Harry Potter and the Gemini Curse @ghostandmiracle42
Act VI, Chapter 10

Act VI, Chapter 10: Epilogue

12th of May 2012: Atlantis, Earth.

Harry strode into the control room in a mild fit of panic as alarms rang out across Atlantis.

"What's happening?"

Astoria spun around in her seat as Lavender cast an image to the largest screen hovering over the console.

"Two minutes ago, a wormhole opened up in New York City, and now it seems aliens are invading the city," Hermione said matter of factly. Harry stared at the image feed from a security camera, pointed at Stark Tower. There was indeed a giant shimmering blue wormhole open in the sky, and aliens were pouring out of it on flying speeders.


"No, sir."

"Kree? Skrull?"

"Neither. They appear to be a species we haven't encountered yet."

"Okay. The shields?"

"Fully active, sir," Colin Creevey stated, bringing up a live satellite feed of Manhattan, "The cloak is operating at full efficiency. It would take some serious tech to find us, even if they did know we were here."

"Good, do we have any…"

A beeping sound signalled the appearance of another holo-screen, and five seconds later, Claire O'Neill's face appeared.

"Atlantis, this is the Alcheringa Central Tower, do you read?"

"We hear you, Claire. Are you seeing this?"

"You bet your ass…"

Another beeping heralded a video feed of T'Challa and Shuri.

"Harry! Are you…"

"Yes, we're watching it."

Harry turned to Astoria.

"Have you called…"

"MJ has barricaded the Sanctum Sanctorum, but Peter isn't there. He's somewhere out in the Multiverse dealing with a family of Spider-serial killers or something. Not sure of the details."

"Luke and Danny?"

"Still off-world, sir."

"Lavender, threat level red. I want contact from every registered wizard in Manhattan. Astoria, Demelza, we need a plan for containing these… whatever they are, and we need it yesterday."

Astoria and Demelza looked up from their consoles and nodded, as did Lavender.

"Colin…" Another buzzing filled the room.

"Incoming audio from Jean," Hermione announced, pulling it up.

Oh, thank Merlin.

The transporter door opened, and Ginny and their thirteen-year-old twin daughters – Lily Luna and Jessica Ruby – rushed out.

"Dad! What's going…" Jessica began voice belaying her excitement, but Jean's voice spoke over the top of her.

"Atlantis, this is Jean Grey, do you read?"

Harry slammed his hand down on the audio connection.

"Jean! We read you! Do you have any idea…"

"Yeah. A pretty good one actually. Look it's a long story, and I don't really have time to tell it in full right now, but the cliff notes version is that this Asgardian alien guy named Loki – who has a fixation with horned helmets for some reason – has used an alien thingo called the Tesseract to open a portal for an invasion of space monsters into New York. I'm on my way to NYC right now with Loki's brother Thor – also an Asgardian, sans the helmet fetish – Iron Man, Supergirl, Captain America – yes he's alive, no I don't have time to go into it now – and a couple of new friends I've made here at S.H.I.E.L.D. We're going to contain this thing and secure the Tesseract, but it's imperative you don't help us!"

"Why not?" Ginny asked, pushing Harry aside.

"The guy Loki is working for, Thanos, the Phoenix thinks he's testing us. Which means this assault is just him testing the waters. You have to let the Avengers handle it. Thanos cannot know that Atlantis is on Earth, about the Wizarding World, or the Source. If he does, and he tries to attack Earth again, he'll have contingencies for you!"

"The Avengers?" Ginny asked with a raised eyebrow. Harry couldn't help but chuckle himself, thinking back to his old friends.

"Yeah. It's what Fury, he's the S.H.I.E.L.D Director, called us. It's kind of cool."

Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He looked to Claire and T'Challa. Both were waiting for his lead.

"Okay, Phoenix. We'll let you handle it. But if these guys get outside New York, I'm marshalling the biggest army since Voldemort."

"Thanks, Harry. We won't let you down."

