff walked up and arrested the one Cowboy. Joe then walked back into the Saloon and sat at the bar as he ordered a glass of Whiskey. Soon a working Lady strolled up to him and said, "What brings you into town, stranger?" Joe said, "I'm Looking for an acquaintance of mine." The Lady saw that Assassin's Logo inside Joe's hand and said, "hayth yatabie alrijal alakharun alhaqa bishakl 'aemaa , tudhkar…"

"la shay' sahihun." replied Joe. The lady smiled and said, "Pleasure to finally meet you Mr. MacDonald, my name is Heather Addison, call me Heather." Heather then extended her hand to Joe, and he gladly shook it before he whispered, "We heard you found something we've been searching for." Heather nodded her head and said, "I did, but first, you look like you could use some relaxation, if you know what I mean?" but before Joe could Answer, Nagisa was thrown back to Japan as Tadahisa and John finished talking to the Master Assassin and were exiting the Castle. Tadahisa looked at John and said, "I'll see you at the Rendezvous so we can take down the first Templar together as a team." John nodded his head and said, "of course, I'll see you there brother." Afterwards, Nagisa got pulled out of the Animus as Miss. Yukamura when she said, "Sorry to pull you out but it's time for lunch."

Nagisa grabbed his tray and sat down with his friends again and began to quickly eat his food. Yuma asked where everyone was and Toka said, "This time I was in the Wild west looking through this one woman having sex with this cowboy, after he ordered a glass of whiskey, named Joe MacDonald." Nagisa almost choked on a Ham Sandwich he was eating, causing concern to form in his classmates, toka Especially. Tomohito asked Nagisa, "You okay man?" Nagisa nodded his head and said, "Yeah, hey Toka…" After Toka responded, Nagisa asked, "Was the woman you were looking through, was her name Heather Addison?" Toka nodded her head and asked Nagisa, "How did you know?" Nagisa said, "I started out in Japan during the arrival of the United States and I met this American Assassin named John, we were about to talk to the Master Assassin of the Japanese Brotherhood when a Glitch happened and I was reliving the Memory of Joe MacDonald, the same Joe MacDonald from your memory."

"WHAT?!" Shouted Toka as her face turned a dark red blush. Nagisa turned a lighter red as Maehara jokingly said, "Maybe it's a sign that you two should be a couple." getting death glares from the two people in question.

Meanwhile; the Teacher of E-Class, Korosensei, was in a bar in southern Kyoto when a man with a hood walked in and sat next to him. After ordering a glass of Sake, the man said, "It's good to see you old friend, despite the Circumstances and your current Appearance, but I recognize your presence anywhere." Korosensei then said, "Ah Eagle vision, how I miss it. But I'm glad you got here as quickly as you did John, we have a Situation." Taking a sip of his Sake, John looked at Korosensei and asked, "What's up Sone, or did you want me to call you Korosensei?" Korosensei said that his Human name was fine before saying, "Ten of my students have been captured by the Templars to be forced into finding pieces of Eden." John nodded his head and said, "I see, this could be troubling for the Order, did you see them get taken?"

"I did not, but we have people on the inside of the Facility they're in." replied Korosensei. John nodded his head and said, "Okay, I'll gather a team to get them out, I need their names so we know who to grab." Sone then slid a file over to John and said, "The names and faces of the ten students they have." John took the file and opened it up as he said, "So are the ones you've been giving special lessons ready?" Sone nodded his head and said, "Yes, they all show great Potential to become a Master Assassin like the two of us." John nodded his head again before closing the file and finishing his Sake. John then stood up and said, "Think two of them can handle Recon for us, we need to know what we're up against and I'll be too busy gathering the rescue team."

"Of course, I'll send Nakamura and Terasaka, experts on staying in the shadows." said Sone. John smiled as he placed a Vial on the table and said, "For you to keep yourself from blowing up, consider it a gift from the American Brotherhood." Sone nodded his head as John walked out of the bar. Back in the Facility, Naigsa finished eating and was back in the Animus as Tadahisa. Tadahisa was on top of a building looking down at a Local Fishing town and that's when he saw one of The Twelve Noosemen. An American woman by the name of Amanda Garcia. A Templar that uses her good looks to coerce people into doing what she wants as well as make Assassins unfocused. Soon Amanda was joined by a few Templar guards as a mission Objective appeared on the screen's top left corner for Nagisa to see.

Primary Objective: Assassinate Amanda Garcia.

Secondary Objective A: Don't get discovered

Secondary Objective B: Take out Templar soldiers protecting Amanda first.

(A.N.: I did this bit for the full Synchronization part of the games. Don't judge me.) Tadahisa looked at the building across from the one he was on and saw John looking at Amanda as well before looking at Tadahisa and using Hand signals, John said, "Stick to the rooftops, let's take the Templar soldiers out from behind, then you kill Amanda." Tadahisa nodded his head and he and John began to run across the Rooftops before John pointed to one Templar Soldier who had fallen behind and was under a Roof that Tadahisa was on. Using his Eagle Vision, Tadahisa positioned himself over the Templar and using a Snare Trap, lowered it behind the Templar. Right as the templar turned around and Tadahisa felt a small tug, he ran down the other side of the building and pulled the Templar soldier onto the roof while also snapping his neck. Tadahisa then got back on the roof and continued to sneak up on Amanda and her remaining Bodyguards. Soon another glitch happened and Nagisa was back in the wild west as Joe MacDonald, who was on a horse riding alongside Heather Addison hunting down a templar named Jack 'Wild Hog' Ward as Nagisa's Mission changed and the voice from before said, "Another Glitch?!"