Harry glanced to the live stream just in time to see a lightning bolt collide with Stark Tower, and a figure wreathed in fire zoom past the camera and blast dozens of aliens out of the sky in one shot.

"She's so cool," Lily whispered in awe. She was a big nerd.

That's when the groaning started. It was like a wheezing sound, and it was coming from the Gate Room. Harry and Ginny both looked over the rail and gasped as a blue telephone box labelled police materialised in the middle of the room. A dozen wizards ran up to it, drawing their wands. Harry felt goosebumps flare on his arms. Someone had embraced the Source.

This is legit the worst timing.

That's it, isn't it? The Tardis. Which means…

The door opened, and Ghost stepped out, hands above his head, looking exactly the same as Harry remembered him.

"You're late," Harry called from atop the balcony. Ghost locked onto him and grinned.

"A Traveller is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to." He winked at them slyly.

"Two years. It's been two years since Taylor Swift released Enchanted. I don't care if you quote Gandalf or Aristotle, you're still late."

Ghost shrugged, "Does it really matter?"

Harry sighed. It didn't really. Something barrelled into his leg, shoving him out of the way.

"OH, MY MERLIN! It's the Tardis!" Lily jumped backward and grabbed Jessica's arm.

"Come on, Jess!"

"Damn it, Lily!"

Jessica and Lily were perfectly identical twins. They had their mother's hair, their fathers' eyes, and their Uncle Fred and Uncle George's temperament. And they were both little geniuses, as far as Harry was concerned at least. They had a habit of switching identities on the unsuspecting, but Harry and Ginny could always tell them apart. The only others who could were those who'd mastered the Source – a precious few indeed.

Harry laughed and turned to his wife, who was giving him a slightly bemused look.

"Don't let the world fall apart while I'm gone?"

Ginny rolled her eyes, "I do a better job of it than you," she said pointedly, and Harry had to admit she was right.

Harry sighed and walked down the stairs. Lily was begging Ghost to take her back in time so she could kill Shakespeare, while Jessica was picking his pocket. Miracle was leaning against the door, sighing.

"What do I keep telling you?" Harry asked pointedly, glaring at his daughters. They both turned to him with guilty expressions.

"Not to inflict grievous bodily harm on those who can't heal themselves unless it's absolutely necessary." They said in harmony. They had to repeat that phrase quite often.

"But Dad…" Lily complained, "Romeo and Juliet sucks! Can't I at least go back and tell him to write it better?"

"Why do you get to go?" Jessica pouted.

"To see your Grandmother and give myself a long-awaited pep talk." He winked at them, then nudged them aside, so Ghost and Miracle could re-enter the Time Machine. Harry followed after them, bound for the past.

1998 – A few days after Voldemort's defeat.

Ginny stood in the Laundry of the Home, a piece of paper clutched in her hand. The letter was bespelled so that only she could see the contents, but that didn't make Ginny feel any better about it.


Don't let Harry see this.

I've just completed my work on a protective spell that will ensure Harry makes it to the future. I've hidden this letter in a secret compartment within the Home and rendered it invisible to anyone but you. I may have stolen one of your baby hairs. Sorry.

I suppose the first thing I need to do is say thank you. Thank you for everything you've done for Harry. I can never repay you for all the love you've given him. I knew the second I heard him speak about you that he was utterly in love with you, and I know that you'll stand beside him when the night is darkest, and even further. Exactly how I know this I'll explain eventually. You gave him what I failed to, a family. Someone who cares about him more than anything else in the world. Knowing you'll be there to save him, in more ways than one, is the main reason I can let myself go through with what has to happen on Halloween, three days from now.

I'm going to die. It's going to happen on October 31st, 1981. Voldemort will be destroyed, if temporarily, and James and I will die in the process. I've been putting this off for a long time, but I finally have to face my fate.

But there is something I need you to do for me before I can do it.

In the Home, behind the washing machine in the laundry, you'll find a tile with the Aquarius Rune scratched into it. (It's the room James and Sirius never go into). Push the tile."

Ginny had moved the washing machine easily. It had taken her a minute, but she eventually found the scratch mark. Taking a deep breath, she pushed the tile. A rectangular section of the wall transfigured from tile to smooth metal. The doors slid open, revealing a muggle elevator.

"When you're inside, press the green button."

That had been the next line. She stepped inside, and the doors slid closed softly. There was a green button on the wall at arm height. Resigned to whatever it was she was doing, Ginny pressed the button. The elevator jolted and began to descend.

She counted thirty seconds before the doors opened again. She stepped out a metal gangway, and her jaw fell open.

Ginny was standing on a metal walkway some ten metres above the floor below. The walls, floor and roof were all gunmetal grey, and muggle lights hung along the ceiling, illuminating the bunker. Bunker was the perfect word to describe the place.

Dominating the floor below was a giant circular platform raised about a metre above the ground on three legs. A set of stairs led up to the platform itself, which seemed to be made of glass. Beneath the covering was a network of gears, wires and pipes, but in the very centre was a black and white disc divided by a sinuous line, perhaps a metre wide. Around the edge of the platform were the 39 runes on the Gateway in Atlantis. Hanging directly above was a giant crystal, fixed firmly to the roof.

The metal walkway Ginny was standing on surrounded the whole room, with a staircase that led down to the main floor. But along the walls next to the gangway were a series of about fifteen blackboards covered in chalk drawings. Through the middle of each board ran a thick white chalk line that crossed from one board to the next.

"Wow…" she whispered, making sure to keep her bond to Harry tightly closed. He was doing something with Kingsley concerning the reconstruction of the Ministry she thought. Her curiosity getting the better of her, she approached the first blackboard and began to read as she walked along.

It was a timeline. A timeline of events dating back thousands of years. The writer, whom Ginny assumed was Lily, had scribbled events and notes along the line, some written firmly, others fainter, smudged or crossed out, as if she hadn't been certain. Ginny didn't recognise most, if any of the dates, but the timeline went back far further than the current counting of years. In fact, the calendar went as far back as 25,000 thousand years ago. In the top corner of each board was a number from 1 to 7, though these had been erased and rewritten as well.

The three boards closest to Ginny, the first in the sequence, were all blank. The fourth board finally had a few notes on it. "Time of peace, post major conflict. Flight of the Elves? Temporal alignment uncertain. Possible Elvish city (Imladris?) near present-day Alps? Follow up, destroyed in Fifth Age 3810. Minas Tirith still a metropolis. Platform accuracy poor." There was a rough sketch of two trees in the bottom corner. "The Devastation," was written at the edge of the board in a shaky hand.

Right on the corner of the wall, on a board labelled with the number '5', Lily had noted the arrival of the Ancients on Earth. In extreme detail, she'd documented the construction of cities, the evolution of early human civilisation, and an account of the plague that had eventually kill the Ancients. As a side note, she'd written, "I'm immune to the plague, not sure why."

The next seven boards were all marked with the number 6, and she finally began to recognise some of the events dotted on the timeline. It tracked the history of human evolution from Ancient Greece all the way to World War 2. On the board after that, in bold letters with a circle around it, was the date 'October 31, 1981 – My Death'. Ginny breathed a sigh of relief when she realised almost everything after that date had been erased. Lily had planned ahead in that regard. The next point was 'December 23, 1997: Voldemort's Death'. Followed by, 'September 11, 2001: World Trade Centre Disaster', 'July 12, 2004: President Matson's Assassination', 'November 3, 2006: Phoenix Force reaches Earth', 'October 16th, 2007: Supergirl Debuts', 'October 25, 2010: Iron Man announcement', 'May 4, 2012: Chitauri Invasion of New York', May 6, 2015: Ultron Incident', 'June 2016: Superhero Civil War', 'April 23, 2018: The Snap'.

The next board had been erased. Everything except the large number '7' in the top corner, and a note. 'November 6, 2024 – December 25, 2035: The War of Power'.

That was the last entry. All the other boards were blank. Ginny, taking a shaky breath, looked back to the letter.