Primary Objective: Assassinate Jack Ward.

Secondary Objective: Free captured Indian tribesmen.

As Joe MacDonald rode up to Heather, he said, "SO how does it feel to be a full fledged Assassin?" Heather looked at him and said, "Feels good, and I'm glad we're getting rid of those damn Templar, they've been a plague on the West since they took over." Soon the two stopped and got off their Horses. Using a pair of binoculars each, they peered into the Templar encampment. They saw captured Indian tribesmen and Jack Ward himself. A file of jack ward appeared on Nagisa's screen.

Soon Joe MacDonald and Heather Addison pulled on their Hoods and did a leap of faith into a pile of Hay at the bottom. Heather got out first, followed by Joe. Sneaking through the encampment, Heather asked Joe to take out the sentry in the tower, he obliged her and stealthily killed the Sentry before he could raise any alarms. Joe then took up position to cover Heather as a thunderstorm rolled in As the Thunder crashed, Joe took out the farthest Sentry. Soon all the Sentries were taken out and Joe made his way down from the tower. Joe then joined heather as she freed the captured Indian tribesmen. Soon Heather was shot in the shoulder and Joe shouted, "TOKA, I mean Heather!" Joe ran to heather as their target, Jack 'Wild Hog' Ward, walked out from behind a water tower and he said, "Joe MacDonald, you're a dead man for coming into this Encampment, the templars will celebrate my victory over you."

Joe pulled out his six shooter and said, "Go to hell Templar dick!" Joe then fired at Jack before ducking behind cover and told Heather, "Wait here, I'll be back for you." Heather nodded her head and got her gun and hidden blade ready. Joe then charged at Jack as he readied his hidden blade and dodged the gun fire from Jack 'Wild Hog' Ward. Joe climbed into a Wagon and fired a few shots at Jack, getting him in the arm. Joe then pulled out his assassin Sword and swung at Jack. Afterwhich, he pulled out his own sword and the two dueled. Jack was getting the upper hand and was about to kill Joe, but was shot in the chest by Heather. Heather walked over to Joe and Jack as she said, "That was for my father."

"Ah, Henry Addison, he was a worthy foe, but the assassin got what was coming to him." Jack said to Heather. Then Heather said, "your Templar order will not win this war, we will make sure of that." Jack then said, "I see, but you're too late, we are close to finding a piece of Eden." Heather then pulled her hidden blade out and stabbed Jack in the heart, finally ending his life. Heather then walked over to Joe and said, "Let me help you up good sir." Joe chuckled before standing up with Heather's help. Joe then pulled Heather into a quick kiss before he said, "Thanks for helping me out, I'll be sure to return the favor." Heather blushed before the two walked out of the canyon, hand in hand.

Primary Objective: Assassinate Jack Ward. (Completed)

Secondary Objective: Free captured Indian Tribesmen. (Completed)

Status: Perfect Synchronization.

Nagisa was then pulled out of the Animus as he saw someone walk away and Miss. Yakamura said to him, "Supper time Nagisa." Nagisa nodded his blushing head and walked to the Cafe as another Scientist, a british man by the name Ralphy Mccarthy, walked up to Miss. Yukimura and said, "What was with those glitches?" and Yukimua said, "I don't know Ralphy, I tried to get Nagisa to do the Goto Tadahisa memory, but it kept going to Joe MacDonald's memories. I don't like what's happening here." Mccarthy then said, "I know Aguri, but we must do this. We need Nagisa to endure the bleeding effect so we can get them all out of here."

Back with Nagisa, he just sat down next to Kayano with the rest of their friends and Toka sat next to him blushing as well. Maehara saw that and said, "What's wrong with you two? Did you guys kiss while in the Animus?" Toka gulped before she looked at Nagisa and asked, "Did the glitch happen again?" Nagisa stared at his tray as he nodded his head softly, making Toka blush darker. Their friends looked at them before Megu said, "What happened?" Nagisa and Toka looked at each other before looking back at their friends and Nagisa said, "I was in the middle of a mission to assassinate a Templar woman by the name of Amanda Garcia, but my station glitched again to where I was Joe MacDonald again and he was riding with Heather Addison to assassinate Jack 'Wild Hog' Ward, we killed him, but after freeing captured Indian Tribesmen."

"After we freed the captured Indian Tribesmen, Heather got shot by Jack and Joe went to kill him. They were wielding swords and Jack was about to kill Joe but Heather shot Jack in the chest and then stabbed him in the heart. After that, Heather helped Joe up and then Joe pulled her into a quick kiss." said Toka, making most of those drinking spit out their drinks. Nagisa then said, "But after Heather got shot, Joe shouted Toka's name before he corrected himself and shouted Heather's name." Toka blushed. The rest of their friends giggled as Maehara said, "Nice man, we might have a couple in the future." getting a glare from Toka and Nagisa. Outside the Facility, however, two figures hung from trees as they looked through a pair of binoculars. One figure said to the other, "Looks like they are heavily fortified in the front. Do they expect us to mount a frontal Assault Terasaka?"

"Maybe, but that's pretty stupid of them Nakamura." Replied Terasaka. Terasaka then looked to his left and said, "I see a vent access point, perfect for the rescue team to get in and free our friends." Nakamura looked to the left then down and said, "It's also above the loading Docks. If we manage to get control of one of their Vans, we might be able to get them out that way." Terasaka nodded his head and said, "Let's move to the other side, see what we can find." Nakamura nodded her head and the two moved to the second position as they gathered intel for John and his team of Assassins to rescue Nagisa and the others.

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