"On the ground floor is a computer. Set the coordinates to 2'13'4'4700. Take one of the orientation badges from the locker above the computer, make sure the codes match, stand on the platform and tap the green button on the badge."

The computer nestled in a corner under the stairs was older than any Ginny had ever seen. It was massive, heavy-looking and the glass – if it was glass – was cracked and faded. Fortunately, it still turned on. It took a good five minutes, but it did. When the computer did activate, a green screen with rough, pixelated lettering appeared.

'Enter coordinates: _'.

She typed out what Lily had written, and the keys made a clacking echo in the room. She tapped the enter key, and lines of code began rolling across the screen. A loud groan rumbled through the room, and the walkway over her head began to vibrate. The platform had begun to glow with red light, and the gears were grinding beneath the glass floor.

'Come on, Gin. It's not like this is the stupidest thing you've done after all.' Chiding herself for being a coward, Ginny took a small, circular, silver metal device from the metal locker above the desk. It fit snugly in the palm of her hand and had a blue screen that displayed the same numbers Ginny had entered into the computer. On the side of the device were two thin buttons, coloured red and green.

Sighing, she walked across the room and up the steps to the platform. The gears were all spinning and whirling beneath her now, and the Yin-Yang symbol was revolving around itself. The humming continued. Ginny took a deep breath, closed one eye, and pressed the green button.

She only had the briefest second to register the feel of the Source fill the giant crystal above her head, before the ground vanished beneath her feet, and she was pulled into a vortex of red and blue light.

It was over as soon as it started. One second she was standing on the platform, the next she was on green grass, blue sky overhead.

The connection through the Gemini Rune winked out of existence. It wasn't like the previous times they'd been separated. There was no coldness or loneliness. It just… wasn't. Ginny snapped her wrist, and the Ancient Armour morphed around her body, her wand shooting into her grip.

She was standing in a garden. A gorgeous garden. The trees around her stretched higher than any she'd ever seen before, trefoil-shaped leaves stretched out from hundreds of branches, drinking up the sunlight. The trees seemed to give off a sense of peace and tranquillity. On some branches, gold and silver flowers bloomed, glowing as if with a light of their own. The sun was past its zenith, slowly sliding towards a hidden horizon. A soft breeze caressed her hair and cheeks. In the sky above her was a set of silver spires she'd recognise anywhere. She was in Atlantis. On the south-east pier, the one that had once been a park. Had she been sent into the past?

Ginny wasn't sure how long she walked through the garden, but she didn't think it was very long. Eventually, she entered a large clearing, dominated by a statue that towered over her head. It was a man and woman, wearing flowing robes and cloaks, standing on a circular disk divided between black and white by a sinuous line. The man stood on the white teardrop, the woman on the black. Their hands were clasped together, free hands held palm up to the sky. Their gazes were fixed on something in the distance. Behind the statue was the side of a large curved dome with walls of a pearly white.

But the features that drew her gaze were the lightning bolt-shaped scar on the man's forehead and the Gemini Runes in black on the backs of both figures necks.

'Where the hell am I?'

Ginny stepped cautiously up to the statue and ran a hand over the raised bronze plaque in front of it. It wasn't in English.

"It says, 'Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Potter, eternal guardians of the City of Servants, to whom we owe the World. To them, the Hall owes an infinite debt that can never be repaid, though we strive to emulate their majesty day after day and will until the end of time.'"

Ginny knew the voice that spoke behind her. She'd heard it more times than she should have, given its owner had been dead for sixteen years. Turning around, Ginny laid eyes on a short woman with blood-red hair. She was dressed in robes of pure white, not unlike those on the statue. The cloak she wore over the top was pitch black and seemed to ripple in the soft wind. Around her neck hung a simple silver necklace, with a pendant in the shape of the black and white disk. On her collar was a golden badge in the shape of the Home Rune. Her hair was tied up with a white ribbon, and her vivid green eyes gleamed in the sunlight.

"Lily," Ginny stated simply.

The woman, who didn't look much older than Ginny herself did, laughed, before pulling Ginny into a hug reminiscent of Ginny's own mother's.

They stood there for an eternity, held in the embrace of the other, until finally, Lily stepped back, tears sliding down her cheeks.

"Thank you. Thank you for everything you did for him." Lily took a deep breath through her tears and giggled as she tried to wipe her tears away.

"I promised myself I wasn't going to cry," she admitted with a grin. Ginny, a bubbling sort of glee in her chest, pulled Lily down to sit on the statue's pedestal. That was when she saw what the statues were pointing at. Floating in the sky was a giant sphere, hovercrafts and jets circling around it. The sun reflected off the surface, casting rays of golden light into an ocean that stretched as far as the eye could see. There didn't seem to be anything holding the sphere in the sky at all.

"What is this place?" She whispered, mostly to herself.

"This is the Garden of Servants here in Atlantis, Capital City of the United Federation of Planets – a confederation that spans over 150 planets. That," Lily gestured to the floating sphere, "is the Sharom, the galaxy's foremost institution for research into Magic, the Source and Advanced Technology."

Ginny gave Lily a side-eye.

"You're shiting me."

"Nope," Lily said, grinning like the cat that caught the canary, "humanity figured out how to use the Source to power faster than light engines not long after the... well, that's not the point."

Ginny swallowed and tried to still her shaking hands.

"Okay, new question. When are we?" Lily laughed again.

"This is the year 3318 of the Fourth Millennium. That's the 44th century in normal terms, little under two and a half thousand years since Voldemort's Death." Ginny blanched.

"Congrats. You've got one hell of a legacy. Parents tell their children the legend of Harry and Ginny Potter, finders of Atlantis, destroyers of the Dark Lord Voldemort, founders of the Hall of Servants and five-time saviours of the World. Not many people are still talked about two and a half thousand years after their deaths," Lily pointed out.

"I… I don't understand…" Ginny's brain was crashing against an impenetrable wall. Two and a half thousand years!

Lily sighed and ran a hand through her hair.

"When I was seventeen, I met a thirty-two-year-old version of my son from the year 2012, brought to the past by Ghost and Miracle of the Travellers via the Tardis. I was still in my seventh year at the time, just after James and I got together. Imagine my face when a blue Police Box just appeared in the Head Girls Dormitory. I was a nightmare!" Ginny couldn't help laughing.

"Harry, I didn't believe him at first when he said he was my son from the future, but he told me what he needed me to do. To just be there for him when he needed it the most. Ghost and Miracle took me to 1994, and I had to admit to myself that it was real when I saw that little boy who looked just like James. Then they brought me back to my present, and left me there." Lily scratched at her wrist, and Ginny's eyes locked onto the faint mark of an old Pisces Rune.

"I don't mean to blast my own horn, but I'm not dumb. I put everything together relatively fast. I was going to die, and my son would grow up without me." The distraught look on her face as she said the words made Ginny shiver.

"So, I decided that I wasn't just going to sit around and let it happen. If Ghost and Miracle could time-travel in a Police Box, then I could figure out a way to time travel as well. I devoted my life to researching time-travel. Everything and anything related to it. Parallel Dimensions, Alternate Realities, Quantum Theory, all of it. I watched every science fiction movie, every episode of Star Trek and Doctor Who. I studied Time-Turners in the Department of Mysteries, experimented with the Eye of Agamotto in Karma Taj, consulted ageing texts concerning the Elves and Fair Folk, I even broken into S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters in New Jersey – not an easy task let me tell you – to steal these things called 'Pym Particles'. Long story. It took me three years to get a working apparatus together, and that was all while I simultaneously built the Home out of nothing. Remus was a dear with the Runes, but he doesn't know about the Time Platform. None of them do… or did, I suppose." She took a breath, but Ginny just kept staring as the pieces began to fall into place in her mind.

"I built the Home, the first version of it at least, to hide my research from prying eyes. A parallel pocket dimension that no one could find. It was perfect. It also let me build something I could leave for Harry. If I couldn't be there, if I couldn't get my machine to work, then I could at least know that I'd given him the perfect hiding place. I could still give him a Home, even if I wasn't a part of it."

"But I figured it out. Time Travel. Me! I cracked it. My life's work – to prevent my own death, save Harry and maybe even kill Voldemort – was finally within reach."

But Ginny had already seen the flaw in Lily's plan, and she couldn't imagine the pain the woman must have felt.

"That's not how time-travel works," she muttered. Lily threw her head back and barked, tears glistening in her eyes.

"I tried. God, I tried. I went forward to find out what was going to happen. What the disaster that killed me was. Once I knew, I came back and made sure we went somewhere else, the smallest change I could make – to preserve the timeline. As few butterflies to step on as possible as it were. But nothing changed. Voldemort still found us. He still killed James, and he would have killed me too if I hadn't used the orientation badge to abort the whole timeline as if it never existed at all." Lily snuffled her nose and wiped her eyes.

"So, I went further. I learned what happened to Sirius, Pettigrew and Remus. I forced Sirius to be the Secret Keeper… and Voldemort tortured it out of him. Nothing changed. I went further still, far enough that Voldemort was just a footnote in the Potter Museum." Ginny's jaw fell open at that. A museum?! "I learned everything I could about Tom bloody Riddle. I came back, and I destroyed every last fucking Horcrux." Lily began to unconsciously run her thumb over a thick scar on her left hand. "I was sure it worked that time. I lived in that timeline for years. Voldemort died properly, Sirius never went to Azkaban, and I got to raise my boy." A wistful smile crossed her face. "Then the War of Power erupted, fifteen years early, but you and Harry weren't there to save the world, so we all died in the nuclear firestorms. I tried again. I made sure Atlantis was found earlier, then the American Magical Revolution learned about it, the Muggles caught on, and the city went nuclear in the firefight. The War of Power started in the middle of the Cold War, and the Earth shattered like an egg in less than a month."

Lily's head fell into her hands, and Ginny rubbed the other woman's shoulders.

"I was pretty hysterical after that. So, I gave up, and I took a trip back to King Arthur's time, just for kicks. It wasn't my fault Merlin tried to take me on as a pupil. Also, for the record, Guinevere wasn't that hot. Morgan was like, ten times sexier." Lily managed to say that with a completely straight face, staring matter of factly at Ginny. They both broke into laughter within seconds.

"What happened back then is so different from what our history books say happened. I decided, I have a time-machine, I could make the best History textbook on the planet. Better than bloody Binns at least. Plus, it was fun, and it helped me ignore my imminent death. I learnt the secrets of Ancient Technology 12,000 years ago from the Chief Scientist of Atlantis. I could probably build my own Astria Porta if I wanted to." As she talked, a rocket disconnected from the Sharom Sphere and blasted into up into the clouds, disappearing from view. Space-travel. Why not?

"I went into the far future and learnt how to touch the Source from the Aes Sedai; the Order of Servants that you're going to found in the future. They control the Hall behind us. I studied Magic under the Founders; I watched the first humans to be accidentally transformed into the Mer; I worked with raw Vibranium under the direction of Mirak'i of the Panther Tribe, and I journeyed back to the days when Minas Tirith was still the heart of civilisation on Earth. That was as far as I could go. The platform became unstable if I tried to travel into the Fourth Age, and I almost killed myself trying to get inside the Third. There's something about the Third Age, in every turning…" Lily trailed off. Ginny didn't understand most of what she said, but she let the woman breathe, to get it all out. If she was going to die in a few days like the letter suggested, Ginny didn't grudge her wanting to get everything off her chest.

"Then I brought everything I learnt back to the present, and I made the Home into the ultimate defensive location. With the materials I could access at the time at least. The sa'angreal, the giant crystal over the platform, was the hardest. That increased the platform's accuracy tenfold. I could even get inside the most turbulent period in the entire observable timeline. The Snap." Lily's eyes glazed over for a second, before shaking her head and dismissing the thought.

"I won't tell you anything about that. You'll get to it the long way around. I'll see you there, though it'll be a younger version of me. I made sure not to leave anything in the Bunker that you shouldn't know either. The rest didn't seem to matter, and I didn't want to destroy all my research. I gave most of it to the Hall of Servants anyway. Not this one, the Hall about one thousand years back. Most of their knowledge of the world before the War of Power came from the Ancient Database, because the Internet went down in the fourth year of the conflict." Lily shivered.

"I'm trying to put it off," Lily admitted. "But the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, and it seems my death is a fixed point in the Pattern. If I don't die at the proper time and place, Harry doesn't become strong enough to do what he needs to do. My life's ambition, a waste of time."

"It's not a waste of time," Ginny snapped at her, "You've done so much it isn't funny. Without you, without the Home, without Harry's burning desire to learn more about you, we would never have survived. Voldemort would take over the world, or this War of Power would have done it if he couldn't. It sucks, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but your sacrifice made Harry the man he is. The man I love. I can't begin to tell you what it would mean to me to be able to get to know you better. But I don't think that's in the cards, for Harry or for me. I won't have you pitying yourself. I won't have it. You saved the world as much as Harry did." Ginny stood up and stared Lily in the eyes.

Lily smiled softly, "You and me both girl, you and me both." Ginny pulled Lily to her feet, and they both turned back to the statue.

"Five-time world saviours, huh. Not bad. Not bad at all," Ginny whispered to herself. Lily mussed her hair and Ginny turned to stare at her in indignation but stopped short when she saw what was in the woman's outstretched hand. It was her necklace, the one with the pendant.

"Take it. I'm not going to need it anymore."

Ginny took the necklace and placed it around her neck. It had no weight to it.

"Harry can't know about the Platform. He won't understand, and he'll try and bring James and me back. Don't let him get sucked into the same self-destructive spiral I was." Lily whispered, pulling Ginny into a hug.

"Thank you for everything you've done and will do for Harry, and thank you for doing what I couldn't."

They stepped back, and both of them removed the badges from their pockets.

"Oh, and by the way. Nice work on the grandkids, they're adorable." Ginny's mouth fell open, Lily smirked and winked at her. The same Ancient Armour that Ginny wore materialised around her, and she pressed the red button. The air around her distorted, and she was gone.

Ginny rolled her eyes, and with one final look to the statue, pressed the button on her own badge. The ground fell away, and she was pulled back into the tunnel of red and blue light.

No. There might be more darkness around the corner, but Ginny was more than satisfied to know that ultimately, she'd made a difference. In the end, you couldn't ask for more than that.

The End.

The Sequel (Updated 29 June 2020)

Ha! If you thought this was over, you thought wrong! The sequel is here! Well, as a matter of fact, two sequels are here!

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This story, starting in 2006, will continue the plot threads unfinished from Gemini Curse, up to 2012 and the events of Marvel's the Avengers. Some elements include: the four Enigma Forces we didn't cover in depth in this story, who will succeed Stephen Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme, what will be going on with Peter and MJ, the Infinity Stones, Harry and Ginny's forays into space via the Gateway, SHIELD and Nick Fury being nosy, and the ultimate fate of Luna Lovegood.

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"Supergirl! Supergirl!"

Kara Zor El was five years old when she was sent forth from the doomed planet Krypton. Alone.
For thousands of years, she drifted through space in cryogenic sleep, until, finally, her pod crashed on Earth. With no memories and no hope, she ends up an urchin in Metropolis Suicide Slum. Forgotten. She doesn't speak English. She has no one who cares for her. All she has is her strength.
Until Lex and Lena Luthor meet her in a junkyard.

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A huge final thank you to the authors, contributors and editors of…

· Pottermore:

· The Superpower Wiki: wiki/Superpower_Wiki

· The Harry Potter Wiki: wiki/Main_Page

· The Marvel Wiki: wiki/Marvel_Database

· Archive of Our Own author 'smallbrownfrog' for their complete sourced index of characters in the Harry Potter world collected in, The Hogwarts Years: Classmates, Birthdays, and Ages /works/1063231/chapters/2132188#workskin

· The Cast and Crew behind the Marvel Netflix shows, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the Defenders. The characters in this fanfiction are inspired by those portrayed in these works, and the older versions of the characters are designed to match their older portrayals as shown on these shows.

· The Cast and Crew of the Spider-Man PS4 game, on which the characters of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are based off.

· The Order of the Phoenix by Ruskbyte s/826742/1/The-Order-of-the-Phoenix and its sequel: The Well of Shadows.

· Mutant Storm by Bobmin356 s/7404056/1/Mutant-Storm

· Harry Potter and the Zodiac Charms by PulsarDragon s/9441529/1/Harry-Potter-and-the-Zodiac-Charms

· Backwards with Purpose: Always and Always by deadwoodpecker s/4101650/1/Backward-With-Purpose-Part-I-Always-and-Always

· The Amplitude Frequency and Resistance of the Soul Bond by Council s/9818387/1/The-Amplitude-Frequency-and-Resistance-of-the-Soul-Bond

· A Man of Iron by Mr Chaos s/10156413/1/A-Man-of-Iron

· Harry Potter: Lost by Bear12 s/5366780/1/Harry-Potter-Lost

· The Thorny Rose by Brennus s/9631998/1/The-Thorny-Rose

· Unintended Consequences by sbmcneil s/6365342/1/Unintended-Consequences

· Harry Potter and Fate's Debt by Intromit s/2479927/1/Harry-Potter-and-Fate-s-Debt

· The Search for Victory by Morena Evensong s/10740334/1/The-Search-for-Victory

· and, Avengers of the Ring by Dr Matthattan s/8774682/1/Avengers-of-the-Ring

We'd like to once again thank Joanne Rowling for creating the incredible world that is Harry Potter and allowing us to play in it. I don't know what the world would be like if we knew nothing about Harry or his world.

To the cast and crew of the three-television series in the Stargate Franchise, thank you for introducing us to a science fiction narrative grounded in reality, rather than set in the distant and unknowable future. Thank you for your stories about freedom from tyranny and demonstrating that even the most heavily oppressed peoples can achieve peace.

To Robert Jordan, author of the Wheel of Time series, and Brandon Sanderson, who completed the series after Jordan's death, we say thank you for creating an incredibly rich tapestry of worldbuilding and lore to infuse your stories. Our concept of the True Source is an ohmage to your incredible works.

To Terry Pratchett, thank you for proving that no matter how bizarre or outlandish, everyone has a story to tell, and everyone has the right to tell it.

To Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Kevin Feige and the all the other fabulous people at Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios, thank you for creating all the Marvel comic-book characters we know and love to this day, and for making it cool to believe in Superheroes. Excelsior Stan.

To C.S. Lewis, the man who made me love reading. Thank you for teaching me to never give up on happily ever afters.

Final Authors Note:

And so, we reach the finale of this epic tale. We honestly can't believe we made it to the end. We're quite proud of ourselves. Thanks, so much to all our fantastic reviewers, to Crystal and the other Travellers (most of them, if you didn't realise, are based on real people – both reviewers and people in our lives) for helping with plot and beta reading, thanks to Grammarly for saving our bacon several times with grammar editing.

And, finally, we just want to say a massive thank you to all of you, the readers of our piece of fiction. This is the closest we can get to true magic, so it's our duty to utilise it in the best way we can, and we feel that we've achieved that and then some with this epic undertaking.

We've also compiled our notes for you into a series of Glossaries and Appendices that might provide some interesting information for those of you who are interested. They will be published tomorrow.

For those of you who want more of us, Harry Potter and the Shards of Heaven is now complete, we have a story set in the Arrowverse, 'Crisis: The Brave New World', and we have a Game of Throne story over on Archive.


Once again, thank you to everyone. Your support means so much to us. Goodnight, true believers, goodnight.

Love Ghost and Miracle.

P.S: There's a Post Credit after the Appendices.

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